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Author has written 110 stories for Danny Phantom, Hey Arnold, Naruto, Maison Ikkoku, Misc. Anime/Manga, Corpse Bride, Moral Orel, Avatar: Last Airbender, Pokémon, Pucca, Tiny Toon Adventures, Totally Spies, Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo, X-overs, Phineas and Ferb, Fairly OddParents, Urusei Yatsura, Coco, Teen Titans, Ed, Edd n Eddy, El Tigre, Justice League, and Nicktoons Unite!.

Hello my fellow fanfic lovers, I am Flower princess11 and I am eager to show off my stuff ;)

For those who want to know more about me, well I am female and a Capricorn, I'm an American and I really love a good story!

Favorite cartoons/Anime: Danny Phantom, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Avatar: The last air bender, Avatar: The legend of Korra, Pokémon, Moral Orel, Ed Edd n Eddy, Miraculous: tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, etc.

Favorite music: Rock and pop

Favorite genres: Romance, drama, family and action/adventure, though I also have a thing for good thriller/mystery stories as well.

A/N: Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that "A Broken Heart" is on TV Tropes. Feel free tp add to it.


A series of DP challenges I have bestowed on my fellow DP fanfic writers. Enjoy :)


1) Must be rated K, no mature themes, graphic violence or swearing.

2)The story must be two or more chapters long.

3) Each story takes place BEFORE Phantom Planet.

The Challenges

Challenge #1: Grandma's Visit

Danny's grandmother comes to spend the weekend with them...and she doesn't believe in ghosts.

Challenge #2: A new (unwanted) sidekick

Paulina, Dash, Mikey or someone else suddenly obtain ghost powers and they want to join Danny and become his sidekick...but their efforts end up doing more harm than good.

Challenge #3: Aunt Alicia ' Visit

Danny's aunt Alicia comes over to stay at Fenton Works...and it's not exactly going well...and the ghost attacks aren't making the visit any smoother.

Challenge #4: A Date With Paulina

Paulina manages to convince the ghost boy to go on a date with her...which may not be as simple as it sounds.

Challenge #5: The Talent Show

Casper High is holding a talent show and Danny noticed strange things happening to all of the contestants. He soon learns that the show might be haunted. Danny enters the talent show in order to fight this ghost and stop him before he wrecks the entire night.

A/N: Be sure to PM me if you decide to take on one of my challenges and be sure to mention that the challenge was from me in the summary.

:) Good luck everybody :)

My Hey Arnold Oc's

Name: Andrew Phillip "Andy" Shortman

Age: 9 years old

Birthday: February 7th/Aquarius

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: English on his father's side/Hungarian on his mother's side


Hair: Blonde (Helga’s shade)

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair

Height: 4”5’

Weight: 65 lbs.


Family: Arnold Shortman(father), Helga Shortman(mother), Megan(younger sister), Henry (baby brother), Miles and Stella Shortman (paternal grandparents), Bob and Miriam Pataki (maternal grandparents), Phil and Gertrude Shortman (paternal great-grandparents), Lisa and Logan Sherman (cousins), Olga Pataki-Sherman(aunt), Patrick Sherman (uncle), Gerald and Phoebe Johansson (god parents), Arnie (first cousin, once removed), Lila (cousin in-law), AJ (second cousin).

Best friend: Kiara Johansson

Allies: Kiara Johansson, Courtney Gammelthorpe, Adam Berman, Keisha Horowitz.

Enemies: Wolfgang Jr. and Edgar

Loves: Kiara (Unaware/in denial about it).

Loved by: Kiara (oblivious), Courtney (one sided).

Occupation: 4th grade student, karate student, captain on baseball team.

Affiliation: The Shortman family.

