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Hey guys, He Who Lurks in Shadow here! I mainly write Zelda fanfic, though I have jumped into FMA from time to time. I'm currently trying to graduate college, and therefore most of my stuff is on a hiatus. However, I'm using my account over at FictionPress.com here to post random in-between writings, or things I jot down in class.

Concerning my stories, I have decided, after looking (and cringing in pain) at them, that they deserve the revamp that I gave Dreamweaver. I don't know when it'll be done, or at this point really started, but I'll be working on it. Obviously, Hidden Abilities will be rewritten first and, though I will stay true to the original storyline, I very highly doubt that it will be a rewrite in the sense of me just making the wording better. There may be more than 41 chapters by the end, there may be less. Link will still be Link, and at the end of the story when Link *spoiler* forward and *spoiler* off *spoiler, he will still *spoiler* forward and *spoiler* off *spoiler, I promise. As always, the most current status of this update, as well as my other stories, will be below.

Story Summaries:

Hidden Abilities (COMPLETED - Revamping Status: Not Started)

Link, age seventeen, has broken a curse that had misshapen Hyrule. With the beautiful land restored, Link has discovered that he has fallen for Hyrule's fair maiden Zelda, and has fallen hard. Even after him telling her this, Zelda is finding it hard to say those three little words to her hero, even though Link's feelings toward her are mutual. Now, with the return of an old friend almost forgotten, Zelda may have discovered that this person has no problem taking up where Zelda never finished. Meanwhile, the mysterious Dark Link is out and about, doing all in his power to ruin our hero's life, even threatening to hurt those closest to him.

Hidden Abilities: When Darkness Descends (COMPLETED)

The war is now over. Ganon has fallen, the army has retreated. However, there is no trace of Link anywhere. With a darkness looming over Hyrule once again, will our Hero appear in time to protect the world from the menace that threatens the safety of everyone? Better yet, even if he does appear, will he be in time to save the land from When Darkness Descends?

Takes place after: Hidden Abilities (duh)

Time Lapse: A fraction of a second, if that.

Hidden Abilities: Strangers From The East (In Progress - On Serious Hiatus)

After a nice break, Link is suddenly called into action when two people, visitors of Hyrule, burst into the Temple of Time. Link is swept into the tide of Gerudo children, country wars, and, if he's lucky, an interesting surprise for Zelda.

Takes place after When Darkness Descends.

Time Lapse: Between six months and a year.

Hidden Abilities: Yesterday's Future (In Progress - On Serious Hiatus)

Elissa is grown now, her seventeenth birthday finally come and gone. On her birthday, though, she starts hearing a voice calling out to her, telling her to enter the forbidden Temple of Time. She hears it when she sleeps, as well, and fears it will drive her insane if she doesn't give in. Yet, she is under strict orders from her father, Link, to never enter that building. Yet, when she does, she meets a person thought not to exist from a world thought seperated forever. As always, trouble ensues.

Told from Elissa's POV. Takes place nine years after When Darkness Descends.

NOTE: YF is a partial stand-alone story. There is no problem with reading YF and not reading SE or something. Really, you don't even have to read WDD after Elissa is introduced, and HA is only required if you want to understand WDD past Elissa.

SPOILERSPOILER(((Actually, here. Elissa's a girl Link and Zelda found in the middle of Kakariko during a period in time when the Light and Dark Worlds were merged. That's about it.)))ENDSPOILERENDSPOILER

Remember Me... (COMPLETED)

Link is returning home from a four-year voyage that he had embarked upon to train. As he draws closer to Hyrule, he thinks about what, and who, may be waiting for him there.

Zelda has been waiting for her green-clad hero to return, promising herself that when and if he returns, she will reveal to him her innermost secret.

As they draw closer, the only question they have is if they are remembered...

Stand-alone 'one'shot, at the moment.

Random Encounter (Contemplating a Continuance - On Hiatus if I Do Continue)

It was a bright and sunny day in Resembool. Edward had just gotten his automail fixed (again) and was sparring with Alphonse. Things got a bit out of hand, however, when the Flame Alchemist shows up!

Roy, on a trip back to Central from who-knows-where, takes a stop in Resembool to poke fun at the young alchemist, but even he didn't expect to be attempting to torch everything in sight!

When We Were Ten (UNDECIDED)

Link's just walking along in the castle one day, exploring, when suddenly the Princess Zelda pops up and demands to be kidnapped! Solution Number One for Princess Boredom - A Trip around Hyrule!

Currently this story is just a oneshot, though I am writing a second chapter that may very well go in. Forgive the wait, if any.

The Legend of Zelda: Dreamweaver (COMPLETED!!)

This story is quite literally my very first fanfiction. Originally published under the pen name Obscure Shadow and lost, I have now taken the story back under my wing (thanks to a prompt that I've received that told me at least someone wants to read it) and am putting it back up, under its rightful place!

After bringing peace to Holodrum and Labrynnia (Oracle of Seasons and Ages, respectively), Link has departed and now sails back toward Hyrule. However, after a creature quite literally drops off an almost-forgotten person, Link is again pulled back into action, this time on an island he has only dreamed about.

For readers who have not played LoZ: Link's Awakening (or DX), one, I highly suggest you go grab it, now, and two, much of this will not make sense to you. Otherwise, please feel free to read and tell me what you think!

If you can't tell, most of my work (in fact all of it except Dreamweaver, RM, RE, and WWWT) is a series of stories that I've dubbed the HA Saga. The story starts with Hidden Abilities (duh) which is an alternate series of events 'after' Majora's Mask, after being after he saved everything, but technically before anything happened. Yeah, confusing Song of Time issues. Anyway, HA comes right after that, and WDD follows seconds after the last HA chapter. SE comes after WDD, some time between six months and a year afterward. YF jumps nine years after WDD and switches main characters. There will be other Saga stories that come after SE and before YF, but nothing that will affect the stories in any major way.

RE (Random Encounter) is just some random story I pulled out of nowhere. A story with an actual plot is in the works at the moment, as are a few other stories from a few other movies/games/anime/manga. Be on the lookout!

Everyone excited? No one? Oh well. Feel free to IM me or email me. I mainly use GMail/GTalk at jw8212, I'm always happy to talk.

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