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Hey Everyone, My name is Katie and I'm 15 years old, For a long time now i have been a reader of fanfic... i mainly read it to keep me sane while waiting for the next real HP book, i have always had thoughs of writting my own fanficand told myself i would someday, well here i am and i'm gonna give it my best shot. I tend to get angered easily when i read fanfic that wouldn't fit the plot of HP. I will try my best to write realistic fanfic for those of you like me, who enjoy it, i also enjoy writing about the Marauders and hope you will enjoy my version of things, although when it comes down to the Marauders, i like to add my own twists and make it fun... after all they were trouble makers... i am an American Teenager(from NY) and i love causing trouble :) some things in my stories may be based on real life pranks (insert innocent smile).

Some of my Favorite Quotes fromsome of my Favorite Fanfics:

I did not write any of the following stories(quotes) but im sure you can find them in my favorites :)

From 'The Memoirs of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs' by violet-angek07

"The reason James cared about Moony telling McGonagall was because James is Head Boy and his being Head Boy means that you have to act accordingly, so if Moony had told McGonagall about the duel then James would have been in danger of having his badge taken away. They take that sort of stuff very seriously here" -Sirius

"Sirius Black, the gray-blue eyed, black haired, rebellious teenager otherwise known as Padfoot is a regular attention seeking pain in the arse.Okay, well maybe that was a bit harsh, but right now it’s proving to be especially true. You would think, that after changing into a dog over 500 times you would get sick of it...Apparently not."-Remus

"when James was five he got on his broomstick and tried to fly to the moon" ... "when I asked him about it he got all embarrassed. Quite amusing really. Maybe he thought that the moon was made of cheese. He's always had a particular taste for cheese"-Sirius

"Sirius’ Animagus form is a dog, It reflects his character extremely well; he has a very playful nature, he’s friendly, he’s very loyal and devoted to those whom he loves, he’s protective, and he likes to randomly lick things."- Remus

"I really have no idea why James is a deer, I guess it's as Moony says, it's like an extension, a reflection of a person's character, it's like the wand chooses the wizard, So I gather that James likes frolicking" -Sirius

'I’ll go down to the kitchens, get a bit of food, and maybe some appropriate drinks for the celebration,” Sirius stood up briskly and retrieved my Invisibility Cloak from my trunk. Remus snorted, “And what would you call appropriate Sirius?” he raised an eyebrow then continued, “just don’t come back with six bottles of Firewhisky like you did last time,”
“Why not?” Sirius asked.
“Because we can’t possibly drink that much! That’s why!” Remus said, being the mother hen of the group.
“We managed it last time! Don’t be a spoilsport Moony, it was heaps of fun!” Sirius said grinning.
“My idea of ‘heaps of fun’ does not include you vomiting all over me and claiming that you love McGonagall,” Remus said wryly.'

From 'Hogwarts A History' byxMissxUnderstoodx

“… And that ladies and gentlemen, is how not to set off a flammable gas"- Kathy(her O.C)

“Are my ears deceiving me or did James just speak like a smurf on crack"- Sirius

After inhailing Helium- "Oh fek” - James

"Please James, stop you’ll kill me, there is nothing in the world funnier than an angry, cracked up smurf”-Kathy

From 'Forever Alive'- Perhaps one of the most amazing fanfic's in the world, written by Mordred

"True heroes are forgotten."-Moody

"Someone messes with one of us, they mess with all of us."- Remus

"There’s a bigger cause out there. It’s bigger than any of us here. But we stick together, all right? We stick together and look out for each other. Because you four are all I’ve got left. And I’m not going to see you die. Forever alive, all right? We’re not going to die."-Sirius

“The ones who lived, who truly lived, they make an imprint on our lives. They leave their mark in our hearts. They change the course of our fates and our destinies. Those are the real heroes. The ones who cared enough for a human being that they rewrote their futures.”- Moody

“I want revenge, Sirius. I want revenge on the man who killed them. I want to be there to stop him when he comes after us. I’m not hiding anymore, Sirius. He wants me, I’ll find him. He wants my friends, I’ll stop him. And he wants to hurt the people that I love, I’ll hurt him.” -James

From one of the most random fanficsI have ever read, 'Singing with Waffles' by padfootluva

"Yup." Sirius grinned. "No wait! I got a better idea!" He screamed
"Idea? Last time that word came out of you're mouth it ended out with a big explosion, half bald McGonagol and-"
"A lot of chickens!" Sirius cried
"A lot of dead chickens," Remus pointed out.
"Good times, good times." Sirius said sadly.

"Oh go eat peanut butter." Sirius mumbled, mounting the pogo stick.
"I will! With. . ." James stopped to glance at the waffles. "WAFFLES!"
"No! Jamezilla!" The chocolate chip waffle yelled, and started to run. Don't ask me how, he just ran.

"Freeroy?" Everyone asked.

"He was my first voice in my head." Said Sirius

"First?" I asked. "How many do you have?"

"Well there's Freeroy, Kao, Pep, Larry..."

"I shouldn't have asked."

If you haven't read these Fanfics yet... DO IT NOW! They are awesome.

Favorite Quotes that could relate to the Marauders

"A Friend Would Bail You Out Of Jail...But Your BEST Friend Would Be Sitting Next To You Saying "That Was F--ing Awsome!"

"When Life Gives you lemons add Vodka"

"best friends because
god knew our mothers
couldn't handle us as sisters/brothers"

"Before you criticize someone you should walk a mile in their shoes,that way when you criticize them, your a mile away and you have their shoes"

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