Appearance: Andy bears a strong resemblance to his father Arnold (including the “football” shaped head) but he has Helga’s eyes, ears and hair color. His hairstyle is is also more similar to his mothers, as it's parted down and it's straighter than his dads. He is actually fairly tall for his age, being the second tallest student in his 4th grade class, behind Adam. He wears a red shirt with a white stripe, blue pants and red sneakers. He also wears a lucky blue hat he got from his father as a baby (the same one his dad had as a child).

Background story: The first born son of Helga and Arnold, born about a year after the couple married. Andy is the oldest of the three Shortman children. Andy is a smart, savvy and all-around well-rounded 4th grader who’s interests lean on sports, adventures, electronics and hanging out with his friends. However Andy isn’t without some troubles in his life, as his father was known as “Hillwood”s problem solver”, a lot of people expect him to live up to that and fix their problems, much to his annoyance. Despite this, he still loves and idolizes his father and just wants to make him proud. He also has a pretty close relationship with his mother, despite Helga’s over protectiveness at times. Andy has a normal relationship with his siblings, he often fights with Megan and he has a buddy like relationship with his new baby brother Henry. He is also good friends with his cousins Lisa and Logan.


Personality: He is as good nature as his father but has Helga’s spunk and a desire for adventure, which often gets him in and out of trouble on a regular basis. He is a friendly child but he is not without a temper (which he inherited from Helga) but he has it mostly under control. He also has a bit of mischief in his as he is not above pulling pranks, though it's never malicious.

Likes: His family, karate, sports, junk food, hanging out with his friends, Kiara.

Dislikes: Disappointing his father, His mother’s over protectiveness, Megan being a brat, Wolfgang Jr, bullies, Arnie and AJ, aunt Olga and Lila’s “enthusiasm”.

Fears/phobias: He has developed his mother’s fear of rats, although he denies it.

Quirks: He is somewhat superstitious as he believes in ghosts and gets nervous on Friday 13th. He also has a slight taste for pranks, but only to people whom he believes deserve his brand of mischief.

Good traits: Kind, smart, brave, strong, honest, helpful, fearless, cheerful, sociable and athletic.

Bad traits: Short temper, sarcastic, mischievous and a little impatient at times. He can get easily annoyed by his sister's pestering him or AJ's weirdness.


His favorite color is red.

His lucky number is 7.

His dream is to become a champion in karate and an Olympic athlete.

He and Kiara are soulmates, according to Helga.

Hobbies: Karate, drawing, baseball, football and surfing the web.

Name: Megan Gertrude Shortman

Age: 5

Birthday: September 20/Virgo

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: English on her father's side/Hungarian on her mother's side


Hair: Blonde (Arnold's shade)

Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair


Weight:38 lbs.


Family: Arnold Shortman(father), Helga Shortman(mother), Andy (older brother), Henry (baby brother), Miles and Stella Shortman (paternal grandparents), Bob and Miriam Pataki (maternal grandparents), Phil and Gertrude Shortman (paternal great-grandparents), Lisa and Logan Sherman (cousins), Olga Pataki-Sherman(aunt), Patrick Sherman (uncle), Gerald and Phoebe Johansson (god parents), Arnie (first cousin, once removed), Lila (cousin in-law), AJ (second cousin).

Best friend: Kiki Johansson

Allies: Kiki Johansson, Mindy and Janet Berman

Enemies: Roxanne Smyth Higgins

Loves: None

Loved by: None

Occupation: Kindergarten student

Affiliation: The Shortman family.

Appearance: Megan is a cute and short little 5 year old girl, with long, wild blonde hair which she keeps in a ponytail, using a pink bow. She has her father's bright green eyes and ears, her grandfather Miles's nose and her mothers head shape. She wears a white and pink shirt with buttons, a pink skirt, mary janes and white socks. She is considered very cute by most.

Background story: The middle child and only daughter of Arnold and Helga, born 4 years after Andy. Megan is very smart for her age and can read at a second grade level and sometimes wants to be treated older. For the first 4 years of her life, she enjoyed the kind of doting she received from her parents for being the youngest child, until Henry was born and she found herself a rival over the cutest one in the house.


