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Author has written 9 stories for Digimon, and Harry Potter.

Konnichi-wa, all! Soul here, to update you on my latest creations...

For one, after reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I decided to write a few stories featuring the characters. They are:

Scenes from the Lives of the Devil's Servants: Some unrelated drabbles about the characters from HP, featuring happenings from GoF. This is what I feel goes on behind the scenes. Some HG/RW, HP/RW, and cursing so far.

The Opinion of the Impartial:Petunia Dursley must decide whether she wants to keep going blindly through her life or accept her past. Spoilers for OotP, and PD/SB. (This might even become a series- writing it gave me an idea for some good ol' Harry torture that I could expand for chapters of fun! wee...)

In the world of Digimon, I...well...haven't been working too much. But since summer's nearly here, I'll try to finish up my stories, including TNDD, The Ice Series, and other plots I've had that I haven't had the chance to get down on paper.

Working on some Lord of the Rings stuff, but they probably won't be out for a few months at least, with all these stories, on top of ten essays, a novel, and a report I have to do over the summer. Don't worry, though- I'll try to whip out some Frodo/Sam drabbles to keep you LotR fanatics entertained until I get a free moment.

Also, I have a few original stories I'm writing outlines for that'll be posted on fictionpress eventually. Go there and read Sometimes I Prefer the Silence- it's an award winner! Or not... I'm working on Gabrielle ~Fallen Angel~ and Sasami's Crystal, as always, but I also have another story called The Differences in the works.

NOTICE!!! I need a beta reader for my stuff, since I'm miserably crappy at proof-reading my own works, and I also hate doing it. If you think you're any good, and you don't mind reading depressing works, go ahead and email me. Title the email Beta so I don't delete it. Spanks!

Fav couplings are HP/RW, HP/HG, JP/SB, Kenkari, Daiyako, Taito, Daiken, Jyomi, Frodo/Sam, Boromir/Pippin. The only ones I refuse to read are HG/DM, any incest works, Mimato, Miyari, and most Legolas couplings. Any requests? Email me!

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Scenes from the Life of the Devil's Servants
A collection of nonrelated drabble stories about characters from the stories and what goes on when we're not watching. Ratings vary from G to PG13. Now contains GoF, OotP, and HBP spoilers
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Ice Series Part Two: Ice reviews
Ken just can't take it anymore, and is gonna try to commit suicide. When Daisuke finds out, can he save his best friend before it's too late? Rated PG for suicidal themes.
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Shame reviews
This is a songfic about the one and only Yamato! This fic has a bit of love, a bit of death, a bit of the supernatural...and it has "Shame" by Matchbox20 in it! This is my first-ever fic, please review, I don't care if it's a word of congradulations or a
Digimon - Rated: K - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,090 - Reviews: 9 - Published: 6/27/2001