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I am the ElectricCircuslover. The idea for this penname came from my obsession about the albume 'Inside The Electric Circus, created by Blackie Lawless and his band W.A.S.P. (We Are Sexually Perverted)

Status: A little inactive after 6 years.

Links to Shadow because a lot of people want to see him without the texts.

Drawing of Shadow by Slinky-Theif http://shadow-aaron-petals.deviantart.com/favourites/?40382700#/d2fpykl

Drawing of Shadow by 123qaz123 http://shadow-aaron-petals.deviantart.com/favourites/?40382700#/d24f579

Drawing of Andy and his mother Angel by 123qaz123 http://shadow-aaron-petals.deviantart.com/favourites/?40382700#/d2ctrgp

Drawings of Shadow by theziminvader (listed)





Drawing of Shadow and Shade by Mickeymonster (listed)






Drawing of Andy by FallenAngelSage http://shadow-aaron-petals.deviantart.com/favourites/?40382700#/d2mepyr

Drawings of Shadow by Brandimuffin (listed)



Drawings of My characters and Ngrey651's by Ngrey651 (listed)





Drawing of Shadow by Kitten630 (press the dowload button for the pic ;) http://shadow-aaron-petals.deviantart.com/favourites/?40382700#/d2fua81

I have a few of my own drawings but I don't draw good but here's my DeviantArt page ; http://shadow-aaron-petals.deviantart.com/

I’ve been updating this profile for about a year now and I’m almost up to date. Wanted to put some new things down and such for those who actually take the time to look at my page.

I’ve been on fanfiction for five years. I’m working very slow on my writings now that I’m getting older and have moved out. Quite a surprise that I’ve been writing for these years and have only three full lengthed stories and thirty some short stories xD I’m trying to catch up on my writing but I’ve been quite busy now, or I haven’t had the fire to write like I used to do.

There isn’t much to learn from me. I’ve grown up in very tough times. I was being abused while writing, ‘Trying to Live Dreams and Survive Nightmares’ which became the greatest story on fanfiction of its time said by many people. That was four years ago. From what I’m seeing on fanfiction now, I think it still is even if it is plagued by bad spelling and grammer. I’m an average writer like you. My main focus is detail in a story and how genuine I make the emotions into my characters. A lot of people envy my capabilities for my skills in detail and story planning.

I work alone in my writings. My ideas come from songs or rhythms of songs. You can say that’s my inspiration if you want to. I rarely get writer’s block and I prefer long detailed stories than short stories with little meaning in each page.

If I made a short story, then it was most likely a vent. My vent stories are normally three to five pages depending on the problems I wish to address in an altered image by using personal favorite OC Shadow Aaron Petals.

My normal stories range from 15 to 20 pages and I try to fit as much detail into the story I can. I don’t like loopholes, cliffhangers, or quick thinking solutions and conclusions. There’s a reason from beginning to end don’t add something that makes little sense.

There are other stories I write that I often don’t put on fanfiction. Those stories are located on my DeviantArt account, Shadow-Aaron-Petals. It used to be ElectricCircuslover, but I deactivated the account and laid low for three months before returning. I had a mental meltdown and a lot of family issues.

I’m still writing and still planning. I have character’s yet to put into this profile. Haven’t gotten around to it because I have to plan the numbers, dates, and creation/birth. It’s taxing on my mind sometimes.

Well, here’s a little bit about myself, I guess.

I’m a writer. Duh.

I live in the U.S.A., which has seen better days.

Town is run by old people that look like they’ve walked the Earth since the stone age.

If I’m not writing, I’m playing some games or chatting online with my friends on MSN or DeviantArt.

I write alone and won’t partner up with anyone. If I’m going to fail, I’m not brining anyone with me. Plus, I prefer to do it MY way, nor would you have the mental capacity to think as detailed as I can. I literally see what I’m writing in my head. Can you?

My characters are all prized possessions of mine. Particularly, Stitchie Lee Petals, Spring Angelina Petals, Berrie Rose Petals, Andy James Petals, Shadow Aaron Petals, and Shade are kept a close eye on if people start stealing my ideas or characters.

I don’t smoke.

I rarely drink any form of alcohol. Has to be fruity for me to drink it XP

Never touch drugs. Hell, I’m not even taking my anti-depressants.

I have a lot of mental illnesses: Manic Depression, Learning Disabled, Mentally Retarded/ Developmental Deficiencies, Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia (possibly. I really don’t want it), and my brain and skull are fused together on the top. My skull is literally inside my brain.

While reading my stories, you’ll probably see a lot of spelling errors. Just nod your head and move on. I’m having trouble trying to find a doctor to see what’s going on in my brain. I feel there’s something wrong.

I guess I could write more about myself on this profile, but it would be a waste of my time. People on fanfiction don’t read much nor have anything to say to my works anymore. I was one of the very well known writers some years ago. There were a lot of great writers like myself. Now they either quit, grew up, or gave up on the people who stopped reading or writing good stories. There’s only a small few of us now. I just need to work harder to catch some eyes.

So this is the conclusion of me, I guess. Here’s the rest of the profile I corrected and such. Needed a new start since the other introduction was five years out of date and I’ve matured a lot since then. Been writing for this site ever since I was sixteen or seventeen. Now I’m going to be 22 on September 25th, 2010. Quite interesting on how time flies by isn’t it? Well, I’m not very happy, I’ve done very little in my massive list of stories and focused a lot on unimportant things in my life, even more so my vent stories. Majority of my short stories are vents now. Depression and such. I had a very tough childhood and a terrible teen life. I will not discuss it now as you shouldn’t care nor probably look at this profile.

Heres a picture of the original band members from W.A.S.P.


I decided to put up a list of songs that will be part of some of my stories. I'm decided to show which songs are on what story. The URL links go to the song so you can hear it and understand the atmosphere of the songs in each of the stories.

1. Fear of the Dark (Used) By Iron Maiden (Trying to Live Dreams and Survive Nightmares) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx8HwFpxv54

2. Paint it Black by W.A.S.P. (Trying to Live Dreams and Survive Nightmares)

3. You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAYaU4VIER4

4. I Need Your Love Tonight by Elvis (I'm trying to figure out where to put it since I didn’t use it)

5. Burning Love by Elvis (I'm trying to figure out where to put it since I Ididn't use it)

6. Wild Side by Motley Crue (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OglaGA-UiLc

7. Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUXj2i0PsTQ

8. Paradise City by Guns 'N' Roses (Welcome to the Zoo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1mrV2d2gv4

9. Flying High Again by Ozzy (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mOzRNfuH7g

10. Nobody's Fool by Cinderella (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbMHz3LnKc8

11. Helldorado by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow) or (Fighting a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvU-LTprC34

12. Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PsPwFKUqQA

13. We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister (Fighting a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyUEeWiRpTQ

14. Aces High by Iron Maiden (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y80XM_k-0u4

15. Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZlDZPYzfm4

16. Run Away by Bon Jovi (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VLI2YzWImM

17. Jail House Rock by Elvis (Leroy and Stitch)

18. Blind in Texas by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUJ9tftPsGY

19. Inside the Electric Circus by W.A.S.P. (Inside the Electric Circus) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfXLTsao560

20. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvP0uwl3Q6A

21. Dream Warriors by Dokken (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=529_n7n2QWY

22. Nobody Like You by from Scorpions (Life of a Shadow)

23. Turn Up the Radio by Autograph (Life of a Shadow)

24. Phantom of the Mirror (Reflection of your Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoKwYQqTA4E

25. Surrender by Cheap Trick (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD8ymBR2Ufo&NR=1

26. Me Against the World by Lizzy Burden (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vchm-RrXtU

27. Wild Child by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsoLb-E7oy8

28. Street Justice by Twisted Sister (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Di0XWpWg78&feature=related

29. Tooth and Nail by Dokken (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW-3kacyFjY

30. Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8TNkdMK7f0

31. Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi (Life of a Shadow)

32. 666 the Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mHe6FMs46o

33. Wasted Years by Iron Maiden (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwB9zg7Tbx8&feature=related

34. Heroes Are Hard to Find by Twisted Sister (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK_luU798A0

35. Goin' Crazy! by David Lee Roth (Life of a Shadow)

36. Seek and Destroy by Metallica (War of the Toys) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYKh85Leq_g

37. Master of Puppets by Metallica (Puppet Master) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyYZFtnCTE4&feature=related

38. Bark At The Moon by Ozzy (Life of a Shadow) or (Night Crawler) (He's not a were-wolf. So think of something else.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXko2YCuZa8

39. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper (Life of a Shadow)

40. Schools Out by Alice Cooper (Life of a Shadow)

41. Cociane Cowboy by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdER2_vdLoU

42. Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones (Life of a Shadow)

43. Animal by Def Leppard (Life of a Shadow)

44. Rocket by Def Leppard (Life of a Shadow)

45. Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8xWcN6k_Es

46. Detroit Rock City by Kiss (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZq3i94mSsQ

47. Psycho Circus by Kiss (Inside the Electric Circus) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghW_Vfrgiw4

48. Metal Meltdown by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

49. Ram It Down by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

50. Screaming for Vengeance by Judas Priest (Shadow's Vengeance ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujCwxebLrRc&feature=related

51. Breaking the Law by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

52. Out In the Cold by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

53. Pain Killer by Judas Priest (Jugulator) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60Iv_kAjMLk

54. Locked In by Judas Priest

55. Blood Red Sky by Judas Priest

56. Turbo Lover by Judas Priest

57. Private Property by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

58. Hot For Love by Judas Priest

59. Under Pressure by ZZ Top

60. Hellbent For Leather by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

61. Cum On Feel the Noize by Quite Riot (Life of a Shadow)

62. Metal Health by Quite Riot (Life of a Shadow)

63. Sign of the Times by Quiet Riot (Life of a Shadow)

64. Slick Black Cadiliac by Quiet Riot. (Life of a Shadow)

65. The Final Countdown by Europe (Fighting a Shadow)

66. Poison by Alice Cooper (Life of a Shadow)

67. Sentinal by Judas Priest (Fighting for Life) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvwziPSOUrs

68. Going Crazy On You by Heart (Life of a Shadow)

67. Secret Looser by Ozzy (Life of a Shadow)

68. Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar (Life of a Shadow)

69. Fat-Bottom Girls by Queen (Life of a Shadow)

70. Going to Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss (Life of a Shadow)

71. Kickstart My Heart by Montley Crue (Life of a Shadow)

72. There's Only Oneway to Rock by Sammy Hagar (Life of a Shadow)

73. Ain't Nothing But a Good Time by Poison (Life of a Shadow)

74. Fallen Angel by Poison (Life of a Shadow)

75. Your Mama Don't Dance by Poison (Life of a Shadow)

76. Last Alive by Dio (Life of a Shadow)

77. Holy Diver by Dio (Life of a Shadow)

78. Hammer & The Anvil by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

79. Night Crawler by Judas Priest (Night Crawler) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9fG8fV_KnM

80. You're Bringing on the Heartbreak by Def Leppard (Life of a Shadow)

81. I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister (Life of a Shadow)

82. Love Bites by Judas Priest

83. Hair of the Dog by Nazareth (Life of a Shadow)

84. Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC (Trying to Get That Man)

85. Spirit of the Radio by Rush (Life of a Shadow)

86. The Four Horse Men by Metallica (Life of a Shadow)

87. You're in Love by Ratt (Life of a Shadow)

88. Mechinex by Megadeth (Life of a Shadow)

89. Rip and Tear by L.A. Guns (Life of a Shadow)

90. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns 'N' Roses (Welcome to the Zoo)

91. Wang Tango by Ted Nugent (Life of a Shadow)

92. Wait! by White Lion (Life of a Shadow)

93. She's Got Looks That Kill by Montley Crue (Life of a Shadow)

94. I Don't Know by Ozzy (Life of a Shadow)

95. Don't Tell Me You Love Me by Night Ranger (Trying to Get That Man)

96. I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick (Life of a Shadow)

97. Riding on the Wind by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ilJ_P-uakA&feature=related

98. Jaw Breaker by Judas Priest (Fighting a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEGO08P_ufQ

99. Rock Hard Ride Free by Judas Priest (Life of a Shadow)

100. Love Gun by Kiss (Life of a Shadow)

101. Evil That Men Do by Irion Maidon (Life of a Shadow)

102. Man on the Edge by Iron Maidon (Life of a Shadow)

103. Saturday is Alright for Fighting by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow)

104. Mean Man by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow)

105. Show No Mercy by W.A.S.P. (Fighting for Life)

106. Sex Drive by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow)

107. Tear It Down by Def Leppard (Life of a Shadow)

108. Naughty Naughty by Tora Tora (Love's Shame)

109. Balls to the Wall by Accept (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTsFaF_T0jQ

110. The Last Command by W.A.S.P. (War of the Toys) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwrARLfvYpg

111. Fistful of Diamonds by W.A.S.P. (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8EqX_Acaos

112. Future World by Pretty Maids (Future World) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka6OFwp25YI

113. Come Out and Play by Twisted Sister (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEm048CEri8

114. Communication Break Down by Ratt (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW5qjm8bZBs

115. Lay it Down by Ratt (Life of a Shadow)

116. All We Are by Warlock (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4UIC56YmXE

117. Metal Militia by Metallica (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0myrCtjt4Ik

118. Hook in Mouth by Megadeth (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufT2CN-JpS8

119. Sweatting Bullets by Megadeth (Shadow's Vengeance) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNwnDLiAvnw&feature=related

120. Take No Prisoners by Megadeth (War of the Toys) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq2AzObeZ44

121. Crush'em by Megadeth (Shadow's Vengeance) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLOASISGrQ4

122. Prince of Darkness by Megadeth (Trapped in the Ship of Despair) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok9VBNDT_ZM

123. Generation Swine by Motley Crue (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUVcBjdBD-I

124. Come Out and Play by Twisted Sister (Come Out and Play) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEm048CEri8

125. The Great Misconception of me by W.A.S.P. (I Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6mctw6_CaM&feature=related

126. The Right to Rock by Keel (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK2iq-jClLw

127. You Know I Cry by Twisted Sister (Shadow's Vengeance) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzu0P9iK0Qk&feature=related

128. You Can't Stop Rock and Roll by Twisted Sister (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9FEdd2fczU

129. I am (I'm Me) by Twisted Sister (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_0aQOxkLZI&feature=related

130. Set the World a fire by Megadeth (Life of a Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElIHEws-I4o&feature=related

131. 502 by Megadeth (Running from your Shadow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uraLf81r3Kw

(This was another goal I wanted to achieve. I wanted to have at least one hundred songs to use)

This is all I could think of for right now. I have my list at home.

There isn't much I can say about myself besides being L.D, fat, low self-steem and a person that is always busy to do anything. I'm also a very competitive person when it comes to writing.

Just to warn anyone who reads my strories, I won't be able to update them very quickly because I type my stories during school and I'm always forced to stay in my house so don't get upset if I don't send them quickly.

Well what do you know, I have a lot of normal stories. I'm must've grew a brain or something. I've gained so many ideas from the Lilo and Stitch episodes and my second story. I'm surprised..

Stories coming up or made. They will all be in a series.

1. Dance and Its Dillemma (Angel's P.O.V.). Finished!

2. Trying to Live Dreams and Survive Nightmares. Finished (Single P.O.V.)

3. Why Am I Different? (it's a short story) Finished

Shadow is feeling sad because he is different from his mother, father, and his siblings.

4. Fighting A Shadow. (Rewriting). (Normal Story)

(I don't want to blow anything)

5. Life of a Shadow. Itching to write but planning (Multi P.O.V.)

This is a story about a normal family life with Stitch and Angel's kids.

6. Trying to Get That Man. Panning. This story will somtimes cross with story #5. The big major differernce is, this story will end, and the story #5 will never end, that's because if I'm done writing all my stories, I've got that story to keep me busy until the day I die. Also the Chapters are extremely long, but funny in some ereas. (Multi P.O.V.) I had some new and better ideas.

Experiment 356 is on the loose; an experiment that can break people's hearts by replicating herself into someone another person loves and break their heart by any means necessary. Ironically, she falls in love with Spooky, who hates love more than Stitch at first. Will she get Spooky, or will she have her heart broken?

7. Inside The Electric Circus. Planning (Normal Story)

A circus comes into town, and people start to dissapear and weird creatures start to pop up. Is this circus the blame or is it something else?

8. War of the Toys. Planning (Multi P.O.V.) (Currently Writing)

Every body thinks teddy bears are soooo cute. When an experiment that teleports evil Teddy bears, with evil attitudes and world domination in their intellegent minds, you kinda think twice about teddy bears being cute.

9. I Only Need YOUR Bugee Bu. (Normal Story) (Currently writing)

Two female experiments are saved from the clutches of Gantu by Stitch and fall in love him. But the problem is, Stitch already created a family of 16 and these lovely female experiments don't care. They will do what ever they can to get Stitch! Will they give up or will things get drastic

10. Un-dead Kauai. Planning. (Multi P.O.V.)

Experiment 231 is activated and the dead in Kokawa Cemetary are waking up. If things weren't bad enough, Shadow is sick and he has a hard enough time controling his destuctive powers as it is. Will this Experiment destroy our favorite o'hana, or will Shadow destroy them by accident?

11. The Bounty is on You. Planning (Muti P.O.V.)

Hamsterviel is tired of Gantu failing to capture Shadow. So he hires six exta special bounty hunters, with each one having their own bribe, to capture him. On the bad side, the bounty hunters are wrecking the town by fighting against other bounty hunters for the prize of this born experiment.

12. My Mommy's A Murderer. (Normal Story)

Angel drives to town to go to the store. On the way there, something makes her go on a killing spree, but she has no memory of any of it. Is Angel glitching or is there something living in her mind that makes her kill?

13. Puppet Master. Planning (Normal Story)

A lonely kid that loves to play with his puppets, since no body likes to talk to him or anything. Then one night a meteorite slams into his yard. When the kid checks to see the glowing purple rock, something evil comes out of the rock like a gas.

14. Meet The Parents. (Normal Story)

Some body knocks on the door. Stitch opens the door and finds half of Gantu's sized female and male Stitch. They think Stitch is their lost child. Will Stitch be taken away?

15. Leroy and Stitch (Rewritten) (Normal Sory)

It's almost like the movie except, Lilo's an Adult and some of the experiments have kids.

16. Welcome to the Zoo (Normal Story)

Angel, Stitch, and all their kids get kidnapped by a greedy zoo keeper. His zoo is out of reach of the Galactic Federation so they can't touch him. Worst of all, they get shaved and their fur turns into socks and such. Normally this family could excape no problem, but they are all wearing special collars to keep them from using any of their powers.

17. Return of the Hunt for New O'hana Members (Normal Story)

The Galactic Alliance has recruited a new scientist to create knew inventions for police weapons. Little did they know she's been creating her own illegal genetic experiments, called Galicks. Eventually she gets in trouble and things go down hill after that.

18. Losing the O'hana to Pod (Normal Story)

All the experiment kids are in school, doing in school assignments, tests, and such, while the parents go out to have fun. When school lets out, the B-X's go nuts because they can't find their parents. What happened to the adult experiments?

19. The ? Are Back in Town (Normal Story)

I can't tell you!

20. The Mysterious Beast of North Shores (Nomal Story) (I actually have everything planned)

Several reports have been on the news lately, about shark killing swimmers at North Shores. Jumba is starting to think that its one of his experiments, but he has no memory of creating such creature. If it isn't an experiment, what's the creature in North Shores water?

21. Unknown Member of the O'hana (I'm thinking it should be a normal story or a single or multi P.O.V).

Things start to go wrong at the Lilo and Stitch house hold. Things have been going flying everywhere, strange writing on walls, and people suddenly screaming or showing up and fading. The house is haunted, but who's haunting it?

22. Resident Angel (I'm thinking massively about this) (Discontinued)

Angel gets sucked into the forth Resident Evil game that Stitchie, Shadow, and Andy play all the time. Will Angel get out, will the monsters kill Angel, or will she be stuck in the game forever!

23. Fighting For An Angel

A planet far, far away, where creatures that look exactally like Angel, men, weman, and children live. Their queen has died and they need to find a new one by the royal blood-line. The problem is, there's no female left in the royal blood-line...or is there?

24. War of the Fleas (Short story)

Stitch and Angel are at the store, while their kids are being baby sat by Pleakley and Jumba. When fleas infest the house, things get choatic.

25. Fighting Emotions (It's a single P.O.V's.)

This is two stories about two experiments that have strong feelings for Angel. The first story is kinda short, where as the second one is long. The first story is about Kixx and his emotions, while the second one is Yaarp, but there's a little more for him.

26. Fighting for Life. (Noramal story)

Stitchie and Shadow have been abducted by a group of warrior seeking aliens for thier deadly gladiator game, to please their king, Sprintag. The prize for surviving all the battles will be two wishes from the king. Will these two young experiments win? What worriors will they face? You will have to read in in order to find out.

27. Complementing an Angel (Finished)

Basically what the title says. It's a 1 chapter kind of deal. It could come up any time.

28. Shadows and Ghouls (Normal story)

Shadow is transported to an alternate demention where midevil worriors are fighting zombies and other monsters for the Grenfaft Kindom. Will this 5 year old survive the battle of the evil forces and excape the horrible demention. Or will he never excape and tell his tale.

29. Feeling Cheated (I've chose to make it a P.O.V. of Angel)

Angel is starting to feel like Stitch is cheating on her, since he has been out of the house more often with another female experiment named Planna, an experiment that makes fool proof plans for anything. Will Stitch and Angel break up? Is Stitch cheating on Angel? Or is there more than anyone thinks.

30. Mutation Domination (Regular strory)

Jumba is getting more amazed with Shadow's powers and the abilities he's learning. Jumba starts to get courious and attempts to take some of his power to create new experiments, unfortuanately, his plan fails. Suddenly, when a full moon dawns down at kauai, Shadow starts to mutate into a savage creature. What did Jumba do to this kid?!

31. It's a Big World (Regular Story)

Stitchie and Spring got themselves into another fight and they were sent to their rooms by Angel. Stitchie gets really bored after awhile and decides to play with Jumba's inventions on his work table. Unfortuanately, he played with the growth ray and was shrunk into the size of a maggot. Now he has to find a way to get somebody to save him, exspeciaully from the bugs and spiders.

