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Author has written 8 stories for Inuyasha, Mega Man, Digimon, Fruits Basket, and Legend of Zelda.

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My Characters' Descriptions

Miruto (Switched and AA)- Age of appearance: 17. Height: 5'4" Ok first of this is what I imagine his hair to look like except with a blue tintthough if he's in battle he'll put it up like Shippou but otherwise it's down like in the pic. He has pointed ears and teeth like Kagura and as for what he wears I'd say a blue tunic (any of you who play Zelda know what a tunic is except this one is sleevless) and blue pants like Inuyasha's (though not puffy XD)but unlike Inu he wears sandles As I'm sure you've noticed his main color is blue meant to represent water and his eyes are the same color. In his future version he has Miroku's three earings also he's abit less scrawny then he used to be but still not very strong (physically at least). Miruto dyed his hair to get rid of the blue tint to blend into the human world so it's now completely black and almost always kept up now withsomehair a little loose on each side as to cover the tops of his ears but down at night, when he rushes in the morning or sometimes at school for no reason. Origin of Name: Miroku Naruto= Miruto

Kinbari (Switched and AA)- Age of appearance: 17 Height: 5' 31/2". How I imagine Kinbari is a younger version of Kagura but her kimono is red as is the tint of her hair along with her eye color. Like her brothers she has pointed teeth though the are smaller. Origin of Name: According to my friend it's the Japanese version of Kimberly

Takashi (Switched and AA)- Age of appearance: 19 Height: 5' 8". Takashi has green eyes and hair tint and has the same clothes that Miruto does but green. His hair I imagined looking like Kouga's along with the majority of his appearance but his hair would be a few inches shorter.Unlike his scrawny younger brother he's muscular like Inuyasha and Kouga.Origin of Name: my favorite Anime Character's last name is Takaishi and the creator of Inuyasha's last name it Takahashi so I made a combination of the two and made Takashi

Kanojo (AA)- Age of appearance: 16 Height: 5' 3". Kanojo has purple eyes and a slight point to her teeth so it's almost unoticeable, like Miruto her ears are pointed so she always keeps her hair down to cover it. She has naturally black hair but died stripes of blond into it. Also just so you know though I said she was from America like Miruto she used language skills learned from watching tv to fool people when in actuality she's from Japan. Origin of Name: In Anime mahou kanojo means Magical Girlfriend so I took of the magical part and left girlfriend.

Michio (AA)- Age:2 weeks He has purple eyes and a little bit of black hair on his head, currently he only wears a cloth as a diaper andgreen prayer beads on hisright hand

Digidestined Profiles

Catherine- Age: 16 She's not as richly dressed as she used to be, she wears her hair up in a ponytail a pair of kaki capree pants and a tight pink short sleeve shirt.

Kari- Age: 16 now more um... developed she wears a pink bikini strap tang top and doesn't wear those freaky gloves oh hers. she has allowed her hair to grow slightly past her shoulders.

Ken- Age: 16 pretty much exactly the same except taller and of course just like in the future he still wears the same ugly grey clothes

TK/Dark TK- Age: 16 Height:5'6" TK now has slightly longer hair but only 2 or 3 inches. also his chlothes are looser now. He wears blue jean style shorts that go a few inches below his knees and a green shirt that has sleeves slightly below his elbow along with his old bucket hat (at least for awhile).Finally for the time being he wears sandals. Dark TK is what I call TK when he's possessed by Devimon He wears no hat and has a gold earring in his left ear. again he wears a loose t-shirt but this one is black and now wears black jeans and black fingerless gloves. Crest: Hope

Takato- Age: 16 Height: 5' 51/2" His hair has grown out a bit and is no flat and down. he still wears googles but instead of shorts he wears blue jeans but still wears the same shirt.

Takuya-Age:16He pretty much looks the same as he did in S4 except now is slightly more muscular and doesn't wear gloves.

Yolei- Age: 16 she wears a long dress with a shortslleve jean jacket, a blue bead bracelet and her normal bandana

My Crests

Crest of Faith- Holder:Takato It is pretty much a normal crest except that it and the Crest of Hope are one of the two pairs of crests that are interconnected

Crest of Time- Holder: Henry The Crest of Time is one of four crests with special abilities. It gives the holder the power to travel backwards and forwards in time, along with changing the age of any creature or object.

Crest of Joy- Holder: Hhh

Crest of Change- Holder: Hhhhh

Crest of Life- Holder: Hhhhhh

Crest of Fate- Holder: Hhhhhhh

Age/Height Charts

Shippou- Original Age: 5 Original Height: 1'5"

Age:7 Height: (came up by assuming he'll be about 4'9" when he's thirteen since as a Fox demon he's still pretty short) 2'3"(wow he grew alot in two years XD) same clothes and such but he's taller and he's lost a few teeth in the past two years so his dog teeth are longer now.

Age: 8(well not quite) Height 2'7"

Age of Appearance: 23 Height: 5'5" Scrawny adult, now has short orange hair, usually seen in a business suit.

Kohaku- Original Age 12(i've also heard 11 but I'll use 12) Original Height; 5'1" (ha ha he's taller then Kagome)

Age: 14 Height: 5' 3" (he's gonnabe taller then Miruto quickly) He now wears pants (the thing he normally wears creeps me out) and is starting to needa shave since he's going through puberty XD.

Age: 14 3/4 Height: 5'4"

Souta- Original Age: 8 Original hieght (I used a ruler and calculator to compare him standing next to Inuyasha and this should be around the answer) 3'9"

Age: 10 Height: 4'4" pretty much looks the same just taller.

Kagome- Original Age: 14 Original Height: 5'0"

Age: 16 (well almost at this point in the story) Height: 5'1/2"

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