Personality: Megan is a very bright and vivacious child. She takes after her mother Helga in both intelligence and mischief, although she is more tamed. Megan is well meaning but like most young children, she is a little spoiled and was used to being the baby of the family until Henry came along and she had to share the spotlight. Sweet, sassy, friendly and spoiled, she can be a little manipulative to try and get her way but has no malice in her being. She also is a bit of a daddy’s girl, due to Arnold being wrapped around her little finger.

Likes:Her family and friends, pink, dolls, toys, getting her way.

Dislikes:Not getting her way, Andy being bossy, Henry having more attention,her parent's punishing her, losing, broccoli

Fears/phobias: She is afraid of clowns and she has a fear of the dark.

Quirks: She hates her hair since it naturally sticks out and she always tries to keep it in her ponytail.

Good traits:Beautiful, cute, innocent, spunky, sweet, intelligent, well-meaning.

Bad traits: Spoiled, manipulative, stubborn, bratty and desires a lot of attention.


Her favorite color is pink.

Her lucky number is 5.

Her dream is to one day have her own business where she is the “big shot”.

Hobbies Reading, playing with dolls, tea parties, messing with her brother.

Name: Henry Miles Shortman

Age: 1 year old

Birthday: March 11/Pisces

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: English on his father's side/Hungarian on his mother's side


Hair: Blonde (Arnold's shade)

Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair

Height: 29 inches

Weight: 21 lbs.


Family: Arnold Shortman(father), Helga Shortman(mother), Andy (older brother), Megan(older sister), Miles and Stella Shortman (paternal grandparents), Bob and Miriam Pataki (maternal grandparents), Phil and Gertrude Shortman (paternal great-grandparents), Lisa and Logan Sherman (cousins), Olga Pataki-Sherman(aunt), Patrick Sherman (uncle), Gerald and Phoebe Johansson (god parents), Arnie (first cousin, once removed), Lila (cousin in-law), AJ (second cousin).

Best friend: None yet

Allies: His parents and siblings

Enemies: None

Loves: None yet

Loved by: None yet

Occupation: Baby

Affiliation: The Shortman family.

Appearance: Henry is an adorable infant who is the perfect blend of his parents genes. He has his fathers eyes, hair color and facial structure, but his mother's head shape and skin tone. He usually wears either a light green onesie with a dark star on it, or a green T-shirt along with his diaper.

Background story: The third child and youngest son of the Shortman family. He was born when Andy was 8 and Megan was 4 1/2. Henry was born not long after his mother's birthday and he was immediately adored by his entire family, with the exception of his sister Megan due to jealousy. Megan didn't like having a rival for attention and decided that she didn't like him, but over time, she grows to love her baby brother, though she tries to deny it. As a baby, he can't talk yet, only giggles, coos or cries but he still is curious of the world around him, causing him to explore and needing his parents or siblings to bail him out when he gets into trouble.


Personality: Henry is usually a very calm and sweet baby and he loves all of his family members. He is usually laughing happily, being tended by his parents or calmly playing wit his toys. He is very curious of his surroundings and tends to explore a lot, needing his parents to keep a close eye on him. While he usually is calm, he does tend to get cranky when he misses his nap and cries loudly if he's disturbed or frightened.

Likes: His family, food, toys, playing with his brother and sister, his parents doting on him.

Dislikes: Getting disturbed from his nap, being picked up by his aunt Olga or Lila, loud noises, his parents leaving him with babysitters...

Fears/phobias: None yet, but he does get disturbed easily like all babies do...

Quirks: He tends to be very curious, which causes him to do things he shouldn't, such as grabbing hair or other things he shouldn't be grabbing.

Good traits: Sweet, innocent, playful and curious...

Bad traits: Easily disturbed and cries a lot when he's disturbed or cranky.


His favorite food is apple sauce and puree peaches.