32. Lives of the Future (Regular Story)

It has been 23 years since Angel gave birth to her first litter of children. This is basically a story about each one of their lives and what they are doing.

33. Troubled Planet (Normal Story)

It's taken many years to capture all the galicks, which has taken 16 years to capture all 626 galicks. Gerble-Wheel is furious that he lost every one of his galicks and he decides to exact his revenge by freeing his cousin and Experiment 629 a.k.a. Leroy to help him create a machine for controling all Experiments, B-X, and Galicks. How will this be put to a stop?

34. Chistmas Presant Galore! (Finished)

All the experiments are going to get some presents from Lilo's family underneath the cristmas tree in the back yard. What will each of them get?

35. Heckler's Heckles (Another Short story)

Heckler's heckling the experiments. We will see what he says to each one.

36. Stitchie VS. Santa (Short Story)

Stitchie is very angry that Santa gave him coal in his stocking last year. Because of him getting coal, Stitchie wants to payback. It's a story of complete humor.

37. Anger in Miss Jealous's Mind

This is a P.O.V. of Lilo during the Angel episode and some parts of 'The Dance.'

38. Splitting Shadows

Shadow starts to feel very strange after Jumba tries on last experiment on him. His pesonality splits and creates a new indevidual. To top it off, the new being splits bodies with Shadow and has a new idenity. How will this problem be solved?

39. Gloria, the Titon of Terror

Experiment 628 is finally freed after a flood accors from another experiment. She is designed to be better than 627 and have no weakness. She is set out to capture all the experiments and to destroy Stitch. How will Stitch beat such an Experiment?

40. Resolutions

Basically the same as my other short stories.

41. Super Sized Angel. (I finally thought of a plan to use this idea. The show still runs!) (normal story)

Let's just say, not all Angels look heavenly after they have their favorite food of choice.

42. Sinister Father (Normal story)

After many attemps to capture Stitch and turn him evil again, Hamsterviel finnally gets his way. Stitch's missions: Capture B-X 005 first and to capture the other experiments next.

43. Sicken Angel (It's another normal story)

Angel starts to get sick and Stitch wants her to stay in bed. While Angel is in bed, her children try to help around the house for her, but things don't go right. While her kids are cleaning and helping their mother, Angel starts to get sicker each passing day. Can this problem be solved?

44. Forgotten Mother (Normal story)

Angel hits her head, and is found by Stitch, who was starting to become worried. She wakes up to see Stitch, and her first words were, "Who are you, hansom?"

45. Return of the Nightmares (Normal story)

Shadow Stitch is back, and this time, instead of attacking Angel, he is attacking all of the experiment's children!! Stakes have been turned up a knotch.

46. A Mother's Grief (Normal Story)

Jumba built a new and improved nightlight for Shadow, since he's scared of the dark. At night the invention goes haywire and catches the house on fire! To top of the sadness of loosing a home, Angel goes into denial when one of her children dies in the fire. Yes, all the B-X are immortal since the experiment parents are the same, but two weren't from 'nobal' blood and that is Shadow and an a adopted child. Which child died and has become a ghost of the family?

47. Finding a New Meaning of Life (Single P.O.V.)

We all know and love the first movie, that started all the Lilo and Stitch shows, and how they revolved around each character's actitivities, but they never showed how Stitch was thinking when he was on the loose and found out about family. This is a P.O.V. of him and his sadful thoughts that changed his evil ways.

48. A Lonely Feeling (Stitch's P.O.V)

Same as 'Finding a New Meaning of Life,' except it's about STITCH! The movie.

49. What is Wrong With Me (Stitch's P.O.V.)

Same as the other two, only on Stitch Has a Glitch.

50. Learning From the Best (Short Story) (Done)

This is something I thought up and wanted to put on fanfiction. These are rule from Stitchie on what to do right and what to do wrong.

51. The Shame of Love (Normal Story)

Stitch falls in love with a certain Galick that resembles him in every way possible, but he already has a bugee bu and a family and he doesn't want to loose them. Will his love ruin everything or will he achieve a new level of life.

52. Angel's Gone Hungry (Normal Story)

Experiment 387 or Filly has been activated, an experiment that gets inside a person's stomach and secretes a liquid called, 'Yumack' that makes the host's mind into seeing people as their favorite food, like chacolate, for example. Guess who's going to be the first host? He, he, he.

53. Future World (Normal Story)

B-X 005 finds an experiment and ends up going into the future 300 years later. With Shadow gone, his evil twin/split personality/rival took over the the univers. How will B-X 005 survive and come back to his own time?

54. Home of Horror (Normal Story)

Stitchie, Spring, Shadow, and some other B-X's were dared to stay the night in this abandoned house near a cementary, by a fellow friend. Un-aware that it's haunted with some ghastly ghosts that have taken refuge and are extremely dangerous and desturbing. How will they survive?

56. War of the Worlds (Normal Story)

A planet called, Quantical, am bug like planet, has been observing the human race and have been debating on conquering it. After seeing their smaller selves being killed, by us humans, they decide to coquer the planet. Now it's up to the experiments, galicks, and everyone else to stop this from happening.

57. Trying to Catch My Shadow (Normal story)

Shadow has deciced to come back to his home town, to spend some time with his family. Unware, Experiment 628 or Gloria, has started to fall for him and she will do what it takes to become his mate. Will she succeed?.

59. Shadowy Love (Normal Story)

Despair hasn't forgotten about the evil Shadow Stitch, who nearly killed her and absorbed her at one time, but she is starting to feel something she's never had before and that is...Love? Yes, she's fallen in love the the evil monster, who is imprisioned by stone. Because of her, he's back for payback again. But, will she change to good or is she still her evil self?

60. Twisted Shadows of Good (Normal Story)

Gantu has finally captured Shadow by luck of finding him being unconcieous. Hamsterviel has changed him into his slave and he is known to be the most powerful being ever to be created, now in the hands of evil, the world is in trouble.

61. Trinitie and Johnathan's Pirate Problem (Normal Story)

Trinitie and Johnathan are heading to Earth to visit their brother, Jumba Jookiba, but were attacked by space pirates close to Earth's atmosphere. The reason why the space pirates came: To steal, Trinitie's trinits, her own experiments and Johnathan's experiments called Krelecks. By the looks of this, new cousins are coming.

62. Spoiling Secrets by Nosy (Short Story)

Nosy's going to tell you each experiment's most embarrassing secrets. It could come up at any time.

63. Horror Stories for Camp (Normal Story)

Stitchie, Kixxie, Spring, Andy, Mike, Aaron, and Berrie are camping in the back yard. Stitchie decides to have a contest on who can tell the scariest story.

64. Stuck On You (Normal Story)

Experiment 281 is activated, an experiment that is disigned to to fuse things into one being or conjoined beings. Unfortuanately, Angel and Stitchie have become conjoined. Stitchie has now become part of Angel's belly, which back of his body is stuck to, eception of his legs and back of his head. Now, they must find Experiment 282's pod in order to have them separated or they will be stuck to each other for all eternity.

65. A Bounty Escaping Its Shadow (Normal story)

Aaron his a bounty hunter looking for a convicted fellon of the planet Squeen, who has excaped to Earth for a hiding spot. Now, Aaron has to be quiet hunter and catch this villian before somebody knows what he (the criminal) is.

66. Trespassing On Bugee Bu Territory (Normal Story(s))

We know the Trinites have a secondary function besides their primary power, and that second function is mating with an specific experiment. However, some of the experiments already have families. These trinites will keep bothering the specific experiment until they mate, but, how far will some go?

67. Vampire Problem (Normal Story)

A vampire has come to Kauai and he is causing problems. How will this fiend be ridden from this peaceful community? I have the ending thought up all ready!

68. Mother and Son Switch (Normal Story)

Angel and Stitchie are at the park when they suddenly switch minds with each other from one of Zeeth's Galicks. The family has to find this Galick and swap back before a week pasts or the effect will be permanately.

69. Spooks by Spooky (Short Story)

Spooky will list every experiment's worst fear. It will be one of those one chapter kind of deals.

70. Angel Meets Boy (Normal Story)

Angel was going to the grociery store to get some food for home when she was changed into a man from Experimet 362 an expirement that changes the gender of any creator. Now the family has to catch this experiment and change her back.

71. United Abominations (Normal Story)

All the evil people that Shadow has defeated have united and captured his family in order to make them fall to their plan- to destroy B-X 005. Red Eyed Shadow Stitch, Despaira, Green Eyed Shadow Stitch, Liquado, Skull, Corrupto, Shade, Leroy, and Many, Many more have come togather and set their differences asside to work togather to defeat their nemisses.

72. Going Animal? (Normal Story)

Angel and a few of her kids have a situation on their shoulders. If only a primal galick didn't make them into thier true selves they could realise it. They don't turn into cavemen or into something primative or something like that. They were changed into thier animal 'selves' like loosing the ability to be like humans and instead acting their real animal nature.

73. Lost Stitches (Normal Story)

Stitchie was sent to his room in on the way back to earth from a vacation, but he gotten himself spewed out from the ship by playing with a few buttons. He eventually gets picked up by some planet travelers and goes to different planets, trying to find his way back home and to stay alive from planet's native animals.

74. Invisible Trouble (Normal Story)

Stitchie some how turns invisible and causes promblems for the town, sure it's fun and all for him, but he gets bored and wants to be visible again, only to not find a way too.

75. Skipping School (Normal Story)

Stitchie pretends to be sick and skips school and his parents have plans on going places. He has the house somewhat to himself.

76. Raising Money (I think it'll be a short story)

Stitchie and his brothers want to get a new cd but they have to earn money just to get it, so that way they will learn to not look up at their family for money all the time. Things get funny when they get ideas for money.

77. Home Alone (Normal Story)

The whole family is packed and gone out of the the island to go on a family vacation only to forget Stitchie, who spent the night at his friends house. Now he has the whole house to himself.This is a one time opportunity to do what ever he wants without rules.

78. Baby Sitting Trouble (Normal Story)

Angel is on the road going onto baking contests from different states. Unfortuanely for Stitch, he has to baby sit his babies, (his first litter. They're one year old.) and what problems he has to go through. Will he survive?

79. Baby Sitting Trouble 2: Not Again! (Normal Story)

Stitch once again baby-sit his kids again. This time, he has to baby-sit his first litter who are, three by now and he also has to take care of his second litter, who just stopped being breastfed and are on bottles now. It's the same routine.

80. Quieted Mischief (Normal Story)

The impossible has happened- Stichie lost his voice temparely from yelling too much. Now he has to wait patiantly for his voice to come back, but his other siblings are not rushing anything.

81. Mama Miah (Normal Story)

Angel gets pinched by a growth galick, that makes people grow every day. The galick is caught of course, but Angel's still growing. Jumba and Zeeth have to find the cure or Angel will be bigger than the planet! (Stitch wouldn't mind that! Or would he?)

82. Losing Your Shadow (Normal Story)

Shadow is out in space and he gets a letter that his family has been captured by his evil twin/split personality B-X 005.5. Now he has to save his family from certain death.

83. Bored in Detention (Short Story)

Stitchies in detention yet again, but lets see how he's going to pass time.

84. A Furry Problem (Normal Story)

Lilo some how turns into an 'experiment' and is trying to find a way to turn back to normal. After all, she does have her own life to take care of instead of being an animal.

85. Little Again (Normal Story)

Stitch and Angel turn into babies thanks to the work of a galick. Because of the galick, Jumba and Zeeth have to find an antidote, while Pleakley and the family has to take care of the baby trouble makers.

86. Losing Your Cover (Normal Story)

For some strange reason, are alien family is loosing thier fur and are becoming naked! It's another problem for Jumba to fix.

87. Painful Guilt (Normal Story)

Shadow is growing, but his destructive powers are growing too, but he has trouble with them we all know. He's started to feel giulty now that he's accidently hurting his family with his powers. What will he do to make himself less guilty?

88. An Angel's Jealousy (Normal Story)

Angel has been getting jealous over Stitchet and she has taken action on the situation. She ate her! Now, with Stitchet inside Angel, Angel has take care of Stitchet's new borns. How will Angel feel now?

89. Mutation Domination: Got Meds? (Normal Story)

We know Jumba experimented on Shadow and has mutated him the second time. Shadow is on medication for it now, but, a problem has accured, the medician ran out and the monster mutation effect has grown stronger and such. It's time for another capture.

90. Toy Daddy (Normal Story)

Shadow has done another accident with his family, he turned his father into a small toy Stitch and he doesn't know how to bring him back to normal. How will everybody treat Stitch?

91. Water Scare (Noraml story)

Stitchie and the family are playing at the beach, but a quick scare comes when Stitchie falls off the surfbourd and doesn't come back up. After he does come back, he becomes horribly frightened from water. The family is trying to unscare him, will they succeed?

92. Catching a Shadow (Normal Story)

Stitchie is cammander of the Galactic Alliance and his next assiment is to...Catch his brother for murder? Stitchie is now after his bother, Shadow, for murdering one of the council members. The thing is, Shadow knows he didn't do a thing. Now he has to find the real killer that framed him and battle his brother.

93. Shrinking (Normal Story)

Stitch is starting to shrink from one of Dr. Zeeth's Galicks it's the same routine with Angel's growing problem.

94. Taking Back the Galaxy (Normal Story)

The council has been overthrown and imprisoned by piratesd. Because of these pirates all of the galaxy is feeling his wrath. It's up to Stitchie to fix the tyrant problem.

95. Losing an Angel (Normal Story)

Stitch and Angel are coping with Stitchet incedent and are doing fine a little bit. Thanks to Galick 624, she ruined the relationship, because she forced Stitch to make love to her, and guess who saw the what they were doing? Angel!

96. A Galactic Battle (Normal Story)

Galick 625 has been activated and has made the good galicks on his evil side thanks to one of his powers. Now it's the experiments vrs. the galicks.

97. Baby Sitting Trouble 3: No Rules. (Normal Story)

Stitch and Angel decide to go on a romantic vacation for a week on the other islands. That means, the rest of the family has to take care of the kids, who have gotten older, but more destructive. It's time to make troulble!

98: Cube of Insanity (Berrie's P.O.V.)

Berrie finds a strange golden cube with strange markings all over it. She presses a square button on the bottom of the cube by accident and is transported to inside the cube, forever looking for a way out of the world of mazes and horror. The only way to escape is to escape the maze.

99. Robotic Trouble (Normal Story)

Jumba creates a small robot to train Stitch and Angel's kids. Each one that fails, he makes a better one. Well, once the supior robot is built, it keeps the kids on their toes, but it some how short circuts and goes on a rampage on the town.

100. Goul School (Multi P.O.V.)

Stitchie and Andy sneak out of the house at night to spray paint the inside of the their school, only to be locked inside by ghosts that only want to have fun themselves.

101. Jugulator (Normal Story)

A massive steel ball is hurtleing through space and collides with Earth in near the Island of Kauai. What comes out of the water is a monsterous steel monster that makes its refuge on in the mountains, spreading lava all around it. The monster is here to feed on the bad people, but takes it too far.

102. Clown from Around (Normal Story)

A boy sees a clown, with an inocent looking smile on its face, from the school window. He thinks its his own personal friend, but it gives him and his friends fear and missery in their hearts.

103. Shadow's Vengeance (Normal Story)

Sequal of the below story, Shadow still can't get over it what he has gone through. He's tired of being timid and he's going to show Stitchie not to mess with a overpowerful being.

104. Jealous of your Shadow (Normal Story)

High school life, such youth, such drama, such love, and such jealousy. It's obviously a tough life, even for evil genetic experiment off-springs. Shadow has fallen in love with Sparket, who has also been eyed by Stitchie. Of course, she wants says yes to a date, which ticks Stitchie off. He's been so jealous of his brother lately, he's been getting better grades than him, he doesn't get into trouble, his parents are showing him more attention than he is, and now he just asked out the girl he loves. It's like he's there to make Stitchie the bad guy when he's only being the good guy. Stitchie decides enough is enough, he's going to show how what senority of siblingship and how it works.

105. House of Madness (Multi P.O.V.)

Shadow has been seeing a new friend lately, but she past away over the weekend. He is so sad that his friend is dead that he goes into her house and finds a place to just cry. Then noises accure, screams are heard and things start moving around. Shadow is scared out of the house, but his story attracts his older siblings interest. Was the lady murdered by a "Visitor" or is she trying to say something?

106. Come Out and Play (Short Story)

Sping is put to sleep by her mother. A few minutes later, she wakes up from a voice, calling out "Twisted Sister. Come out and Play" From her closet. What's in her closet.

107. Attack of Rogue and Tyrant (Normal Story)

Two of Trinitie's Trinites have been activated and have decided to destroy each country one by one and cocquer the planet. These are the most dangerous Trinites because they're from the 1,000 series. It's the battle of Rogue and Tryant Vrs. the O'hana.

108. Parasitic Spring (Normal Story)

A green worm of some sort is sucked up in the Earth's atomospere, it burns up, but it turns metalic and it hit the Kauai beach at night. When Angel and her family deside to go the beach and loosen up, Spring finds the object and takes it home later. Next thing she knows is sleep and lots of it. While she sleeps, her body tries to blend in with the family, unknowing to them, she's mutating on the inside.

109. Escape out of Racoon City (Normal Story)

Angel is on another Baking trip and she decides to take all her girls with her on the trip, giving them a break from their brothers. Few days go by easily, but things start to go wrong when something is scratching on their door, moaning and groaning. It's time to get out of the city and the life-less new residents.

110. War of the Dead (Normal Story)

Who said, zombies are slow and incompitent? There's a race of Zombie human-looking warriors that are conquering planets, one by one. They decide to go small for awhile and hit the Hawiian Islands, starting with the 'Forbidden Island' and then Kauai and so on. Its the battle of the liveing and the dead. Who will be victorious?

111. Those Eyes (Short Story) (Done)

Angel is thinking about Shadow's eyes and why she hates seeing them.

Last Words From the Dead

This isn't a story really, I just want to put up my last words to my dead cat-freinds.

113. Found by a Rattlehead (Normal Stories)

Vic Rattlehead his such an upperclass person, going to Kauai and 'enjoying the sights.' He's really here for alien life forms he's been hearing about on the news and to be quiet certain, his 'home' in Hanger 18 located in Area 51 will be pleased with his findings.

(I don't own Vic Rattle-head. Megadeth does after all, he's their mascot)

114. Rattlers are Hard to Kill (Normal Story)

The Grand Counsel women has passed away and the possition is available. Well, thanks to the news papers, Vic Rattlehead has taken the thought up. After all, he's got some ideas of his own to enforce.

(I don't own Vic Rattlehead but Megadeth does. After all, he is their mascot.)

Here's some good pictures of Vic Rattlehead


115. For The Love of Kanden (Metroid fic. Single P.O.V.)

Kanden, a bounty hunter created by Zongle The Great. He falls in love with the Malacky, a female Kanden. When Zongle teriminates her. Kanden goes on a killing spree. He finds out about the 'Ultimate Power,' and he wants to revive her.

116. Resident Evil 4: Bogus Mission (P.O.V.) (Resident Evil Fic)

Leon is sent to find the Presidents daughter. Yeah we all know that and how the game works. But, what if the whole game was a bloopered, hmm, time to make fun of the horror and action.

117. Resident Evil: Dummies of the Mansion (P.O.V.) (Resident Evil Fic)

Like the story before this one.

118. Trever's Adventure (P.O.V.)

Trever is at the mercy of the conspiricy on the mansion. This is a tale of an excape attempt.

119. Some Labs are Best Alone and Dead

120. Mutation Domination: Mutated Forever

The mutation of Shadow is being surpressed. But, now, the mutation somehow became resistant to the medicain. The choices are now: Make a new medicain or destroy the child.

121. Umbrella Series: Start of the Conspiracy

122. Umbrella Series: Rise of the Dead

123. Umbrella Series: Escaping Raccoon City

124. Umbrella Series: Seek and Destroy

125. Umbrella Series: S.T.A.R.S.In Need.

126. Umbrella Series: Back to Business

127. Umbrella Series: Corruption Disruption

128. Umbrella Series: New Outbreak

129. Umbrella Series: Rattle’s Never Die

130. Umbrella Series: Memories

131. Umbrella Series: Extermination

132. Umbrella Series: Monster Mash

133. Umbrella Series: Mission Complete

134. Umbrella Series: Las Plagas

135. Umbrella Series: Parasites Needed

136. Umbrella Series: Run on Bugs

137. Umbrella Series: World Turns on Stars

138. Umbrella Series: No Home for the Bugless

139. Umbrella Series: The Research Never Ends

140. Umbrella Series: Virus Vs. Parasite

141. Umbrella Series: Tyrannical Soldiers

142. Umbrella Series: Hunting Evil Down

143. Umbrella Series: United Abominations

144. Umbrella Series: Separation of Powers

145. Umbrella Series: Corporation Vs. Cult Vs. Stars

146. Umbrella Series: Umbrella Caught Their Shadow

147.Umbrella Series: Taking Back the World

148. Umbrella Series: Code X-11

149. Umbrella Series: Plaga 62

150. Umbrella Series: Bad News Umbrella

151. Umbrella Series: Plant 56

152. Umbrella Series: All Guns Blazing

154. Umbrella Series: Rust in Peace

155. Umbrella Series: The Glory of Science

156. Umbrella Series: Burning Sensations

157. Umbrella Series: Chip Off of the New Shadows

158. Umbrella Series: Shaded by Tyranny

159. Umbrella Series: Survival of the Fittest

160. Umbrella Series: Cure of Death

161. Umbrella Series: Atomic Flash

162. Umbrella Series: Justice for All

163. Umbrella Series: Going Back to the Start

164. Umbrella Series: New Beginning

165. Umbrella Series: Madness Again

166. Umbrella Series: Change Pace

167. Umbrella Series: Toying with Toys

168. Umbrella Series: Crippling World Again

169. Umbrella Series: Nemesis In Progress

170. Umbrella Series: Project PTG-01

171. Umbrella Series: Cruel World’s End

172. Under the Bed (New Story) (1 p.o.v.)

Shadow is scared of hte dark, but he's just as scare from under his bed at night just as much as the dark. This is what he thinks every night.

173. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! (Done)

Mother's day cards from the kids. Let's see what they say.

