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(As of May 17, 2009)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A reviewer just mentioned it has been almost a year, May 31st, since Another Time Another Place has been updated. I'll take a break from my current project, which is a long ignored story on another account, and try and finish Chapter 3 of this story and have it posted by the 31st. I don't promise it WILL get done, but I shall try.

I've also added a few new things, such as the priority level of my incomplete stories, so you know what exactly it is, and the last update day. Hope it helps make things clearer, I try to keep this profile updated.

General Update: I might have mentioned this before, but I have two accounts, and due to circumstances have been ignoring that account for this one for much too long. I'm trying to get some work done on that account, and it will take me a bit to get what I want to get done finished. I'm sorry about the wait, but I have a lot of other people on that website who've been waiting much too long for me. However, I'll probably keeping writing at least a little on the stories on this account, if only to take a break from my main project. I'm not going to post anything else, however, until I've gotten to my goal on the other account. In the long run, I'd like to get the stories on that account finished up, and move to this one permanently. So, this is how I figure on the timeline going. I'm going to spend some more time on that account for maybe a month or two (hopefully), then some on this, and start going between the two, until the stories on that account are finished. Then I'll be here probably permanently. I have no idea how long that will take, but I look forward to when I'm here permanently.

PS I've also published general updates on all of my stories, so people will have a better idea of where they all stand.

Detective Conan Stories:

Choices Update (Last Updated October 25, 2008): Priority Level 2/5. As I've mentioned, I know know how Chapter Seven is going to go (in the broad sense, such as who will star in it, and what, in general, will happen. However, I'm not a police detective and not the best researcher, so I'm having a bit of a problem figuring out how exactly the case about Ran would work realistically. If you know anything about it, feel free to PM me, because it would definitely jumpstart the chapter further. I'll continue working away at it, so hopefully it will be finished soon. Remind me again why on earth I decided to write in the mystery genre? V_V I hate writing's such a pain figuring out how to kill people.

Truth Will Prevail Update(Last Update March 31 2009. Status-Complete): Well, this story can now go on the complete list. Unless anyone has a request, or a lightning strike of inspiration hits, nothing more will be forthcoming. I've pretty much finished the main storyline. Actually, if I get a few requests, I might just have a seperate story section for those, just so I don't end up updating a completed story too often. I'm not going to worry about it for now, however, because no one's really mentioned anything. We'll just leave it at this story is finished. Let's us celebrate and have a huge bonfire with s'mores. My first completed chapter story on this account! Yay!

Harry Potter Story: Currently only one...for now...

What is in a Name? (One shot, completed June 5, 2008): Despite requests to show Lily's reaction, I think that would be better left to the reader's imagination. If I get any other ideas for things to do for names in the Harry Potter world, I might do something, but for now, I'm pretty content with where things stand.

Inuyasha Stories:

Betray Me Once (Last Updated March 31, 2007): Priority level 4/5. Honestly, I would like to finish this story eventually, but between Choices, ATAT, and my other account, this is pretty much on the back burner. Besides, I started it early on in my fanfiction career, when I wanted to write more drama, drama, drama. Apparently, this isn't exactly my strong suit, but I will try to finish it. Wish me luck...

To Protect the Past (Last updated February 27, 2007): Priority level: 5/5. Honestly, I do know a lot about this story, what happened before the chapter I posted-unfortunately, while much of the story is going to be the others discovering Kagome's secrets, I also am going to need some more plot. Maybe once I've updated the rest of my stories...

Naruto Story:

Darn it, I swore to my friend I'd never manage to write a Naruto story, and then this one shot hit me out of the blue while I was SUPPOSED to working on finishing my story on another account. Oh well...

Dark Decisions(One-shot, completed April 13, 2009): I'm rather fond of Kakashi, and get annoyed when people bash him for being a horrible person. He's a person, no more, no less. And out of the blue, I wondered what Kakashi would think, would do, if faced with seeing a student use a technique HE taught them to seriously attack another student. And this came into being. A bit dark, but it's a bit of a dark subject, so...

I am also considering a one-shot sequel, but we'll see how that goes. Just know it IS a possibility.

Crossover Stories:

Another Time Another Place (Last updated May 31st, 2008): Priority level 1/5. As you've read under the Important Notice, I'm going to be trying to finish Chapter 3 and get it out by May 31st. Wish me luck!

Demons&Shrines (Last updated November 16, 2008): Priority Level 3/5. Right now, my two main stories on this account are Choices and ATAT. My goal is to start finishing more stories before I post new ones. So, it might be awhile before I update this, but I will finish it. Besides, it's Mugen Spiral story! It has to be finished!

~Forgotten Lake

The idea for this poem is where I got my name from, so if you aren't interested, go ahead and skip it. I did write and rather like it, though I may make a few adjustments or rewrite it or something in the future.

Forgotten Lake

I walk through the hallways of my mother's old run-down home.
Memories flowing in from a time where I was younger and young,
Here I spilled hot chocolate, there I crouched as I listened to my parents yelling,
And this was where my mother died peacefully in her sleep, so they say.

I've come back to sell the house,
Flying in from the big city where I moved,
Away from this old town, this old home,
Seeking new adventures in a newer, more exciting place.

The carpet is ragged, the wood work is worn,
Paint peels from the walls and I think I hear a mouse.
She had told me she missed me and I had offered her a chance,
A chance to move where I was, in a newer and better place.

She hadn't taken it though,
Never telling me the real reason why.
She didn't want to leave this little town,
This lonely and dried up place.

I go outside now,
The lawn dead, the garden demolished.
I head over to the old pond,
A small thing, nothing special.

It's water is muddy,
No waterfowl would wish to even touch the water.
The fish are dead and plants are rotting,
Altogether it stinks.

I walk a little closer, wrinkling my nose,
And trip over a rotten piece of wood.
Swearing I stand up and start to kick the old thing,
Only to discover it was the rotten old rowboat, decayed into the yard.

Memories now flooded, invaded my mind,
Of a time where dad was still here,
When my parents were always fighting,
And I came out here to escape.

Escape to a world of my imagination,
Where the once beautiful house was my castle in the distance,
The then taken care of lawns and gardens a mysterious forest,
And this once thriving pond a lake upon which I had sailed many a time.

This forgotten lake; my forgotten adventures,
These forgotten memories stirred a feeling rather foreign.
Was this the reason why my mother never moved,
Memories of a happier time, memories of her life?

I too had many memories of this place,
And as I stared across this old, forgotten lake.
I decided to fulfill what I now knew was my mother's final wish,
And move back to this place, though too late for her.

It's been fifteen years now since I made that decision,
A long fifteen years filled with renovation and gardening and marriage and work and children.
I watch my children out the window swimming in the lake and laughing.
I've never felt closer to my mother then now.


PS If someone steals this without my permission and I find out about it, I will hunt you down.

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