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Author has written 10 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars, Misc. Plays/Musicals, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Name: Jewelles

Writing Experience: Original fiction since Spring 2003, fanfiction since Spring 2005

Fandoms: mostly Phantom of the Opera, but I've written Harry Potter, Star Wars, and others

Regarding Phantom:

Retelling, AU or Canon: Within the POTO fandom, it's difficult to come up with a story that is completely canon as the entire story is over and done with, unlike some fandoms that are "still in the works", like Harry Potter. Therefore, a lot of my work will be AU to pretty much any version of the story, taking off from a certain point in the original and going its own way. However, I will also write retellings or completely AU stories in different time periods or situations, or even (a well-thought out) crossover.

Version of Phantom: I have both read the original Leroux novel and seen the ALW show and movie and I think that all of it is astounding and a wonderful basis for any story. As I was first introduced to the ALW version and didn't read Leroux until much later, the vast majority of my work is written with ALW in mind and any characters or ideas taken from Leroux probably won't remain canon to it. I do appreciate all forms of canon, though, and respect all opinions on what is "right", even though I personally believe that there is no "right" version.

Erik’s Face: Erik is deformed and will always be deformed. Period, end of story. In no magical occurrence will Erik's face become normal and under no circumstances will Christine be terrified of whatever face he has. The extent of such a deformity will, however, vary based on the story, as will the type of mask Erik wears to cover said deformity. As well, the "unmasking" sequence from ALW will appear in retellings of the story, though it will not be as naive a decision on Christine's part, nor will it be the same as a whole as it is in the stage show.

Time Period: My strength as an author is writing period pieces, not modern-day. Therefore, the majority of my work will be set in the past, not the present, mostly the Victorian Era or relative time periods, or possibly the Middle Ages since it's another love of mine.

Erik's Characterization: As I said, the ALW movie was the first introduction I had to Phantom and so Gerard Butler as the Phantom was the first that I knew and loved. It is hard for me to stray from that at this point, so yes, my Eriks will be Geriks. This does not mean, however, that they are all young prettyboy Eriks. Rather, they are all most like the movie version of Erik but not identical. Having read Leroux and seen the stage show, parts of Erik's personality will be taken from both to change the movie characterization, including the possibility for more morbid tendencies and the stench of death, among other things, and the type/style of mask will be based in this as well. So far I have prided myself in writing handsome and intriguing Eriks who fit into the role of the Phantom quite nicely and I hope to continue to do so.

Couples: Despite canon and its truthfulness, I am an E/C shipper. When I first started reading fanfiction, E/C was what I found and loved and it shaped my opinion about fanfiction. I would love to think of Erik as a hopeless romantic and Christine as his beautiful ladyfriend. Obviously it's more complicated than that, but that's just me and I think that if that is woven in as an underlying idea, the rest of the story can be wonderful and creative and not be a fairytale kind of story. I do appreciate R/C and its relevance, though...I'm not a Raoul-basher. As well, though I support gay rights and believe that any couple has the right to be in love without feeling as though they shouldn't, I do not favor slash at all. And let's face it...Erik and Raoul would never be together (nor would Christine and Meg for that matter). That would be the sign of the Apocalypse.

Christine - Brains, Looks, Voice, etc.: Christine is not dumb, nor is she drop-dead gorgeous. All of my Christines have a backbone (varying amounts of it) and each will stand up for herself. This doesn't mean that Christine never gets to play damsel in distress, but that's not who she is all of the time. As far as looks are concerned, I do think of the "stage Christine" look (Jennifer Hope Wills in particular)...long curly brown hair, blue eyes, pale, etc. This doesn't mean that the look will never change, but that is the great majority and my "default" Christine. Concerning her voice, Christine always has one, as does Erik. It may not be the main point of the story, but Christine's voice is always pure and beautiful, if unused.