174. Talking to a Shadow's Past (Done)

This will explain why Shadow was so dark in 'Happy Mother's Day, Mom

175. Separation of Light and Dark (Short story)

176. Corrupted Black Shadow of Mind (New story)

177. Purified Shadows of Light and Heart (New Story)

178. Killing Your Shadow for Good

179. Trapped in the Ship of Dispair.

180. Reflection of your Shadow

Whoa! Where did all this come from?! I never expected to hit the 120 goal. Instead, I snapped that goal like a twig. My next goal is to hit 200 stories. Like I can do that...or can I?

I'll probally think of other stories; but these will be appearing on Fanfiction later. Some of these stories may have songs on them too just for some extra information.

Characters I will use or create.

1. Spire


2. Trace


3. Noxus


4. Kandan (My little brother and I like to call him Kay-den. He's also our favorite bounty hunter, that and, Spire)


5. Sylux


6. Weavel


Six characters came from Metroid Prime:Hunters. They will be on 'The Bounty is One You.' I don't own them I think Nintedo or Rare does. I didn't want to describe them becuase I'm horrible when it comes to discription..

7. Experiment 578 or Thundra Storm Lightning-She creates massive thunder storms and creates floods.

She will be in some parts or mentioned in the story 'Trying to Live Dreams and Survive Nightmares' and in future stories but not a lot for the 2nd story.

Same with the other experiments and children of the experiments.

8.(Born Experiment) B-X 006 or Sparket Amy Lightning

9. B-X 007 or Sparkle Electra Lightning

10. B-X 008 or Voltly Electro Lightning

These are Sparkey Rain Lighting's kids

11. Experiment 526 or Frozanna Frosta Ice She creates blizzards and turns planets into frozen waste lands. (Slushy's bugee bu)

12. B-X 009 or Sprinkle Candise Ice

13. B-X 010 or Cream Vanilla Ice

14. B-X 011 Frosty Freeze Ice

Slushy Frost Ice's kids

15. Experiment 498 or Huggo Squeezer Tentacles. He's the purpleish-blue octopuse that sqeezes the life out of things with his 10 tenticles. I don't own this character Disney does. He's Yin's bugee bu

16. B-X 012 or Squirt Squire Tentacles

Yin Watra Tentacle’s kid

17. Experiment 567 or Maggy Inferna Magma. Yang’s bugee bu. She is designed to fire lava out of her giant, retractable volcano on her back, and cause lava pools and rivers.

18. B-X 014 or Pele Valarie Magma

19. B-X 015 or Fry Magness Magma

20. B-X 016 or Cookie Sweet Magma

Yang Magmort Magma's kids.

21. B-X 017 or Al Barrow Stealer

22. B-X 018 Ally Parker Stealer

Bonnie Gem Stealer and Clyde Pro Stealer's kids

23. Experiment 055 or Elastica- She makes things stretchy. When Jumba's young neices and nephews come to visit, she will make his prize possessions rubber so they can't break his things.

24. B-X 019 or Strechy Rollondo Flex

25. B-X 020 or Strechica Renee Flex

Elastico's kids

26. Experiment 121 or Candy Minnie Sweets-She is designed to create any form of candy ot of anything. She makes a healthy civilization into a obiece gluttons.

27. Experiment 039 or Taffy Reeses Sweet- Candy's bugee bu. Proto-type of Candy. He is designed to create any chewy-type candy for Jumba's nieces and nephews.

28. B-X 021 or Hershey Kisses Sweet (Female)

29. Experiment 409 or Caren- She is designed to heal any illness, injury, ect. Caren is basically Jumba's nurse

30. Experiment 356 or Rosie- She is designed to break your heart by replicating herself into someone you love. Jumba thought of building her after he or his ex-wife devorced. Since Jumba was heart broken he had an idea for his next experiment. Rosie is basically the main character of 'Trying to Get That Man'

I decided to tell you guys who are reading my profile a little bit about Stitch and Angel's kids.

31. B-X 001 or Stitchie Lee Petals

Stitchie is Stitch and Angel's first child and son out of Angel's first litter. He is the spitting image of Stitch and has his attitude. Stitchie inherited all of Stitch's abilities, but none from Angel. He loves to cause trouble for the family and is almost always accompied with his brothers. Stitchie is also a classic rock lover as well his brothers and his second sister, Berrie. He hates vegetables and other things kids hate. He likes horror movies and space ships for war purposes. Stitchie wants to grow up to be a police officer.

Stitchie's occupation when he grows up: Captain of the Galactic Armada

32. B-X 002 or Spring Angelina Petals

Angel and Stitch's first daughter of coarse. She looks exactly like her mother and has the abilities of Angel. This little girl tries to act like her mother as much as possible, learning how to cook, clean, and other things. Spring is very kind hearted liker her mother and she is a goody-two-shoes. Stitchie and her constantly fight over everything, whether toys or the television. Spring likes to play dolls, soccer, even if the soccer ball is larger than her, hula, and to snitch on her brothers. Usaully every morning, she will wake up with bugs or something on her bed from Stitchie, B-X 005, and Andy. She wants to grow up to be like her mother and to be a professional hula teacher.

Spring's occupation when she grows up: Spring will become a helper in her mother's sweets shop.

33. B-X 003 or Berrie Rose Petals

Berrie looks similar to her mother, except her fur his blue. Under her chin down to her crouch is Angel's pink fur with a blue 'V' on her chest. The stripes on her back are pink as well the bands near the end of her antennae, and claws when she wants to have them out. Berrie's ears are just like Stitch, but have pink at the tips. Berrie has all the abilities of Stitch and Angel. Berrie are similar to her older sister, Spring, but sometimes she will spend time with her brothers. Berrie doesn't try to act like her mother or her father, she just wants to have fun and cause trouble sometimes. When she isn't with her bothers, she's usually with Spring, playing dolls or something girly. Berrie wants to grow up to be like her dad...a hero.

Berrie's occupation when she grows up: Berrie will become a teacher for 2nd graders.

34. B-X 004 or Andy James Petals

Poor, poor Andy. He looks like a spitting image of Angel. He has all of Stitch and Angel's abilities. Yes indeed he looks exactly like his mother, which he hates completely, for people always think he's a female puppy or his mother will confuse him with Spring, since they look exactly alike. Andy usually spends time with Stitchie or he will be in the toy room, Jumba built for the kids of Stitch and Angel (You know that spot Nani keeps her cars in? We can say bye-bye to that empty place). He likes to cause trouble and think of pranks to get at Spring. He likes to dance, sing, play with army men with Stitchie, and play video games. Things he hates is vegetables and how people tell him he's a cute girl puppy or something in that nature. To top of the hatefulness of his appearance, his brothers also pester him about how he looks, which makes him angry and loose his temper. Andy wants to grow up as a bounty hunter or wants to join the Galactic Armada.

Andy's occupation when she, I mean, he grows up: Andy is second in command of the Galactic Armada.

35. B-X 005 or Shadow Aaron Petals

Shadow is a sabotaged reincarnation of Shadow Stitch. Shadow has no powers during his early stages of life. When he turns 5 years old, he mysteriously gets these strange destructive powers. He can't control his powers very well and has a hard time trying to keep them under control. Shadow is very, very, very shy of people, especially if they're bigger than him (which each kid is as small as a stair step, and they don't grow very much over the years), Every time when K'lina wants to go out side with her alien pals, which they do their dog disguise, this born experiment will usually hide underneath his mother or father because he is so shy and timid. Shadow is usually a follower of his older brothers when they decide to cause some mischief. He is extremely protective of his mother and his o'hana. Usually his other siblings will make fun of him because he is scared of the dark and ends up sleeping in Stitch and Angel's room. Sometimes when this B-X slips into his parents room, he will even scare Angel by accident because of his eyes that glow in the dark. Even though he looks evil, he is very kind like his mother. He doesn't know what he wants to grow up to be.

Shadow's occupation when he grows up: Shadow goes through a mental breakdown after being cheated on his girlfriend and beaten up by Stitchie. He was corrupted and left Earth to pursue a hateful and vengeful life. No longer corrupted, anger dominates Shadow and he has taken a role into unleashing his anger on criminals he catches and tortures their mind, body, and souls for eternity. Shadow becomes the most wanted criminal in the galaxy known as ‘The Butcher,’ who lives in his massive ship, ‘The Ship of Despair.’ No one knows what goes on that ship but Andy.

Later down the road. I’m deciding to start my 4th story with an flashback. You'll find out where these two came from, along with the other eight. You may be shocked and surprised!

36. B-X 036 or Mike Tyson Petals

He looks exactly like his real father, Kixx, and has his abilities, which would've of been useless if his dad (Stitch) and Kixx didn't teach him combat skills.

Mike's occupation when he grows up: Mike becomes a gym teacher for high schoolers.

37. B-X 037 or Kixxie Maria Petals

She looks exactly like her real father, but pink and femalish. She has her real father's abilities.

Kixxie’s occupation when she grows up: Kixxie will become gym teacher too, only for elementary students.

Angel Love Petals and Stitch Romantico Petals' kids

38. Experiment 612 or Target- He is designed to take down flying vehicles with his three red, missile-like, quills on his back.

39. Experiment 622 or Sandy- She is designed to destroy armies by firing twenty different types of ammo, like lazers for example, without running out, and she has the ability to lift 1,000 times her weight and teleport anywhere. She looks like a spitting image of 625, only except, her fur his blue and she's in shape. She wants Stitch as a bugee bu and nobody else. The problem is Stitch has already created a family with Angel. This Experiment is on 'I Only Need YOUR Bugee Bu.' Stitch named her Sandy due to the strong resemblance to Reuben

40. Experiment 231 or Bones- He's designed to revive the dead. His programming was too advance for Jumba so when he revives the something dead, he can only control 10 Zombies, and not just that, the un-dead are flesh eaters too. Also, when the undead bites any living hing, they become Zombies too.Jumba created him to revive his grandfather but back-fired. This experiment is on 'Un-dead Kauai.'

41. Experimet 362 or Gender- She's designed to change the sex of any creature.

42. Experiment 005 or Miss Kitty- She was designed to be Jumba's cat and to annoy nieghbors by meowing really loud on Jumba's fence. Victoria finds her and keeps her.

43. Experiment 179 or Blackie- She was designed to take away colors and turn them black and white. Jumba created her to make a civilization go crazy with out colors. Also makes driving a hard time with stop lights being black.

44. Experiment 594 or Sunny- He is designed to make a planet heat up and cause droughts, no night time, which creates confusion to nature, and to give people a mean sunburn.

45. Experiment 595 or Luna- She is designed to make a planet into night time forever by blocking all forms of solar rays. This makes nature confused, driving gets harder, people become more tired by thinking it's still night time, and criminals become more active.

46. Experiment 182 or Speaker- He switchs peoples voices.

47. Experiment 175 or Choke- He is designed to take your vioce away.

48. Experiment 326 or Rage- He is designed to make people angry at one another, thius make two freinds or planets avoid each other. With this in effect, planets stop trading with certain planets or race, fights may break out, and other terrible things.

49. Experiment 239 or Cheat- He is designed to find codes to anything. Jumba built her so he could remember the codes to his lab. because he's so forgetful (and still is)

50. Experiment 289 or Annie- She is disigned to make to in-animate objects come alive and attack.

51. Experiment 271 or Tele- She makes anything in a television screen come out.

52. Experiment 421 or Mr. Fix-It- He was designed to fix any broken item.

53. Experiment 391 or Echo- She's designed to make people lose their ability to speak for themselves by making them repeat the same words the person told them over and over, until it fades away.

54. Experiment 168 or Socker- He was designed to make people eat socks.

55. Experiment 045 or Trash- He was designed to pick up garbage and eat it, but his function has a problem. He eats garbage and spits it onto Jumba's bed.

56. Experiment 193 or Speedy- He is designed to make things go fast forward like a V.C.R.

57. Experiment 194 or Slug- He is designed to make things go in slow-mo.

58. Experiment 059 or Trimmy- She was designed to cut Jumba's yard. Once more she too has a function problem, once she starts cutting Jumba's lawn she can't stop and she moves to his neighbor’s lawn then the next after that. She also has another problem; she cuts the grass all the way to ground.

59. Experiment 615 or Warp- She is designed to teleport anything hostile to a battlefield, as well herself and non-hostile beings. She accidently teleported the Tediz and the Squirrels after Gantu spooked her. Warp is in the story 'The War of the Toys. I don't own the Tediz or the Squirrels, Nintendo and Rare own them.

60. Experiment 269 or Pooh- He's designed to give people diarrhea.

61. Experiment 373 or Lucy- She's designed to make people hallucinate, making populations confused or frightened.

62. Experiment 003 or Trance- He was designed to translate any language.

63. Experiment 126 or Mr. Size it- He's designed to change anything into a different size. He's exactly like Jumba's growth ray.

64. Experiment 364 or Tired-Eyes- He's designed to make anything never sleep.

65. Experiment 263 or Fam- She is designed to cause world hunger.

66. Experiment 135 or Jail-Breaker- He is designed to destroy any form of prison or jail, thus letting out crimanals.

67. Experiment 123 or Carman- She was designed to make anything dance non-stop with her Latin beats. She's that pink Angel-like experiment with the fruit on her head and merraccas in her four arms in the movie 'Leroy and Stitch'.

I don't own her Disney does.

68. Experiment 620 or Gunner- He's designed to created any a weapon, particularly guns and explosives. He lives at Kokaua Police Department with Fibber.

69. Experiment 104 or De-Clothes- His programming is to eat peoples clothes.

70. Experiment 107 or Spoil- She's designed to make you lose your appetite.

71. Experiment 294 or Mime- He was designed to created invisible objects by miming.

72. Experiment 146 or Stick- He's designed to make things impossibly sticky. The cure to his stickiness is very, very hot water.

73. Experiment 372 or Deafy-She was designed to make people deaf.

74. Experiment 382 or Senseless- He's Designed to make anything loose their senses, like hearing for example.

75. Experiment 049 or Hiedie- She was designed to hide your things impossibly good.

76. Experiment 396 or Minder- He's designed to control anything using his mind, like in-animate objects or people's minds.

77. Shadow Stitch- This is a evil ghost that wants pay-back on Angel for killing him. He has infinite power and can do almost anything. He lives in Angel's mind and her dream world.

78. Spring- This ghost was created out of Angel's tears of love when the tears burned through Shadow Stitch's ghostly body. The tears fused with Shadow Stitch's soul and formed into this white ghost that stole Shadow Stitch's abilities and transformations. She has a few of her own abilities and has the ability to heal Angel, only if, she gets harmed by someone.

These two are in "Trying to Live Dreams and Survive Nightmares.

79. The Electric Circus- A ghostly circus from another dimension. I won't reveal anymore. (The band W.A.S.P. and Blackie Lawless, the lead singer owns the name, I don't)

80. Blackie Lawless- The Electric Circus's ring leader. I don't own his name

81. Psycho Circus- Another ghostly circus from another the same dimension as The Electric Circus. I won't reveal anymore. (The Band KISS and Gene Simmons owns this. I think I spell his name right, but anyways, I don't own it.

82. Simmons- Ring leader of the Psycho Circus

These four are in 'Inside The Electric Circus' story.

83. ? (Finally thought of a name)- This is the mysterious Puppet Master. He is a sorcerer that can only turn people into Puppets. He wants to control the planet.

He's on the story 'Puppet Master'

84. The Tediz- These evil teddy bears came from the planet Animalic (AnnieMalIc) These savage toys want world domination and they are fighting the Spuirrels in order to do this. They also have their own language called Tedizzous (TedDeezZus)They were warped to Kauia by Warp.

85. The Tediz are so superb in the art of war that they also created highly destructive weapons out of themselves or wounded Tediz called T-X's (Tediz Experiments). These monsters may not be advanced as Jumba's experiments, but that doesn't mean they are not destuctive as them. T-X's are the worst of the Tediz many experiments. Some have changes over envirement, some can create illusions, and some are just worst than any experiment created, even Jumba's experiments will have problems with these guys.

86. The Squirrels- These human-like squirrels are fighting the a war against the Tediz, who wants world domination. Their home planet is exactly like Earth and has the same time-frame as us (Planet Animalic).

These are in 'The War of the Toys'

I didn't want to go all the way to the top of my profile to do this and then re-number it all the way to the bottem.

87. B-X 022 or Phoonie

88. B-X 023 or Crisp

Phoon and Splody-head's kids

89. B-X 024 or Amie

90. B-X 025 or Hornette

91. B-X 026 or Yaarpy

92. B-X 027 or Yaarpet

Yaarp and Belle's kids.

93. Mr. Fursell Zoo Coo

This guy is in the new story 'Welcome to the Zoo.' He owns a very famous zoo for Aliens. He is also steals animals from other planets and puts them in his zoo for display. He just doesn't do that, this guy also, if the creature have very soft fur, shaves off the fur of an animal, turns it into blankets, clothes, and many other things for himself or he'll sell them for reasonable price.

94. Dr. Zeeth Creen

This Scientist is from the Planet Zara. She was recruited by the Galactic Alliance to create new police weapons. Little did they know, she has been creating illegal Genetic Mutated Experiments for her Lab Partner, Dr. Gerbal-wheel, a cousin of Dr. Hamsterviel. Dr. Zeeth Creen created 626 Galicks (Experiments in Zarnith) (These experiments are similiar to Jumba's experiments). These Galicks speak the language Zarnith from the planet Zara. I would say more but I don't want to blow anything.

95. Dr. Gerbal-wheel

This guy is Dr. Zeeth Creen's lab partner. He is the one who paid for the Galicks and wants to sell them to the black market, but his partner decided to steal the Galicks and hide. So he decided to tell the Galactic Alliance about his partner's illegal actions. This is all I will say.

96. Experiment 623 or Pod- He is designed to turn all the experiments to pods by Yelling an Experiments name (# name) at a close by experiment. He's in the story 'Loosing The O'hana to Pod.'

Here is more kids from our favorite couple, but where these kids came from is questionable. It took me awhile to think of these names. After I thought of some, I decided to put them in because it wouldn't reveal anything if I do.

97. B-X 038 or Jessica Tulip Petals

She looks similiar to her older sister, Spring, but her fur is Yaarps color with Angel's pink going down her chin to her crotch. Her antennea are shorter than Springs. Her ears are just like Angel's with dark green at the end, instead of purple. She has Angel's blot, but instead of purple, it's pink. She has two arms with purple claws. She has the ability to scream and turn what ever is near evil. But if she laughs loudly for anyone to hear, they turn good.

98. B-X 039 or Angelica Evonne Petals.

This child is just like Angel as well but green, how ever, she has yaarps horn betteen her antennea (the horn is pink) and his tail, which is also pink. Her claws are green and she has four arms that the bottom arms can't retract. Her horn has the same ability as Jessica. The only way to reverse the effect is to make the victim feel something soft.

99. B-X 040 or Max Benny Petals

Max looks exactly like Yaarp and has his ability to, like Angelica sonic blast, but doesn't have the abilty to turn people evil. He only has two arms though and Angel's tail.

100. B-X 041 or David Henry Petals

David looks just like Max, but he has four arms and no horn, but has Angel's Antennea, Angell's ears and has Yaarp's tail. He has the ability to turn things evil by singing the first song he learns and to sing it backwards.

101. B-X 042 or Flower Belle Petals

Flower looks just like Yaarp but is pink. She has the ability to fire a sonic blast out of her horn and to sing to turn people evil, but can be revearsed by singing a ryme.

104. B-X 043 or Lilly Honey Petals

She looks exactally like Yaarp, but with Angel's antennae and pink claws. She can turn things evil by singing and blowing a sonic blast out of her horn. The effects wear off in two days.

105. B-X 044 or (Little) Lilo Parakia Petals

Lilo looks just like her mother but has green fur, Yaarps ears, horn, and tail. Lilo has two pink anttenea with a hole at the end. She can turn things good by singing and blowing her big horn, but her holes at at the end of antennae can turn people evil.

106. B-X 045 or Sunday Cream Petals

Sunday looks just like Yaarp, but the horn doesn't blow things away, but her screaming can, which turns things good, as well as singing.

Stitch and Angel's kids. Well, Spring always wanted to have more sisters.

Heres a little information about the babies and the experiments that create them. Each list of B-X is a list of babies that were born from one pregancy. So these eight were stuck inside Angel's Womb during pregnacy (talk about carrying a heavy load!). Also, each experiment's off-springs expectation are different, like Stitch giving Angel four (I didn't make any mistake) babies from the get go or Bonnie and Clyde getting two kids from the get go too.

I finally created 100 character's! This was one of my goals! Now my next goal will be creating 50 more characters.

105. Experiment 589 or Wave- He's designed to have limited control over water.

106. Experiment 508 or Wilt- He is designed to destroy all forms of plant life by spreading an extremily poisonious-to-plants liquid called Triact (Tri-act) from space.

107. Experiment 579 or Radia- She's designed to spread radiation.

108. Experiment 597 or Fusion- She fuses anything togather permanetly and creates new beings or twin-like beings.

109. Experiment 504 or Weedy- He is designed to create non-stop growning weeds. (Imagine a 50 foot Dandy-lion in your back yard!)

110. Experiment 195 or Goofy-He is designed to to morph himself into very important people, like George Bush, and himullate them publically. He works at Hollywood for comidy movies.

111. Experiment 587 or Rain-He is disigned to create acid rain. He travels the globe, getting rid of acid rain.

112. Experiment 105 or Flatz- He is design to deflate any item, particullary tires.

Yin and Huggo's kid

113. B-X 013 or Squidward Oxie Tentecules

114. Experiment 233 or Show- She's disigned to trap people in television, game, ect.

115. Experiment 589 or Midas- He's designed to turn anything he touches into gold.

(Name came from an old myth. I don't own it)

116. Experiment 553 or Tornado- He creates extemely powerful tornados.

117. Experiment 161 or Snitch- She's designed to tell a law officer of any form about anyone who did something wrong, even the smallest problem.

118. Experiment 596 or Deeva- She is designed to devide any thing into two. (Like deviding a person into two people, a girl and a boy. If Stitch would be devided he would become a very small female and male Stitch. Powers would devide too.)

