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You will fly and you will crawl,
God knows even angels fall.
No such thing as you lost it all,
God knows even angels fall.


She followed slowly, taking a long time,
as though there were some obstacle in the way;
and yet: as though, once it was overcome,
she would be beyond all walking, and would fly.


Name: Kathryn or Kat as I like to be called

Location: The Wirral, England. Or Liverpool as I always end up saying because no one knows where the Wirral is.

Age: 18

Likes (or obsessions lol): I absolutley love Kingdom Hearts. KINGDOM HEARTS ROCKS! It is the best game ever. I am addicted to it and its all my mates fault. She let me borrow it about a year and a bit ago and she didnt get it back for 4 months. Now I love everything KH related. Sora is so cute (regardless of whether he is a computer generated character or what ever you call em). And Roxas (BHK) OMG he is so fit. If you have seen the end of the into movie to KH2 then you will know what I mean. And KH2 was amazin, but the ending kinda disappointed me. Why the hell didnt Sora and Kairi get together??!!.I also love food. Eating is like a hobby of mine.

As for music: Evanesence, Nickleback, Kelly Clarkson, Blink 182, Utada Hikaru, 3 Doors Down, The Ataris,My Chemical Romance, Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, Teddy Geiger, Imogen Heap, The Fray and loads of others but theres too many to list.

I love my family so much and my mates mean so much to me. I love my PSP and my PS2. I love KH (for those who hadnt figureed that out yet) and Final Fantasy. My faves are X and X-2.I also love muffins. Yummy muffins. And Cadbury Mini Rolls! Sooooo addictive.

Hates: Liars, fakers. My sister. No, i dont hate her, she just really annoys me all the time. Hilary Duff and Lindsey Lohan. I believe they can not sing. My sister loves Hilary but I think her voice sounds like a strangled cat. I'm sorry if you're reading this and you like them, but its my opinion. So sue me. Anyway, I hate onions and sprouts. I hate cats too. They're just so sneeky. And I hate cliques and stereotypes. There so stupid at times. (Can you tell from Popularity doesnt matter?)


But because truly being here is so much; because everything here
apparently needs us, this fleeting world, which in some strange way
keeps calling to us. Us, the most fleeting of all.


As you have probably guessed by now, I'm a total Kingdom Hearts fan. And if you havent, you might want to go back and re read it. I am a total SoraXNamine fan. Why? I dont know. Its just appealed to me more than Sora XKairi, although I dont have anything against SoraXKairi, they are such a sweet couple, in my opinion, Sora and Namine are just 'da bomb' as my sister would say. And another one I disagree with...RikuXSora. I have nothing against Yaoi or wotever its called (being stuck in boring England means I dont get the whole slang type thing right most of the time), I just dont think Sora and Riku make a good couple. Yeah, there are a few times in the games where I could picture Sora or Riku turning around and saying they loved the other, but it just doesnt appeal to me. Sorry, sue me if you want but everyone is open to their opinions. But a new couple that came to my attention a while ago is RoxasXKairi. This is so much better than SoraXKairi. Roxas is the cutest ever and he goes quite well with Kairi. (Jelousy flashes through the eyes.) And I would like to thank Shirozora for introducing me to this with Secrets of Memories. Bows down One of the best authors I've seen. I even spent 2 days reading that fic because I was hooked. And RoxasXNamine is cute too. I'm tempted to write one of those soon, but I'm lacking inspiration due to the fact I seem to be getting ill an awful lot lately. I blame the English whether. Anyway, (I see why my teacher tells me off for waffling now _) my first fic has a bit of Kairi bashing in it but I want to say once again I have nothing against Kairi, so dont flame me or curse me. I think she's a strong brave girl, I just prefer Namine.


'Popularity doesn't Matter'

A popular and an outcast. Nothing can happen right. But what if she decideds to change things, including herself. Could something happen? Can they over come the harsh reality of high school by going against everything and everyone? KH/FF crossover. SoraxNamine

(Status: Chapter 34 has been posted. The final chapter!!)

Never Fall in Love with your Best Friend

I'm once again suffering writers block on PDM but thats not because its a bad fic, I'm just struggling to work out an ending for it as people want a sequel, which I am oh so happy to do. So I decided to branch out a bit so to speak, and create a Kairi and Roxas fic like I said I would.

He's my best friend and he dates my sister. The problem...I love him and he hasn't got a clue. Take it from me...never fall in love with your best friend.

Kairi loves Roxas, but Roxas loves Namine, who is Kairi's sister, and she loves Roxas back, and Roxas' brother Sora, loves Kairi but Kairi loves Roxas who doesnt know that Kairi loves him. Confused? Meet the life of Kairi Clarkson, a soon-to-be 18 year old, who has a mess of a' love life' and is in love with her best friend that doesnt have a clue.

Status: Chapter 9 has been posted.

Beautiful Stranger

I went looking for him, but I met you. You caused a change in me and I lost him but I cant have you. You're a beautiful stranger.

A KairixRoxas OneShot to the lyrics 'Beautiful Stranger' by Madonna.

Goodbye My Lover

She was a shell. He was her saviour. She couldnt love anymore. He helped her. He loved her. She loved him. But she never told him. The end came too soon. She never got to tell him before he was snatched away from her.

Status: Chapter 3 posted.


All because she left behind her umbrella...

My first ever SoraxKairi story. Well, its a one shot.

The Past Doesn't Matter

She left. He stayed. She can't forget. He isn't over her. Five years on and they're both alone and living in the past. Now, after a surprise reunion, will the past matter? Can the popular forgive and forget? Can the outcast win back the love he needs?

Sequel to 'Popularity Doesn't matter'...finally!!

Status: Coming soon to a computer near you.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Kairi Anderson. Journalist for 'MODE', Destiny City's most up and coming magazine. Sora Barry. Advertisement is his game, seducing women an out-of-hours hobby. Can she lose him in 10 days? Can he make her love him in 10 days?


Staus: In development. Coming to a computer near you soon...


If you want to get in touch with me to comment on anything or to say hi, see below:

AIM: Katie efc (


And my myspace:

livejournal: (full of total randomness, news about my fics, new chapters, hints about plot and stuff like that.)


Fave quotes from random places

“I don’t like that plan, its sucks.” – Yuna, FFX-2

“No, not to the end…always.” – Tidus, FFX (That spring scene is the most cutest thing).

“Boop-oop-a-doop” – Betty Boop (lol)

“Disasterific.” – Rikku, FFX-2

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love, and to be loved in return.” – Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge (That was so sad.)

“I’ll come back to you, I promise.” – Sora, Kingdom Hearts

“A dream is a wish, your heart makes.” – From some point in Cinderella, I think it was in a song

" But there's another promise you made - a promise to someone you could never replace. She's your light. The light within the darkness. If you can remember her...all the memories lost in the shadows of your heart will come into the light." - Namine - this is just sooooo cute


Walking this road,
Without you,
To remake forgotten promises and meet you at roads end.

Faded Memories,
Reconstucted Memories,
A dream - a dream of you,
In a world without you.

The dream I see in the world without you,
Torn dream, like a memory from the far past,
I'd like to put it together,
With you...


A BIGGIE shout out to all my reviewers.I love yas to bits. You all rock!

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The Past Doesn't Matter reviews
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