While Megan is jealous of him, Henry seems to really like her and tries playing with her more than Andy.

Andy tries to be a mentor for him, due to being both boys and due to the fact that Andy always wanted a little brother.

He is very close to his Great Grandpa' Phil and loves hearing his stories, because while he can't understand him yet, in his young mind he thinks he's funny, and Phil in turn loves telling his stories to his great grandson since he doesn't talk back yet but only claps and giggles at what he thinks are funny parts.

Hobbies: Playing with his toy keys, pulling on hair

Name: Kiara Satomi Johannsen

Age: 9 years old

Birthday: September 15

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: African American on her father’s side/ Japanese and Caucasian on her mother’s side


Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Dark

Height: 4”3’

Weight: 60 lbs.


Family: Gerald Johannsen (father), Phoebe Johannsen (mother), Kiki (younger sister), Mr. and Mrs. Johannsen (paternal grandparents), Kyo and Reba. Heyerdahl (maternal grandparents), Jamieo (uncle), Timberly (aunt), Arnold and Helga Shortman (god parents).

Best friend: Andy Shortman

Allies: Andy Shortman, Adam Berman, Keisha Horowits, Courtney Gammelthorpe (sometimes)

Enemies: Courtney Gammelthorpe(sometimes), W.J and Edgar

Loves: Andy Shortman (secretly/in denial)

Loved by: Andy Shortman (unaware/in denial)

Occupation: 4th grade student, violinist, co-captain on baseball team, captain of the debate team.

Affiliation: The Johannsen family.

Appearance: Kiara is the perfect blend of both of her parents. She has long curly hair that she inherited from Gerald, but she keeps it in a pony tail. She also has her mother’s facial features and her father’s eyes, as well as a darker skin complexion. She usually wears a purple sweater, skirt, black leggings and black Mary Janes as well.

Background story: Andy’s best friend since infancy and the oldest daughter of Gerald and Phoebe, as well as the older sister of Kiki. Since a young age, Kiara has been shown to be very intelligent, having inherited her mother’s brains, as well as her father’s street smarts. Because of her intelligence and maturity, she is usually the one who takes it upon herself to make sure Andy doesn’t get into too much trouble, with varying degrees of success, though he sometimes manages to rope her into his shenanigans anyway. Despite it all, they are very close to each other and won’t hesitate to protect the other from any imposing forces, such as W.J’s bullying or other rivals. Despite sometimes being exasperated with Andy’s impulsiveness, she is deeply attached to him since they have been together since they were babies and deep down, she has affection for him that is more than just friendship, though she denies it. However it won’t stop her from becoming jealous when she sees another girl trying to hit on Andy, such as Courtney Gammelthorpe as the two are constantly competing for his affection.


Personality: Kiara is usually a very nice girl and tries hard to avoid getting into trouble. She is also the top student in her fourth grade class, getting straight A’s since kindergarten and having a perfect attendance record, both of which she is very proud of. She is intelligent, savvy, social, mature, and articulate and is very confident and assertive, instead of meek and submissive like Phoebe used to be or impulsive like her father used to be. Despite her intelligence, she is still a 9 year old girl and can still make mistakes or get excited over new video games, trends and can get over competitive over the things that she wants. An example would be her rivalry with Courtney, since both girls have romantic feelings for Andy (though he is oblivious about hers) and they are usually fighting over him. She can also be a little insecure as most children tend to be at that age, over her looks as well as her label as ‘the class brain”. She also dislikes her father’s over-protectiveness over her as well as his tendency to treat her as “his baby girl”, though she still loves her dad and is close to him. Despite these flaws, Andy views her as his best friend and is loyal and fiercely protective of her and won’t hesitate to protect her from bullies, even if it means getting physical with an opponent. She in turn, is very attached to Andy and will do anything for him, even going along some of his stunts if they peak her interest.

