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About me:
Um... I dunno, I've had people tell me that i'm impossible to figure out, and then I've had people tell me that I'm just crazy... I'm the kind of person who adds 500 fifteen letter words to every question I answer in class, and I answer all of them... according to my sister I'm a know it all... according to my friends i'm a walking encyclopedia, but they put up with me anyway so I love them to death. Basically I have the kind of personality that people either love or hate, and I don't care about the latter. Life goes on.

I love to draw and paint and don't do it anywhere often enough because when I do I hate whatever the product is. I like math and science probably because I recognize patterns quickly and only have to read something I'm interested in once to undersand and remember it.

I want to be a doctor but will probably end up either a housewife with a "Homes and Gardens" house and 4-6 kids, or an assassin for the government (yes, people they do exist, not just in the movies). Ironic, isn't it?

I read religiously but am not at all religious. People get far too caught up in religion, but if they're happy, I'm happy for them. Christianity and all other organized religions are just socially acceptable cults for those that allow them to be --they're not worth worrying about because they're dying, as all religions and cultures do. However, some form of belief is necessary for one's psychological health, and I don't think ill of anyone who finds it in socially defined 'religions' --hell, atheism is a religion.

I'm mature enough to know that 'grown up' doesn't exist because you never stop growing, and that age has nothing to do with it.

If you'd asked me two years ago what I thought about world hunger and eradicating diseases than I probably would have said something about survival of the fittest and how the planet has already breached its carrying capacity. Since then I've come to realize that the same theory still applies, but physical ability no longer makes you the most fit for survival, its intellectual ability and potential that does it.

Falling in love is over-rated, especially when it's unrequited. Anyone who jumps into a romantic relationship without friendship as the foundation needs to be hit over the head with an overdose of common sense. Dating in high school is pretty pointless unless you'd consider marrying the person, but I wouldn't recommend it. Don't have sex unless you're wiling to deal with the consequences... would you guess I'm not an advocate for abortion?

People who want to argue about republicans and democrats should stop wasting their breath (unless its all in the name of fun, in which case, continue!) At the end of the day the only real differences between the two are the color of ties they wear: both parties have stupid people, both parties have corrupt people, both parties have almost-brilliant people (because the truelly brilliant shy away from politics), both parties have people who want what they feel is best for the country/state/whatever.

I'm a nerd, but not a geek because no one, even some of my closest friends, have been able to talk me into WoW or DnD.

People usually begrudgingly find me very smart or say I'm a stupid showoff... maybe its a little bit of both. In middle school I got a kick out of I.Q. tests telling me I was a genius, but intellectual ability is worthless unless you have friends to share it with. Ergo its the people with emotional intelligence who have really jumped the gun on the rest of us.

Either way innate ability can come in handy but it isn't something to praise and admire in people the way hardwork is. Everything comes easy to me if I want it, but people who are willing to work for something amaze me and I hope that if I ever need to I can live up to their example. I know there are other people out there who can remember one hundred french verbs two periods before the test and get an A, but the people who spend three weeks memorizing and perfecting them are the one that deserve the grade and in the end they're the ones who will still speak the languages ten years later. The point is, people who usually behave like that (and sometimes I'm one of them) are abusing their intelligence and neglecting their true potential... no wonder every other country in the world is beating us in technological and scientfic advances: we've got the brains and the creativity, but as a whole our great-minds have become lazy minds. On that note... I'm going to go study.

Have a nice life!

Okay, now onto what everyone actually cares about:

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Pairings I Ship:

Zutara (best ever, and it is gonna happen... ALWAYS TRUST THE SYMBOLISM)

Topaang (have I mentioned symbolism?)

Jemai Mai/Jet... dunno what else to call it (I just think they'd have been good together if he hadn't died...)

Other Pairings that I'll read/write:

Azuko (I wouldn't say I like this as a serious paring... but I've written/read it...)

Tokka (Yeah, its totally cute... so long as its five years later...)

Sokka/Anyone... I'm pretty impartial to Sokka shipping... I really like him as a character though (although I'm a softy for Yukka).

Semi-main characters, i.e. Ty Lee, or Throw-Away characters, i.e. Song, Haru... (I don't have any strong feelings about, so whatevers good.)

Don't have a problem with Slash/Femmslash, so If you know any good fics let me know...I usually don't have the time to look.

Pairings I CANNOT STAND!!!:

Kataang (He has a crush on her, thats nice... he's a kid... he'll get over it... And she treats him like a little brother... Can you say "PEDIPHILISM"?)

--However, I don't have anything against anyone who does support this pairing (or any other pairing), heck my little sister is in love with this pairing.

Zuko/MarySue (For further reference on my MarySue policy, scroll down.)


Zujin (Umm... for those of you who proclaim "he's madly in love with her, he kissed her!" His uncle forced him to go on a date with her, he kissed her once, ran away, and never saw her again... plus she doesn't know anything about him...)

Zuko/Anyone other than Katara... (Yeah, I'm a total Zutara... can you tell.)

Intergenerational Shipping, i.e. Toph/Iroh, Katara/Zhao (it's worse than incest (and yes, I think so in real life too)).

Harry Potter:

Pairings I Ship:

Dramione (Always and Forever)

Hermione/Harry ('Specially the way Emma and Dan act in the movies!)

Draco/Harry (What can I say, I'm a sucker for love/hate relationships)

Hermione/Tom (Riddle) (Intellectual stimulation, enough said.)

Other Pairings I like:

Ron/Ginny (No, I don't care if they're siblings... I like them better with eachother than with Hermione or Harry... personality wise they go better together.)

Draco/Hermione/Harry (not in super seriousness... but hey, its hot and angsty!)

