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tigerowl is in her mid-twenties and a university graduate. While she is not toiling away in the administrative department of her bank, tigerowl enjoys writing Naruto fanfiction and reading novels. She also likes foreign languages, fashion blogging, reading manga & graphic novels, playing Yu-Gi-Oh TCG & League of Legends, purchasing high heels, cooking with her fiancée, paying down her student loan debt and parrots.




Current Yu-Gi-Oh deck: Dark Law Masked Heroes

Fav LOL champion: Udyr

Fav languages of 2016: Mandarin, French, Spanish

Stories in Progress

Harbinger: Sequel to the AU Forlorn collaborated on by tigerowl and Isumo1489: Forlorn

It may not be so great, Naruto thinks; that big shinobi career. His friends have intonated that sentiment as well. For example, despite Haku’s concerted efforts to locate and connect with his long lost clan and Hyoton-kin, he is probably going to find out he was meant to be their janitor or something. Gaara is Kazekage now, Naruto also notes, but Gaara said there’s no glamour in 10 straight hours of paperwork a day. The eye-bags are getting worse, his friend claims. Jiraiya is confident they can all be Kage someday. That is, Naruto kindly reminds him, if they can survive the Akatsuki’s next visit.

(Forlorn and Harbinger comprise stories 1 and 2 of the "Three Mandalas" series)



The Ocean in a Teacup: AU centered on the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen

[Haku sat down at the table with his stack of books and watched as Zabuza mechanically put away the foodstuffs, "Is it true that a shinobi made the moon?"

Zabuza paused and turned slowly to look at the boy. They locked gazes for a moment before he replied, "I can honestly say I have no idea."

Haku held open the page he had read that had an illustration to go along with it. The silhouette of a sage was depicted and Haku tapped it with his finger, "This says Rikudō Sennin made the moon. He did it to seal away a great evil."]

'Teacup' fanart is here: A Gentle Heart at War



Hey all, my work can also be found on Archive of Our Own here: http: //archiveofourown .org /users /tigerowl /pseuds /tigerowl

All updates will occur on FF .net first so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks!



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Simply put, when a reader leaves scathing, degrading comments in an author’s reviews section, it is humiliating. It is disrespectful of the author and those that (quite possibly) reacted positively to the fanfic that you want to critique. This is NOT a denial of the critic’s opinion or honesty mattering in any sense, nor does it suggest the author gives a fcuk about what a critic thinks. But fans of fan fiction should try to participate in the community with as much empathy as they would expect in return. It is all too easy to hide behind anonymous guest posts and faceless accounts to wound others and not face any consequences. Such behavior is not commendable within fan fiction spheres that, fundamentally, seek to promote and celebrate whatever it is the critic and thousands of others enjoy reading about. Subtract the negativity wherever and whenever possible.

PM the author to share your thoughts if you suspect your comment will have a negative association. There’s no use in hiding behind the cliche concept of “sticks and stones”: words can and do hurt.

I would not advise any of this to others if I did not authentically comport myself this way in the fan fiction community. Poor feedback does indeed demotivate fanfic authors, inspire writers to abandon stories, or just make a person feel stupid or talentless in general. No, a critic who feels justified in his/her commentary does not have to agree with the aforementioned suggestion. The critic does not even have to abide by or attempt to PM someone they seek to criticize, ridicule, flame, etc. in a review. But a critic does have to acknowledge that his or her feelings and thoughts matter no more or less than those of the author’s. Consider the other person's feelings if you review in this manner, and do not assume your own personal reaction of "shrugging things off" is how others will react. Manners maketh man.

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Tigerowl's Reading list:

The Talisman by Stephen King

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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King *Personal favorite book*

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The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson

White Jade and Other Stories by Alex Kuo

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

The Initiate Brother by Sean Russell

Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn (Tales of the Otori)

The Scott Pilgrim Series Bryan Lee O'Malley

Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

Currently reading: Mahou Tsukai no Yome (manga) by Kore Yamazaki



Notes and other stuff:

As of September 26, 2016

Chapter 35 of Harbinger is 100% complete

Chapter 36 of Harbinger is 70% complete

Chapter 13 of The Ocean in a Teacup is 10% complete

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