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Here is our personal language:

Star Flowers (Translation) Fire Works

Grandpa (Translation) Old Man

Grandma (Translation) Old Woman

Liquid Crystal (Translation) Rain Drop

Sun's Rest/Moon's Reign (Translation) Night

Shine Time (Translation) Day

Hard Water (Translation) Ice

Scent Plant (Translation) Flower

Bright Night Sugar (Translation) Star

Sleepy Sun (Translation) Sun Set

Sweet Bar (Translation) Chocolate Bar

Ok, ok. So we forgot most of our language. Oh well, when we think of more we'll put it up. Here are our hobbies:













Having Fun











Rain: Trance? - Trance: Yes? - Mint: Why did you keep putting eating then cheesecake? - Trance: (Shrugs) Our top 10 fav. anime/manga characters in order:

1) Kagome - Goku (Inuyasha - Saiyuki)

2) Sango - Ayame - Shippo - Kirara (Inuyasha)

3) Sanzo - Yusuke - Tohru - Kyo - Kisa (Saiyuki - Yu Yu Hakusho - Fruits Basket)

4) Rumina - Ruri - Chelsea - Lina - Amelia - Sasami (Tokyo Underground - Slayers - Tenchi)

5) Jubei - Bantaro - Mao - Misura (SP) - Sylvy (SP) (Jubei-chan - Mao-chan)

6) Kenshin - Sanosuke - Karou - Misao (Ruroni Kenshin)

7) Miina - Karen - Maiku (Onegai Twins/Please Twins)

8) Hiyono - Ayumu (Spiral)

9) Reika - Akari (Debutant Detective Corp. - Chance Pop Session)

10) Luffy (One Piece)

What? We made some hard decisions after #4. Anyway, some ways to describe us:

Trance) Friendly - Optimistic - Hyper -Blunt - Cheerful - Fun - Energetic - Loud - Naiive

Mint) Friendly - Polite - Melodramatic - Kind - Caring - Imaginitive - Emotional - Shy

Rain) Unfriendly - Protective - Short-tempered - Sarcastic - Scary (When Angry)

Chase) Friendly yet Suspicious - Protective - Flirtacious - Big Sister-like - Loud - Rude

Yep, we're best friends and this is OUR account so we'll be doing our fanfics together. Unless someone decides to do one on their own. Anyway this is how we look (in anime form):

Trance: Ocean Blue Eyes - Midnight Blue Hair that Goes to Lower Back (Usually in 2 Ponytails, like Ayame's hair from Inuyasha)- Tanned Skin - Well Developed Figure - Looks 14 or 15 years old - Actually 14 years old

Mint: Coffee Brown Eyes - Wavy Auburn Hair that Goes to Mid-Back - Slightly Tanned Skin -Undeveloped Figure - Looks 16 or 17 years old - Actually 17 years old

Rain: Pitch Black Eyes - Straight Silver Hair that Goes to Shoulders - Pretty Pale Skin - Well Developed Figure - Looks 18 or 19 years old - Actually 18 years old

Chase: Hot Pink Eyes - Slightly Wavy Dark Pink Hair that Goes to Upper Back - Slightly Pale Skin - Well Developed Figure - Looks 18 or 19 years old - Actually 17 years old (A/N: SHUT UP)

Ok, we base our eye and hair color off our favorite color. And our ages are our real ages. And figure off real figures. (Rain: Yeah, Mint is quite undeveloped. - Mint: (Frowns) - Trance: Look on the bright side, that means if a boy likes you he most likely doesn't just want to get in your pants) Now, our quotes:

I-I sorry :Blush: (Mint)


I'm soooooo hungry (Trance)

AH! My hot guy senses are tingling... OVER THERE (Chase)

Um, hi :Blush: (Mint)

Guess what Trance... I'm going to kill you (Rain)

Look on the bright side (Trance)

Whew, he has a nice ass! (Chase)

E-Excuse me:Blush: (Mint)

Must... :Twitch: Not... :Twitch:...Kill (Rain)

Huh? REALLY? (Trance)

Ooohhhh... my god... Goku is sooo hot! SANZO AND OTHERS ARE TOO:GASP: (Chase)

It's alright now (Mint)

Hmph, fine. Just stop crying (Rain)

Alright it's settled... YOU'RE IT! (Trance)

Now that we feed the little one, its time for the most important thing in the world :Looks at a cute boy: (Chase)

Ok, chain quotes:

@ Trance: Rain, I'm hungry.

Mint: But you're always hungry.

Rain: No food until we're finished.

Trance: BUT I'M HUNGRY NOW. I'm hungry now, I'm hungry now, I'm hungry now!

Mint: (Covers Ears) You're quite loud.

Trance: Well I wouldn't be if you guys would just feed me. (Rubs belly)

@ Mint: (Looks into cookie jar) Hey, the last cookie is gone.

Rain: Trance, did you eat it?

Trance: No. (Smiles innocently)


Trance: But I did ask.

Rain: Who? (Eyes Mint suspiciously)

Trance: Me. I asked, 'Trance can I have a cookie?' And I said, 'yeah you can have a cookie' So I took the cookie.

