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Author has written 8 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Yu-Gi-Oh, and D N Angel.

Links: dA account || LJ account || Pixiv account || SatoshixDaisuke Club (dA) || DNAddiction (general DNAngel community, LJ)

Pen Name: Aki Kaminari

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1990.04.20

Intrests: Drawing, writing, anime, manga, video games, BL/yaoi, and MMORPGs.

Current Fic Project: 100 Themes of Red and Blue

(here is the list of all the themes--> http://100themeschallenge.deviantart.com/blog/17895289/)

By the way, I've started up a forum for the DNAngel section on this site here. It's still in the early stages, but more topics will be added over time.

Things that I like:

•Characters with glasses. It's all Satoshi and Kabuto's fault, really.

•Role reversals of the 'usual' seme and uke for a particular pairing, simply because I like variety and don't think that characters should be restricted to one position. Note that reversals does not equal ooc (position shouldn't be determined by personality or vice-versa in the first place). If the characterization is poor, no matter what the pairing, I won't even read it.

•Crossdressing. Not sure where exactly this moe developed from, but it most likely started with DNAngel.

•I might sound crazy for this, but I love cliffhangers. Sure, they make me want to throw my hands up into the air and scream when I'm waiting for the next chapter of a fic, but they do keep me very interested in a story.

•DNAngel, DNAngel, and more DNAngel. Not exaggerating here. I'd never come across a series that I've resonated with so deeply before this manga, and I haven't had one like it since. I don't even fully know why this happened. I love the storyline, I love the characterizations, I love the way Sugisaki-sensei draws everything... The anime is a different story though. I suppose I like the anime, since it has that novelty of "Oh, they move, they're in color, they speak!" but compared to the manga, the anime is almost like an insult.

Things that annoy me:

•People who don't use spell/grammar check before they post fics. If your word processor doesn't have a spell check, use an online one. Or get a beta reader or something, they're not hard to find on this site.

•People who think all yaoi fangirls hate het pairings. I personally like a few, but I tend to stay away from het because yaoi is more interesting to me. I don't really care for many of the personalities/characteristics of female characters in anime/manga, so there are few that I actually like.

•As far as yaoi is concerned, I generally hate 'uke' types who cry all the time. Also, I hate it when in anime/manga they are shown crying when they are in intimate scenes. That does not make it look like they are enjoying it at all.

•Actually, I dislike the stereotypes associated with 'seme' and 'uke' in general. First of all, seme≠dominant and uke≠submissive (and there doesn't even have to be a dom and sub in the first place unless it's referring to BDSM). If this is referring to sexual roles, then being on the receiving end should be a matter of preference rather than being determined by personality traits and/or physical characteristics. And what's wrong with couples who switch?

•Rape/abuse fics in which the victim and attacker fall for each other. Rape is a seriously traumatizing experience, and should not be connected with romance in any way. This situation is particularly common in the BakuraxRyou fandom, and I HATE IT. I realize that some people out there have a rape kink, and that's fine, as long as you make it clear that it's not an accurate portrayal.

•People who say that they suck at summaries in the summary for their fics. I don't care if you think you suck at summaries. It is irrelevant information and therefore unnecessary.

•I tend to dislike Canon CharacterxOC stories, or stories that center around an OC. I'd rather read about the characters that exist in canon since they are part of the reason I get attached to a series in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are some well-written and believable OCs out there. If someone has the ability to create a character like that, go for it. Still, I prefer to read about the canon characters, but that's just my preference.

Favorite Pairings (It's safe to assume that all of the pairings listed here can go either way for me. I like more than just these, but if I listed every single pairing that I like, the list would never end. Also, just because the majority of this list is BL does not mean that the pairings that I like are limited to that.)


SatoshixDaisuke and/or DaisukexSatoshi.

DaisukexRiku (yes, I actually do like this pairing, but my SatoDai obsession kind of overshadows it. Oops.)

SagaxDaisuke (I know, I know. Crack-ish, but Saga is my favorite minor character and obviously loves to creep on Daisuke. XD Though, if I was being serious, then this would be a one-sided Saga-->Daisuke thing.)

Detective Conan and/or Magic Kaito: (In this fandom, I treat different identities of the same character as the same person. So Kuroba Kaito=Kaitou Kid, Kudou Shinichi=Edogawa Conan, etc...)





BakuraxRyou (tendershipping)

YamixYugi (puzzleshipping)




Death Note:


Kyou Kara Maou!:

Saralegui (Sara)xYuuri



AmericaxJapan (デコボコンビ / dekobokonbi, meaning 'uneven pair')

KoreaxCanada (メイプルキムチ / maple kimchi)


(I actually like a lot of the pairings in APH, even if they're a bit crack-ish. I don't really like shipping Enland with anyone though, especially not with America or Japan. France is ok though, I guess.)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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