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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto.

Before anything else, just in case I ever forget to put it up: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO. Or Disney or any music at all or movies or nothing...

For those thousands of people that read my stories and don't review:

REVIEW PEOPLE! Or face the wrath of my old-lady walking cane.

And for those awesome, praiseworthy, few who DO review: I LOVE YOU! Your words are my reward for happily wasting away my life writing angsty, romantic, bloody, violent, imaginative, unimaginative, lovely and crappy stories.

In case you didn't gather it, I'm a 16 year old sykotic chick who wastes away a lot of her free time writing and drawing. XD And I love it.


..:Kyuubi Festival:.. The annual Kyuubi festival is coming up, but when Sakura tries to set up Hinata with Naruto he ends up going with her! Kiba, Hinata, Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke get mixed up in a love... pentagon?

Notes: WOOHOO!! FINISHED! COMPLETED! 1 out of 5 completed... in 2 years... should I be proud?

..:New World:.. Hinata, her father, and Hanabi are going to the "New World" to start a new life, but things don't look good. Hinata goes through hardships of being a teenage girl growing up a pilgrim, starting a new life and falling in love, meeting certain new acquaintances ... a sailor named Sasuke... read to find out what happens. AND REVIEW!

Notes: This story might as well be on hiatus until further notice...

..:Is Anyone There:.. After months of dating, Naruto breaks Hinata's trust. She feels so alone... is there really no one there to help her? SasuHina... maybe. Stick around to see.

Notes: Back to where it was last year!! Hm... I think I'm too happy to write this right now... rid me of my music, anime, and bishi, then we'll talk...

.:Her Wonderland:. Hinata hates her lonely life of royalty and riches, empty of parental love or friendship with anyone her age. When her Father ships her off on a train to marry an old geezer, Hinata won't stand for it. She and her bodyguard escape the train after a scuffle with a... vampire?! They find themselves in a wonderland of mirrors, vampires and pink snow... will they escape this nightmare with their lives?

Just when Hinata thought things were bad, they got worse. She's attacked, and more blood is spilt around her. Is she the cause of this? Or does Sasuke have a secret...

Notes: Hee more more more and more SasuHina. What is it with that couple that makes me love them so much?

.:CAGED:. Hinata is an exotic dancer, kept caged for almost as long as she can remember. She finally tastes freedom when a thief named Naruto helps her escape her master's clutches. When she is recaptured and bought by the prince, Sasuke, the choice is hers. Will she choose the man who's heart she stole, or the man who stole her heart?

Notes: OOH! OOH! Possibly NOT a SasuHina!! Whatever the crowd goes for, I guess.



The Ever-Growing List Of Anime and Manga I Like... Try to Find Your Favorite:



Absolute Boyfriend

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Likes: MUSICMUSICMUSIC, expressing myself artistically and by glomping, DDR!! singing, and ANIME! Oh and swings. And food.

Dislikes: sakura(hoe), cruelty, society, when I completely embarrass myself by dropping entire gallons of milk... tripping down stairs at the mall... falling face-first on the sidewalk while skipping and singing... and the list goes on.

A Brief Lecture on Why We Hate Sakura

In the academy Sakura was the little loser girl that everyone hated and made fun of because of her big forehead. She was all sad and full of lonery-ness. Then Ino, the popular girl, became Sakura's friend! By choice ohmygod! She helped Sakura out of her shell and helped her learn things and meet new people.

Then, here comes Sasuke frolicking along innocently into their lives. Sakura and Ino both frickin fall for him. Sakura kicks Ino the curb after all that just because Ino likes Sasuke? WHAT A HOEBAG! That's not what friends are for, Sakura! Ino was nice to her and Sakura ended it over a stupid crush. If I was Ino I would feel scorned and betrayed and I would hate Sakura too. I guess Ino can be a bitch sometimes, but don't hold it against her, cuz Sakura acts JUST like her. So, Sakura sucks. WAY MORE. And if you are too blind to see that you are beyond my retarded bad-logic guidance.

Then, after being all weak (yes, WEAK) through her genin years Sakura cuts her hair and suddenly she's powerful and symbol-of-bravery-like? Of course Sakura admits that she has given up being beautiful and girly to be powerful, but what the hell! Ino cuts her hair during the chuunin exam and she doesn't turn into this hero of all women! Where's HER paparrazzi? So Sakura's still weak, goes to train for 2 1/2 years, and is now even MORE all powerful? Even if she IS, that could have been anybody! Tenten, Hinata, Ino... anybody could have gone and gotten all powerful and suddenly be the role model to all female kunoichi. there.. -pouts like a child-

Here's a video of the song Lilium, that I bet if you guys saw it you could find the meaning of life and die happy souls:

And that's me, Sykoe! So thanks for visiting my profile and here's a congratulatory pat on the back. Enjoy.

Psssst... my stories are down there... clicky them...

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CAGED reviews
Always caged, Hinata tastes freedom when a thief named Naruto helps her escape her masters clutches. When she is recaptured and betrothed to prince Sasuke, the choice is hers: the man who's heart she stole, or the man who stole her heart? TWIST!
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 12 - Words: 22,109 - Reviews: 103 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 48 - Updated: 9/20/2008 - Published: 4/20/2007 - Hinata H.
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Hinatachan In Wonderland reviews
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