119. King Sprintag- An old warlock that came into power in the year 0056 B.C. thus taking over Planet Trentra. He lives to see battles and warriors fight in his collosiem. Sometimes he will do battle even if he is very elderly, if his abducted worriors fail.

120. Experiment 547 or Spread- He is designed to spread diseases.

121. Experiment 087 or Bland- He take the taste of food away, making it taste bad.

122. Experiment 341 or Bashful- She makes people shy by firing a lazer out a hole in her head. The effect wares off 26 hours after being 'bashified'

123. Experiment 503 or Whirly- She's designed to create whirlpools.

124. Experiment 153 or Ancient- He turns anything elderly. He has no effect on experiments

125. Experiment 398 or Tears- She's designed to make people cry non-stop. The effect wears off by sleep or hot chocolate.

126. Experiment 097 or Clause- He turns anything into toys, disabling planets. Only Clause can make the effect wear off. This experiment lives at Go Lucky Toys. He looks similiar to Old Saint Nick.

127. Experiment 518 or Forest- He creates forest fires by turning into a fire experiment and catching what ever is flammable on fire.

128. Experiment 380 or B.O.- He makes people smelly, thus making them less likly to be around him. Causing loneliness and depresson.

129. T-X 002 or Kamikaze Carebear- When the Tediz attacked poor Kokawa Town, they took some care bears from a toy store, as long some other teddy bears. They ran wires along through inside their body, leading to a dinamite box. These guys run into a squirrel filled area and self-destruct by having the button pressed automatically.

130. T-X 036 or Fry- This is a very large machine that fires out green acid out of its hoses for arms. Its main body looks like a hershy's kisses with a red valve biult into its chest and a circliur metal door in the middle of its body, leading to an acid storage. Around the circle, there is two yellow and black markings (Yellow triangle on the bottom and top of the door and black triangles on left and right of the door) with a warning 'Fill Acid Here!' (Fill Acid is on the top of the door and 'here!' is on the bottome of the door) There are four legs that a like spider legs on both sides of it underbody that are painted black with red paint that starts at the end of the curve of the leg to the sharp point. The hoses have spikes on top of it. The head is shaped like the Tidiz, it has sharp black teeth with glass, revealing acid leading up to a gaint glass ball on its head. Its eyes are green and it is able to fire acid out by turning its very small valve on top of its eyes. Its ears are green and they have special hearing mechonesiums in them. These guys are terrible on the battle field, turning the place into an acid waste dump. The trick to beat these guys it shooting the large glass ball on theirs heads, thus spilling the acid on them and destroying the machine.

131. T-X 199 or T.I.A.B. (Teddy In A Box) or Mr. Stick and Blow- This T-X is leathel in an open battle field. It is a black teddy bear head with a red nose, red ears with a black band on surounding the out side of it, and its has patches of the Tediz flag on their cheeks (A red flag with a black capitilalize 'T' in the middle and a white zig-zagity line going from the upper left corner down to the lower right corner). Green, glow in the dark, spikes surround this tediz head with two very long and large spikes coming out of its cheeks (when you tip his head on his side the long spikes will make an 'S'. This teddy head is kept aloft by an anti-gravitation mechinism under the head. This T-X spins in the air, homing onto its enemies at a quick speed. This teddy also has the ability to self-destruct and let its spikes fly off into different. If that wasn't bad enough, this teddy can regenerate it self and go back into battle. The only weakness it has is to freeze it into a block of ice.

132. T-X 304 or Mr. Illusionist- This T-X has eyes all over its black body. Starting at the middle of his body down to his crouch, a giant red eye ball with a very large pupil, that has the ability to create pictures of anything, like a hallogram. His round feet are red round eyes that does the same as the big red eye. His head is red with sewed shut eyes. Its mouth is an eye ball that opens and closes from the loose thread. Each cheek has to eye, while the forehead has one eye in the middle, and its ears has a black pupil. This T-X can see all directions from all the eyes all over his body. The red eyes can create hallograms to trick the opponets battleing him, while he goes into the kill. Remember, this is a toy, so throwing sand or anything won't have any effect on him.

133.Experiment 011 or Back-Scratcher- He is designed to scratch peoples backs.

134. Experiment 605 or Planna- She is designed to create fool proof plans for anything, mostly war purposes. Planna lives at lives at Lilo's hula school, thinking of plans on how to help the community.

135. Experiment 618 or Bull's-Eye- He is designed to hit anything with any weapon or item. He lives in the cicus Elastico, Elastica, and their children live.

136. Experiment 563 or Quickster- He is designed to turn anything into "Quicksand." Imagine you sitting on you couch and suddenly, your couch swallows you up.

137. Experiment 167 or Cramp- She's designed to give people cramps in certain spots on your body.

138. Galick 598 or Kixxet- She is disigned to attack armies using natural elements and is able for hand-to-hand combat. She looks exactally like kixx only pink and she is just as pervertive as Kixx.

139. Galick 003 or Swat- She is designed to kill bugs in the house with a news paper. She lives at Victoria's house, swatting at bugs and flies.

140. Galick 092 or Energize- He is designed to re-energize any object. Imagine playing your game boy or something with out having your batteries die.

141. Galick 021 or Party- He is designed to create party ideas. He lives at 'Party Hardy,' a store that sells merchandise for parties.

142. Galick 109 or Coon- He's designed to get in your garbage and make messes.

143. Galick 120 or Blister- He's disigned to give people blisters.

144. Galick 211 or Loud-Mouth- He's designed to blast music out of his mouth, thus keeping people awake at night.

145. Galick 345 or Compet- She's designed to make people competive.

146. Galick 322 or Sore-loser- He's designed to make people angry when they loose at something.

147. Galick 489 or Shrimp- He's designed to turn anything small.

148. Galick 490 or Prego- He's designed to make any female pregnate.

149. Galick 567 or Feral- She's disigned to turn any animal wild and dangerous. Imagine being chased by a flesh eating rabit (quiver). How horrific!

150. Galick 606 or Warso- He is designed to create wars and win them, thus taking land or something high in power.

Yes, Yes, Yes, YES! I finally gathered enough ideas to create fifty more characters. Next goal is making it up to 200! Challanging, but imagination is my workout.

151. Galick 612 or Sam- He is designed to battle with highly reflective 'swards' for arms

152. Galick 623 or Stitchet- She's designed to destroy cities and villages and cause choas. Stitchet also has all of Stitch's abilities and has the ability to teleport. She looks exactlly like Stitch only female-ish.

153. Galick 501 or Soaka- She's designed to get people soaked with cold water.

154. Galick 001 or Norma- she has no abilities or powers.

155. Galick 155 or Beat-It- Designed to defeat any game. Boy, that would be a nice galick to have!

156. Galick 099 or Rat- Disigned to eat crums of food and such.

157. Galick 045 or Phota- She's designed to take pictures of people for a memorable time and create photograph books.

158. Galick 031 or Fry- He's designed to create irresistable food and the person doesn't get bloated. He's pure good and competive.

159. Galick 104 or Flatso- He's disign to turn anything flat, like drawing on paper.

160. Galick 386 or Hillerie- She's designed to cause people to laugh uncontrollably by letting out laughing gas from her tubed ears.

161. Galick 398 or Cheese- He is disigned to make people smile very big and the victim is stuck like that, unless she or he cries.

162. Galick 002 or Workie- She's designed to clean Zeeth's home and is un-able to malfuntion. She's just like Felix with out the anticeptisizing people, part.

163. Galick 123 or Voulger- He's disigned to say at least one curse word in each of his sentences and teaches kids how to swear.

164. Galick 201 or S.B.D. (Silent But Deadly)- He's designed to fart and be gassy.

165. Galick 611 or Jet- He's designed to destroy air planes.

166. Galick 608 or Bomber- He's designed to bomb land targets and buildings. He lives at the air port, taking people to different countries or America.

167. Galick 025 or Besse- She's designed to create milk. She's basically Zeeth's cow, which she does look like a cow.

168. Galick 618 or Nuke- He's designed to destroy armies and bases with nuclear bombs.

169. Galick 312 or Ugly- He designed to turn beautiful woman and men into the most disgusting looking people, thus making population of a planet slowly decrease into nothing.

170. Galick 088 or Rip-Off- He's designed to rip tags off merchandise and beds, especially the 'Do Not Tear Off' tags.

171. Galick 390 or Greedy- He makes people greedy and fight over items.

172. Galick 019 or Marge- She's designed to blow dry hair.

173. Galick 135 or Spitter- He's designed to spit on people.

174. Galick 251 or Rainbow-She's designed to take away colors or change things into cirtain colors.

175. Galick 401or Star- She's designed to put light orbs high into the sky, thus making it look like a bright star. Great for romantic scenes on a hill or something, huh? (Moving eye-brows up)

176. Galick 298 or Puppet- He's designed to turn people into puppets.

177. Galick 112 or Drool- He's designed to make people drool.

178. Galick 311 or Venus- She's designed to make people fall in love and they will have their free-will. Thus, making planets populate, so Zeeth has more people to control.

179. Galick 569 or Planta- She's designed to make plants attack. Imagine being lock up in house, keeping yourself from being eaten by a man-eating dandelion!

180. Galick 188 or Harry- He's designed to turn anything hairy.

181. Galick 600 or Trigger-Happy- He was suppose to be a pure killing machine with his accurate shooting, but his programming glitched and turned him into a miss-whatever-he-shoots-at-shooter. How uncomforting to have him in the battle field.

182. Galick 619 or General -He's disigned to contral experiment 600 to 618 and has the ability to lift 1000 times his own weight and turn into a highly reflective and virtaully indestructable metal, called Slacktorite.

183. Galick 122 or Jeopardy- He's designed to annoy people by asking questions all the time.

184. Galick 607 or Mine- He's designed to detect mines.

185. Galick 509 or Legume- He's designed to eat plants and leave nothing left.

186. Galick 508 or Carnivora- She's designed to eat meat and nothing left. She eats a lot of meat.

187. Galick 500 or Puddle- He's designed to create big muddy puddles for people to step in and cars to run over.

188. Galick 409 or Dracula- He's designed to drink people's blood and can't be anywhere near garlic.

189. Galick 072 or Trapper- He's designed to capture mice in Zeeth's house.

190. Galick 399 or Ghoul- He's designed to scare people out of homes, morph into things, and other scary and dangerous abilities.

191. Galick 378 or Crazy- He makes everyone insane.

192. Galick 030 or Mario- He's designed to un-clog pipe and the toilet. Lilo named him that because of the mustash and the red fur that look like red over-alls.

193. Galick 545 or May- She designed to turn anything into flowers and to revive dead flowers.

194. Galick 421 or Superman- He's designed to give people the ability to fly.

195. Galick 144 or Dusty- He is designed to make homes dusty.

196. Galick 544 or Sandra- She's designed to create sand storms.

197. Galick 466 or Ramancy- She is designed to make dates romantic.

198. Galick 589 or Rust- He's designed to make metal rust.

199. Galick 387 or Sleepy- He's designed to make people tired. However, the victom is unable to fall asleep, thus making daily performances turn into nightmares.

200. Galick 533 or Frosty- He's designed to make ice, making it almost impossible to travel by foot or vehicle.

Boo-YA! 50 more characters in two days! I'm kicken’ some butt. Next goal is to hit 250!

201. Galick 004 or Brushy- She's designed to comb and brush Zeeth's hair.

202. Galick 108 or Blast- He's designed to shake pop-cans with pop in it and wait for people to open it.

203. Galick 566 or Bugsy- She is designed to spew out bugs from her mouth so they can eat plants, and some, animals and people.

204. Galick 327 or Poka- She's designed to poke people with needles, thus spreading fear about doctors or other needle using specialists.

205. Galick 477 or Reff- He's designed to be a referee for sports and create problems.

206. Galick 541 or Windy- She's designed to create strong or nice breezes.

207. Galick 555 or Shanna- She's designed to shake a villages and cities with out creating Earthquakes.

208. Galick 623 or Cap- He's designed to capture ALL galicks.

209. Galick 481 or Diana- She's designed to dance with people and to hurt them in the process.

210. Galick 199 or Clipper- He's designed to eat uburnium and to create it. He eats all the uburnium, making cost of fuel to go up. After awhile, people start to get angry and to shave their hair, since that's what uburnium is, hair.

211. Galick 610 or Sherman (named after a World War 2 American tank)- He's designed to destroy land targets and buildings by firing tank shells out of his cannon-like nose.

212. Galick 422 or Teach- He's designed to teach kids the wrong information.

213. Galick 377 or Dizzy- She's designed to make people dizzy.

214. Galick 523 or Daisy- She's designed to turn people into flowers.

215. Galick 115 or Noisy- He's designed to annoy people by making irritating sounds.

216. Galick 024 or Beef-It- He's designed to make food taste better.

217. Galick 015 or Repair- He's designed to fix broken items.

218. Galick 444 or Breaker- He's designed to fix vehicles, but makes it malfunction after a period of time, thus making more money every time the victim comes back.

I decided to put down the category of each galick. I should've done it earlier...But I didn't think about it 'til now.

Galicks 001-099

Zeeth's test batch all designed to help around the house. Some are designed to cause problems.

Galicks 100-199

Simple annoyers and Galicks with world changing effects.

Galicks 200-299

Chaos makers and Simple functioned.

Galicks 300-399

Psychological Disturbances

Galicks 400-499

Blenders of Society

Galicks 500-599

Elemental Manipulators, Nature Changers, and Elemental Fighters.

Galicks 600-619

Battle Field Experiments

Galicks 620-626

Super Powered Experiments with planet or civilization destroying properties.

Heck, I'll do the T-X Models as well.

T-X 001-099

Tediz first T-X's. All, except for a few, are all machines. A lot of these are failed or obsolete.

T-X 100-199

Tediz start to test on each other and create better 'Tediz.' Machines are becoming obsolete.

T-X 200-299

Tediz have become superb at creating weapons on themselves. The army starts to become even more advanced.

T-X 300-399

Tediz are testing out psychological attacks and as well the growing technology.

T-X 400-499

Tediz start to try to create elemental tediz but failed. These are faild T-X.

T-X 500-599

Tediz have tapped into creating elemental T-X.

T-X 600-700

Tediz start to take experiments DNA and blood to create Tediz that become living being and harness the destructive abilities of the experiments. Only a few T-X have become faild experiments. The faild T-X is terminated.

219. Galick 472 or Marry-She's designed to change into the most attractive female, marry the victim, and give the husband a bunch of problems.

220. Galick 379 or Coupling- She's designed to make beautiful people fall in love with hidious people.

221. Galick 111 or Stomp- He's designed to stomp on people's feet.

222. Galick 523 or Spark- He's designed to electrify water.

223. Galick 076 or Scratch- He's designed to remove scratches and such on CDs.

224. Galick 490 or Loss- He's designed to be very good at sports and to be recruited by national compitition. When he does, he becomes to the worst player in the team.

225. Galick 421 or Martha- She's designed to make the best looking food but gives it the worst taste ever.

226. Galick 153 or Knocker- He annoys people by knocking on people's doors and not leaving.

227. Galick 310 or Worry- She makes people worry about anything.

228. Galick 168 or Knotter- He's designed to tie people's shoes togather and knot up shoes and string.

229. Galick 245 or Scramble- He's designed to scramble memory.

230. Galick 594 or Liquado-He's designed to fight in battles using water elements.

231. Galick 550 or Inferna- She's designed to go into battle by controling fire.

232. Galick 522 or Savana- She's designed to create deserts.

233. Galick 169 or Graff- He's designed to cause graffity.

234. Galick 057 or Manage- He's designed to manage bills and the checking account.

235. Galick 588 or Striker- He's designed to destroy armies by using the force of creating controlled storms.

236. Galick 345 or Threat- He's designed to threaten people.

237. Galick 166 or Crimer- He's designed to commit felonies.

238. Galick 429 or Perry- He is designed to be a lawyer and to be the worst lawyer ever created by the way, unless Zeeth is being tried for something. That is when his polarity changes.

239. Galick 431 or Dr. Jones- He's designed to be the worst doctor in history, unless Zeeth is injured.

240. Galick 266 or Metal-Man- He's designed to blow away anything using sonic blasts of music.

241. Galick 300 or Smarts- He is designed to take away people's knowledge and keep it to himself, making the victim become a complete idiot.

242. Galick 269 or Geico- He turns people into cavemen. (I don't own the company name.) I got this idea from the Geico commercials about the cavemen complaining about Geico's advertisements.

243. Galick 089 or Nurse- She's designed to cure sickness and to help animals needs.

244. Galick 200 or Locker- He's designed to lock people out of their houses by using his long tail, that changes at the end into a key to a certain door.

245. Galick 201 or Wreck- He's designed to eat people’s tapes like a VCR.

246. Galick 299 or Plug- He's designed to plug people’s nose with snot.

247. Galick 294 or Flash- He's designed to illuminate people's houses with a bright light.

248. Galick 411 or NP (Not Passing)- He's designed to do kids homework and to give them failing grades.

249. Galick 277 or Dire- He's designed to give pets diarrhea.

250. Galick 298 or Picasso- He's designed to create drawings that come out and attack people.

I hit 250 baby! I'm on a roll! My next goal is to hit 300!

251. Experiment 538 or Marine- He's designed to eat all aquatic life.

252. Experiment 539 or Heely- She's designed to blow helium into people's mouths, giving them a high pitched voice. Heely is also able to make things she blows into float, (except for people).

253. Experiment 558 or Herbie-He's designed to eat all farm crops. He looks just like a red, long neck dinousour.

254. Experiment 114 or Stain- He's designed to stain people's clothes with anything he spits out.

255. Experiment 173 or Granny- She's designed to pinch children’s cheeks together.

256. Experiment 237 or Scrap- He's designed to take pieces from any mechanical machine or item and switch it with low grade equipment from a junk yard.

257. Experiment 242 or Memy- She's designed to scramble memory from computerized items.

258. Experiment 250 or Remo- He's designed to change the channel and such by pressing the buttons on his belly.

259. Experiment 278 or Swap- He's designed to switch tapes or CDs with personal business with important data for a meeting or public appearances, thus embarrassing the victim.

260. Experiment 349 or Memo- He is designed to scramble people's memory in their mind.

261. Experiment 371 or Grump- He's designed to yell and scream sentences into people's faces, making the victim timid or angry.

262. Experiment 392 or Dare-Devil- He's designed to make people go to extreme heights, like skate bording over a canyon, by firing a green laser out his eyes.

263. Experiment 399 or Boogie-Man- He's designed to make scary noises in dark rooms or places.

264. Experiment 416 or Chew- He's designed to make food less chewy but his programming failed and did the opposite.

265. Experiment 417 or Fuzzy- He's designed to shed his fur all over the house, but he sheds so fast that he ends of naked. That could make even the coldest, hardest female experiment blush.

266. Experiment 433 or Razzle- She’s designed to make everything taste fruity. .

267. Experiment 430 or Poke- He was designed to poke people with a needle, but Jumba dropped an extra ingredient screwed up the experiment. Because of Jumba, he pokes people with sticks.

268. Experiment 237 or Jiggy- He's designed to take things apart.

269. Experiment 459 or Macadamia- She's designed create macadamia nuts but spitting them out of her mouth, but she has a problem not knowing how to stop. To make her stop, you have to put soap in her mouth.

270. Experiment 446 or Muzzle- He was designed to put muzzles on animals, particularly the neighbor's guard dogs that attack Jumba every morning. Instead of putting muzzles on animals, he ends up putting muzzles on people.

271. Experiment 499 or Myrtle- She was designed to the most perfect child, but her polarity glitched and made her a complete brat. Jumba was going to discipline her by turning her into a pod, but he forgot to activate her when he had a new idea for an experiment. Myrtle looks just like the neighborhood brat, but Jumba-ish.

272. Experiment 628 or Gloria- She's designed to have ALL the experiment's powers, but even more powerful. Gloria is capable of any speech, instead of saying "EVIL!" She can lift 12, 000 times her own weight and has NO WEAKNESS!! Gloria is the spitting image of Stitch, she even has his markings, but her fer color is purple with green instead of dark blue markings. To make her even more deadly than ever, she's just as attractive as Angel if not less, since Angel...Um...Had some...Ah...Let's just say she looks much, much better to any male experiments than ever before.

273. Experiment 238 or Up-Grade- He does the opposite of Retro.

274. Experiment 230 or Mercedes- She's designed to control all forms of transportation.

275. Experiment 232 or Salazar (I don't own his name, Capcom I believe own his name)- He's designed to turn people into salads.

276. Experiment 259 or Mute- She's designed to take the noise out of anything.

277. Experiment 260 or Wolfen- He's designed to turn people into were-wolves by biting them.

278. Experiment 203 or Recept- He's designed to destroy satellite dishes, antennas, and other things to make TV reception terrible.

279. Experiment 200 or Trip- He's designed to trip any alarm system and create false alarms.

280 . Experiment 201 or Zit- He's designed to give people zits.

281. Experiment 213 or No-Show- He's designed to rip out film from tapes and video cameras.

281. Experiment 215 or De-Gize- He's designed to steal battery power.

282. Experiment 216 or Wipe-Out- He's designed to take away energy from mechanical appliances.

283. Experiment 217 or Cutter- He's designed to cut wires.

284. Experiment 218 or Hot-Rod- He's designed to make vehicles super fast.

285. Experiment 219 or Jack- He's designed to hotwire any vehicle and steal it.

286. Experiment 226 or Magnet- He's designed to make ship and other things that are metal and attracted them by magnetic force, until there's a giant metal ball of ships, cars, and ect. Then he shuts down, and gets out of the magnetic metal ball and do it again.

287. Experiment 270 or Tap- She's designed to tap into people's phone lines, eavesdrop on people's conversations on the phone, and tell other people about it.

288. Experiment 275 or Changer- He's designed to change passwords.

289. Experiment 279 or VE (Very Easy)- She's designed to make games supper easy, thus making people lose interest faster.

290. Experiment 280 or VH (Very Hard)- He's designed to make games impossibly hard to beat, making people angry and destroy the game.

291. Experiment 537 or Foggit- She is designed to create dense fog by opening her mouth.

292. Experiment 328 or Critic- He's designed to boo and throw things at people on the stage performing, breaking the performer's spirit and embarrassing them.

