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Name: Alaetra

Age: 26

Education level: B'S in progress human resource management

Well I've been a member of fanfiction for a few years, tried to post stories that will receive review which epically failed each time. I am realistic when it comes to posting stories but if I only get one or two review for a story then their is no point in wasting my time. But I decided to give it another shot with Broken Beginnings AVP fiction (on hold)




R&B (I am black what do you expect?)

Hip Hop (Kind of)


Techno ( Oh yeah)

Fanfiction that I love

Devil May Cry


Black Jewels Trilogy (Book)

Fatal Frame


Outlaw Star

Silent Hill

Twilight (The books are ok if you look at it from a teen angst perspective. And the only Team I am on is Team Me,Myself,and I)

Harry Potter (Book)

Stephen King

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Etc just go look at my favs list

Well that is the basics about me and I will also warn you I am a fangirl NOT those floating around in your face type fangirl that will scream right in your face at the slightest mention of their obsession. I'm more of the calm fangirls the one reads the fanfics has all the books or video games and makes it more as a hobby and I don't scream in your face at the slightest mention of who I am fangirling at the moment. sigh Dante, Edward, Scar how I fangirl thee. XD


Well people go read my fanfic Broken Beginning it is ScarxLex and CelticxOC (maybe) just go give it a try I will also try to post a story for Twilight and DMC for all you fans out there.


Just wanted to let the people know who are reading my story that the next chapter will be posted next week this week has just been busy for me. I am almost done writing the chapter and I will probably post two chapters next week because I am preparing myself for college since move in date is getting closer! Some of my teachers are already sending me assignments XD (well I am used to this since I took AP classes in high school) But don't worry I am not dead.


Well Broken Beginnings is on hold the desktop i had the next to chapters on totally crashed...well its dead and I am waiting for my laptop to arrive so I can...cringe...rewrite the chapters but I will be off to college on the 14th of august so I don't know when I will update but its not dead people.


I have my laptop so when I have some down time I will rewrite (shivers) and post the next chapters of Broken Beginnings hopefully. I am starting school in a week u guys, I have alot of preparations to do but don't worry I am not going to stop writing the story I already have a paragraph down for the chapter 3 lol! Just give me time and I love you guys who love my story. Since I am new at this.


Yo people I am in school now yeah yeah its been awhile I will have the new chapter posted by either tommorrow or monday so be happy and thankful that I have set time aside from my busy schedule to please you XD lol jk! Just been busy I love you guys! Sorry you guys I deleted my story because I am rewriting it. XD


Well the newly revised Broken Beginning is up but I need your feedback if you want the old story back or your willing to wait it out a few chapter see how this new one goes. Then tell me mail me, comment me, myspace me lol you have to ask for that one. The faster I know what you guys are thinking the faster I can get this stuff out and rolling I am a college student now and I have alot of papers and volunteer hours to fulfill since I am a social work major. So I can plan when to write and post chapters.


So hey you guys college is kicking my butt but I love it anyways sorry for not updating but at least two new chapters will be posted next week for your enjoyment and then when I am off for christmas break I will try to come out with two new chapters per week because my next semester schedule will be crammed with alot of hard classes but I am going to try to get in some fic writing after a do my english hw lol might as well with since writing will be on my mind. And you guys pray for me I am failing math and if I don't pass the final I will have to take it again ARGH numbers and letters do not go together!! But at the school I am going to 65 is passing because anything below a 65 is an F yea I thought it was werid but i am not complaining.


