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I have a GameFaqs account, the username of which is the same as my penname (the_72nd_gunslinger). My e-mail is:

And I actually have two Myspace accounts: one for myself, and one for my hardcore punk band, Static Martyr:

(that's me!)

(that's my band)

Please don't request my personal account as a friend unless you plan on establishing regular contact with me for some reason or another. I appreciate requests, but I don't like to have 800 friends and 9000 bulletins to sort through every day--all of my friends are people I know either personally or through my daily internet ventures. But you can totally spam my band page with requests. That would be cool :)

For personal comments, non-FFnet related things, etc., email me at:, my new public email.

I take anonymous reviews. So, if you're a person who doesn't have a account (i.e. doesn't write fics, etc.), then you can still tell me what you think about my story (I only have 1 right now, not counting Ninjas). Any feedback is appreciated--even the negative--as long as it's concise (by that I mean, actually say something, don't just go "damn it sucks," lest you be shunned!). I have finished all of my major FFnet projects for the time being, and I've turned my efforts to real-life work (i.e. actual fiction), so my account will probably be essentially dormant for awhile (save for those boring off-days when I come in and re-write my profile, just for kicks).


No upcoming fanfic ideas, sorry. However, I am working on a novel which rose from the ashes of a Silent Hill fanfic I was working on awhile back. Actually, it's really not like Silent Hill at all. It's closer to The Dark Tower than Silent Hill, although that's still not a very accurate any case, I've finished two chapters and a preface, and I'm working on 3 as I write this. So far, so good :)


"Ninjas" -- Parasite Eve II -- A comedy, about the characters of Parasite Eve II after the events of the game. Note that this was written about 7 years ago, before this Ninja craze that has all the scene kids going crazy was ever started (I only say that because it does not have any correllation with the current ninja craze, it's not an intelligent inside joke--or even really intelligent at all--it's just a short and badly written but somehow still entertaining 'fic). I wrote it on a sugarhigh in the 7th or 8th grade, so expect terrible grammar (for the most part, intentionally), senseless humor...oh, and lots and lots of ninjas.

"Silent Hill 5 -- Back of Beyond" is now completely finished, as far as actual writing is concerned. I have a credits section I'm going to tack onto the end, once I finish proofing the whole story again (I'm on Chapter 32 right now--I don't have a lot of time to proof it, so it's slow going), but there will be no other updates except when I can finally, officially label it "complete."


No fanfics. I might do another one later, but ever since SH5:BOB, it seems like everything I try to write wants to come out 100+ pages at a time. So I'm gonna cut my losses and start writing stuff that I can actually use (i.e. real fiction).

I'm about 75 done proofing SH5; I'm currently compiling the aforementioned credits section to highlight all of the references and tributes placed throughout, and I'll be posting it once I'm finished.


1)"You can please some of the people all the time, and you can please all of the people some of the time...but you can't please all of the people all the time." -- Some variation of the Abe Lincoln classic

2) "Worry about what you can control, maggot!" -- Cort, Roland Deschain's teacher (from "The Dark Tower")

3) "First comes smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire." -- Roland Deschain (also from "The Dark Tower")

4) "Worship means having to acknowledge that someone out there is better than you." -- Me, jokingly

5) "Nine times out of ten, if a guy says something about himself, he's lying. That includes me." -- Me

6) "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer." The Mafia, and that jerk Bill Gates

7) "Say what you mean." -- Myself, to a friend

8) "The pot can call the kettle black if the pot is like, green, or something." -- Said friend (who may or may not really exist), arguing while toasted

9) "When in doubt, quote someone else. That way, you don't have to take the blame for what was said." --Some stupid politician that I hate (I'm just kidding, it was me...u c wut i did thar? hu hu hu)


I'm completely insane, by any definition of the word. You be the judge; for one, I spent my last two years of high school writing a 343000 word epic Silent Hill fanfic. Two, I currently find myself abnormally infatuated with several of a number of video game characters. Three, I'm in a rock band (hardcore punk band, actually, but you get the idea). Oh, and my favorite meal is bread and water (guess that's good, if I ever go to prison 0-0). I'm currently working on an original story, from whom two of my Silent Hill 5 characters (Officer John Philip Herring and Father Steve Denton) are borrowed, and I hope to finish it sometime in the next year or so (wish me luck!). Until then, won't be seeing a lot of me. So solly!


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The story itself is now complete, after 2 and a half years! Thanks for reading, and special thanks to the reviewers whose positive feedback inspired me in my down time. Final proofreading currently in session.
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