293. Experiment 359 or Grinch- He's designed to make people cold hearted.

294. Experiment 388 or Hopee- She's designed to make people lose hope and give up too easily.

295. Experiment 395 or Depressor- He is designed to make people remember their worst memory over and over. Only he can undo the his work.

296. Experiment 443 or Sailor- He was designed to make food taste very sweet for Jumba to eat, but ends up making it so salty that even smelling it will repel people.

297. Experiment 452 or Spielberg- He is was designed to be an experiment that tapes family moment or scientific achievement, but he is the worst camera person instead.

298. Experiment 466 or Security- He's designed to be Jumba's security guard. He's way too protective of Jumba.

299. Experiment 522 or Tarantula- A small tarantula-like experiment that grows larger every fifteen minutes. She's designed to surround cities with webs and eat who ever or whatever gets caught in her web. Disney owns the name.

300. Experiment 354 or Jestifer (Disney owns her name)- Her functions are to ridicule people on national television. Her fur is green with a tan "X" on her belly. Jestifer has two arms and legs with five fingures and toes with no claws. she has a long slender tail with a "Microphone" at the end of it. Her ears resemble Fibber and they glow green when she has an idea. Jestifer lives at 'Nighty Night' night club for stand up comity nights.

301. Green Eyed Shadow Stitch (G.E.S.S)- An evil ghost that thinks he's the real Shadow Stitch and believes the Red Eyed Shadow Stitch (R.E.S.S) is his clone gone wrong. Little is known about this 'Shadow Stitch' but his where abouts will be revealed some day. He's on chapter 17 of the story, 'Trying to Live Dreams and Survive Nightmares.'

302. B-X 052 or Spring Lovetta Petals. Stitch and Angel's last child or so I think. Stitch and Angel never created her, nor any other living thing for that fact. Spring (the ghost) never broke any rules and boundaries, but how did she get inside Angel's belly and become alive? One of my stories will reveal that. Spring has all of her ghost powers and fur color and everything. In fact, when she's inside Angel, baby, and such, she can function as if she's an adult. Just imagine your baby saying, don't you dare put your nipple in my mouth and expect me to suck out your milk, mmm- Spring starts struggling and gives up.

I finally accomplished the 300 goal! I don't have them type yet, but I have them all on paper.

303. Trinity Sonta Jookiba- Jumba's older sister and oldest sibling of the Jumba and Jonathan. She's smarter than Jumba, and likes to do whatever she can to outdo him in the art of science. She's created her own experiments called Trinits, a species that are made to outdo, and, if Jumba allows it, to breed with. Each number does the same as Jumba's but stronger or, if an experiment is failed on Jumba's side, her trinits do the exact programming the failed experiment was supposed to do. She's created 1,500 trinits.

304. Jonathan Smitty Jookiba- The youngest of the siblings and the least smart. He isn't smart like Jumba or Trinity, but he's still plenty knowledgeable enough to create his own experiments called Kreleks (Krel-lecks), but his experiments our designed to be good all ready and help planets in need. He's the black sheep of the family. Instead of creating torture devices, he creates things to help people. He's created 300 kreleks.

304. K'lina Lanea Kawena: Nani and David's daughter. I'm reorganizing things. She's a year younger than Angel's first litter.

305. Trinit 753 or Venom: Designed to poison people with his venomous fangs. The poison will kill a person with in 8 hours of being bit.

I think I'll trying to create the category for the Trinits.

0001 to 0099 are of course house hold helpers.

0100 to 0199 civic disturbance series.

0200 to 0299 technological and scientific.

0300 to 0399 psychological

0400 to 0499 corrected functions

0500 to 0599 elemental

0600 to 0699 battle field.

0700 to 0799 galaxy ending proportions.

0800 to 1500 miscellaneous super powers, functions, and irreversible effects.

The Kreleks

001 to 099 simple healers

100 to 199 major healing powers.

200-300 Fixers of Life and Protectors of Civilization

There you have it, sorry it took long to update. I completely forgot about it, lucky I checked on my profile.

I'm going to create a list of the B-X's so nobody forgets the order.

B-X 001 or Stitchie

B-X 002 or Spring

B-X 003 or Berrie

B-X 004 or Andy

B-005 or Shadow

B-X 005.5 or Shade

B-X 006 or Sparket

B-X 007 or Sparkle

B-X 008 or Volty

B-X 009 or Sprinkle

B-X 010 or Cream

B-X 011 Frosty

B-X 012 or Squirt

B-X 013 or Squidward

B-X 014 or Pele

B-X 015 or Fry

B-X 016 or Cookie

B-X 017 or Al

B-X 018 Ally

B-X 019 or Strechy

B-X 020 or Strechica

B-X 021 or Hershy (female)

B-X 022 or Phoonie

B-X 023 or Crisp

B-X 024 or Amie

B-X 025 or Hornette

B-X 026 or Yaarpy

B-X 027 or Yaarpet

B-X 028 or Destro

B-X 029 or Carma

B-X 030 or Chops

B-X 031 or Destini

B-X 032 or Sammy

B-X 033 or Samantha

B-X 034 or Patty

B-X 035 or Monty

B-X 036 or Mike

B-X 037 or Kixxie

B-X 038 or Jessica

B-X 039 or Angelica

B-X 040 or Max

B-X 041 or David

B-X 042 or Flower

B-X 043 or Lilly

B-X 044 or Lilo

B-X 045 or Sunday

B-X 046 or Shane

B-X 047 or Shiny

B-X 048 or Morphy

B-X 049 or Deeva

B-X 050 or Fusina (Fue-Seen-Ah)

B-X 051 or Splinter

B-X 052 or Spring

My main goal is to hit 100 B-X's. I've decided to continue the list even if the B-X's have kids of their own, just to prevent any confusion later down the road.

Here's another list this time it's HEG (Hybrid of Experiment and Galick)

HEG 1 or Kenny

HEG 2 or Beverly

HEG 3 or Stina (Stee-Na)

I just ran out of time and ideas for now. I'll work on this later.

Next goal is to hit 1000!

(This all I have for now, but that doesn't mean I'm done with this profile. I'm sure I'll get more Ideas, and plus, I have a few characters on my stories that I don't have in my profile because they are too secret to reveal.)


Shadow’s Personalities

B-X 005.1 or Shade.

The Personality of Darkness was the first Personality to escape Shadow. Shadow’s evil twin brother isn’t limited in power and abilities like his brethren. Shade and Shadow cannot detect one another nor can both be hurt by anyone but themselves. Much weaker than, Shadow, but is constantly searching and absorbing other Personalities to become stronger as each Personality has a piece of Shadow and have a part of his power. Shade’s ultimate goal is to finally absorb Shadow and all Personalities then destroy, create, and destroy the world over and over. Doesn’t want to be king just yet. Just wants to kill for sport.

B-X 005.2 or Snowflake

She’s the Personality of Snow. She creates it and makes blizzards. Snowflake absolutely loves snow. She’s got warm heart and has a outgoing personality. Was sent to a abandoned planet by Shadow to save Andy’s life.

B-X 005.3 or Blaze.

He’s the Personality of Fire. Very nasty temperament. Lives with Magnas who also has a nasty temper.

B-X 005.4 or Hydro

He’s the Personality of Water. Controls all forms of it except for making rain or snow. Very intellectual and loves to read big books.

B-X 005.5 or Slick.

Personality of Ice. He is a very pervy Personality who lives with Hydro on Planet Ionta. Loves his dirty magazines and has a crush on Swirletta.

B-X 005.6 or Poise. Personality of Poison. She inflicts excruciating pain on Shadow prisoners without killing them using her poisonous claws. Creates and uses poison.

B-X 005.7 or Oxy. Oxy is the Personality of Air. She makes a planet livable and uses different types of air for other species that don’t use oxygen. Has problems suffocating her boyfriends to death when kissing.

B-X 005.8 or Acidic

He’s the Personality of Acid. He creates or manipulates the use and functions of acid. Lives on a planet made out of garbage for planets to dump trash.

B-X 005.9 or Luminous

Luminous is the Personality of Light. He makes dark planets bright with his light. Keeps the light going as long as he wants to. Has no powers from Shadow or Shade but would be a brother to Shade.

B-X 005.10 or Angelo

Angelo is known by the other Personalities, except Shade, as Shadow’s ‘Heart’ and is majority of the time called ‘Heart’ He is the Personality of Good and resides inside Shadow. Fighting Demora the Personality of Evil in the war of ‘Heart and Mind’

B-X 005.11 or Demora

He is the Personality of Evil and known well by the other Personalities by ‘Mind’ he wants to control Shadow for his own gains. The only obstacle is Angelo and those who fight with him in the War of Heart and Mind.

B-X 005.12 or Quake

Quake is the Personality of Earthquakes. He controls how strong one is being made on any planet. Likes jello but not much to tell other than he’s got a sailor mouth.

B-X 005.13 or Misery

She is the Personality of Depression and all things sad. She is the one who makes Shadow sad. Lives inside Shadow because she feels like everyone hates her.

B-X 005.14 or Joy

Joy left the Ship of Despair early in her life. She seeks refuge on cities where she makes them happy as she is the Personality of Happiness.

B-X 005.15 or Manic

Manic is the Personality of Insanity. He lives in Shadow’s mind. Thus making Shadow insane on his views of life and contributes to his misery. Manic is also the only personality that speaks in gibberish mixed with logic. Speaking without anyone understanding what he says majority of the time.

B-X 005.16 or Magnas

The Personality of Lava. He makes rocks out of his lava. Expanding a planet’s mass. He has a nasty temper and doesn’t like anyone.

B-X 005.17 or Clouse.

Clouse is the Personality of Clouds She has the ability to create and make shapes in clouds using her cloud making powers XD She wishes to fuse with Hyrdo so she can make rain.

B-X 005.18 or Heat

Heat lives on a planet that needs 300 Degree F. daily due to the lack of sunlight. He makes the ‘V’ shaped conjoined planets hot for the residence. He is the Personality of Extreme Heat for something.

B-X 005.19 or Loather

A hateful person that feeds the cause for ‘Minds’ war by making/keeping Shadow hateful. The Personality of Hate resides inside Shadow keeping the tormented soul’s fire of extreme hate towards his life.

B-X 005.20 or Lusty. Lusty lives in a city like Joy with one sole person…Making married couples more lusty for one another, thus keeping a marriage alive. The Personality of Lusty is quite lusty himself but must abide to the rules of Shadow.

B-X 005.21 or Zelix

Ironic that the Personality of Death would think of suicide rather than enjoy his job. One of the big seven Personalities, Zelix spends his days on the rotting planet Hunso-Crept where a undead society worships the ground he steps on. The terrible seven are the most feared Personalities of all: Shadow, Shade, Zelix, Corvice, Yelizocka, Yernst, and Warson. Shadow being dominate above all, Shade having majority of Shadow’s power, Zelix’s being Death’s accomplice , Corvice’s spreading Pestilence, Yelizocka’s tail running out of sand, Yernst’s spread of galactic famine, and Warson’s expanding warzone. They are the most feared and respected of all.

B-X 005.22 or Flower/Ivy

Flower is a caring Personality that creates flowers and makes them bright and vibrant. Though, her nasty split personality has thoughts of her own. Ivy, Flower’s alternate personality likes to mock Flower and turn the vibrant plants into man-eating weeds. Thanks to Shadow, Flower is given medicine to suppress Ivy. Both live on the tropical planet, Arca. One of Shadow’s greatest creations.

B-X 005.23 or Destrix

The Personality of Destruction isn’t a bad character but is often looked down upon by his brethren; Probably because he is a brown-noser and eagerly awaits commands or maybe because he wishes a life without the use of powers for injustice purposes. He is used to give a planet a warning by Shadow if one becomes too disorderly. Destrix is sent and destroys a few cities. If the point isn’t reached, Warson then takes charge of the situation and creates a massive war in his blood lust. Destrix only wishes he could have a normal life and not such a violent existence.

B-X 005.24 or Anngriss

If nothing makes Shadow angrier is the thought of his brother, Stitchie. The Personality of Anger thrives on Shadow’s hate and anger, making him even more as angry has she can possibly become. She joined ‘Mind’s’ cause so Anngriss could overpower Shadow with her anger. Libro keeps a close eye on her because there is such a word for ‘too angry’

B-X 005.25 or Swirletta

Swirletta took refuge on Planet Ionta after coming to the conclusion that the Ship of Despair had no bodies of water to play in. She was quickly stopped by Hydro for making a whirlpool near his house in the water. She spends her days playing with the Grunchia’s off-springs by making whirlpools to play in.

B-X 005.26 or Krypto

Krypto is by far the one of the most playful Personalities next to Yelizocka. The Personality of the Undead lives on Shadow’s Ship of Despair. A sector where a grove with rotten plants and muddy plains is where the dead bodies of prisoners are sent. Shadow calls it the ‘Grove of Sorrow’ but to Krypto it’s a play room for him and his undead buddies. Never was into the torture like Shadow had planned, this Personality likes to have a free day on Sunday to play games. Cerberus can barely tolerate the happiness during Sunday as he eagerly awaits to tear apart zombie if wondered too close to the door.

B-X 005.27 or Libro

Libro, The Personality of Justice hates the injustice Shadow does on the poor souls that are held captive in the Ship of Despair. No matter how hard he tries, his powers are no match against the black born experiment. Despite this loss, he joined ‘Heart’ in hopes to finally change what damage Shadow has caused to himself and the people around him.

B-X 005.28 or Malick

Even though ‘Mind’ is evil. There is another entity that has proved to be more evil than Demora and he was locked in a special room by Shadow in his own head. Malick is the Personality of Malice. Even though he plays a very small part in the creation of the Personalities his role is much larger when he fuels Demora’s growing power in hopes to become free. Once freed, he betrayed Demora, took over Shadow who was then defeated by Shade. Leaving only Shadow and Shade in the final fight…

B-X 005.29 or Chance

Chance is a gambler that cheats the system with his powers. He is the Personality of Chance and his chances of winning at a game of ‘Liar’s Dice’ are One hundred percent. He has the ability to manipulate the odds of something happening any time he wants.

B-X 005.30 or Flash

The Personality of Extreme speed isn’t just the fastest person alive, he is also chatter box that talks far too fast for people to understand. He lives on a slow moving planet called, Gronti-Gloshe in a capital city of Devada. His powers are to make things much faster for just about anything.

B-X 005.31 or Phobos

Phobos is Greek for ‘Fear’ a name she thought was suitable. Truth is, The Personality of Fear is also fearful of everything around her and has taken the choice to live inside Shadow. Being inside him makes Shadow slightly more fearful to an extent. The only fear he has really is what his mother thinks of him.

B-X 005.32 or Desmos

Desmos is Greek for ‘Terror’ and this Personality resides in Shadow, causing Shadow to be more intimidating and feared by anyone around him. The Personality of Terror is egotistical and doesn’t like Phobos at all.

B-X 005.33 or Frizzy

The Extreme Cold Personality is by far one of the coldest and malicious Personality on Shadow’s Ship of Despair. She kills the prisoners by slowly freezing them to death. Frizzy loves to hear the victim scream in pain before making it even colder. Has no known knowledge of her other half, Heat.

B-X 005.34 or Spike

Like Zelix, The Personality of Sharpness hates his life and his job. He makes the torture device sharper with his touch. Turning the blades of a shredder into butchering item. Fears that Shadow will one day die by these machines he mutilates himself with.

B-X 005.35 or Warson

One of the ‘Big Seven,’ Warson is the Personality of War that lives on his flag ship, ‘Ship of Sorrow,’ a ship Shadow created. He creates wars and wins them. Killing the leader, ramming a small flag pole down their throat, and passes Shadow’s judgment on him or her after doing so. Warson loves to drink heavily and has befriended Tankard, The Personality of Alcohol who also loves to fight and drink. Warson is blood thirsty and is always waiting for commands from Shadow. If that wasn’t bad enough he is always accompied by Polaris, a Personality that is like a walking nuclear weapon. He has a love life with Polaris, kissing while a mushroom cloud sweeps over a city as it kills thousands. One of the very few Personalities that has tapped into the small hidden amount of power Shadow in his body.

B-X 005.36 or Dully.

The Personality of Dullness used to make Shadow’s torture device’s blades more dull now he spends his life on Planet Arca for retirement. He makes blades and such dull but makes rocks on his free time less jaggedly for fun. Spike envies him.

B-X 005.37 or Sluggs.

The Personality of Slowness has nothing better to do than make Flash’s mess ups slow down. He likes to talk but sentences often feel like pages. Not much to tell on Sluggs.

B-X 005.38 or Gil.

Gil is a Personality with a lot of heart. He lives inside Shadow because he feels like there place even for Gil to live. Gil is the Personality of Guilt. He doesn’t use his powers to make people or Shadow guilty but inside Shadow, there’s guilt inside him when family becomes a topic. Shadow hides his guilt by mutilating himself and his prisoners, along with anger and loath for his family dominating his thoughts.

B-X 005.39 or Windy

Windy a soft Personality who loves to give things. The Personality of Wind lives in Brixxa 5 and his worshiped as the ‘God of Wind’ by the local people who give her food and water for gifts. In return for their generosity she creates wind and powers their windmills for electricity. Would like to have a boyfriend but Shadow forbids any form of courtship when it comes to his many personalities as he fears he will collapse in instability when he finely becomes one person again.

B-X 005.40 or Hercules

Hercules is one of the very few Personalities that live on the Ship of Despair and leaves occasionally. The Personality of Strength is an egotistical character that resembles an alligator with muscles. When Shadow decides to help a city or town that is failing due to diseases, Hercules is deployed to make the town stronger and partially immune to a particular disease. He loves fish and most sea food.

B-X 005.41 or Willis

Willis is a timid Personality that moves planet to planet in search of a place to call ‘home.’ The Personality of Weakness is an easy going Personality prefers to live in small towns vs. cities. He was meant to make people weak and more susceptible to diseases but choices not to use his powers. Looks like a lean crocodile. Doesn’t like sea food but really likes veggies and most meats.

B-X 005.42 or Venus

Venus absolutely loves cities and spends most of her days in traveling in the Brueton City on Planet Charze (Char-Zay) She searches for people who don’t look attractive and makes them beautiful with her powers. The Personality of Beauty loves to work with hair and spends her time making credits to spend by hanging around beauty salons.

B-X 005.43 or Brutis

Brutis is behind the tortures and death upon Shadow’s prisoners. He makes Shadow brutal and heartless in Shadows campaign to bring justice into a ‘injustice’ world. Brutis lives inside Shadow, feeding Shadow’s urge to justify the criminals that he believes are not punished enough by the Galactic Alliance. The Personality of Brutality doesn’t control Shadow but entices his need to inflict pain unto the criminals he captures.

B-X 005.44 or J’Lizit

J’Lizit lives inside Shadow and feeds Shadow’s jealousy towards Stitchie and most of his family. The Personality of Jealousy is neutral in the War of Heart and Mind but mostly spends time with Demora. He has very little to do and remains neutral due to fear of Shadow, Demora, and Angelo.

B-X 005.45 or Peace

Peace lives in the Numbrek city, Urela (You-rell-ah) a city composed of reptilian species called Numbrek. Peace is a pacifist who constantly looks for fights to resolve. Her butterfly wings release paralyzing spores that home onto the target. On command, the Personality of Peace will completely paralyze the victim for a few minutes before being lulling the paralyzed person. After the spores wear off, peaceful thoughts and feelings will take over. The fight between two or more people will be soothed. Peace enjoys her powers and abilities, feeling comfort fill her body as she sees the Numbreks live happily.

B-X 005.46 or Vengron

Vengron lives inside of Shadow, aiding Demora’s cause to take over Shadow completely instead of being piece of a broken picture. The Personality of Vengeance feeds Shadow’s desire to justify his brother Stitchie and Shade. Like other Personalities inside Shadow, Vengron is very limited on what he can do to Shadow other than influence the black B-X.

B-X 005.47 or Sparkle

Sparkle is a small dragon-like Personality that prefers to live in dirty cities instead of clean small towns. The Personality of Cleanliness spends all her time cleaning streets and building structures with little sleep. She enjoys cleaning with her powers and flowery breath.

B-X 005.48 or Droomile

The Personality of Sound has very little to do in Shadow’s, Ship of Despair. He is used for torture and has been known to make ears bleed. Enjoys his powers and his simple job. Nothing much to tell on this character.

B-X 005.49 or Drax

Drax and Drac are always seen together in the Blood Works, a place where prisoners are drained of their blood until they become gravely ill or die. Drax is constantly drinking blood, overindulging in gluttonous behavior in the blood works. His thirst for blood seems like a bottomless pit, even for his small, thin body. His obsession and greed escalated to higher heights when the Personality of Blood fused together with Storm, The Personality of Storms, and became Exudas, The Personality of Blood Storms. He attacked Earth and threatened Shadow’s mother. Eventually, Exudas was apprehended by Shadow and become Drax one again. He was punished severely and whipped to near death for several months.

B-X 005.50 or Drac

Before Shadow split apart into one hundred and four people, the black B-X was bitten by a vampire due to a conflict that came to his home town. Before he turned, the blood died within his body, rendering the effects of the tainted blood. Thanks to the blood, Drac was create and lives with Drax in the ‘Blood Work.’ The Personality of Vampirism injects his long teeth into the neck of the prisoner and drinks happily, killing the victim. If he isn’t drinking the blood, Drac injects a tube through the chest of the prisoner, draining the blood until the victim dies, keeping the fountain of blood pumping.

B-X 005.51 or Lan

Lan is the Personality of Speech and Languages. His main job is to be a translator for the Galactic Federation. He is the only Personality that lives solely helping the Alliance with their needs. Lives on the central command ship of the Galactic Alliance.

B-X 005.52 or Star

The Personality of Stars lives remote asteroids. She isn’t much for communication as Star spends majority of her time traveling from asteroid to asteroid. Star is a simple person who does very little with her powers. Likes to eat the minerals in asteroids to increase the size of stars she can create from the nebula gas coming out her spikes on Star’s back.

B-X 005.53 or Megan

Megan is a neutral Personality that lives within Shadow. She doesn’t control Shadow but pieces together memories within his mind. The Personality of Memory is a neutral being that concentrates Shadow’s forgotten memories buried within his hate. She channels his forgotten memory within his head but is limited on what she can do with them. Megan has little to do with her powers but tries to help Angelo in his cause for a better life.