Likes: Andy, reading, music, practicing the violin, debating, doing well at school, playing video games, purple, chocolate and other sweets.

Dislikes: W.J and Edgar, bullies, getting into trouble, anyone mocking her intelligence, Andy not listening to her or getting in trouble, Gerald “babying” her, disappointing her parents, Courtney flirting with Andy.

Fears/phobias: She has arachnophobia, which means she is deeply afraid of spiders, and she is also afraid of snakes, which means she also suffer from Ophidiophobia as well.

Quirks: While she usually tries to act calm, rational and mature for her age, she is still a kid and can get excited like her friends over celebrities, new video games or anything else that is cool. She also is aware that she is smarter than most of her peers and when she is being harassed by W.J or Edgar, she likes using her advance vocabulary to insult and confuse them, since she is aware that they don’t understand what she is saying.

Good traits: Smart, studious, confident, assertive, sweet, mature, rational, calm, collected, loyal and well behaved

Bad traits: Easily jealous, over competitive, prideful, stubborn, and easily embarrassed….


Her favorite color is purple, her lucky number is 15 since she was born on the 15th of September.

She is a fan of sci-fi and detective novels, having a large collection of them in her room

She has a big sweet tooth and a deep love for chocolate and anything sugary; though eating too much will have her becoming very wild and hyperactive. Because of this, her parents try to monitor how much she eats.

She is the smartest student at school, having had a 4.0 since kindergarten and as such, she sometimes tutors Keisha and Adam in math and science.

She is aware that she is something of a damsel in distress since Andy is always saving her from bullies, though she admits that she likes it deep down.

She has a close friendship with her godmother Helga, who is both aware of her feelings for Andy and secretly is hoping that the two will marry someday.

Hobbies: Reading, playing the violin, hanging out with Andy, watching Andy practice karate, outsmarting her enemies….

Upcoming Story ideas

Danny Phantom

Mistletoe: Danny goes to the GZ for the Christmas party and has to deal with one particular tradition.(Coming in December)

Ailments of the unknown: Jack and Maddie leave for a convention, leaving Jazz in charge. Danny gets sick with a deadly ghost virus and it's time for the team to save Danny by finding the rare ingredients in order to make a cure before time runs out...Part of the lost episodes series. ..

My Hey Arnold series

How do you feel about me?

The First Date


A Sweet Surprise


Weird Cousin II



The Perfect Christmas

The Graduation

The Proposal

The Wedding

The First Year

The Lullaby

The First Meeting

My little guy

Am I a good mother?

Big Brother

The Class Reunion


A Perfect Disaster

The Marriage Predictor

Another Weird Cousin

The Golden Years

Cupids Wrath Series

Cupid's Wrath

CW: Deleted Scenes

Unshattered Bonds

Our Little Miracle

DP: Lost Episodes Series

Royal Pain

Charmed and Dangerous

Gender Defender

Cursed at Casper High

Day Scare

Favorite shippings:

Danny Phantom

Danny and Ember (My favorite)

Danny and Valerie

Danny and Kitty

Danny and OC (If it's well written)

Jazz x Tucker


Naruto and Hinata (they're just too adorable together and I'm happy it's officially cannon now!) :D

Boruto and Sarada

Dragon ball Z/GT/Super

Vegeta and Bulma (admit it, they steal the show)

Krillin and 18

Avatar: The last airbender

Aang and Katara

Sokka and Suki

Sokka and Yue

Sokka and Tylee

Zuko and Mai

Zuko and Jin

Avatar: The legend of Korra

Korra and Mako

Korra and Asami

Varrick and Zhu Li


Ash and Serena (Amourshipping rules!)

Brock and Pike Queen Lucy

Jessie and James

:) Thanks for stopping by :)

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Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 15 - Words: 63,885 - Reviews: 131 - Favs: 94 - Follows: 104 - Updated: 2/17/2018 - Published: 1/4/2017 - Danny F., Dani
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