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I plan to start working on my Lilo & Stitch fanfic again soon, as well as start a few other ones. Anyone whose been patiently waiting these past couple of... er... years, I'm really sorry, and hopefully my writing's at least improved enough to make it worth the wait.

Lilo & Stitch: Lost Episodes

My first fanfic in 5-6 years... and I'm really hoping I don't lose interest in this one. I have numerous plans for it pending on how well received it ends up being. In fact, I'll probably carry through with them anyway. -.- Anyhow, I've always been very interested in the Lilo & Stitch fandom if not the movies and tv series(not to say I didn't very much enjoy them). Lilo & Stitch has just always had room to go in directions that it never would have due to its limits as a children's movie series and show... but that's what fanworks are for, eh? I always figured that if I started another fan fic it would L&S related. One other major reason for this, is that I love the semi-cannon character Experiment 621 and have always wanted to see him get involved in the story line of Lilo & Stitch the Series. So... this is my take on how that would happen. For anyone curious as to what Experiment 621 looks like, you may be interested in this video.

Story: Stitch and Lilo are finally nearing the end of their long hunt for Jumba's 625 experiments. They've overcome some incredible challenges, Gantu's constant foiling, and even an experiment 627... but the worst has yet to come. A bitter experiment from the past, Experiment 621 has come onto the scene with revenge on his mind rather then random destruction. His target? Stitch and Jumba.(Takes place at the end of the series and before Leroy & Stitch. Features events and the character Experiment 621 from the game Disney's Stitch Experiment 626 for the PS2)

Below are pics of some of the original characters I've created for this fic. I'm not a very practiced artist, so I've made due with editing and splicing pics of currently existing experiments. As for the humans... they just look awful. XD

Exp 623/Trainer (His hands are on his hips if you cannot tell)

Exp 614/Gunner

Exp 610/Witch

Exp 526/Gus

Exp 496/Froggifier (A Pokemon you say!? Nonsense!)

Morgan Fissure-2

Teddy Banks

Hesper Lent

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