B-X 005.54 0r Hondrolex

Hondrolex took on the galick name, ‘Hondrolex’ instead of ‘Magician.’ Hondrolex is the Personality of Magic and is often used for entertaining the other Personalities. He and Trixxie eventually fuse together by a force fusion by Manic, creating Crawm, Personality of Entertainment.

B-X 005.55 or Trixxy

Trixxy is a malicious Personality that creates empty promises for the prisoners on the Ship of Despair. She will shape shift into the image a prisoner desires and tricks them into revealing their prized dreams. When she finds the desired information, she then tells Shadow and uses it against the prisoner. The Personality of Trickery eventually gets tricked by Manic disguised as Hondrolex and becomes force fused with him, creating Crawm.

B-X 005.56 or Grenn

Grenn covers physical, emotional, and psychological pain within Shadow. Grenn took the Galick name for ‘pain’ instead of the full name, ‘The Personality of Pain.’ Grenn feeds off of Shadow’s pain and delivers more in return. Residing his place inside Shadow, he works closely with Demora in hopes Shadow corrupts completely. Until Shadow is totally corrupted, he will continue to bring emotional pain to the black B-X.

B-X 005.57 or Grace

Grace is a peaceful Personality that lives on the jungle paradise Shadow created, Planet Arca. Grace creates new species of animal for planet Arca and Flower creates new plants. Grace, Sprite, and Flower live with one another happily in a massive flowery home. Only a few people know of planet Arca.

B-X 005.58 or Sprite

Sprite is the Personality of Mythical Creatures and spends her time populating Planet Arca with legendary creatures from all around the galaxy. She creates two of the same species with different genders and lets the population grow. Planet Arca serves as a wildlife refuge and a paradise for these endangered species that have been hunted or killed by daily living of civilization. Sprite lives in a large flowery home with Grace and Flower.

B-X 005.59 or Anthrax

Anthrax is another malicious Personality that lives on the Ship of Despair, killing prisoners with his diseases. The Personality of Diseases creates new diseases and delivers them by blowing out green smoke from his mouth. He enjoys seeing Death overcome the livelihood and encourages more victims to come to Anthrax. Due to his obsession with death, Shadow forbids the Personality of Diseases to leave the ship.

B-X 005.61 or Slinough

Slinough (Slin-off) is one of the very few Personalities that live with the Galactic Alliance. The Personality of Slime presence in the science lab has boosted effectiveness for new battle ships and guns. His slime has potential to become crystallized or acid, paving the way for new technologies.

B-X 005.62 or Tim

The Personality of Interrogation is one of the very few Personalities that work for the Galactic Alliance. His methods may be extreme but they still are lawful under close eye of a law officer. Nothing much to tell on this character.

B-X 005.63 or Mex

Mex lives on barren planets in his desire for solitude. He is the Personality of Metal and his hobby is to create and manipulate the seemingly endless types of metal into his desires. Loves to use his powers to make sculptors.

B-X 005.64 or Slayer

Slayer took his name from an 80s metal band Shadow listens to often. He is one of many Personalities that harm the prisoners on the Ship of Despair. The Personality of Religion isn’t a holy man, but another torturer in ship of complete pain. He turns religion against a prisoner by destroying their beliefs in all areas, including inflicting physical and psychological pain. Slayer loves the screams in the middle of the ‘night’ as if they were music to him.

B-X 005.65 or Nixt

This Personality doesn’t live in the physical world but lives in the fabric of reality by dreams. Nixt, The Personality of Dreams lives in ‘Nightmare Town’ in a dimension created by a steady flow of nightmares from all around the world. Nixt spends most of his time in Nightmare town and rarely leaves unless bored. When he does become bored and decides to leave he either gives nightmares to people of all ages or give soft dreams of love

B-X 005.66 or Zeloura

Zeloura is Galick for ‘Love,’ a name this Personality decided her name should be. The Personality of Love spends her time making couples lovey-dovey for one another. Zeloura works freely and is recognized as crown jewel to most cities. Loves her abilities and life to the fullest.

B-X 005.67 or Yelizocka

Yelizocka is one the most feared and playful Personalities. Yelizocka took the Galick name for ‘Time’ because she looked up to Shadow, who mostly speaks Galicktonis or just Galick for short. She strongly resembles a long tailed kitten with a plushy green ball with sand going through it. In the ball, sand crosses a clear flexible glass with a small triangular hole in the in the center. Yelizocka loves to play with the squishy ball at the end of her tail, causing worry to all the Personalities. The sand isn’t sand at all but fragments of her mind. Her mind moves constantly and whatever thought comes in her head when the last grain of ‘sand’ makes it to the other side, will end for the person she thinks about. For example, she thinks about a particular person when that last grain of sand hits the other side, the person will suddenly die or disappear. For a very fluffy and cute Personality, she poses a threat for anything she thinks about. That reason is why she is one of the ‘Big Seven’ in the short list of most feared and respected Personalities.

B-X 005.68 or Ordinous

Ordinous (Or-din-us) is the Personality of Bodily Torture and one of four main torturers on the Ship of Despair. He inflicts great physical pain unto the prisoners living in the Ship of Despair. Ordinous will inflict as much pain onto a person to the point they are dead. He is limitless on what he can do and is one of the most dangerous Personalities on the ship. When a prisoner dies, Soultitanous takes over for the unfortunate inmate.

B-X 005.69 or Herinous

Herninous (Her-nee-us) The Personality of Mind Mutilation is a merciless Personality that will unravel a prisoner’s mind until they are insane. He is relentless and emotionless as he shatters the dreams and sanity of a prisoner. Once a prisoner goes insane he moves onto the next victim.

B-X 005.70 or Soultitanous

Soultitanous (Soul-tie-tan-us), the Personality of Soul Mutilation continues the torture on a prisoner after Ordinous kills a prisoner. If a person dies within the Ship of Despair, their soul is trapped inside the massive ship until it is destroyed. Soultitanous has no mercy upon the soul he tortures and torments.

B-X 005.71 or Dreataux

Dreataux (Dray-Talks) is the Personality of Mutilating Mind, Body, and Soul and governs over Soultitanous, Herninous, and Ordinous in all three torture factures. He guards the Ship of Despair and makes sure the souls of the dead don’t leave the ship. He also takes the dead bodies to the Grove of Sorrow for Krypto zombiefy and torture. Above all, Dreataux supervises the torture within the Ship of Despair.

B-X 005.72 or Megadeth

Megadeth was another Personality that liked Shadow’s choice of music and named himself ‘Megadeth’ after an 80s thrash band. The Personality of Planetary Homicide works under Shadow’s wing and wipes out civilizations on planets under Shadow’s strict orders. If a planet becomes too disorderly and proves to be a threat to other, Megadeth is then called to kill everyone on the planet. Unlike Destrix, Megadeth loves his job and is often used more than Warson to get Shadow’s point across. Megadeth glazes planets with the lasers coming from his clawless fingers.

B-X 005.73 or Elsorodo

Another malicious Personality, Elsorodo (El-Soro-dough) The Personality of Electricity electrocutes the Shadow’s prisoners to near death. He prefers to have his target drenched in liquid before killing his victim. Nothing much to tell on this character.

B-X 005.74 or Stryker

Striker is humble Personality that made his home on Planet Ionta. He is the Personality of Lighting, a walking lightning bolt that doesn’t have a real body shape or form. He combines with rain clouds and release his lighting from body. He eventually fuses together with Rain, The Personality of Rain, and becomes Storm, The Personality of Storms. Due to force-fusing with Drax, Storm became Exudas until Shadow separated, Drax, Stryker, Hydro, and Clouse from one another.

B-X 005.75 or Umbrex

As if the prisoners of the Ship of Despair didn’t have enough pain going through their bodies, Umbrex is another Personality that will not grant mercy upon the victims he crushes with his powers. Umbrex, The Personality of Gravity. He has the power to manipulate gravity with his large paws as if Umbrex was a using the ‘force’ like Star Wars. He will crush the bones and cartilage with his immense gravity in the room as he laughs at the helpless prisoner dying.

B-X 005.76 or Siquadra

Siquada (Si-qua-dra) is a harmless Personality that creates two black holes in space and links them together creating a dangerous form of teleportation. Majority of the space ships can pass through black holes and survive the crushing gravity but the ships not properly upgraded won’t survive. Siquada wants to change that with his black holes in hopes space travel would be less dangerous. The Personality of Black Holes has a personal goal to travel to all the black holes and make them safe to travel though.

B-X 005.77 or Covice

Corvice took his name on the Galick word ‘Corvice’ for Pestilence. Anthrax controls minor sickness and some that kill people that can be cured. Corvice, The Personality of Pestilence is a ruthless Personality that spreads incurable diseases that has taken millions of lives. Corvice doesn’t work under Shadow’s wing but does follow the simple rules. He brings Death to any star system that he passes through, leaving a brown powder behind him in a trail. The other Personalities fear this powder will spread to the Ship of Despair or blanket the planet One of the feared six, This Personality currently has no home as he travels from star system to star system looking for food and water before his powder kills everything by its destructive diseases.

B-X 005.78 or Kelick

Kelick doesn’t have much to do on the Ship of Despair, nor does want anything to do with the other Personalities. The only hobby The Personality of Fusion has is to fuse different types of food together for the other Personalities to eat such as Banapples a fusion between an apple and a banana. Most of his food is thrown back at him for fun but he doesn’t get mad. He often thinks about moving out of the Ship of Despair but is too scared Shade would find him.

B-X 005.79 or Zeletor

Unlike his twin ‘brother,’ Kelick, Zeletor is quite active and doesn’t live on the Ship of Despair. The Personality of Fission spends his time separating Twinz failed clones. This Personality can also separate other Personalities who have fused and become one with Exudas being the first Personality to be separated. Zeletor doesn’t have any other hobbies but fixing Twinz’s conjoined clones of fruit and rocks. Loves living in a city though and is trying to run a business with Twinzs, one of the very few Personalities that attempt at using their powers for money.

B-X 005.80 or Nostradamus

The Personality of Predictions is Shadow’s only friend and manager of the other Personalities daily lives. Nostradamus is the only Personality that talks to Shadow. He is a timid little yellow reptile in a red robe that takes Shadow’s orders and delivers them to the other Personalities. He doesn’t do much but carry out orders and talk to the other Personalities, who provide very little conversation. He is a thinker who has dreams of making Shadow one person instead of all the individual Personalities. Even though the possibility is fighting Shade, he dreams for a better life for his master. Nostradamus spends most of his time in his room reading but his powers will suddenly take control, giving him the power to see the future. From the powers, the only thing he could understand is a cataclysmic battle between Shadow and Shade of world ending properties, and then darkness. He fears this day would come sooner or later but still remains obedient to Shadow.

B-X 005.81 or Tankard

Tankard is raging alcoholic that fights by the side of Warson. The Personality of Alcohol loves to drink just as much as Warson, even getting drunk on the battlefield and firing his laser out his mouth during the whole ordeal. Even though he is the Personality of Alcohol, he doesn’t like his own liquor that he creates in his canteen on his chest. Tankard likes to go to bars with Warson and get into bar fights to pass the time. Warson, Polaris, Shadow, Shade, Corvice, and Tankard are on the Most Wanted list by the Galactic Federation.

B-X 005.82 or Polaris

The Personality of Nuclear Energy is a walking atom bomb with a short fuse. Always accompanied with Warson and Tankard, she destroys cities with her nuclear homing missiles on her back. Loves Warson and is always seen with the Personality of War. Her intimate relationship with Warson is well known as well her ruthlessness upon the enemies on the battle field.

B-X 005.83 or Zolaffe

Zolaffe (Zoe-Loff-fay) is the Personality of Sand is an easy going Personality that looks like a like an armadillo with blue crystal spikes on the back. Zolaffe lives on a baron planet with a lot of plants to eat. He spreads sand by the use of his mace-like tail, spitting out sand from the tips of the red crystal spikes. Loves to eat dirt and rocks. Not much to tell about this character other than control the properties of sand.

B-X 005.84 or Candy

Candy is a Personality that loves social gatherings in cities. The Personality of Sweets loves to bake and make candy by putting sugar in her pouch on her stomach. Very social, she picks crowed places to make and sell her candy or other sweets, such as brownies and cream filled pastries.

B-X 005.85 or Plax

Plax is captive to Pirates on Planet Yosebah (Yo-say-bah) The Personality of Plasma is a small and timid Personality that spits out plasmas, which can be turned ammo for certain blasters. He was captured on a Federation cruiser for transport by pirates. Enjoys living with the pirates despite the situation Plax is in.

B-X 005.86 or Twinz

Twinz is the Personality of Cloning but is a lousy cook for The Ship of Despair. He prefers to duplicate food to so the Personalities have something to eat. Very clumsy and not likable, he tries his best to get the proper amount of ingredients to make soups or salads. Loves to read cook books and practice his culinary skills.

B-X 005.87 or Fuvial

Fuvial (Foo-Veel) lives in an abandoned ship wreck hovering over a barren volcanic planet called, Mucka. The Personality of Force Fields is a simple personality that survives by eating the parasitic planets living on the small ship. Rarely leaves his home, Fuvuil spends him time reading and writing on the walls to pass time. His ship is normally surrounded by a force field that destroys anything on contact. Loves playing chess by himself.

B-X 005.88 or Xizixal

Xizixal (Zee-Zix-ull) or the Personality of Suicide resides inside Shadow. Once more, neutral to both Angelo and Demora, but does use her powers to make Shadow more suicidal than normal. Personality has little emotion and doesn’t speak. Due to Xizixal’s presents, Shadow gives into to his suicide thoughts and carries them out, only to find the hard fact that he can’t die due to the gift or immortality from an alien race.

B-X 005.89 or A’Scret

A’Scret (Ah-Scr-et) is a The Personality of Spite who feeds off of Shadow’s deep hatred. His presents makes him more spiteful towards his enemies, causing them more pain on top of the daily tortures they receive. Personality is neutral and doesn’t do much. Not much to tell on this character.

B-X 005.90 or Uburnus

Uburnus (You-Burn-Us) is the Personality of Hair. He is completely covered in red hair with stubby green paws with sharp yellow claws. Carnivorous and primitive, Uburnus lives on the jungle planet of Chardinode (Char-Din-Node) feeding on the local animals. The more it eats the larger Uburnus becomes until it becomes too big and breaks to smaller versions of the Personality of Hair.

B-X 005.91 or Bubbles

The Personality of Bubbles is a peaceful Personality that’s upper body and head is a humanoid alligator, while the lower body is composed of bubbles that constantly form and pop. Bubbles spends his time in a small town called, Marst, entertaining the Bligettes’ children with his bubble-making powers.

B-X 005.92 or Tark

Tark’s whole body is completely composed of a lake of black tar on dried out abandoned planet of Braxxon Two. The Personality of Tar is like a big lake of tar with his upper body as a snake with many tar tentacles. Tark is violent and anti-social who only thinks of expanding his body to the point the planet is completely covered.

B-X 005.93 or Yernst

Yernst the Personality of Famine is one of the seven feared Personalities, Warson, Yernst, Yelizocka, Corvice, Shade, Zelix, and Shadow. Yernst took on the Galick name for ‘Famine’ and lives to completely destroy planets by devastation of crops. Yernst takes on the form of a massive cloud of locust with bright green locusts forming his eyes. When his upper body forms together and fuses with each locus his physical form strongly resembles Shadow. Yernst is a cruel Personality that constantly eats away plants in his ‘locust’ form. He causes world hunger on each planet as civilizations on different planets continue to die out. Yernst has no real home and lives without the rules of Shadow. Yernst, Yelizocka, Zelix, Warson, and Corvice are one of the last Personalities to fall to Shade before the reality collapsing fight between Shade and Shadow.

B-X 005.94 or Nausk

Nausk (Naw-Sk) or The Personality of Colors is a rainbow ‘Shadow’ that sees the world in black and white. Curse with depression, he hardily gives color to anything. Lives in a colorful town made with sugar and most candies. Despite this ‘Candy Land’ look, he still cries in black and white. Not much to tell on this character.

B-X 005.95 or Bass

The Personality of Music plays different types of music by strumming on his strings on his hollow-looking stomach. Bass lives in a city entertaining people at the park with his hypnotic melody. Loves to be around people and is very devoted to humble Yarian people.

B-X 005.96 or Vickery

Vickery is a malicious Personality that lives on the Ship of Despair. The Personality of Energy torments the prisoners by sapping their energy to the point they feel weak. She puts her paws on the head of the prisoner and saps their energy until they become too weak for their body to function or to a point they can barely move. The energy she consumes becomes part of Vickery as she becomes weak without it.

B-X 005.97 or Isocrypt

Isocrypt lives in a post apocalyptic wasteland of a planet after Warson and Polaris destroyed their first planet, Prox Eleven. The Personality of Radiation spends his life with the skeletons and mutant residence of the Proxians, who were condemned by Shadow. Isocrypt lives quietly in the destroyed city of Neathrad. He is a purple glowing reptile with a fluffy tail with radioactive balls near the tip. This character loves isolation and the radiation engulfing the city.

B-X 005.98 or Venom

Venom is malicious and heartless when he kills unlucky victims within the Ship of Despair. Poise makes the prisoners sick but Venom, The Personality of Venom poisons them into excruciating pain before killing them. Venom is an egotistical cat-looking Personality that uses his green talons to infect prisoners. Loves to listen to the screams of a prisoner before the victim dies.

B-X 005.99 or Snodro

Snodro lives within Shadow but doesn’t do anything. Snodro took the Galick name for ‘Friendship’ but Shadow is too cold and angry to make friends with anyone. Snodro is the Personality of Friendship but she chooses her spare time to sleep.

B-X 005.100 or Cerberus

Cerberus or The Personality of Guarding who resides at the Grove of Sorrow, a place for the undead after a prisoner dies. Cerberus is looks like a humanoid crocodile with small spikes from the back of his tail down to his long reptiallian tail. He guards the door from the undead, even though they have no brain power to think. He eats zombies that get too close to him. Doesn’t like Krypto at all.

B-X 005.101 or Carlon

The Personality of Calmness prefers to live in small towns. She enjoys the presents of people, spending majority of her time in hospitals. She rubs her paws on the head of the person to make them feel at ease. People know her and the nurses and doctors enjoy Carlon’s presents. Not much to tell on this character.

B-X 005.102 or Illos

Illos The Personality of Illusions lives on Planet Provolo, a planet run by the Priasas, an alien race that started the Galactic Alliance. Illos uses his powers to manipulate the Catholic Priasas to his will. He later became the high priest in the royal castle, overlooking the princess. During his solitude, he worshipped Satan and practiced Satanism. He called forth Satan and wagered his soul for more power. To his dismay, Shade found Illos and was defeated after a short battle. Since the Personalities were a piece of Shadow, including souls, the contract between Illos and Satan was breached. Illos later was absorbed by Shade. Shade and Shadow battled, destroying everything within their path.

B-X 005.103 or Monto

Montro spends his time entertaining children using his powers. Constantly traveling from city to city, Monto, The Personality of Puppets doesn’t have a mouth to speak but communicates using the silk strings from his purple paws. Doesn’t talk much.

B-X 005.104 or Smoke

The Personality of Smoke prefers to live on volcanic planets where smoke fills the sky. Smoke prefers to spend his time alone on Planet Chysyke (Chy-Sike) as he doesn’t wish to harm anyone as he becomes larger on the planet.

B-X 005.105 or Saundre

Saundre (Sawn-dray), The Personality of Quicksand lives in the deserts of Planet Nusson. She lives under the sand and preys on anything that walks into her quicksand leading to her maw. Saundre resembled massive red snake with large quills surrounding her body for powering through the sand. She uses her quills to not just move through the sand, but also functions as a way to detect movement on the surface. If Saundre senses anything moving above, she spins around the victim under the sand and sinks them. Once trapped in the sand, she then gulps them down and rests her body on the sand. The victim is slowly digested for four days.

B-X 005.21c or Rain

Rain was created when Clouse, The Personality of Clouds fused with Hydro, The Personality of Water thus creating Rain, The Personality of Rain. Rain is constantly struggling coping with his new feelings after the fusion. Hydro may have been more dominate than Clouse, a female Personality, Rain constantly feels he is becoming too feminine. Rain hates the fusion and wishes he could become Hydro and Clouse once again.

B-X 005.95c Storm

Coming to Rain’s plea to balance his mind and emotions, Stryker fused with Rain, creating Storm, The Personality of Storms. Storm is a hot tempered Personality that plunged Planet Ionta into a massive thunderstorm. His reign ended when Drax left the Ship of Despair.

B-X 005.162c or Exudas

Drax constantly dreamed of becoming more powerful than his role on the Ship of Despair. He heard of Storm and hatched his own idea on becoming more powerful. He left the Ship of Despair and traveled to Ionta, Storm’s home world. While Storm slept, Drax forcefully fused with Storm and became Exudas, The Personality of Blood Storms. Planet Ionta became a planet covered in blood. But Exudas wanted human blood, a taste that he always longed for. He traveled to Earth and attempted to drown and absorb the blood from humans. Exudas violated Shadow’s only rule: Do not bother Earth. Reason why that rule was in place was because the only person he cared about on that entire planet was his mother. Exudas was separated into Hydro, Clouse, Storm, and Drax. Drax was whipped to near death for six months but still punished prisoners within the Ship of Despair.

B-X 005.138c or Crawm

Manic did like controlling a piece of Shadow’s mind and making him insane at some points but he disliked Demora. The Personality of Insanity decided to leave Shadow’s mind and live among the Personalities on the Ship of Despair. After a week of living on the Despair, he thought of fusing with a few Personalities but didn’t want to have overpowering abilities. He studied Hondrolex, The Personality of Magic and Trixxy, The Personality of Trickery and formed ideas on what he could do with the Prisoners. He fused with Hondrolex first and kept his form and then tricked Trixxy into a force fusion. Manic transformed into a complete new Personality called Crawm, The Personality of Entertainment. After talking Shadow into having his own place on the Ship of Despair, Crawm envisioned a place of entertainment on the Ship of Despair but had little ideas. One night he dreamt of a coliseum and thought of an idea. He convinced Shadow to create a place for battling and called it, ‘Crawm’s Arena of Pain’ a place where a criminal fights for his freedom. If they manage to beat Shadow in a battle the victim achieves his freedom. Sadly, the odds of winning are almost nonexistent but it’s entertaining to the Personalities. Crawm often entertains with his accordion, playing music after each battle. He resembles a clown with a top hat and magician clothes.

