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Behind the Words: DrakkenFanboy

Hello, my name is DrakkenFanboy, or a.k.a Zack. I am in my twenties, but I'll leave the rest to your speculation. That's the best thing about life, in my opinion. Mystery. Mystery can bring out the best and worst in people, and even change a person. That's my favorite thing about writing and reading. The mystery of not knowing what is next, but having an idea of what it might be. You can read one chapter of a book, and that chapter ultimately decides what the story will be for you. You have to live the story, not just read it. That's what I love about my favorite books and fics, and what I try to envelope into my fics.

I came to fanfiction.net when I was 17. I wrote my first story "The Fearless Ferret" from Kim Possible. I am an avid fan of Kim Possible, and since its ending, I have been surrounded with plots and ideas for the show. The characters and the stories are the best thing about it. It has a quality that is unmatched, and top-notch.

Anyways, "The Fearless Ferret" was a poorly written, fun piece of material. I had no idea about writing at all, and just wanted to experiment. I found quickly, I loved writing and making a story. There is no bigger thrill than being in control of a destiny for a character, and to tell the story.

I hope to finish a revamp of my first fic, because I've learned more over the years about writing. From reading other's fics, books, and just experimenting, I've looked for my stye of writing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to steal someone's style, but merely looking at how they stumbled upon theirs in hopes of finding mine.

I have a pretty general style that can be found in my most recent fics. I usually use italics to represent a characters thoughts, and bold to represent an action or word of interest. Bold italics are used in my stories to represent the thought of one character talking to the thoughts of another character. Confusing, but hey, I like it.

The biggest problem I have is finishing a story, because I don't like little ten chapter stories (even though most of my fics are about as long as that). I want a story with a story, not an excerpt. I want a long journey that explains the who, the what, the where, the when, and the how. Depth is an important part of writing. Details, details, details...

In my stories, I usually ask to 'please review' in my authors note. I put that in, because I really love feedback. I want to now how I touched the reader. Did I piss them off, or did I make them cry with joy? Now, reviews are not why I write, but sometimes I feel like the story isn't going in a way that isn't entertaining, and I need some reviews to help me be sure or not. Plus, I want to know what the reader thought. Their opinion matters to me. I take criticism and postivity, both. I actually hope for criticism sometimes or I'll think my story is going too good.

I tend to focus most of my stories on Ron, because he's an interesting character. His comedic genius is essential, even if you plan to have him as a superhero with conflicting qualities. Ron would not be Ron without his humor, and Rufus. Rufus is a must. I like Dr. Drakken, because of the same reason I like Ron.

Kim, I've found I like to write, because there's a side of her that wasn't explained in the episodes. A side no one knows, and many fanfics have brought that out by talented authors. My recent fic "The Jen Blitz Conception" is about her struggle to piece her life together after she loses her memory, and I'm trying to insert my take on what she wants in her world.

I like the Rongo pairing, because its a complicated relationship. People love complicated relationships. I do, too. I mean, look at how many people watch soap operas. Even in real life, people intentionally cause drama in relationships and make them complicated, because...well, everyone has their own reason. That's why Rongo is cool for me.

Alright, kiddies, nows the question part of my profile. These are questions that I came up with, but if you have any, just let me know. My email address is at the bottom of this profile thing.

Who is your favorite author?

A cross between Michael Crichton and Robert Ludlum. Crichton for his imaginative sequences and interesting theories, and Ludlum for his descriptive characters and complicated stories.

What is your favorite book?

Don't have one. I like every book I've read. If I don't like it, I put it down and never return.

What was the first fanfic you ever read?

UNION by G-Go. Very good fic. Still love to read it now and then.

What is your favorite fanfic?

Like books, I don't have one. I have ones I like to read again and again, but none that I could pick. You can find some of my favorites at the bottom of the page.

Which of your fics is your favorite?

"Sidekicks". Not because it's my most favorited story, but because it was fun to write. "The Jen Blitz Conception" has potential of topping it, though.

What do you do to prepare to write a fic?

Usually, I write like an outline, but not a real outline. An outline of a chapter, what is included, and how it ends. I write no rough drafts, because I believe true creativity is spontaneous and improvised. However, I do edit some stuff out or in when proofreading.

