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Viridian Circut:

Hi everyone. I'm VC. Although this is my JS account I'm just too lazy to make a new account for my new name. So lets get started shall we?


My name is Racheal Goodman. But you call me VC or Viridian. I'm 17 years old. I'm bi sexual, but never been sexual. I've had 9 online relations in the past 4 years. Right now I'm in an wanna be relationship with a guy in California. He ignores me half the time and only comes to talk to me when he feels like it. But doesn't everyone? There is no clique to describe me because I'm a part of everything that is stereotypical and plain. I'm around 6 feet tall so it's hard to find skater/rocker cloths that fit. I'm black so I'm expected to be able to speak Ebonics and listen to Rap music all the time. Sadly, I do speak some Ebonics, but horrible grammar and lack of respect really annoy me.

I sing. I'm a choir nerd. I've been in my school's choir for 3 years. I've been singing since the 3rd grade. I sing anything really. From Reggae to Rock to Pop to Hip-hop, etc.

I speak random phrases from every language. I study German and Japanese. I'm a full time otaku. Anime and Music comes before food to me. ( Yes, I am like a WoW player. Give me a disc box of anime and I won’t leave my TV/computer for a day or two and then I come out of the darkness of my room with huge bags under my eyes and starving.)

I'm a yaoi/yuri fan. I will write about those a lot. -End of Basics.

A bit more about VC:

Viridian Is the name of my wanna be rock band. I'm learning guitar so that I can be lead singer and lead guitarist. I'm not very good at guitar.

My favorite anime at the moment is "Beck- Mongolian Chop Squad"

My favorite song right now is "Brainstorm" by Beck

My favorite anime character is still "Sesshomaru" but I also like "Tsunemi Chiba."

My favorite voice actor is Justin Ryan Cook- famously known as the voice of Yusuke Urameshi in the Funamation dub of Yu Yu Hakusho.

My faovite pairings are: SesshomaruxKagara, InuyashaxKagome, KuramaxKagome, Rinxkohaku, SangoxMiroku, SangoxHiei, SangoXbankotsu, SesshomaruxInuyasha,

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