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So I copied the format of my best bud Lydia's (Marieko's) profile, but if you don't tell her then I won't tell her!

Name: Well they tell me my birth name is Xochitl and no I'm not Chinese, infact I'm Mexican! I'm just really pale.

Nicknames: The Amazing Albino Mexican, Chital Snacks, Freak, Dude, Chi-Chi's, Bosoms (so lovingly given to me by Kyle G.), China, Person Lady, and Ma

Names I've named myself: Rebel, Trenity, Raye, Zera,

Favorite colors: Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Black, White, Macroni- anything really

Sign: Aries

Year: Sheep

Style: Whatever happens to be clean/ Hippie without the pot- I get high on life/air!

Mental Status: Other people are just jealouse because the voices talk to me, that's all there is to it.

Height: I'm not short, I just happen to be vertically challenged.

Favorite Foods: Cheese Pizza with Oreos, Pizza in general, Garlic bread, and candy, candy, candy

Brain Disorders: A.D.D/ A.D.H.D, but it's all lies! I just don't care about school and happen to get hyper a lot easier than most people.

Addictions: Sweets, Mexican ice cream, ice cream in general, you, bread, and pumpkin pie.

Favorite Sayings: "You're just jealouse that the voices talk to me and not you." "I like Cheetos" "God save the Queen!" "I'm so emo I'll cut you!" "You have beautiful eyes, Can I touch them?" "If I was you I'd want to kill myself too." "The glass isn't half full or half empty it's just got a bunch of freakin liquid in it okay!"

Music: If you put everything in a blender and mix it up that's what I listen to, with the exception of Gospel, Rap/ Hip Hop, and Country. Oh and that Cathlic stuff, you know where it's like everyone's chanting in a creepy sort of way? yeah that gives my nightmares.

Hobbies: Creating online stories, writing, drawing, listening to music, reading, playing video games (I just got the Sims 2 and have a black baby whom I have named Jeasus just so I could say, "Yes Jeasus is black"), moping about the house, jumping on a trampoline, finding ways to get into trouble, and anything else that just so happens to cross my mind.

Favorite Manga/Anime: Chronicals of the Accursid Sword, Boys over Flowers, Mars, Chobits, Gravatation, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Spirited Away, Sailor Moon, Wish, Beat, Demon Diary, Angel's Santuary, Alice the 16th, Fruits Basket, Holic, Paradise Kiss, From Far Away, Hot Gimmick, Kill me- Kiss Me, Love Hina, Tarot Card Cafe, Magic Knight Rayearth, and soooooo many more.

Favorite Authors: Nora Roberts, Tamora Pierce, Silver Raven-wolf, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Laurelle K. Hamelton, Christopher Poloni, Carnellia Funke, Neil Gaimen, J. K Rowling, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakesphere, and a ton of others, I'll update later!

Favorite Stores: Thrift stores such as Cheap Thrills, Grandma's Attick, and Tales of Poe, and of there are regular stores like Spencers, Hot Tipic, and lots of others, I just don't remember the names!

People who live in my brain and/or in my head: Hell lives in my basement, then there's Raye, Chi, Trenity, Raeina, Jamina, Lalexis, Xiao, and Wildflower (my inner Hippie)

Sisters and Friends: From Arkansas: Michael and Lydia, Crystal, Emma, Zack T, Edward, Nick, Ryan, Sarah, Kay-kay, Nick S, Vincent, Gina, Caitlen, Leah, Shelby, Maddison, Ashley, Chris, Shawn, Josh, Nana, Nikki, Sam, Wolfie (Wolfgang- dude that name is badass),Hilary, Kelly, Shannon, Mercy, Maya, Sunny, Jessica, Kurt, Chelsea O, Billy, Sam, Johnnie, Big Mike (before he went jerkish) Dillion, Joey, Torrie, Katie, Ben, Erica (my sunflower child), Ryan, and everyone else.

From Illinois- Jenna, Courtney H, Carina, Sammi, Dj, Maddison, Amber Z, Joe (the OJ God), Joey, Chrissy, Tiffiny, Kodee, Amani, Tyler, Sam M, Sam R, Tim, Tymmi, Tommy, Kyle K, JR, Hilary, Sarrah, Amanda, Nich, Chris, Sam B, Melody, Logan, Sean, Andrea, Kyle G, Ashly M, Josh B, Cindy, Linsey, Jessie, Glenda, Erica, Bree, Kelly, Brandy, Brandon, Sarrah J, and everyone else.

Sexual Preferences: I like to be open minded, therefore I love the people not their sex.

Where I dwell: Sometimes I live in my room, sometimes I room with Hell in the basement, most of the time I'm just everywhere, not at once (I'm not a Goddess) but sometimes I end up in some pretty weird places, like a pickle jar for instance. So if you look in pickle jars maybe I'll be in one...DON'T EAT ME!!!!

Religion: Wiccan/spiritual

Theme Song: Which ever one happens to get stuck in my head at the moment

Artist of the Month: Lacuna Coil

Artists of Forever: System of a Down


"Batman came up and told me that we needed to make a double type of record, and I was like 'Okay Batman.'" -Daron from System of a Down for a Fuse interview

"I reject your reality and substatute my own." Adam Savage

Quack Damian." Jamie Hidamen

"Do we have anymore of those coffee pills?" Grant Immahara

Random Bits of Information You Could Probably Do Without

So I have this teacher who just seems to hate me. We were doing essays and she said that we could write about whatever we wanted. So I wrote about Wicca and how it's my religion and how it makes me feel and how people commonly get it confused with the Dark Magic all the time and that people have the wrong ideas about it. Well she wouldn't let me submit it for a grade because she said that religion is too delicate a topic. A few weeks later she made a jive about religions that were put down way too much, and I stood up for them. She said since I like religion so much that I could write a five page essay about it. I said fine I'll do two. I did. And she didn't grade them or anything. This story does have a morel, don't become a two faced evil person like my teacher, there will be someone like me who will beat you up later. HAVE A NICE LIFE!

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Basically I love the movie the Labyrinth but I want it to be told MY way, because I'm a brat like that. Anyways, this story follows Trenity, not to be confused with my Purple Fyre, Blue Magick Trenity. They're different on the inside.
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