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Author has written 25 stories for Wrestling, Lord of the Rings, X-Men: The Movie, Angel, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Dogma, Edward Scissorhands, Power Rangers, Bible, Harry Potter, Van Helsing, Troy, and Thunderbirds.
Link to my fav HP pic that inspired 'My first, my last, my everything'

If anyone cares about this crazy thing I call life and wants to know what's been happening to me, my homepage link will lead you to my Blurty...though you should know its about as regularly updated as most of my stories, I tend to be a bit sporadical with that as you can see! But hey, its entertaining, but be warned it's about as nuts as I am in there (obviously)! XD

Phrases of the Moment:

"Men are like roses, watch out for the pricks!"

"Damn right i'm good in bed...i can sleep for days!"

"I am not a bitch, I am THE BITCH!"

"When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?"

"If you want to achive, you have to believe."

Hello again, I am the artist formerly known as twyst of fate gurl! But you can call me Laura if you like. As I am older, wiser (I wish!) and possibly more mature, i'm gonna tone down my totally insane profile (Do I hear sighs of relief in the audience?)

So lets hop into favourites

Orlando Bloom (I adore him)
Johnny Depp (the most awesome actor ever IMO, if ye disagree ye can walk the plank)
Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill is awesome, and he is just gorgeous!)
Dominic Colenso (Virgil in the Thunderbirds movie- say what you will, I have always loved Tbirds and especially Virgil, I can't go against type now can I? He is utterly yummy- 'specially in the pool scene XD)
James Marsden
Will Kemp
Ben Affleck
Michael Rosenbaum (met him, he's a peach...a HOT one!)
Ewan McGregor
Heath Ledger
Brad Pitt
Eric Bana
Sean Bean
Karl Urban (I met him at the Lord of the Rings premiere, such a sweetie!)
David Boreanaz
Jason David Frank
Christopher Khayman Lee
Travis Fimmel
Matt LeBlanc
Leonardo DiCaprio
Matthew Perry
Hugh Jackman
Wesley Snipes
Denzel Washington
Robin Williams
Mel Gibson
Ian McKellen
Bruce Willis
Will Smith
Dustin Hoffman
Anthony Hopkins
Morgan Freeman
Cuba Gooding Jnr.
Alan Rickman
Arnold Schwarzenegger (I probably spelt that wrong huh?)
(Take into account I dont have crushes on alllll those guys just like the 1st 11 :$ ah well! I just have very broad tastes in men *)

Natalie Portman
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Calista Flockheart
Eliza Dushku
Nicole Kidman
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Garner
Kate Hudson
Kate Beckinsale
Keira Knightley (Gave us autographs at the PotC premiere, nice lass)
Lisa Kudrow
Liv Tyler
Sandra Bullock
Sarah Jessica Parker
Cameron Diaz (gave me and my dad personalised autogrpahs, lovely!)
Renee Zellwegger
Rose Byrne
Saffron Burrows
Amy Jo Johnson
Kristin Davis
Kim Catrall
Kirstin Dunst
Susan Sarandon
Julia Roberts
Jodie Foster
Mira Sorvino
Kristanna Loken

TV Shows
Ally Mcbeal
Angel (I cannot believe the WB would cancel it!)
Anime movies and shows
Average Joe
Dark Angel (I can't believe this was cancelled either!)
Friends (I don't know what I'll do without this!)
Mortal Kombat: Conquest
Joan of Arcadia
Martian Successor Nadesico (my other favourite anime)
My Wife and Kids
One Tree Hill
Power Rangers (especially MMPR, PRiS and DT- Tommy and Andros are cute!)
Red Dwarf
Sailor Moon (My favvy anime)
Sex and the City (It's over...*sniffle*)
The 10th Kingdom
Thunderbirds (I take back my bad words, I went to the premiere, I love Virgil and my aspiration has always been to be Lady Penelope, it's just not in my heart to hate anything Tbirds related!)
WWE Wrestling

Leon- Like my favourite non Orli/Johnny movie of all time, who couldn't love this film, it has EVERYTHING!
Pirates of the Caribbean (very hot, very cool, laughed my ass off, got to go to the premiere and see Orli in the flesh, YAAAAAAAAY!)
Troy (Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt naked, what more could you want from a movie?)
All Dogs Go to Heaven
The Land Before Time
Homeward Bound
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Shrek 2! (Holding out for a Hero- great song!)
Moulin Rouge
Flash Gordon
Clash of the Titans
Daredevil (Elektra will rule)
Disney animation (Pretty much everything, even some of those sequels...I am ashamed of myself!)
Mortal Kombat
Black Hawk Down
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
The Patriot
Terminator 2
Die Hard
Edward Scissorhands
Romy and Michelles High School Reunion
Bring It On
The Princess Bride
The Neverending Story
Anything by Tim Burton
Battlestar Galactica
Bruce Almighty
Pay it Forward
The Passion of the Christ (not really a favourite- who could enjoy that movie?! But an interesting experience)
Everything Johnny Depp does (Especially Don Juan and Benny & Joon for the lesser known ones)
Pretty Woman &
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (The only rom-coms i really like)
Life as a House (contrary to my belief, Hayden Christensen doesn't suck that bad as an actor, who'd have thunk it?!)

