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Hi, everyone!

Yup. Still alive. Trying to jump start my fanfiction again since I recently became a Doctor Who fan. Right as the cute guy my age leaves the show. Go figure. Lol. Luckily for me there's Netflick now so I've been catching up. Now I'm in love with Ten and Eleven. Haha. So I posted my first Doctor Who fic, a crossover with Once Upon A Time. Crossovers seem to be my speciality. And I'm planning another DW crossover with Castle that's a compainion piece to another crossover on this site, with the original authors blessing. That's right. I'm doing a fan fiction of a fan fiction. Boom. That's hardcore, people. And eventually I will finish my stories.

So until my next update readers,

flames and kisses,

Mlle Pheonix Fox

this is the link for the you tube video that helped inspire my Once Upon A Timelord story. If you speak this language the song is sung in, please PM me the lyrics in English so I can get a better idea of what the story is about.

I've made some fan art for Everlasting's fanfic 'Everlasting'. But the PTB won't let her find me on Deviant, so I'm putting in this link for her. Works out really cause now you all can check out my fanart page!

upcoming projects


A collaboration with Gerry'sJackie, we will tell the story of how the real Phantom of the Opera became a pirate in the 18th century after the opera house burned down and was dragged into many adventures under the command of his eccentric captain, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow. Along the way, he saves his soul, saves the world, and even finds true love with the identical twin sister of Jack Sparrow's lover!


What if...during the Masque and before his big entrance, Erik, the Phantom of the Opera kisses an Irish maiden far from home? And what if her wiley, eccentric father and half her older brothers come the night the Populair burns down to drag him back to Ireland to marry her? And what if Erik finds not only a home and a family, but love with this fiery and bonnie lass?


A Classic fanfic genre with a twist. It's told by Jack Sparrow himself! After regaining his ship and proving the Fountain of Youth a total waste of time, Jack decides he wants nothing to do with the supernatural and strange happenings for a while. But when he finds a bride auction at the next port, he falls in love and marries a young girl at first sight! But there's something strange about his mysterious beauty that almost ruins Jack's happiness. After a little digging, Jack discovers his lady is one of his many fangirls from a twenty-first century universe where he's a work of fiction! Gibbs is not going to like this...


When a magical amulet causes Captain Jack Sparrow to switch bodies with a beautiful unsuspecting OC, the fun is just beginning!


The small South Carolina island town of Sparrow's Nest was founded by a pirate who dissappeared 300 years ago after giving the decree that the town would give leadership back to him once he returns. And one morning, the tourist dependent city awakes to discover Captain Jack Sparrow has made good on his promise and returned with his crew! Now politics, corrupt government officials, and generation gaps aside, Jack seeks to regain his title as Pirate Lord, find his lost treasure cache and maybe win the heart of the beautiful but very engaged innkeeper.


There's only one thing keeping scientist Philimina Maynard from her true love Captain Jack Sparrow...Flubber!


The Fox sisters are super identical triplets and first class con artists. They just love to convince men they are the same woman and have them fight to the death so they can inherit their wealth. But the girls have their work cut out for them when they try to spilt up Captain Jack Sparrow and his two commrades Will Turner and Admiral-turned- pirate James Norrington for their long lost Grandfather's treasure map.


Erik is no longer the Phantom of the Opera. After making a super convincing mask that has him looking like a normal man, he moves out to the French countryside to live alone with his broken heart. But there he befriends and falls in love with Chantall, a kind bookworm outcast from all the other young women in the village. But there's one problem. Chantall reveals to Erik she is a part of a underground society of young ladies who love to read about, discuss and even write ficticious tales about the scandelous Phantom of the Opera! And that she even would love to fall in love with the Phantom herself! But when the local boys accidentally discover Chantall's secret longings, they make a bet with a cocky newcomer that has him playing the Phantom so he can seduce and bed Chantall. Erik is suddenly thrown into the role of 'handsome fop' as he tries to save Chantall from this dangerous imposter.


Home in Paris at last, the Firmin and Andre Detective Agency are forced into a hotel after rats infest their house. But on their first night there, a loud gunshot is heard throughout the hotel. But there are three victims found dead in their beds, not one. And all on different floors. And apparently with the same gun. Was is the secretive concierge? The unstable bellboy? The jittery maid? Or maybe even their old aquaintance Col. Brottlemeijer and his femme fatal partner?


A blending of the movie and Susan Kay's Phantom, we find Erik has been shaignhaied to Persia while trying to escape after the Opera Populair burns down. Bought by the beautiful and deadly Sultana as entertainment, Erik amuses her with music, magic tricks and intellectual discussion. But when the Sultana starts making advances for his affections, Erik finds himself wondering if it's love, lust or worth the Sultan's wrath to find out.

art gallery!

Crystallynn has done some amazing phanart for me for The Phantom and the Secretary Mysteries: Ring of Fire and The Corpse Who Came to Tea So Check out her own wickedly good phic The Jewel of Basset.

Kelixar gave me some awesome fanart for The Princess Diaries: The Pirate Queen. Rock on!

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