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16 years old.

November 5th

left handed cheyeah i know i'm speical :)

loves the color pinkdare tell me you hate it and die. HAHA just kidding.,

a narutard. fan of SASUKE UCHIHA. keep your opinions to yourself!

Favorite Couple: SasuSaku

I cannot write a story that does not make Sasuke OOC. I just noticed after looking over my work, that most of my Naruto fanfics are AU. And after writing the christmas two-shot "A Gift From Me To You" I firgured that was the last time I am EVER going to write something that pressures me to keep all the characters in character. its too much work! I enjoy writing AU and OOC fics :) Who knows, I might try writing an in character fic again someday.

I have MAJOR grammar issues. I love english and I do good on vocabular and reading. But i suck at grammar and spelling. It's not that I can't spell, it's just sometimes I have alot of typos, I mean alot. if you were to talk to me on AIM for hours then you would understand. Heck, I bet in this whole page there has to be some typo hidden somewhere that I don't notice. I proof read and proof read and still i miss some, maybe I'm just slow.And grammar, eh theres no explanation I just suck at it, never did good on it at school. haha. So sorry if the grammar sucks in my story! I will try to improve on it.

About My Stories

In Process:

Will There Still Be Lovesequeal to A Happily Ever After? Wrong! Our favorite Naruto couples are so in love and happy with there lives until Karin comes and tries to get revenge! What will happen? Will love prevail? Will it come crashing down? Read and Find out :D sasusaku naruhina nejiten inoshikatema saix-to be kept a secret until the end-

Fairy Not-So-Tale-Sakura is a rich person, but she hates it. Sasuke is a common coffee server at the local coffee shop. They both meet one day and falls in love. But the problem is Sasuke dislikes rich people! Does that mean he hates Sakura?! not quite since Sakura hid that part of herself from him. So what happens when the evil witch is replaced by a fangirl? and a sleeping potion is made? and the only way to wake up the princess is a true loves kiss? But the so called true loves kiss didnt wake the princess? Well that's Sakura's not-so-fairy-tale!


A Happily Ever After, WRONG! Sakura Haruno was the new girl at Konoha High. She swore to herself that she would never fall in love ever again after what happen with her old boyfriend. But what happens when she meets the hottest guy in Konoha High who seems to have interest in her? She falls once again hopelessly in love. But when they try to get together some people get in the way of there love. Will Sakura and Sasuke have there fairytale ending?

I thought that for my first long story, "A Happily Ever After" was pretty okay. I thought it sucked alot, but looking at the reviews from you guys, it gave me confidence to admit it might not suck as much as I thought and to write a sequeal. So if you happen to get bored, read it and tell me what you think!

Never Let You Go this story was one of my one-shots that I am pretty impressed with. It's kind of about real events that happen in real life with relationships. Expecially if you happen to fall for your best friend.

A Gift From Me To You: This story was very rushed due to me wanting to finish it before christmas and have it posted on christmas day and all. It is about Sasuke coming back to the village on Christmas Eve to give Sakura a present, and Sakura will do the same. fluffy-ish. But warning: Sasuke-OOC.

The Truth: This was my first Dn Angel fanfiction. Actually it was my first fanfiction ever. Wow, that was a long time ago. Dariku my favorite Dn Angel pairing. Riku is OOC in this story.

Transformations to Confessions: This was a InuxKag It was a fairly common theme, so I was not that happy with this one. But if you like you could go check it out for yourself and tell me whatchu think :)

The Last Shard: This was another one of my InuxKag story. It was about how Kagome didn't want the last shard to be found because she doesn't want to seperate with Inuyasha. It was a failed attempt at trying to write fight scene...haha.

About my updates:

I try to update was fast as I can! For the "Happily Ever After" story, it was during summer so I had a lot of free time. But now that school has started I have less time to write the story "Will There Still Be Love" since that is my only one in progress right now. Due to all the projects, homework, and tests I would update the story maybe every few weeks. Depends if I have writers block or not. You know sometimes ideas just don't come to you! haha.

But again I promise you guys, I would never start a story and not finish it all the way through. I hate it when someone does that you know? It's an awesome story not saying mines is and all of a sudden the author says he/she is discontinuing it! and you would never find out how it would have ended. So don't worry I won't do that :)

Random Stuff added because I'm bored right now

My all-time favorite couples:

SasuSaku Naruto all the way! if they don't get together in the end, i would be very sad. They were the only reason I started to watch Naruto.

KyoruFruits Basket I love there couple name it sounds so awesome! And I'm happy they did end up getting together yay!

Dariku:DnAngel I use to Love this couple from DnAngel. They were so perfect for each other, but Riku had to go and pick Daisuke, he's cool too thoughs but Dark's cooler!

InuKag:Inuyasha Yeah, nothing to say about this one, but they complete each other.

KarinxKazune: Kamichama Karin! awww these two together are so adorable!

You know in Naruto, I don't think the author indeed there to be any major romance, you know since it's like an action anime/manga? But our little minds happen to hatch these ideas up and match people together, which is awesome though _ to tell you guys the truth sasusaku was the first and only reason I started watching Naruto. I use to hate Naruto, but then i stumbled upon a cute sasusaku video that made me wonder if they ever ended up together so i started watching, and eventually got hooked on the whole anime.

If you get bored and want to get a laugh? You should go to youtube and check out Ryan Higa's videos :) they are halarious. xD i love watching them. Also check out Kevjumba! and his new channel Jumbafund where everytime a person watches his video, it raises money for charity! Isn't that awesome!

Well I guess that's pretty much everything I have to say about me and my stories and randomness for today xD I hope you at least look at my stories and take a look at em and leave a review to tell me what you think! I dislike flames, but if necessary sp? leave one, though i'm not looking forward to reading flame reviews.

Have a Nice Day :)


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What if the night Sasuke left the village he left something behind for Sakura after their last moment together? What could it have been? Read for yourself and find out! SasuSaku one-shot.
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AU SasuSaku Sleeping Beautyish. Replace an evil witch with a jealous fangirl and an evil spindle with a love potion, and a so called true loves kiss that didn’t wake the princess. Thats Sakura’s Fairy-Not-So-Tale. better summary inside
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Will There Still Be Love? reviews
SEQUEAL to A Happily Ever After, Wrong!Our favorite couples are as happy as ever, but when a challenge arises, old enemies are back for revenge, friendships and relationships would be tested to the limit. The big question is, will there still be love?
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“Sakura, do you happen to have a mistletoe?” Sasuke asked the blushing cherry blossom. SasuSaku Christmas twoshot.
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They had finally defeated Naraku, and gotted the shards he had. But how come one shard is still missing? Does Kagome know anything about this? [oneshot] InuxKag [my bad..i forgot shippos father..was murdered by the thunder brothers..not naraku. sorry..]
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