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I've only just begun writing, and I have alot of plots for stories, I really want my things to be perfect before people read them, because I'm a perfectionist. If you want to know more about me, keep reading.

Me in a nutsell, so to speak.

Name: Nichole
Name Relation: Middle name, hate my first name
I Tend to Call Myself: Mistress of Hell, Lady Lucifer, Baby, Bringer of Dispair, Goddess of Darkness, and many other crazy nicknames.

Location: Virgina, U.S.A
D.O.B: October 01st, 1989
Pets: Blonde Coloured cat; Shippou
Hair: Blonde, dyed black
Eyes: Green
Height: About 5' something
Figure: Fit. Not too fat, not too skinny.

I am a very complicated person. There is no easy way to explain me, except with the few facts known.

I was born on October 01st, 1989, which currently makes me 15 years old. I reside in Virgina in the United States of America, but long for better sights. Unlike others, I do not to lable myself to a stereo-type, such as "goth", "emo", and all that other nonsence. My lable is me. Nichole.

I dress dark, but elaborate, so to speak. My style consists of tight-fitting, bellbottom/flare jeans, black t-shirts with designs, fishnet clothes, and anything else that fits my mood. My make-up consists of delicate black eyeliner and eyeshadow, with the right amount lipgloss to finish off my face. Jewelery, I wear not, except for two earrings in the left ear, and one in the right, and a black choaker every so often. I never leave the house without all the right touches on an outfit, such as spare chains attached to jeans, and other gears like that. All in all, I look good without alot of fuss, but that's all I really want, right?

I'm actually a blonde, but I think that blonde is a disgusting colour on me, so I dye it the almighty colour of darkness, black. I have shocking green eyes or so, I like to think shocking, because I find my eyes to be beautiful, pale skin, and about five foot tall. I quite like my figure, I feel that I'm not too fat, not too skinny, but just right.

I use up my spare time on the computer, slaving over my sites, and playing trading card games. When not on the computer, I enjoy reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games.

I have small goals for my future for now, but I am assured my future will be a happy, quiet life.

Really, that's all to tell about Nichole in a "biography", but there's much, much more to me. Should you take the path to learn? Or would you be better off knowing not what else there is to me? Only fate and your own wits can guide you.

A very long list of things I love the most in this world.

Anime - Japanese anime, not english shit
--> .hack//SIGN
--> Angel Sanctuary
--> Chobits
--> Inuyasha
--> Yu-Gi-Oh

--> Alice 19th
--> Angel Sanctuary
--> Chobits
--> Count Cain
--> Imadoki
--> Inuyasha
--> Kaine
--> Petit Monster

--> House of 1000 Corpses
--> Inuyasha Movies
--> Yu-Gi-Oh Movie

--> Ayumi Hamasaki
--> Black Sabbath
--> Britney Spears
--> Christina Aguilera
--> Dream
--> Do As Infinity
--> Evanescence
--> Every Little Thing
--> Godsmack
--> Hitomi
--> Koda Kumi
--> Ozzy Osbourne
--> Rob Zombie
--> Seether
--> Shania Twain
--> Sweetbox
--> t.A.t.U
--> White Zombie

--> Anime
--> Bishounen
--> Manga
--> Music
--> Video Games

Video Games
--> Britney's Dance Beat
--> Chrono Cross
--> Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
--> Final Fantasy Tactics Adcanced
--> Final Fantasy VII
--> Final Fantasy VIII
--> Final Fantasy X
--> Final Fantasy X-2
--> Golden Sun
--> Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age
--> Inuyasha: Feudal Fairy Tale
--> Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask
--> Kingdom Hearts
--> Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
--> Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
--> Legend of Zelda: Orcaina of Time
--> Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
--> Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
--> Lunar Legend
--> Super Mario World
--> Yoshi's Island

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