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I guess this would be the "About the Author" part huh? Alright, well my real name is Sean Rhodes. My middle name is Arlando, hence my pename. I have AOL and about eight different s/n's but if you want to contact me then Arlando909 and ArlandoCox is where you'd want to do it. I'd list my other screenames but I don't talk on them much anymore. Try Arlando909 first if you ever want to talk. It's ALWAYS readily availible.

There is little about me. I like games and movies. I'm not much for music at all, unless its from a game. So don't chat with me about music because I'll have NO IDEA what you're talking about. Oh but you're probably here for interest.

I like to play video games. I like the Final Fantasy series (Final Fantasy VI is my favorite, not VII.), and I enjoy the first MGS game. Metroid is pretty cool too (Fusion is the best), but I can't see how I could ever write a fic for it. Resident Evil is fun (with RE2 being the best one hands down) but I don't want to write a fic for that either.

Most of my fics take place in an AU and if you don't know that means Alternate Universe. I warn people in my first set of author's notes if my fic takes place in an AU or not.

As for the fics I like to write, it's romance mostly. My first fic (isn't displayed here) was a Mega Man fic and it sucked! I mean, NO feedback! I had no idea what I was doing wrong so I removed that and went to a different section. My second fic was "Raiden vs. Snake: The Shadow Moses Story." and that was my first action/adventure and of course I enjoyed that there was lots of feedback. Afterwards I left that section never to write there again. Now I'm an author under Starfox. Thanks to my debut SF fic "Behind the Foxes Eyes" (also my first AU) I've found comfort in writing there.

Also, if anyone is wondering, Raiden vs. Snake 2 was removed because there were far too many problems with the fic, MAYBE it'll be up again but I'm not sure.

Anyway, you probably weren't looking for a life story but my point of that was "If at first you don't succeed try try again."

As for fics I like to read...I LOVE Romance (umm...) which as many say, isn't "normal" for a guy. I ask you what is this "normal" you all speak of? I like action/adventure fics as well. I don't like much humor (sorry if I read a fic I actually DO read it for plot and most humor fics have NONE of that). I like action/adventure because it has lots of plot in it as well. If you want to see what fics I like then check out my favorite stories. Ummm...note that I didn't put "Behind the Foxes Eyes" on my favorites list because I'm the author of the fic. I put it there because it was TRULY a wonderful fic. I very seldomly like my own works but "Behind the Foxes Eyes" and "The Vulpine Prince" are different.


Fics working on Right now

Recently Completed Works

None recent enough

Fics in the Works

1. Beyond the Foxes Eyes (FINALLY in the works and in the scheme of things. It's the sequel to "Behind the Foxes Eyes" only this one is a love triangle that's a Wolf/Katt/Original character pairing! If you liked "Behind the Foxes Eyes then I know that you'll LOVE this one!)

2. The Vixen Princess-It's NOT a sequel to The Vulpine Prince. It's one where Krystal is the princess of Cerina and her father wants her to marry a prince. Well what happens when the one Krystal wants to marry is a thief and the prince her father chooses is a son of a bitch?-Officially in the works

1. "Through the Foxes Eyes"-In the planning stages but you'll definitely see it coming. I won't put a summary here now because well, it would completely ruin "Beyond the Foxes Eyes"

2. "(Working Title)"-Krystal's husband Fox is killed in a tragic car accident. Four years later Krystal decides to move on with her life. She succeeds in finding a new love but now that she has that new love she starts seeing Fox's ghost and it isn't a figmant of her imagination! But why has Fox come back now? Has he come back to protect Krystal or to give his love once more?-No title yet but I'll take suggestions!

1. "The Will of Great Fox"-I've been getting lots of comments eversince I put a huge religious aspect into my fics. Many have been such questions as, 'What EXACTLY does The Will of Grat Fox say?' and 'WHAT exactly happened to the Great Fox'. This is a fic in the maybe pile. I'm not sure I want to do this fic just yet.

ONE last thing. That's my HUGE dislike. I HATE flames. Why? Well, I'd assume author's want reviews to IMPROVE their writing. So saying "This fic sucks" is a waste of time (for the reviever not the author). "This fic sucks" just shows people that you know how to waste your time. Plus, if a fic sucks why do flamers constantly go back to it? Granted I actually had one flamer but in the end he came back and liked it. But still, use the review form to CRITIQUE. That's what it's there for! If you don't like something then tell me WHY you don't like it! Anyway, enough of my preaching but still, consider that next time before you go off saying "This fic sucks" or whatever.

Yeah so you're probably here to read fics and other author profiles. Well don't let this somewhat long one hold you up!

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