ElectricCircuslover List of Experiments

Jumba's Test Batch

When you see a (s) next to an Experiment Name that is one of the 124 Experiments made by Disney. I don’t own.

s001 or Shrink: Designed to shrink things.

s002 or Doubledip: Designed to doubledip but tasting something and putting it back.

003 or Trance: He’s designed to translate different languages.

004 or Growl: She’s designed to growl at people.

005 or Miss Kitty: She’s design to be the typical house cat. Speaks English fluently.

006 or Squawk: He was made to be Jumba’s pet parrot but is unable to fly due to his fins. Has a long fish tail. Great swimmer.

s007 or Gigi: Designed to be the perfect shih Tzu dog by fetching the paper, playing, fetches the morning paper etc. Secondary function is to bark at people annoyingly. Speaks English fluently.

008 or Tick-Tock: He was made to tell the exact time for any time zone.

009 or Crumbs: He’s designed to eat the crumbs off the floor.

s010 or Felix: He was designed to make things spotless clean. However, he was reprogrammed to make things dirty now.

011 or Back-Scratcher: He’s designed to scratch people’s backs with his long claws. Tends to hurt more than feel good ;

012 or Picky: She is designed to pick fruit from trees and bring them to Jumba.

013 or Booker: He’s designed to look for phone numbers in the phone book.

s014 or Kernel: He was designed to popcorn out of his head.

015 or Beverage: He was designed to mix fruit and vegetables together to make healthy drinks for diets.

016 or Shade: He’s designed to supply shade to Jumba when lounging outside.

017 or Pixie: She’s designed to set up picnic tables for Jumba.

018 or Popper: He’s designed to pop children’s balloons.

019 or Pluggo: He’s designed to plug up drains.

s020 or Slick: He’s designed to sell things.

021 or Sticky: She’s designed to stick people to seats using super glue.

022 or Rat: He’s designed to lie at everything he says but is a terrible liar.

023 or Scratch: He’s designed to scratch paint off cars.

s024 or Hamlette: She’s designed to turn everything into pork.

s025 or Topper: He’s designed to be a beacon for ships.

026 or Missie: She is designed to throw trash at people or out the window.

027 or Blinky: He’s designed to illuminate rooms. He was a personal night light.

028 or Chess: Designed to play chess with Jumba.

s029 or Checkers: He is designed to make a person king or queen and make people obey the new king or queen.

030 or Patty: She pats people’s heads.

s031 or Gotchu: She’s designed to pinch people with her pincers.

s032 or Fibber: He’s designed to be a lie detector.

s033 or Hammerface: Designed to hammer nails into boards during construction.

034 or Charlette: Designed to spin webs and catch bugs but has a problem putting her webs where there is a lot of activity between people.

035 or Heater: He is designed to heat homes up but has a problem catching things on fire.

s036 or Poki: He’s designed to poke holes in liquid containers.

037 or I.D.: He’s designed to be a caller I.D.

038 or Monroe: She’s designed to find money and give it to Jumba but she ends up stealing other people’s money instead.

039 or Taffy: He’s designed to create candy. He has a mate called Candy (Experiment 121) and child named Hershy (B-X 021)

s040 or Backhoe: He is designed to dig up vegetation with his mole claws.

041 or Pool: He’s designed to fill pools up but tends to over fill them.

042 or Sally: She’s designed to buy things on Jumba’s grocery list.

043 or Charles: He’s designed to correct mistakes.

s044 or Forehead: He’s designed to sing out of tune.

045 or Trisha: She’s designed to spill things on the floor.

046 or Cram: He’s designed to cram things in closets.

047 or Staples: She’s designed to staple things with her tail.

048 or Alara: She’s designed to be an alarm for fires.

049 or Hidie: She’s designed to find Jumba’s things but she hides them instead.

050 or Chimmy: She’s designed to clean Jumba’s chimney.

s051 or Hocker: He’s designed to spit acid out of his nose to burn through wood.

s052 or Coco: He turns everything into chocolate. He often gets eaten by Angel. He has a vore fetish.

053 or Nilla: She is designed to turn things into vanilla. She has a crush on Coco.

s054 or Fudgy: He’s designed to smother people in his gooey chocolate body.

055 or Elastica: She is designed to turn any item into rubber that stretches when needed. She fell in love with Elastico and bore two B-X Stretchica (B-X 020) and Stretchy (B-X 019) Lives in the circus with her mate.

056 or Dish: He’s designed to clean the dishes.

057 or Filer: He’s designed to organize Jumba’s files.

058 or Peach: She’s designed to release a clear gas out of tail that makes Jumba’s house smell fruity.

059 or Trimmy: She’s designed to trim the bushes and trees.

060 or Mail-Call: He’s designed to yell out to Jumba that the mail came.

061 or Jest: He tells jokes but they’re no good.

s062 or French-fry: He’s designed to make people fat with his unhealthy food and then eats them. He now makes healthy food for people.

063 or Who: He’s designed to say ‘Who’ all the time.

064 or What: He’s designed to say ‘What’ all the time.

065 or Where: He’s designed to say ‘Where’ all the time.

066 or Why: He’s designed to say ‘Why’ all the time.

067 or Because: He’s designed to say ‘Because’ all the time.

068 or Dice: He’s designed to dice up fruits and vegetables.

069 or Painter: He’s designed to paint jumba’s shed but he paints other people’s houses with his tail.

070 or Licker: He’s designed to annoy people by licking them.

071 or Pause: He’s designed to pause after each word.

072 or Candle: He’s designed to annoy people by blowing out people’s candles.

073 or Monty: He’s designed to make sandwiches but he makes them too big for people to finish.

074 or Rip: He’s designed to rip up furniture.

075 or Blankless: He’s designed to steal people’s blankets while they sleep.

076 or Crotch: He’s designed to kick male groins.

s077 or Zawp: He’s designed to annoy people with his constant snoring.

078 or Rupert: He’s designed to steal people’s credit cards.

079 or Clear: She was designed to clean windows but she breaks them instead.

080 or Shovel: He’s designed to shovel snow off of Jumba’s yard.

081 or Kona Crunch: He’s designed to bite and hang from people’s rears.

082 or Chase: He’s designed to chase the mail man away.

083 or Pully: She’s designed to pull people’s ears.

084 or Dairy: She’s designed to be Jumba’s personal cow.

085 or Footsie: She’s designed to step on people’s feet.

s086 or Clink: He is designed to capture other Experiments.

087 or Gamer: He’s designed to beat people at board games.

088 or A.W.T.Y.: He’s designed to ask ‘Are We There Yet?’ every five minutes.

s089 or Skip: He’s designed to skip ten minutes but instead skips people ten years when they pat his head. The person is missing for ten years during this process.

090 or Juicy: She’s designed to juice fruits and veggies but juices everything else instead.

091 or Crayola: She’s designed to turn things into coloring utensils.

092 or Switchy: She’s was made to turn off the lights but she turns them on and off repeatedly.

093 or Demolition: He’s designed to destroy items Jumba doesn’t need any more but doesn’t know when to quit.

094 or Sniff: He’s designed to annoy people by sniffing them.

095 or Green: He was made to eat any currency.

096 or Tangle: He’s designed to tangle people’s hair.

097 or Juggle: He’s designed to distract people why Jumba steals things but Juggle can’t do tricks well.

098 or Hula: She’s designed to dance but she gets in people’s way instead.

099 or Knot: He’s designed to tie people’s shoes together.

ELC Experiment List 100 to 199

The Civic Disturbances Series.

When you see a (*) next to the number then Disney owns it

100 or Dump: He’s designed to wreck people’s garbage.

101 or Slippy: He’s designed to make roads more slippery with his oily feet.

s102 or Stopgo: He is designed to cause traffic jams.

s103 or Stamen: He’s designed to attract bees to him to prevent flowers from being pollinated.

104 or De-Clothes: He’s designed to steal clothes from people’s bodies.

105 or Flatz: He’s designed to flatten people’s tires.

106 or Clocker: He’s designed to set people’s clocks on the wrong time.

107 or Spoiler: He’s designed to spoil food.

108 or Rake: He’s designed to knock down leaves onto people’s yards.

109 or Screech: He’s designed to blow into instruments annoyingly.

s110 or Squeak: He’s designed to annoy planets with his endless talking.

s111 or Mulch: He’s designed to destroy people’s yards by mowing down to the dirt.

112 or Splatter: He’s designed to make messes by smashing foods with fillings or juices.

s113 or Shoe: He’s designed to control luck. If his horns are up he creates good luck. Opposite when they are down.

114 or Stain: She’s designed to stain people’s clothes with her spit.

115 or Rot: He’s designed to rot people’s teeth.

116 or Wakey: She’s designed to wake up babies.

117 or Moonie: He’s designed to moon people.

118 or Amp: He’s designed to make things louder than it supposed to be.

119 or Jingle: He numbs people’s body parts.

s120 or Snafu: He’s designed to ruin anyone’s plans on trying to catch him.

121 or Candy: She’s designed to turn people into candy. She is Taffy’s mate (039) and Hershy’s mother (B-X 021)

122 or Stare: He’s designed to annoy people with his constant staring.

s123 or Carmon: She’s designed to make people dance with her Latino beats. Chopsuey (621) accidently impregnated her after they were drunk off of her fruit juices at Richter’s Fruit Bar. They quickly became mates without Carmon knowing she was getting pregnant. She and Chopsuey became mates after their house was built . Carmon gave birth to Destro (B-X 028), Carma (B-X 029), Chops (B-X 030), and Destini (B-X 031). On a side note, Carmon is a little dimwitted but faithful to her friend Sandy (622).

124 or Redrick: He’s designed to stop people from blinking.

125 or Rodent: He’s designed to any form of rodent into people’s houses by playing his flute-like r tail.

126 or Walker: He’s designed to make people walk until he says ‘STOP.’

127 or Smelly: He’s designed to store rotten food in people’s homes.

s128 or Bugby: He’s designed to turn people into bugs but was reprogrammed to turn inanimate objects into lady bugs for farmers.

129 or Switch’em: He’s designed to switch people’s mail.

130 or Stoner: He’s designed to throw rocks at people.

131 or Sweet-Tooth: He’s designed to make nasty tasting food sweet tasting.

132 or Sweater: He’s designed to make people sweat endlessly.

s133 or PJ: He’s designed to play practical jokes on people.

s134 or Shredder: He’s designed to shred important documents.

135 or Jail-Breaker: He’s designed to bust convicts out of prison.

136 or Spurt: He’s designed to starve planets by controlling plant growth.

137 or Silvia: She’s designed to make people drool endlessly.

138 or Smucker: He’s designed to make people or item’s sticky like jelly.

139 or Fired: He’s designed to get people fired from their jobs, thus hurting the economy. (I made this Experiment BEFORE the recession

140 or Prob: He’s designed to move into people’s homes with his cuteness but causes a lot of trouble by breaking house rules.

141 or Hair-Ball: She’s designed to spit up hair balls on tables.

142 or Cheater: He helps people who are in affairs with their marriage and then busts the cheater when the time is right.

143 or Uro: He’s designed to make planetary leaders wet themselves in public.

144 or Mooch: He designed to move into people’s homes and eat all their food.

145 or Goblin: He’s designed to help people around people’s houses but at night he trashes the house and scares people out. He’s bullet proof too just in case someone has a weapon.

146 or Stix : He’s designed to poke people with sticks.

147 or Smacker: He’s designed to smack people’s faces.

148 or Weasel: He’s designed to run up planetary leaders pant legs during public appearances.

s149 or Bonnie: She’s designed to rob buildings She is the brains of the operation. She created two B-Xs with Clyde (150) who are Al (B-X 17) and Ally (B-X 018) She is unhappy with her unruly children who spend most of their days in Juvenile Detention.

s150 or Clyde: He is designed to rob buildings using his mechanical arm. He’s the brawn. He created two B-Xs with Bonnie, who are Al (B-X 17) and Ally (B-X 018).

s151 or Babyfier: She’s designed to turn people into babies. She now turns dogs into puppies at the pound so they get adopted. She also turns Experiments into babies that want to practice taking care of their own B-Xs before having them.

152 or Stunt: He’s designed to keep people from aging. Particularly kids.

153 or Ancient: He’s designed to turn people into old people.

154 or Crazy-Eight: He’s designed to turn people permanately into eight year olds.

155 or Shorty: He’s designed to turn people to Stitch’s size.

156 or Lincoln: He’s designed to make people really tall.

157 or Bark: He’s designed to bury people’s personal items in other people’s property.

s158 or Finder: He’s designed to find lost things.

159 or Oscar: He’s designed to dirty people’s homes.

160 or Sting: He’s designed to sting people with his stinger. Looks similar to a bee.

161 or Snitch: She’s designed to snitch on people.

162 or Beezus: He’s designed to hit several bee hives and lure them into towns.

163 or Order: He’s designed to order food and not claim it.

164 or Cinderella: She’s designed to make floors slippery with her soap.

165 or Label: He’s designed to switch labels on items.

166 or Runny: He’s designed to make people’s nose runny.

167 or Cramp: He’s designed to give people cramps.

168 or Socker: He pelts people with sock balls.

169 or Pooh: Designed to squeeze people in hugs.

170 or Antzy: She’s designed to put ants in people’s pants.

171 or Pushy: He’s designed to push people.

172 or Line: He’s designed to waste people’s time by holding up lines.

173 or Rabies: He’s designed to give animals rabies.

174 or Ripper: He’s designed to rip up children’s homework.

175 or Choke: He’s designed to sabotage golfer’s golf balls.

176 or Sneezy: She’s designed to make people sneeze.

s177 or Clip: She’s designed to eat uburnium which is hair. She eats people’s hair but found lives in a hair salon.

178 or J Carter: Designed to rewrite planetary leader’s notes so the leader is says silly things to his audience.

179 or Blocky: He’s designed to set up road blocks.

180 or Speech: He’s designed to switch people’s voices.

181 or J.J.: He’s designed to stalk people.

182 or Mute: He’s designed to take people’s voices away.

183 or Intro: He’s designed to interrupt conversations with his loud talking.

184 or Dull: He’s designed to make sharp objects dull.

185 or Bull: He’s designed to ram anyone or anything that is red.

186 or McCain: He’s designed to steal handicapped people’s items such as canes and wheelchairs.

187 or Critter: She’s designed to turn people into any animal she says. The person can still talk and act like human or alien.

188 or Nike: He’s designed to put holes in people’s shoes.

189 or Marble: She’s designed to spill marbles everywhere out of her vacuum hose-like tail.

190 or Nails: He’s designed to bite people’s toe nails and finger nails.

191 or Bev: She’s designed to hide things in people’s clothes.

192 or Chimmy: He’s designed to clog people’s chimneys.

193 or Speedy: He’s designed to make things move faster.

194 or Slug: He’s designed to make things move slowly.

195 or Goofy He’s deigned to make people look silly.

196 or Strangle: He’s designed to strangle people but doesn’t kill them.

197 or Wallace: He’s designed to destroy walls or supports to people’s homes and buildings.

198 or Buzz: He throws bee hives on his back at people.

s199 or Nosy: Designed reveal people’s most embarrassing secrets.

ELC’s Experiment List

Technological and Scientific Series

When you see an ‘S’ it means it’s been shown and is official Experiment.

200 or Trip: He’s designed to trip alarms or cause false alarms such as pulling the fire alarms.

201 or Zit: He’s designed to give people acne.

S202 or Jam: He’s designed to jam radar.

203 or Ress: She’s designed to reset anything that has a targeting system.

S204 or Nosox: He’s designed to make socks disappear.

205 or Buttons: He’s designed to press buttons unintelligently.

206 or Ira: She’s designed to erase important data off of anything that requires memory.

207 or Denise: She’s designed to unscrew screws and bolts.

208 or Viro: He’s designed to put viruses in computers and weapons.

209 or Mutant: He’s designed to spread Staunch Virus that causes people to mutate into reptilian zombies.

S210 or Retro: He’s designed to enemies and weapons into their most primary state. (Like turning a person into a cave man)

211 or Sorcer: He’s designed to destroy armies with magic.

212 or Jenifer: She’s designed to destroy generators.

213 or No-Show: He’s designed to rip out film from cameras.

S214 or Pix: She’s designed to take bad photos of people like a Polaroid camera.

215 or Denyse: She’s designed to suck battery power out of some ships.

216 or Cipher: He’s designed to steal electrical energy.

217 or Cutter: He’s designed to cut wires.

218 or Hot-Rod: He’s designed to make vehicles super fast.

219 or Jack: He’s designed to steal vehicles by hotwiring.

S220 or Millie: She’s designed to plug the holes in an air filter crucial to H-Drives.

S221 or Sparky: He’s designed to create crippling power surges. He mated with Thundra (578) and made Sparket (B-X 006), Sparkle (B-X 007), and Volty (B-X 008).

S222 or Poxy: He’s designed to make planetary leaders sick

S223 or Glitch: He’s designed to make technology go against the user.

S224 or Tweak: He’s designed to reset valves and dials to ‘Maximum Chaos.’

S225 or Mashy: He’s designed to crush Uburnium with his massive mouth.

226 or Magnet: He’s designed to get into heavy traffic and attract all metal items to him, particularly space cruisers.

S227 or Butter: He’s designed to batter through metal doors.

S228 or Melty: He’s designed to melt enemy fortresses, vehicles, and weapons.

S229 or Kingpin: He’s designed to be a target for war games.

230 or Mercedes: He’s designed to control all forms of transportation.

231 or Biggs: He’s designed to change the size of things.

232 or Salazar: He’s designed to turn people in salad.

233 or Show: He’s designed to trap people in televisions.

S234 or Shush: She’s designed to eaves drop on private conversations.

235 or Sig: He’s designed to block signals.

236 or Sila: She’s designed to destroy all forms of communication whether radio stations or telephone poles

237 or Scrap: He’s designed to steal metal from important ships.

238 or Up-Grade: He’s designed to upgrade items. Does the opposite of Retro.

239 or Cheat: He’s designed to cheat at video games and sports events.

240 or Facto: He’s designed to destroy any forms of factories.

241 or S.D.: He’s designed to make technology destroy itself or self-destruct.

242 or Memo: She’s designed to corrupt memory for computers.

243 or Trapper: He’s designed to trap people inside monitors. Works very much like Show (233)

244 or Exhaust: He’s designed to plug up exhaust pipes.

245 or Buster: He’s designed to destroy all forms of force fields and shields.

246 or Theo: He’s designed to go back in time and ruin particular events, thus changing the future.

247 or Life: She’s designed to turn give life to in inanimate objects.

S248 or Belle: She’s designed to scream loud high pitched shrieks to scare people. She mated with Yaarp (613) and created Amie (B-X 024), Hornette (B-X025), Yaarpy (B-X026), and Yaarpete (B-X 026) Yaarp and Belle divorced and Yaarp gets visitation.

S249 or Sproing: She’s designed to hurdle large boulders at people using her spring-like body.

250 or Remo: He’s designed to steal the TV remote from people.

S251 or Link: He’s designed to link people together who don’t cooperate.

252 or Warp: She’s designed to send people to the future.

253 or Mystique: She’s designed to attack armies with shrouds of darkness.

S254 or Mr. Stenchy: He’s designed to be irresistibly cute and trick people into taking him home. He then lets out a horrendous odor 42 hours after activation.

255 or Stubby: He’s designed to stop females from making milk.

256 or Abby: She’s designed to absorb any form of weapon fire and fire the same blast magnified.

257 or Reef: He’s designed to make objects highly reflective.

S258 or Sample: He’s designed to annoy people by recording noises and play them into musical loops.

259 or Mute: She’s designed to take sound away from anything.

260 or Wulfen: He’s designed to turn people into were-wolves.

261 or Clause: He’s designed to put bombs in brown bags.

S262 or Ace: He’s designed to be a super hero.

263 or Fam: She’s designed to break air conditioners and fans.

264 or Bash: He’s designed to break any item such as taking a hammer to a TV or putting a toaster in the bathtub.

265 or Gulliver: He’s designed to turn himself into a giant and destroy armies.

266 or Tyson: He’s designed to bite people’s ears.

S267 or Wishy-Washy: He’s designed to grant wishes.

268 or Tow: He’s designed to tow away vehicles.

268 or Blind: He’s designed to give people night blindness.

269 or Tap: He’s designed to tap into phone lines and listen to people’s conversations.

270 or Tele: She’s designed to teleport people.

271 or Oyslexic: She’s designed to give people dyslexia.

272 or Sickie: She’s designed to give people any disease of her choosing with her right paw and cure diseases with her left paw.

S274 or Alexander: He’s designed to make long distant phone calls, increasing the phone bill.

275 or No-Pass: He’s designed to change passwords on devices.

S276 or Remmy: He’s designed to give people nightmares.

S277 or Snooty: Designed to search and enrich snootonium.

278 or Swap: Designed to swap clean clothes with dirty clothes.

279 or V.E.: She’s designed to make computer games too easy.

280 or V.H.: He’s designed to make computer games too hard to play.

281 or Fusion: He’s designed to fuse things together and create a new item. He mated with Debbie and created, Morphy (B-X 048), Deeva (B-X 049), Fusina (Few-seen-Ah) (B-X 050), and Splinter (B-X 051).

282 or Debbie: She’s designed to fission items that has been fused together by Fusion (281)

283 or Knobbler: He’s designed to eat off knobs and handles to cages.

284 or Bones: He’s designed to raise the dead and the undead are flesh eaters.

S285 or Lax: He’s designed to make people stop working and relax.

286 or Plasm: He’s designed to steal plasma from energy based weapons.

287 or Lightno: He’s designed to destroy street lights.

S288 or Boomer: He’s designed to be a boomerang.

289 or Annie: She makes inanimate objects attack people.

290 or Spam: He’s designed to send spam to people’s email accounts.

291 or B-Ward: He’s designed to make assembly lines go backwords.

292 or Thief: He’s designed to steal important documents from computers.

293 or Arma: She’s designed to roll into a big spike ball and attack armies in any element her spike manipulates.

