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Name: Veronica is seriously my real in real life...blame my parents
Age: 18

Alright lets get down to business and discuss some of my favorite things. In the music category I have two favorite genres and they totally don't go together. I like heavy metal and techno, yes I know I am werid. I like pretty much all music though, as long as here is not a whole bunch of cursing because that just messes it up for me. I also like anime an pretty much any show having to do with a super long as the super hero is not Superman because he is so lame...I mean come on his weakness is a rock...lame. I also love to dance...we are talking traditional stuff here not club stuff so stop thinking like that...and I have been dancing for three years, and I am so excited because it only took me a month to master my fouettes and if you know me that is really really good! Anyways...

Here is where I will post my updates...I have been know in the past to flake out on my stories but I actually like the one I have started now so I will continue it.

Update 10/14/08- Whoot! I am about to update my story!!

I will try to post a quote every week like I used to...let's make that every month...sorry ya'll but I do have a life... so here goes...

October 2008

"Everyone is someone elses werido"

November 2008

"I have ADOS, Attention Defficit Oh Shiney!!"

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