Age: In my fics, Erik tends to be on the younger side, not the aging Leroux!Erik. This doesn't mean he will be as young as in the movie, but he will not show much sign of aging. I typically think of Erik as his late thirties, early forties. My choice for Erik's age does affect Christine's age, and vice-versa. Of course, a sixteen-year-old Christine is almost impossible in canon as nobody could carry an opera at sixteen, but I will write an AU Christine at that age. Obviously, the younger Christine is, the younger Erik is, and vice versa. If I make Christine in her twenties, Erik can pull of being older without it becoming inappropriate. As well, if the nature of the story favors an entirely different age (see My Love...), that age will be substituted. Raoul will always be in the middle of Erik and Christine age-wise.

Style of Writing: I'm not great at angst, nor am I at violence. I am, however, favorable towards writing romance and drama. This doesn't mean that I won't ever write angst, violence, etc, but those won't be prominent.

Raoul: I am an E/C shipper, which is not a synonym for Raoul-basher. I believe that Raoul is the hero in canon and I also feel that Christine would have chosen him in that context. However, in my writing Raoul (or the Raoul character) is not who Christine will end up with. I respect Raoul and all R/C shippers, but I use Raoul in my work as the "wildcard"...sometimes he plays the villain, sometimes the hero, and sometimes both, and he might even find love other than Christine, but it's all up in the air. I do not bash Raoul, but if I use him as a villain it is unavoidable. On the whole, however, I find him a wonderful and noble character, if not my male protagonist of choice.

Music: As I said, Erik and Christine can both sing and are musically talented. It doesn't have to be the star of the show. Raoul will sometimes have a good singing voice, based on context.

Sex: I tend to write period pieces and sexuality is not as spoken about as it is in the modern-day. Christine isn't going to see Erik and fall into bed with him, nor will she do that with Raoul. That said, I am a huge fan of unresolved sexual tension, especially when it's in a time period when sexual desires were frowned upon. Personally, I do not favor writing explicit sex scenes but I will do it if the characters reach a point in the story where it is inevitable. Don't expect it every other chapter, but don't not expect it either. As far as virginity is concerned in Christine and Erik's cases, as my work is period pieces Christine is 99 times out of 100 going to be a virgin, and she usually is in anything I write modern-day as well. Erik, depending on his characterization and the time period, may or may not be.

Social Class: Raoul will always be in the upper-crust, if not the top. Money is not something he will worry about. Erik will be moneyed most of the time, though the extent of his wealth will vary. Christine, also, will vary in her wealth. Erik and Christine may or may not have titles in period pieces, while Raoul almost-always will.

Bottom Line: I respect all types of fanfiction, regardless of rating, time period, pairing and style. This is my style; you can like it or not. Whatever you choose, enjoy reading and writing. Keep that Phantom spirit alive and growing!

Current Stories

My Love will Never Die - Phantom/Aida

Europe, the Middle Ages: Erik, son of the Lord of Eaton, is captured by the Lord of Chagny and is made a servant to his son, Raoul. Unbeknownst to them, Erik has fallen for the beautiful and talented Lady Christine, the woman who saved his life and also Raoul's fiancee. Fate intervenes, and soon the lovers are caught in a tangled web of love and honor, but nothing can supress an undying love. POTO/Aida crossover, strong EC with some RC. Currently Rated T (just to be safe) but will most likely go up to an M later on.

Global Desire - Phantom

After the events of Dried-Up Roses, Erik and Christine set out on their adventures across Asia Minor and Europe. Detailing the eight years between the last chapter of DUR and its epilogue, the story chronicles the trials and tribulations of the couple, including their encounters across the continent, their growth as a couple and their future. EC with bits of M/OMC and Reza/Lalitha (see DUR) This is the companion to Dried-Up Roses. Please read that story first. Rated M for sexuality, language and thematic elements.

Kingdom of Music - Phantom

It was headed for happily ever after; beautiful Princess Carla was set to marry the dashing young vicomte. However, in a turn of events, Carla takes ill and her younger sister, dreamy but lovely Princess Christine is thrust into her place, assuming the role of future heir to the throne and prospective bride for the vicomte. Christine, however, has been secretly learning from a voice in the cellars of the palace, a voice known only to her as the Angel of Music, and suddenly her life becomes a whirlwind of romance, deceit, competition and discovery, all surrounding her encounters in the cellars, her future husband and an interesting lord living just off of the palace grounds. RC and EC with a (likely) EC outcome, Currently rated T for thematic elements and language (more like a K, but just being safe), will possibly go up to an M.