Yea I know I said that I was going to post another chapter up a month ago...SUE ME...good news is its almost winter break and half of the next chapter of broken beginnings is almost done. Bad news is I am in the middle of finals and my last isn't till next week and also my parents won't answer my phone calls...because they are douchebags and like to take their shitty moods out on their children and I might be heading to Baltimore to live with my grandparents (and les internet there is crappy and my laptop will not pick up a signal up there) and if my parents don't call me and let me know they are alive...most likely they probably are mad at me for being busy studying for finals and missing their calls for two days...eh sue me again. I am an adult now and don't have time nor the energy to waste with my parents BS because I am some how supposed to be at their beck and call when I am in college, screw that they have their jobs and education (not my stepdad he is just an army drone) let me get mine and stop getting pissy at me because I have school work to do. Anyways sorry about that just had to rant because I might be techincally homeless over the holidays and I really don't feel like staying with my boyfriend and his parents...temporary until i can catch a flight to Bmore but still what kind of parents treat their young adult children this way! Oh well guess that is life need to learn to stand on my own two feet and stuggle to make it in this world of our because nobody has your back cough cough parents At least I have a few dollars to my name enough to get me a ticket to Bmore and back for spring semester and get food and clothes XD lol like I need it my grandmother will spoil the heck out of me if I go up there...anyways expect the next chapter over the weekend.


Well you guys seems like I was bitten by the writing bug lol I've written a chapter for BB, a one-shot for AVP, and a story for the Black Jewels Trilogy. :) I am happy with myself and most of you are probably happy that I've update. For those new fans that might stumble upon BB or my BTJ welcome. Subscribe to me, add my story to your favs, or even send me a few emails if you want to just talk about why the sky is blue, talk about my fanfics, maybe give a little guidance if you want to write a fanfiction of your own. My email is fatalgirl09@yahoo.com or alaetraw@yahoo.com oh and don't spam me or I will report the account that you are operating from XP or send you a virus (yes I am a tech nerd I know that is mean but I hate chain or spam emails.) Anyways to keep you updated I am heading to Baltimore (Due to my parents not wanting me home for three and a half weeks. No skin off my back means I won't be bored all break.) on Friday, Saturday of this upcoming week but I will have plenty of time to write fanfics but Imma tell you guys I might just keep you waiting till after the holidays to update a chapter lol rofl lawls! Anyways love you guys later!


My brain is fried you guys it really really is. Also would anyone have a spare 150 dollars so I can buy Microsoft Office because OpenOffice fails...epically! I need a break from school because next semester I have 18 hours worth of classes along with an online class...ARGH!


Well I am still alive people I am back in school but not as busy well kind of I just have more easier course load than last semester only because I actually like the classes I am taking :) other than that i have updated all of my stories in the past few week. I will try to post monthly for those of you following broken beginning as of today half of it has been written. Thanks for all of you that are following my stories and leaving reviews. I also want to thank those who have favorited me or added my story to their favorites. You guys are what keeps me writing. I love you guys :)


I am not dead yet folks I just been busy with school but I am going to update Broken Beginning while I am on a train heading to Baltimore. Its a 7 hr train ride so I might have 2 chapters if I am bored enough. So later folks expect the chapter to be post in the next few days.


Broken Beginning is no more I ran into a dead end with the story so I took it down. Another story is on the way folks sorry if you were looking forward to it but its hard to write will little inspiration besides old predator movies and AVP...well another kick ass predator movie is coming out soon!!!! YAY!!!! Don't worry I will make another story about Lex and Scar that is a little less...fluffy...and more hard core kickass predators :)


So I saw the new predator movie and it absolutely rocked! Well I am writing another AVP story at the moment and I am contemplating on continuing At That Moment because people seem to think it very cute and want me to continue. Idk how to continue that story so we will see.


So college has me busy I do have a few fics that are almost done and ready to be posted. Just give me time.


OMG Long time since I updated my profile, I've been reading various fictions across the site not much I could write due to having 21 semester hours...yea...why did I take that many...to try and graduate early while it did put me ahead I am extremely exhausted after a full semester. I am taking a break just doing 15 this go around. So expect more updates in my free time. Which will be split between college,bellydancing (yes I bellydance),friends,family, and writing hopefully that will go well. I can promise an update every two weeks. This year I promised myself to grow as a dancer so if I neglect it in the warmer months to run off a participate in bellydancing workshops I am sorry D: just warning you guys in advance. Expect new stories soon in AVP and The Walking Dead series. If you have not watched The Walking Dead on AMC all I have to say is go kill yourself lol jk. That series is amazing!!!!! I found 1 show to turn on my rarely used television!


Wow it's been a very long time since I updated. I'm mainly a reader now but might get back into writing in the future

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