Ginny/Tom Riddle (Oh yeah, it could work... not as well as HG/TR though ;D

Lupin/Sirius (Tragic, huh)

Pairings I CANNOT STAND!!!: (No offense to anyone who does like these pairings...)

Ron/Hermione (Eck. Enough said.)

Draco/Ginny (She's too underdeveloped in the canon to write with Draco... or almost anyone... Sorry.)

Draco/Anyone but Hermione or Harry (I'm very picky about Draco...)

Harry/Ginny (I wouldn't say I totally hate this pairing, but... I kinda look at it like this:

Years 1-4:

Ginny: OMG! I love you so much Harry!

Harry: Umm... who are you again?

Year 5:

Ginny: (who suddenly turns into an underdeveloped MarySue) Harry, I don't really like you anymore, too bad!

Harry: Umm, okay... thats nice... Now where'd Hermione and Cho go?

Year 6:

Ginny: I lied Harry, I love you so much!

Harry: Oh Ginny! We could have had so much time together! sob)

Me: wtf?


Intergenerational Relationships (Slash, nonslash, doesn't matter.. no intergenerational stuff. sorry.)

Everything else I'm pretty open too, especially with all semi-main characters, i.e. seamus, pansy, fred&george, ect.


Pairings I Ship:

SasuSaku (Let's face it, she's never gonna let him go, and no one else is ever going to love him like she does... Plus he's never gonna trust anyone enough to get half as close to them as he is to Sakura and Naruto.)

NejiHina (I don't care if they're cousins, all that more of a reason for them to belong together. Can't anyone see the tragic, traditional, poeticness (and yet potentially happy ending) in this?)

Other Pairings I Like but Probably Won't Write:

ItaSakuSasu (Yes, smutty, incesty, angsty... what's not to love?) Maybe this shouldn't be on this list... I'm suddenly tempted to write a one-shot for it =)

ItaSaku (As long as it's well written, I can totally see the appeal)

NaruSakuSasu (Ultimate paring. Not too hard to be convincing either, and pretty hot in an angsty best friends way = )

ShikaTema (It's cute, pretty canon, and well done = )

InoChou (You know, I don't think this is likely to actually happen. But I think it would be cute if it did, especially because it would mean Ino would see beyond looks)

Lee/TenTen (Am I the only one that saw the episode where she was giving him "I love you" eyes? I think it could totally work)

ShikaIno (It seems fairly canon, and both Shikamaru and Ino are fun to read/write... I could even see a ShikaInoChou thing going on...)

HinaKiba (Yeah, it's cute, and he likes her, and would totally take care of her = )

Pairings I HATE:

Sasuke/Any girl other than Sakura (Not gonna happen, hopefully, and SHOULDN'T happen)

SasuIno (They have very few interactions and he's always glaring at her. They have no real basis for any type of relationship (like Draco/Ginny) )

SasuRin (that girl with the glasses in Shippuuden that likes him. Eck. How annoying)

NejiTenTen (Eww... She's so annoying. I ONLY like her with Lee, plus Neji doesn't seem overly fond of her)

LeeSaku (Well, I don't hate this pairing really, but it's totally one sided. I like Lee and Sakura as friends and individuals... just not together)

Sakura and Neji/Shino/Kiba/Chouji/Shikamaru/ect (all those Sakura crack pairings... where do they come from? Do people just sit down and say: "Hmm... I think I'm going to draw a name out of a hat and put Sakura with them, just 'cause I can"?)

NaruHina (I suppose I don't really HATE this pairing... but I don't like it. She's a shy girl who has a crush on him, but whom he doesn't take much notice of, certainally not romantically. It's cute and fluffy, and their are some hints in the anime that it may be mutual, but she's not tough enough for Naruto. I have yet to find a fic, or even a convincing arguement, that realistically displays how they could/would stay together. If anyone knows of one, lemme know)

Anyone/MarySue (refer to the MarySue policy below)

... Everything else is free game in my book :)

The MarySue Policy... For All Fanfiction!

All MarySues are annoying! There is no such thing as 'well written' MarySue, because then she would be an OC, not a MarySue. There are a million symptoms for a MarySue, but the most definative among them are as follows:

1. She becomes one of (if not the) main characters in the story.

2. She's gorgeous and has unusual physical characteristics (i.e. four foot long white hair, purple eyes, fangs, ect)

3. Any main male characters fall in love with her (like Lupin or Draco, from HP or Zuko, Sokka, ect. from Avatar, or (and this is the WORST) Itachi from Naruto)

4. She has unusual abilities of any sort (like speaking to unicorns, or turning into one, or being able to bend two elements).

5. Something about her past is tragic or she can't remember something about her past, or both. (i.e. parents beat her, she can't remember who her parents are, she doesn't know where she's from, ect.)

...I'm sure you get the point.

... If you're one of those unfortunate people whose MarySue I happen to stumble upon... all I have to say is: You should have known better than to go posting a MarySue on FF.net. Go to a MarySue site to do that. Fanfiction is about sharing the love of reading and writing through the bond of loving/exploring the same common characters and their relationships with other, official, characters... MarySue authors are writing a shameful genre of fanfiction created by middle-school girls with low self-esteem who hate something about their lives and are venting it through the MarySue --I feel for you guys, but like I said: GO TO A MARYSUE SITE!

...Yes, I sound like a bitch. I'm sorry if I hurt someones feelings, but thats the risk you take when you post something. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, just realistic. Everyone should keep writing, including MarySueists... you only get better with practice. My advice to MarySue authors is to make a completely origional story and save your MarySues/OCs for it.


Oh, yes, to anyone who is interested: I do take requests. Whether it just be pairing based or with a more specific plot. Even for pairings I don't really like. If I can concieve of a way to do it convincingly, I like the challenge :)

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