The Hyde Formula - Jekyll & Hyde

Misanthropic London scientist Lucy Harrison is desperate. Upon being given a strange mission to research the scientist Henry Jekyll and his studies regarding the human mind, Lucy is given a deadline upon which she will be fired unless she can come up with conclusions to Jekyll's experiments. In her desperation, Lucy concots Jekyll's final formula, HJ7, and drinks it. Lucy is taken back in time to the summer of 1888 in the body of prostitute and actress Lucy Harris, in whose life she must discover the key to the Jekyll case before time runs out. Primarily Jekyll/Lucy with some Jekyll/Emma and some Hyde/Lucy. Will be rated T or M. A general knowledge of the story of Jekyll and Hyde is probably necessary, and a knowledge of the musical is even better.

Completed Stories

Dried-Up Roses - the following summary was written by my beloved friend DonJuanTriumphs. Thank you so much, hon!

"It started with a confession. One woman, two men. Three hearts forever entertwined. Who to choose? And what - more importantly - would be the consequences of such a choice?

Deep in the recesses of Christine Daae's heart, she yearns for a man not her husband, a man she turned her back on without once glancing
back. Surely such thoughts were wicked? Surely she would be damned to the very hottest fires of hell? But a woman can never deny her heart and with the death of someone she holds dear, young Christine decides to flee rather than face her innermost desires. Come with Mademoiselle Daae as she enters the intrigue that is Persia. A land of carnal pleasures and no boundaries between Heaven and Hell. Innocence is lost and beauty shattered in a place where nothing matters but survival. But in the shadows does hope whisper of a chance? Is someone willing to do anything in their power to save Christine from a fate not her own? How long can a woman deny her heart?

N.S.L. Jewelles weaves a story of lust, betrayal, greed, love, and sacrifice, and the all knowing truth that one must always follow their heart. Once the occupants of the Opera Populaire, Erik and Christine are brought into a world far more trecherous than either can possibly imagine. And with beautiful writing the author makes this one journey that we are willing to read more than once, it is just that good. This story is truly unique in that it stays with you long after you finish it." - DonJuanTriumphs

EC with some RC, C/OMC and M/OMC, Rated M for sexuality, violence, thematic elements and language

Original Fiction

If you'd like to read my original work, head on over to FictionPress! My penname is the same over there...enjoy!


Two of my Phantom of the Opera essays are currently at www.strangeduet.net. Feel free to contact me if you read them...I love feedback!

Authors who Inspire Me (FFN)

PhantomMiddleEarthLover - Her work is not on this site, but Talia is one of my favorite people in the universe. Every one of her stories, both fanfiction and original, is exquisitely crafted and wonderful; I've read them all multiple times and loved them each and every reading. She is a constant inspiration and sounding-board and has helped me mature into the writer I am today. Thank you!

Waytoointoerik - I've just recently read almost all of her work and it is truly incredible. Each of her stories is unique and creative and special and she is truly an inspiration to me as an author; I aspire to be as creative, talented and, okay, popular as she is. Thank you so much for giving me such wonderful stories to read and such great inspiration.

DonJuanTriumphs - Last but certainly not least is DJT, one of my very best author friends and my beloved Beta. I have watched her writing grow and mature, and she has done the same for me. I am always amazed at how creative she is and how supportive she is of me and my writing. She is the wonderful author of my Dried-Up Roses blurb and I wish I could thank her more than I already have. DJT is truly a wonderful friend and author and I love her tons. (Okay, I wish I was as popular as her too. :-P) Thanks, sweetie. :-)

How to Contact Me:

I am open to Personal Messages, emails and Instant Messages from any readers, fans, reviewers, etc. My email is movietrendz@yahoo.com and my screen name is dreamerz9764. Feel free to send me messages or IM me to ask questions!

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