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By Miss GreenKat92

hiding away your fears
killing away your pain
it lengthen out your years
but makes your tears like rain
feeling the harsh truth
like for the fist time
might have changed your view
but you didn't change your life

trying to change your heart
try to ignore how you feel
cover it from the world
tell yourself it isn't real
completely deserved punishments
riping through your very soul
slowly it gets so much stronger
and soon you can't take anymore
shining hatred in their eyes
you quickly try to look away
but you mind is frozen still
and your eyes can't help but stay
lips are trying so hard
to speak the words you feel inside
but like your honesty
your voice went away to hide

:chorus 1x:

shattering your icey heart
searching for another chance
pleading to get it back
if only for a glance
stairing at an empty wall
hoping it will come to life
feeling like you've been let down
screaming that it isn't right
tearing away at your heart
shed off your impurities
see if it will clean you out
see if it will set you free
crying out at the stars
blame them for all the wrong
say they did this to your life
scream you know what's going on

:chorus 2x:

I wrote that in an Algebra 1 class, if you can believe it!!! That's the most borring class on earth, but it's where some of my best writes are written!!( Including chapters 1-12 of Fear May Turn To Love! lol!)

Hi!! My name is Kat Turney!! Hmn-- I think that I’m supposed to be talking about myself here- so here’s a quick rundown!

I am a huge Akatsuki (from Naruto) fan!! Ask anyone who truly knows me and they’ll tell you I’d be the leader of it if it was real!

I am a huge Itachi & Sakura shipper- I think that they are so perfect for each other. Check out my fan fiction, Fear May Turn to Love, and I’ll try to persuade you!! However, in the anime/ manga, I think that Sakura should end up with Naruto, since she really never meets Itachi (except for I think two episodes).

I am a freshman in High School (I’m Fourteen! Woot!!). My birthday is July the Sixth!! If you feel like sending me anything, (please do!!) my e-mail is !!! Even if ya just want to say what’s up- e-mail me!!

I’m going to be at my dads’ house this summer for about two months- I doubt if he will let me onto this site- so I probably won’t be able to update- : (

I have a you tube with several videos!!! Check them out!!! Here’s my url- !!!! Check it out!!!!

I seem a whole lot different online than I am in person! Online I seem happy when most of my friends at school say I’m emo but- what ever.

I love to act, write and sing, in that order! Acting is something I aspire to do as a career when I am older- but if I can’t reach that- my fall back is writing. No singing is not my fall back if I don’t get anywhere with writing- because if I choose writing as my career- there will be no need for a fall back!

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