Here's how the outline looks on my notebooks:

Chapter Seven

> Ron runs to Bueno Nacho. Gets Kim. They talk. They run back to plant.

> Kim and Ron arrive at plant. They fight Shego and Drakken. Drakken turns Kim into cat. The villians escape.

> Kim deals with being a cat. Is chased by dogs in her neighborhood.

> Shego and Drakken plan next scheme at lair.

> Ron helps Kim with being a cat. Wade tells them Drakken and Shego are on the loose again. They leave to get villains.

That's pretty much an example. Although, the real ones make sense. I usually end up changing something while writing the chapter, but it almost usually stays how I plan it. I finish writing the outline before starting the story, that way I don't do what I used to do. I used to just sit and write a chapter, and have no idea where I was going. That was fun to do, but very difficult to set up a good story, and would take me hours of thinking. Now, with my outlines, I can make a story, and still be excited about writing it.

Any new fics coming up?

See section entitled "Coming Soon".

Do you do anything while writing a chapter?

Yes, I do. I have created a playlist of music that inspires me. I play it when I'm writing to help me focus on channeling my energy. I also drink orange soda or Dr. Pepper, because I've thought of some really sick and wrong things, and some really brilliant things while drinking them. I don't eat while writing, because I feel sleepy afterwards.

That's about it. Sometimes, I'll read before starting a fic, just to get my description juices flowing. One thing I like to do is watch a TV show I've seen and get a feel with characterization. Writing is just like acting, IMHO.

How good of an author do you think you are?

I think I'm an okay author. Writing is like anything else, there are those who are better than you, and you have to accept it. You just do what you do, and enjoy it. Sure, my fics don't roll in twenty reviews a chapter, and over 50,000 hits, but I'm okay with that. As long as one person can enjoy my fic, then I'm happy. Its not about the achievements, its about the quality and enjoyment out of the writing experience that counts.

Plus, I'm still a learner. I'll always be a learner.


I have only one trailer for my fic "The Jen Blitz Conception", because my other trailers are for discontinued fics. However, I enjoy making videos, too, so if you get a chance, check out my YouTube Profile for some cool KP music videos.

More posters for future fics will be created, once I find time. Artwork for stories is always possible!

The Jen Blitz Conception: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQAnMETszoY

THe Jen Blitz Conception Poster:


These are just some fic ideas that ARE going to happen, and may happen. We'll let laziness and procrastination be the judge.

"The Jen Blitz Conspiracy" (sequel) Pretty much speaks for self.

"The Jen Blitz Culmination" (sequel) The sequel to the sequel. May be the end of Jen Blitz series.

"Stuck With You" (working title) A Ron/Shego fic. Ron and Shego get stranded on island. Love may blossom.

"The Adventures of Kim Possible" (working title) Just a collection of untold Kim Possible missions and stories. Humor and Adventure.

"Sidekicks" (revamp) This may or may not be done. A redo of Sidekicks that is updated with better content, and grammar.

"Sidekicks II" (sequel) This is the planned sequel of the revamped "Sidekicks".

"The Untitled Dr. Drakken Project" Dr. Drakken falls in love with some girl. Could happen...


These fics are unfinished and may remain that way until I can find time and interest again.

"The Jen Blitz Conception" Main project. Definitely will be finished.

"The Fearless Ferret" Will be finished when I finish "The Jen Blitz Conception".

"Extra Ordinary" When Heroes returns, I might get motivated. Until then, this one has got writers block shooting out laser beams.

"KOTOR III: A Lost Hope" I'm still working out kinks with this one. I need a new outline, but until then, the future is uncertain for this star-crossed lover. (lol, Romeo and Juliet joke)

"Life is Blue" I'll be working on it, here, and there. I got some ideas. Not top priority.


If you want to talk, exchange ideas, or just drop me a note, you can probably PM or (more easy) email me at my email address. I usually check my emails everyday, so I will get back to you.

DrakkenFanboy: zackzorpox24fan@hotmail.com.

Thank you all for reading my personal bio, and I wish good fortune to you and those which you care about.

Personal Quote

"You can read a story and like it, or you can live the story and love it."

See ya in the papers!

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