@ Mint: (Smiles brightly) I love swinging. (Starts to swing on a swing)

Trance: (Climbs in swing) Push me Rain.

Rain: (Smirks) Okay. (Pushes Trance out of swing and climbs into and begin to swing.)

@ Rain: (Begins to train)

Mint: Whew, it's hot this morning. (Wipes sweat off eye brow)

Trance: Yeah, it's so hot. How can train in this heat?

Rain: (Stops training) Concentration.

Mint: How can concentrate in this heat?

Rain: (Ignores Mint) If you concentrate hard enough, you can feel cold even in a fire.

Trance: What? Do you think I'm stupid? YOU CAN NEVER FEEL COLD IN A FIRE!

@ Mint&Trance: (Laughs)

Rain: (Smiles slightly and chuckle for a second)

Mint: (Gasp) RAIN, YOU JUST...

Rain: What?

Trance: Hey you just chuckled.

Rain: No I didn't.

Mint: Yes you did you just smiled alittle bit.

Rain: No, I didn't.

Trance: Yes you did Rain. Do it again. Pllleeeeaaasseeee?

Rain: No, I don't want to.

@ Trance: I'm so hungry. But I don't have any money and Mint-chan and Rain-chan aren't here. (Sigh) What am I gonna do? I'm starving...

Guy 1: Hey babe, we'll take you out for lunch.

Trance: What? REALLY?

Guy 2: (Smirk) Yeah come on. I'm Shiku and that's Jako.

Trance: I'm Trance Uza, nice to meet ya. _

Shiku & Jako: YOU'RE TRANCE UZA?

Trance: Yep_ Now can we go? I'm starving...

Shiku: Hm... looks 14 or 15.

Jako: Body of a 18 year old.


Jako: Run! (Runs away)

Shiku: AHHHH! (Runs away too)

Trance: So that means no lunch, huh?

@ Guy 1: Whew that girl has some nice boobs don't she?

Guy 2: Ya she does!

Chase: Sorry I'm not interested in ugly guys.

Guy 3: Come on babe... (Pulls Chase into dark alley)


Guy 1: Hey I think the kid wants some too...

Guy 3: For someone her age she sure is cute.

Guy 2: Lets get her first!

Trance: Huh? What are you talkin bout? We goin to some buffet or somethin? I won't pass on that! (Grins)

Chase: Th-this kid... I thought she was gonna save me... but she's a complete IDIOT!

Trance: HEY DON'T CALL ME THAT! (Kicks the guys' asses then turns to Chase)

Chase: (Is kinda scared)

Trance: (Smiles and helps Chase up) Hi, I'm Uza Trance!

Those were some good times. Hm, lets see. How about our weapons in REAL life and our anime/fantasy world:

Real- Katana ; Fantasy- Katana+ Boomerang + Earth and Lightning (Rain)

Real- Bow and Arrows (Yes, they're real) ; Fantasy- Bow and Arrows + Fire and Wind (Mint)

Real- Advanced Marshial Arts Skill/Brute Strength; Fantasy- Advanced Marhial Arts/Brute Strength + Dagger + Ice and Light (Trance)

Trance: Te-he Mints great with her bow and arrows. Mint: Aw, shucks. You're the best with your marshial arts, I mean how could anyone that strong? Rain: Hmph, you guys waist your breathe on compliments too much. Anyway, we're running out of things to say. So how about? Our role in our little group:

Rain- Leader-Like person. The one who is usually in charge and puts the 'hurts' on the ones who gets on their nerve.

Mint- Calm and Sweet person. The one who is usually calming down the angry leader. The one who the leader never hits.

Trance- The Stupid yet Lovable person. The one who is cute, blunt, and innocent. The annoying one that everyone loves but always get hit by the leader.

Chase- The Lecherous yet Big-Sister-like person. The one who is seductive, perverted, yet still good at heart. The one that teases the cute, idiot & argues with the leader alot.

Well that's it for now. We hope you enjoy our fanfics. And by the way, if you see that names Trance, Mint, or Rain in our fics, you know who they are.

Mint: Well, goodbye for now.

Trance: Yeah, bye-bye. Until next time.

Rain: Hmph, whatever. Bye. Anyway e-mail us for any questions you have or if you want to put us in you fanfic.

Mint: Huh? Who would want to do that?

Trance: Yeah, who?

Rain: I'm just sayin', sheesh.

Trance: And remember folks, I like cheesecake, Mint likes ice cream, and Rain likes any type of meat.


Trance: Nothin, I mean. Maybe they'll buy us some food cause I'm really hungry.

Rain: (Growls and begins to charge at Trance)

Mint: (Holds back Rain) Calm down, Rain.

Trance: Well see ya folks.

How about our reputation or what we're called?

Happy, Weird, Polite Girl - The Savior (Mint)

Rain's Pet - The Idiot (Trance)

Trance's Owner - The Scary, TomBoy (Rain)

New Chick - Skillet (Chase)

Well yeah. Pretty sad. Anyway, upcoming fanfics.

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