I live at the cinema, by the end of the month I've basically seen everything that's come out unless it looks really bad or not something I'm interested in!

All music specialy Rock and R&B, Hip-hop, some pop, I love:
Gavin DeGraw (sings the theme to One Tree Hill, soft rock, utterly fabulous)
Disney songs (heehee)
Brian McKnight
Elton John
Michael Jackson
Puddle of Mudd (Especially Blurry!)
POD (Youth of the Nation makes me tingle)
Limp Bizkit (keep on rollin)
Kid Rock (I looove Forever, my nan danced to Cocky *cries*)
Sister Hazel
The Calling
Will Smith
Pearl Jam (I love Black)
Britney Spears
Celine Dion
Diana Ross
Vanessa Carlton
Michelle Branch
Vonda Shepard
Whitney Houston
Movie Soundtracks are a lost art form, you can find such gems on them! Definitely on the Shrek/2 soundtracks and Spiderman and Daredevil's rate among my faves.
Weird tastes i know, but i like to keep my options open :D

The Princess Bride (My favourite book, for anyone who likes fairytales and humour mixed together)
The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aenid (Greek and Roman myth fascinates me, and c'mon the Iliad is about TROY! Or vice versa depending on how you look at it)
The Neverending Story (False advertising if ever there was some!)
Lord of the Rings
Anything by Robert Rankin (An incredibly crazy English writer I had the pleasure of meeting, if you're slightly insane I would pick these up, the funniest books you'll ever read- Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocolypse and Dance of the Voodo Handbag are the best!)
Fire Bringer and The Sight by David Clement Jones
Tom Clancy novels
Harry Potter (I hate the movies though, go figure!)
Buffy/ Angel books (I could start a library of those!)
Star Wars books
Grimm's Fairytales
The Narnia Chronicles
The Red Tent (The best book a women can read)
The Good Women of China- Hidden Voices (The second best book a woman can read)
The Lovely Bones
Bridget Jones' Diary
Roald Dahl books
and most fantasy stories

Now, the stuff I write, and if pairings are applicable, them after:

Lord of the Rings (Sometimes Legolas, but not always and usually Aragorn and Arwen)
Star Wars (Obidala, sorry if its not your thing, but if it isnt, i dont need to be told in lengthy flames thanks! ^^)
Wrestling (Matt Hardy/?, Stephanie/Jericho, Jeff/Trish usually)
Sailor Moon (Serena/Darien)
Final Fantasy 8 (Squall/Rinoa, Seifer/Quistis, Zell/Selphie)
Buffy/Angel (same pairing)
Spiderman (Peter/MJ)
X-Men (Scott/Jean, Scott/Ororo, Ororo/Kurt, Rogue/Bobby)
Power Rangers (Kimberly/Tommy forever! Trini/Billy, Rocky/Aisha)
Troy (Achilles/Briseis, Paris/Helen, Hector/Andromache)
Thunderbirds (N/A though I suppose it'll be TinTin/Alan if I ever wrote a proper one, maybe Jeff/Penny flavourings [I never saw it in the TV show but there totally was in the movie])

My number one peeve is flamers who criticise other peoples work because they are too closed minded to respect other peoples views and opinions. Especially people who flame Obidala pairings/fics (which are almost always -apart from mine- excellent stories from exceptionally good writers) we as authors deserve constructive critisism and long rants full of insults do not count as constructive critisism. We work hard on our stories and just because you don't agree with the subject matter doesnt mean you have the right to bash it, if you have disdain for a subject, steer clear of the story or constructively comment, do not bash the writers! Show us common courtesy and we will do the same for you.

Now, the part you probably care most about (I can hope!)


Completed Stories*
Heart of Ice- Edward Scissorhands oneshot
It Doesn't Bother Me...Really!- Multichaptered Wrestling, my first ever fanfic (dont ever read it, it makes me cringe- but at least it serves to illustrate how much I've improved over the years!)
Stronger- Wrestling songfic
The Woman in Red- Bible oneshot
Walking in a WWF Winter Wonderland- Christmas Themed Wrestling story
Who's Gonna Stop the Rain- Wrestling songfic *angst alert!*
My First, my last, my everything (may be willing for a chapter 2 if you so desire)- Xmas themed Harry Potter oneshot
Darkness and Light- Star Wars *OBIDALA- dont like don't read* oneshot (angsty!)
Freefall- Thunderbirds oneshot

Active Stories:

New stories*

Weakness- My first Troy fanfiction. Now originally I planned this to be a oneshot from Briseis' point of view, but then everyone was asking for a second chapter from Achilles' POV, so I obliged and now as the demand is so crazy I decided to view it as the first in a series. I have dubbed said series 'The Immortality Series' as all the characters of Troy are kinda immortal now and that was Achilles' whole MO. The series will continue to be a series of one-shots from every character's perspective. Basically I choose a moment or scene in the movie which I feel is a great starting point for internal reflection and continue it into a fic from each characters perspective. I hope each fic will give some insight into the characters thoughts and feelings and help us better understand and identify with them. Now that I have done Briseis/Achilles I'll follow up with Helen/Paris and Andromache/Hector. I will also focus on some of the single characters in their important moments and will probably do Odysseus, Priam, Agamemnon and Menelaus. And because of popular demand I will continue Weakness and stretch it into a 6 chaptered story. But after that it's finished people, I don't care how much you beg! Hehehe.

