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Okay so I've decided to put up a little something about me, so that you (meaning you and you and you, who are checking my profile right now, lol!) would know a little something about me.

Well, I've always enjoyed reading romance novels, and poetry. And I like to sometimes write for fun...

-I was never into the world of fan fiction, not until I watched the ALW POTO movie (2004), which introduced me to the amazing tale that is "The Phantom of the Opera"

- Then I read the books. I love Leroux's book, nothing beats the original! Especially that ending, where Erik goes on and on about that beautiful, innocent kiss he shared with Christine on the forehead (I cried when I read that part, I still get teary eyed every time I read it).

-Kay's "Phantom" book is just okay.

-Favorite stage phantom is Hugh Panaro. Favorite stage Christine is Sarah Brightman. I also like Crawford phantom.

I also started reading fan fiction, for the first time in my life.

And because of my love for this fabulous tale, I decided to start writing POTO fan fiction myself!

And that's all folks!

Long Live Phantom!


If you are interested in reading other phics by me, new phics/fics that I might start, you can add me or leave me on your "author alerts" list, that way when/if I do decide to start a new story, and I post the first chapter, fan fiction will automatically send you an e-mail informing you of that. And I'll also keep you all posted here on my profile if I start anything new, as well.