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January 24, 2020

And that's a wrap for Spira's Sphere. :)

If you enjoyed this story or the one before it Spira's Dream, please remember to leave a review. There are two stories left in this series to be revised. I wrote Neogenesis as the third story, but it's actually a prequel about Shuyin and how Tidus was created by the Fayth. So, chronologically, the next story is Spira's Revenge. I haven't decided which one to tackle next. I'm leaning toward Spira's Revenge, and then coming back to the prequel, Neogenesis. If you have any thoughts that might help me decide, drop me a PM, and I will certainly take feedback into consideration. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to leave feedback and reviews and messages. I will start the next revision soon.

~ M'jai/Melody


Hello, everyone.

Well, I had some good feedback and conversations regarding the Spira stories I once posted here, so that alone lets me know this account is not dead. People have requested that I keep them available, so I will honor that. :)

Therefore, let me reintroduce myself in a new profile and let my readers know what to expect.

M'jai is my pen name that I will keep here with these stories. I wrote these fan-fictions "ages" ago after finishing playing Final Fantasy X-2 and having a lot of unanswered questions. I decided to try to answer those questions by writing a short story/ novella about the answers that came to me through various clues throughout the two games in this particular FF series. I felt it wasn't too bad, and I was curious to know what other FFX fans might think, so I looked for a place to share them. And that was my first story shared with the rest of the world, "Spira's Dream." I was surprised at how well it was received, so as more of the "big picture" behind that story came to me, I extended it into two sequels and a prequel (listed below). I truly enjoyed the process of writing and sharing these stories. I had thoughtful and fun reviews from many readers, and I have absolutely no regrets about having done this project.

Since then, I've published five of my own novels as part of a 7-book series under my real name, Melody Daggerhart. My original world's setting and story content are darker than that of these fan-fictions, but a lot of the original content in these fan-fictions evolved into content for my novels. I pulled these stories a few years back because I wanted to focus on my original works, but I received messages from readers who asked me to keep them. Since I appreciated the feedback, and the site is really low-maintenance, I decided to put them back with minor revisions. Because my writing style for the originals was atrocious. (LoL ... I know every writer and artist out there can relate upon looking back at their work that is five years or more older than their current stuff!) Well, time has passed and as my internet media expands I was looking to downsize the dead accounts. Since the last review for this series, or any messages pertaining to this series, was dated 2015, I decided this account was on the chopping block. I gave notice in January, I think? And I pulled everything from the site about a week or so ago.

Messages started coming in, asking me to save the stories, again. :) So, after several conversations and looking at the feedback, I have decided to restore them once more. I won't move them elsewhere to save having to abandon this site because getting another account somewhere else would defeat the purpose of getting rid of accounts. My readers have proven to me, however, that this site is not dead. And interest in these stories has not died yet, either. So, to thank everyone for the feedback they sent, sharing their thoughts, previous reviews, messages, whatever ... all those things that made these projects a fun experience worth doing, I will be restoring these stories with revisions. Bigger revisions because I can't bear to see the pov whiplash, wordy sentences, and other stuff I am smarter about now. LoL ...

The problem is ... I pulled all of the stories at once, but they can only be restored one chapter at a time. And with revisions, I need time to do that. So, this will take time. Please bear with me, and I will try to get out one chapter a week. More, if I have time. My primary attention now must go to my own publications, but these Spira stories are special (to me, as well as you), so I want to give these revisions the attention they need. I just can't make them the priority.

Anyway, the Spira stories include (in order):

Spira's Dream (Complete)

Spira's Sphere (in-progress)

Neogenesis (a Shuyin prequel)

Spira's Revenge

Look for each of these to come back to this account over time in the future. I thank you again for your feedback, those of you who gave it, past or present. If I add them to another website, I will put that notice here, but as of right now (Apr. 19, 2019), THIS is the only official home for these Spira stories. Let me know what you think of the revisions, since all initial reviews were wiped. (What a dork move that was for me, yeah?) And, thank you for your patience with the restoration process. :)

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