Amends- My PR muse has re-emerged while watching the new DT series, so I'm working away on this one before I lose my spark- which happens to often. Basically it focuses on Tommy in Reefside, and how his grounded life is thrown into disarray when Kimberly returns to make peace with him after 'the Letter'. But little does Tommy know that Mesogog also has a sinister interest in the former pink Ranger. It's going strong and has been very well recieved so thank you all who continue to read and support it!

Shadow of Darkness- Yes, I am a very bad person, I always say I won't start writing new stories until i've finished my older ones, but then the plot bunnies attack and I must obey them. So, this is my first Van Helsing fiction, exploring the friendship I envisioned betwen Anna Valerious and Dracula's Bride Aleera, as they are on more personal terms in the movie. It's an AU prequel to Van Helsing, and if you enjoyed the movie I hope you'll check it out.

When Will the Sun Shine Again?
A Legolas/Arwen fic, just because there are so few of them and I like to be contraversial! I am horrible on this, it's been months and my muse has just migrated to Jamaica. I apologise profusely to all the loyal readers of this story and I am trying to work towards the new chapter but it's like writing in tar, it's just slow progress and I won't put it up until I'm satisfied with the quality thank you very much!

Certain fics of mine such as my Star Wars comedy Agony Yoda and my X2 fic Gone are very open ended stories, so can be left with the amount of chapters they have quite comfortably or more could be added to them, to those who enjoy those stories, if you would like me to continue them more quickly then drop me an email and let me know! So more can come from those any time!

Darkness in the Deep- which got a very positive response is suffering from the same problem as WWTSSA, lack of muse and because the quality of that story is quite high I am certainly not rushing into it half-assed just to get a chapter up, I take pride in my stories these days and I'd rather leave them in limbo for months than posting something of low quality. Most of you probably can't tell the difference between my bad and my good, but in my head I have high standards! So when the muse returns, a new chapter you shall see!

Futures Past- Now technically, this is in two parts, and Futures Past Part 1 ended at Chapter 36. Part 2 started in Chapter 37 but I was vastly unhappy with the way the chapter turned out, so I will remove it, call Futures Past pt 1 completed, and probably upload part two under the heading Futures Past II, so that new readers can catch up and we can get a fresh start. So look out for number 2 coming soon!

There is worse news for fans of the other fics I fear, but I'm not going to lie or sugar coat anything! Here we go.

Lord of the Rings, Drugs, Sex, and Donkey Whackers- Lack of muse
Red Skies- No time to split the muse between two PR stories and keep the lines straight
Shadowed Mimic- Lost interest
End of the Beginning- Started so long ago, has lost its focus
The Rescue of Princess Steph- such potential but no time to see it through yet.
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions- No time, I want to devote a lot of attention to this, and I really can't at the moment.
The Tangled Webs We Weave- Went off Spiderman, now that I've seen Spidey 2 I'm a little more inclined towards it, it will be given a major overhaul and relaunched/finished soon!
While You Were Dreaming- Had potential, but now it's gone!

Right, now I can tell you, the ones that I have lost interest in are pretty much lost causes, the others, there is hope for when I have more time but I am a notoriously lazy updater and writer and my muses come and go with the wind. If you are interested in seeing a story updated soon the best thing to do is poke me through reviews or email if you care about it!
On the chopping block we have-
Shadowed Mimic
End of the Beginning

If you give a damn, email me so I know someone likes them. If not, they gotsta go! What can we draw from all of that? That I am a lazy *#@$!

I've now started college which is really time consuming and tiring, so I'm easing into that (after 10 weeks of holiday it takes some getting used to!) so I can't update as regularly as I'd like, and my added workload really drains me so I beg your indulgance for a while as I settle in. Rest assured that if I like the story it will get finished sooner or later, and your continued support really encourages me, so thank you.

Many people wonder why I'm so disparaging about my work (especially readers of Amends who always scold me for putting myself down) I do have a small (large!) self-esteem problemo, I tend to sell myself short a lot and am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my vision for what I'm writing, if it doesn't come off as I'd hoped I get a little tetchy hehe! So that's why I tend to think most of my chapters are 'crappy', I'm sorry that I do it and that it causes you all to chide me, but your reviews and words of encouragement really help me, so I thank all my readers for their wonderful support!

And thanks for coming to read my self indulgent drivel, or more importantly for taking an interest in my stories, your support means so much to me. I hope to see you at the reviews page! ;)

Peace, love and potato chips!

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