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Name: Just Jenny. Age:25 Occupation: Occasional college student. Work full time. Babysitter extraordinaire. In the closet fanfic writer and Naruto obsessee. Is that a word? It should be.

Loves: To say Naruto again is redundant, but I am going to because I love it so much. I also like studying (I'm a freak, I know), cleaning obsessively, drinking coffee and trying to stay hip. I fail miserably at that last one. I am older than I used to be. Someday soon I will be married. I have a Naruto tattoo and a Bleach tattoo. After my wedding I will be getting half-sleeves (1/2 of my arm covered in ink)

Email me if you ever have comments or criticism of my writing. In general I will write you back (though I have been guilty of not...)Just kidding, I often forget to write back. But thank you in advance for taking time for me!

About my writing: I always write mature pieces because what can I say, I like literotica. I tend to write very graphic sex scenes, so if you are uncomfortable with that, I respect your choices and can say with full confidence that my stories are not for you. However, don't go thinking I am some huge pervert (although I probably am). I do actually try and focus on some sort of plot and not just mindless fucking. Can I say the f bomb on my profile? I hope so, because I just did. Anyway, I currently have three finished fic, two yaoi and a yuri. I never have more than one story in progress, I can't multitask or my head explodes. I am a fairly new writer, so there are plenty of mistakes. I also abuse ellipses and parenthisis very, very often...(for example, now.) Check out my fics please, give me feed back, and if you would ever like me to read your writing and give you and critiques, please email me!

I am currently working on a Shika/Saku fiction because I got many a request from mostly men to "plz plz plz write a hetero fic" and I was touched because while there is plenty of hotttness in my stories, I typically write love stories. I love LOVE. So if the boys want the love stories, well gosh darnit, I better provide.

Lets be straight, though, for those of you who take the time to read my profile. I am 25 yrs old. I am in college full-time. I work 40 hours/week. I babysit 6-15 hours/week. I am getting married in December and I am trying desperately to learn Italian so I don't fail. THEREFORE, while I know your little hearts may jump with glee (or hate, I don't really know) when I do update, those updates are currently few and far between because I can barely handle my life. So thank you, thank you, thank you for being patient and sticking with me!

Be Well,


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Home is Where the Heart is reviews
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