294 or Mime: He’s designed to attack people by creating invisible objects. Due to a virus he became a pacifist.

295 or Mystical: She’s designed to tell people’s future.

296 or Pete: He’s designed to make technology repeat itself such as a robot cleaning the same spot over and over.

S297 or Shortstuff: He’s designed to sabotage machinery.

298 or Washout: He’s designed to put things in water and catch things on

299 or Dimentor: He’s designed to send people to different dimensions.

ElectricCircuslover’s Experiments


300 – 399

If you see an ‘S’ it means it was shown or it’s an official experiment Disney made.

S300 or Spooky: He’s designed to scare people with their worst fears.

301 or Nerva: She’s designed to make people nervous or paranoid.

302 or Opto: He’s designed to make people optimistic.

S303 or Amnesio: He’s designed to erase people’s memory.

304 or Conformity: She’s designed to make people feel bored and meaningless towards other people or objects.

305 or Go-Go: He tries to make it harder for people to hold waste by mentioning liquid items are themes such as water spilling or waterfalls.

306 or James: He’s designed to give people A.D.D.

307 or Lusty: She makes people want sex constantly.

308 or Panick: He’s designed to cause panic in crowds.

309 or Gil: He’s designed to make people feel guilty.

310 or Dreamy: She’s designed to give Jumba good dreams.

S311 or Tickle-Tummy: She’s designed to tickle people. (I made up the number since Disney failed to do so)

312 or Nightmare: He’s designed to attack armies in their sleep.

313 or Neo: He’s designed to make people neglect responsibilities and objects.

314 or Downer: He talks to people about the downside of things.

315 or Eve: She’s designed to make people and other Experiments meaner.

S316 or Morpholomew: He can morph himself and others into anything he can see or picture.

317 or Coro: She’s designed to make people think that no one loves them.

318 or Special: She’s designed to make people feel unspecial about themselves but backfired.

S319 or Spike: Designed to take away 99% of people’s intelligence and makes them goofy.

S320 or Cloudy: He’s designed to be a cloud and depress people by raining on them.

S321 or Lightfoot: He’s designed to distract people by tap dancing.

S322 or Hecklar: He’s designed to verbally abuse people by insulting them.

S323 or Hunka-Hunka: He’s designed to make people fall in love with one another.

324 or Slimmy: She’s designed to cause anorexia to people, mostly teens and women.

325 or Dizzy: He’s designed to make people dizzy by spinning them.

326 or Rage: He’s designed to make people angry all the time.

327 or Tasty-Cools: He’s designed to make people taste in certain foods change.

328 or Critic: He’s designed to break people’s spirits or embarrassing them by throwing tomatoes at them while they perform on stage.

329 or Flatso: He’s designed to turn people into fat slobs.

330 or Split: He’s designed to give people split personalities.

331 or Brainy: He’s designed to make people super smart for three days. If the victim doesn’t drink milk they’re brain explodes.

332 or Skeptical: He’s designed to make people not believe in anything.

333 or Chang: She’s designed to challenge people at games and always wins, thus hurting self esteem.

334 or Loss: He’s designed to hurt people’s self esteem by giving them bad advice.

335 or Anthony: He’s designed to make people hate their country or planet.

336 or Twinnity: She’s designed to copy herself into people and do the opposite of what the person being copied is doing.

337 or Joy: She’s designed to make people joyful no matter what the topic.

338 or Heart: She’s designed to break memorable objects to hurt people’s feelings.

339 or Crimson: He’s designed to play sad music.

S340 or Nodessertro: He’s designed to cause mass depression by stealing people’s desserts.

341 or Bashful: He’s designed to make people shy.

342 or Jane: She’s designed to make people lose their belief in something by poking them with her needle at the end of her tail.

343 or Lilly: She’s designed to trick armies with illusions.

S344 or Dupe: She’s designed to copy things but leaves all the copies or copied weak until brought back together.

S345 or Elastico: He’s designed to distract enemies by doing tricks with his stretchy body. Mated with Elastica and created two B-Xs Stretchica (B-X 020) and Stretchy (B-X 019).

346 or Ted: He’s designed to make people bored from certain things.

S347 or Slobber: He’s designed to drool on people. This character was in a comic but I never read the comics. Couldn’t anyways ;

348 or Joyles: He’s designed to take people’s joy away.

349 or Memmy: She’s designed to alter people’s memories.

350 or Hugsy: She’s designed to annoy people by hugging them.

351 or Vio: He’s designed to violate people’s personal space.

352 or Talent: He’s designed to take people’s special talent away.

353 or B.M.: He’s designed to blackmail people.

354 or Jestifer: She’s designed to ridicule people on national television. Disney owns the name I own the abilities and her number to an extent.

S355 or Swapper: He’s designed to swap people’s minds.

356 or Rosie: She’s designed to break people’s hearts by morphing herself into a person’s boyfriend/girlfriend. Fell in love with Spooky.

357 or Relic: He’s designed to make people feel older.

S358 or Manners: He’s designed to make people too polite and not fight back.

359 or Grinch: He’s designed to make people cold hearted.

S360 or Drowsy: He’s designed to make people fall asleep.

361 or Bang: He’s designed to keep people awake at night.

362 or Jenny: She’s designed to change people animals into the opposite sex.

363 or Boss: He’s designed to make bosses bossier.

364 or Tired-Eyes: He’s designed to make people sleepy but they can’t fall asleep soon enough.

365 or Destini: She’s designed to block people from their destiny.

366 or Bill: He’s designed to make people rivals.

367 or Simon: He’s designed to make people bad at their talents.

368 or S.I.M. (Song In Mind) : He’s designed to have music people hate stuck in their heads.

369 or Tricky: He’s designed to trick people’s minds into thinking things that are not really what they are thinking. Such as seeing something that really isn’t there for a few seconds.

370 or Uni: She’s designed to make people see others as the opposite gender.

371 or Grump: He’s designed to make people grumpy by giving them a bad day.

372 or Deafy: He’s designed to make people deaf.

373 or Lucy: She’s designed to make people paranoid.

374 or Goalie: Designed to destroy people’s goals and replace them with unrealistic dreams.

S375 or Phantasmo: He’s designed to inhabit inanimate objects and scare or get others into trouble.

376 or B.W. (Back-Words) : He’s designed to make people speak backwards.

377 or Dignit: He’s designed to cut people’s dignity.

378 or Pride: She’s designed to hurt people’s pride in things.

379 or Chuck: He’s designed to make adults act childish.

380 or B.O.: He’s designed to make people smell bad, drifting a person’s friend and family away.

381 or Austin: He’s designed to make people cry when they don’t get what they want.

382 or Senseless: He’s designed to take away senses. The ability to see, hear, and feel.

S383 or Swirly: He’s designed to hypnotize people and obey the first command.

284 or Grandpa: He’s designed to make people feel older than what they really are.

285 or Mr. Nasty: He’s designed to give people repulsive thoughts.

286 or Minnie: She’s designed to get inside people’s stomachs and make them eat uncontrollably.

287 or Fillburt: He’s designed to make people feel full all the time, causing people to starve to death.

288 or Hopee: She’s designed to make people feel hopeless but she glitched now does the opposite.

289 or Curvy: She’s designed to give mental illnesses but she removes them instead.

S390 or Slimy: He’s designed to trip people with his slime trail.

391 or Echo: She’s designed to make people repeat noises they hear.

392 or Dare-Devil: He’s designed to do stunts to grab people’s attention.

393 or Bella: She’s designed to destroy people’s personal things that they are emotionally attached to.

394 or Jasmine: She’s designed to make people lie uncontrollably

395 or Depo.: He’s designed to make people remember their worst moments in their life.

396 or Minder: He’s designed to control people’s minds.

S397 or Spats: He’s designed to make people fight one another.

398 or Tears: He’s designed to make people cry uncontrollably.

399 or Boogeyman: He’s designed to trap people in closets and scare them.

Mysterious and Failed Experiments

400 – 499

If you see an ‘S’ before the number Disney owns it and that it was used in the comics or show or was mentioned at any given time.

S400 or Precious: She’s designed to control other Experiments. To neutralize this experiment she has to be thrown into a volcano. She was supposed to be on a Lord of the Rings parody but Disney scrapped the idea due to copy rights.

401 or Flush: He’s designed to flush toilets.

402 or Hyde: He was designed to imprison people in invisible cages but Jumba added few bad ingredients and now he plays hide and seek with people instead.

403 or Cleedis: He was designed to challenge Jumba’s intelligence but he became dimwitted instead.

404 or Eldo: She’s designed to push the elderly across traffic but helps them instead.

405 or Wall-z: He’s designed to fix walls but he licks them instead.

406 or Norman: His programming got scrambled but ended up with no powers in the end. Jumba wanted to make Experiment that would catch cities on fire.

407 or Felon: He’s designed to commit felonies but he’s no good at getting into trouble.

408 or Scabby: He’s designed to peal people’s scabs.

409 or Caren: She’s designed to heal wounds.

410 or Sour: He’s designed to spoil milk.

411 or Sneezer: He’s designed to sneeze in people’s faces.

S 412 or Char: He’s designed to burn bagels.

S413 or Botulator: He’s designed to spoil food.

S414 or Crusty: He’s designed to spread mold on bread.

S415 or Patter: He’s designed to eat a single sock from each pair.

416 or Chewy: He’s designed to chew with his mouth open.

417 or Fuzzet: She’s designed to drop balls of hair every few minutes.

418 or Mercy: She was designed to attack armies with beam weapons but she malfunctioned targeted Jumba instead. Mercy was worked on once more and now she won’t harm anyone. Loves cats.

419 or Belch: He’s designed to burp loudly in public places.

420 or Cracker: He’s was designed to throw fireworks at people but the firecrackers at other Experiments.

421 or Mr. Fix-It: He’s designed to repair machinery.

422 or Munchie: She’s designed to eat the dead but she eats other Experiments instead.

423 or Bucker: He’s designed to put buckets on people’s heads.

424 or Toil: He’s designed to drink out of the toilet.

425 or Constructor: He’s designed to build homes for people to rent.

426 or Princess: She was designed to mate with male Experiments and create Born Experiments (B-Xs) but she is infertile and she eats the Experiment that mates with her. Princess has her own place in the jungle where Experiments that don’t have mates can ‘get some.’

427 or Secro: He’s designed to deliver secret plans to his friends in E.G.O. (Evil Geniuses Organization) but delivers them to government officials instead.

428 or Legs: She’s designed to make people into quadpeds (all four paws).

429 or Friendlo: He’s designed to help Jumba make friends by telling them good things about Jumba but he got a virus in is programming and does the complete opposite.

430 or Stinger: He’s designed to sting people with his stinger. He looks like a hornet.

431 or Slurpy: He’s designed to slurp his food and drinks.

432 or Buck: He’s designed to be like a dentist an clean Jumba’s teeth.

433 or Razzle: She’s designed to make everything taste fruity.

434 or Rookie: He’s was designed to play sports like a profession but sucks instead.

435 or Heaven: She’s designed to massage Jumba’s aching muscles.

436 or Piñata: He’s designed to be a piñata but doesn’t but he spits out rotten veggies instead.

437 or Thriller: He’s designed to throw parties.

438 or Jean: She’s designed to kiss people.

439 or Dicky: He’s designed to put law officials in jail but instead puts lawbreakers in jail.

440 or Captain: He’s designed to steal people’s underwear.

441 or Pyro: He’s designed to put out fires.

442 or Jumby: He’s designed to be Jumba’s assistant but was too clumsy.

443 or Sailor: He’s designed to swear.

444 or Sitter: She’s designed to baby sit Jumba’s nieces and nephews.

445 or LG: He’s designed to save Jumba from drowning.

446 or Bask: He’s designed to catch fish. He’s very laid back.

447 or Thinker: He’s designed to help Jumba with ideas for new Experiments but he wasn’t very helpful.

448 or Softy: She’s designed to make itchy clothes softer.

449 or Clumsy: She’s designed to get into people’s way when they are carrying things.

450 or Musique: She’s designed to sing Jumba’s favorite songs with the artist voice.

451 or Terry: She’s designed to be Jumba’s personal secretary.

452 or Spielberg: He’s designed to video tape special moments.

453 or Panty: She’s designed to eat underwear.

454 or Skunk: He’s designed to spray people with a smelly liquid from the tip of his tail. Victims have to wash in tomato juice in order to get it off them.

S455 or Mary: She’s designed to be Jumba’s bouncer.

456 or Pleakley: He’s designed to make food rock hard.

457 or Bland: He’s designed to take away tastes from food and water.

458 or Date-Less: He’s designed to ruin dates between people.

459 or Macadamia : She’s designed to spit out macadamia nuts but she doesn’t know how to stop spewing them out of her mouth. She can only be stopped by putting soap on her mouth.

460 or Chad: He’s designed to be Jumba’s gym trainer.

461 or Statistic: He’s designed to count things, particularly money but doesn’t do a good job at counting.

462 or Dillard: He’s designed to make Experiments more domesticated but doesn’t do a good job.

463 or Peace: She’s designed to play ambient sounds to help Jumba sleep.

464 or Napper: He was designed to steal children and hold them random however his programming glitched and he steals useless items instead.

465 or Ruler: He’s designed to measure things for Jumba.

466 or Security: He’s designed to be Jumba’s personal security guard.

467 or Cavity: He’s designed to give people cavities.

468 or Ghoul: He was designed to steal things from dead bodies and graves but he digs up bodies instead.

469 or Fluffy: He’s designed to fluff Jumba’s pillow. (Apparently he’s that lazy Jumba is XD)

470 or Giggles: She’s designed to annoy people by giggling.

471 or Pot-Head: He’s designed to break pottery with his large head.

472 or Jigsaw: He’s designed to solve jigsaw puzzles.

473 or Granny: She’s designed to pinch children’s cheeks.

474 or Winkler: He’s designed to wrinkle clothes.

475 or Tame: He’s designed to tame animals.

476 or Pancake: She’s designed to burn pancakes.

477 or Knockers: She’s designed to make breasts bigger but will cause a tremendous amount of pain if done. To reverse effect is surgery.

478 or Glasses: He’s designed to corrupt vision.

479 or Lid: He’s designed to keep the toilet lid up.

480 or Rugrat: He’s designed to sweep things under people’s rugs.

S481 or Tippy: She’s designed to tip things over when she gets scared. She was on the magazine but her number name was like 000 or something and that’s pretty dumb so I made her a 400 since she didn’t really fit anywhere but the 000s or 400s.

482 or Ortho: He’s designed to do the opposite of what he is told.

483 or Lovetta: She’s designed to morph into your true love.

484 or Dreamer: He’s designed to pull things out of people’s dreams but the object or person turns into a cardboard after an hour. He also refuses to use his power.

485 or Garder: He’s designed to take care of Jumba’s garden.

486 or Randy: He was designed to play the guitar.

487 or Fix: He’s designed to get stains out of clothes.

488 or Suey: He’s designed to clean sludgy, wet basements.

S489 or Huggo: He’s designed to hug people. Looks like an octopus. He bugee bu’d with Yin or Experiment 501. They have two B-Xs, B-X 012 Squirt Squire Tentacle and Squidward Nick Tentacles. (I couldn’t think of a better name at the time ; )

490 or Footloose: He was designed to cut off people’s feet but he spits green goo instead. The goo does nothing but make a mess.

491 or Chameleon: He’s designed to morph into any Experiment but he can’t use their powers. The form only lasts for an hour.

492 or Noser: He’s designed to pick people’s noses.

493 or Candice: She’s designed to put people’s body parts asleep, particularly feet.

494 or Willy: He’s designed to give people wet willies.

495 or Glitter: She’s designed to cover people in glitter.

496 or Meddles: He’s designed to switch medicine.

497 or Maid: She’s designed to be Jumba’s maid.

498 or Whiskers: He’s designed to pull on whiskers on some species or antennae as well.

499 or Myrtle: She’s designed to be like Jumba’s daughter but she was spoiled and was deactivated.

Experiment List

500 – 599

Elemental Series

Experiments with an ‘S’ next to its number is owned by Disney.

500 or Buddy: He’s designed to eat dirt and sand.

S501 or Yin: She’s designed to squirt water.She bugee bu'd with Huggo or Experiment 489. They have two B-Xs, B-X 012 Squirt Squire Tentacle and B-X 013 Squidward Nick Tentacles. (I couldn't think of a better name at the time. ; )

S502 or Yang: He’s designed to shoot magma from his little valcanos from his back. Yang bugee bu’d with Experiment 567 or Maggy and made three B-Xs. B-X 014 or Pele Valarie Magma, B-X 015 or Fry Magness Magma, and 016 or Cookie Sweet Magma are his off springs.

503 or Whirly: He’s designed to make whirlpools.

504 or Danny: She’s designed to make weeds.

S505 or Ploot: He’s designed to collect trash and spread pollution and sludge.

506 or Chuck: He’s designed to knock down trees so they can land on cars and homes.

S507 or Woody: He’s designed to eat wood.

508 or Wilt: He’s designed to wilt plants with a toxic liquid from his bulb-like tail.

S509 or Sprout: He’s designed to spread and turn into a man-eating forest.

510 or Poison: He’s designed to poison water and vegetation to make people sick.

511 or Caven: He’s designed to make caves cave in.

512 or Glass: He’s designed to turn things into glass.

S513 or Richter: He’s designed cause earthquakes.

514 or Plax: He’s designed to create oil spills.

S515 or Deforestator: He’s designed to cut down forests.

516 or Slider: He’s designed to create rockslides.

517 or Muddy: He’s designed to create mudslides

518 or Forest: He’s designed to eat away at vegetation.

S519 or Splat: He’s designed to level cities with his deceptively small roller.

S520 or Cannonball: He’s designed to jump into water and create tsunamis.

S521 or Wrapper: He’s designed to wrap things up like a mummy (Personally I don’t see why this is an Elemental Experiment. Sounds more of a 100 series Experiment but whatever)

522 or Toran: She’s designed to spin webs in cities and devour animals and people caught in her web. (Why did I make this an Elemental? Lol)

S523 or Slushy: He’s designed to freeze Jumba’s food (that’s what he was supposed to be designed for but he made a pretty good Experiment for freezing islands lol) Bugee bu’d with Experiment 526 or Frozzana and made three B-Xs with her. They are, B-X 009 or Sprinkle Candise Ice, B-X 010 or Cream Vanilla Ice, and B-X 011 Frosty Freeze Ice.

524 or Valley: She’s designed to create deserts.

525 or Polar: He’s designed to melt the polar ice caps on planets.

526 or Frozanna: She’s designed to turn cities into frozen tundra. She bugee Bu’d with Slushy and had three B-Xs with him.

527 or Paul: He’s designed to rot wood.

528 or Steam: She’s designed to evaporate liquids.

S529 or Digger: He is designed to dig holes into planets.

530 or Frostbite: He’s designed to turn people into ice blocks by biting them.

S531 or Hisee: She’s designed to steal crops from farmers from underground. Hisee was on the Disney Adventure comics.

532 or Detrate: He’s designed to freeze water.

S533 or Blowhard: He’s designed to immobilize objects by keeping it in the air with his wind from his trunk.

534 or Boozehound: He’s designed to turn liquid into alcohol.

535 or Rod: He’s designed to be hit by lighting and throw lightning bolts at people.

536 or Shifty: She’s designed to make clouds.

537 or Foggit: He’s designed to cover cities in a thick fog.

538 or Marine: He’s designed to eat all aquatic life.

539 or Helee: She’s designed to fill people up with helium.

S540 or Phoon: She’s designed to blow down buildings with her trunk. She bugee bu’d with Experiment 619 or Splodyhead and made B-X 022 or Phoonie Clara Windhelm and B-X 023 or Crisp PJ Windhelm

541 or Acid: He’s designed to flood cities in acid.

542 or Steele: She’s designed to turn things into metal.

543 or Oxy: She’s designed to cut air supplies from pipes.

S544 or Thresher: He’s designed to thrash crops with his mace-like appendages.

545 or Wedge: He’s designed to make pot holes larger by ice wedging them.

546 or Monty: He’s designed to destroy mountains and statues with his bombs.

547 or Spread: He’s designed to spread diseases.

548 or Rusty: He’s designed to rust metal.

549 or Tara: She’s designed to trap people and animals in tar pits.

550 or Heater: He’s designed to heat up the weather.

551 or Sandra: She’s designed to create sandstorms.

552 or Locus: He’s designed to spit out locusts that he controls and eats away at farmer’s vegetables.

553 or Tornado: He’s a designed to change into a tornado and destroy large towns.

554 or Soiler: He’s designed to dry up the ground and make it cracked.

555 or Fireball: He’s designed to make it rain fireballs.

556 or Seeder: He’s designed to eat plant seeds.

557 or Dam: He’s designed to destroy dams and cause flooding.

558 or Herbie: He’s designed to grow poisonous fruit.

559 or Taco: He’s designed to change the flow of water. Loves to eat tacos.

560 or Flush: He’s designed to flood towns in a flood.

561 or Avalanche: He’s designed to create snowy avalanches.

562 or Valarie: She’s designed to make blow volcanoes erupt.

563 or Quickster: He’s designed to turn things similar to quicksand.

564 or Bunny: She’s designed to make animals multiply and speed up growth.

565 or Silver: He’s designed to turn things into silver.

S566 or Derrick: He’s designed to make potholes with his drill-like tail.

567 or Maggy: She’s designed to spew out lava and surround towns in lava pools using a large volcano she sprouts from her back. She bugee bu’d with Yang and had B-Xs. B-X 014 or Pele Valarie Magma, B-X 015 or Fry Magness Magma, and 016 or Cookie Sweet Magma as her off spring.

568 or Loki: She’s designed to melt metal into a hot liquid.

569 or Hot-Foot: He’s designed to make the ground around him too hot for people to walk on.

570 or Frosty: He’s designed to make it snow.

571 or Gargle: He’s designed to put garbage in water supplies.

572 or Freezer: He’s designed to cover roads in ice.

573 or Rocky: He’s designed to turn people into stone.

574 or Ribbet: He’s designed to make it rain frogs.

575 or Splitter: He’s designed to create large craters.

576 Watra: She’s designed to stop waterfalls.

577 or Electra: She’s designed to electrify water.

578 or Thundra: She’s designed to create massive thunderstorms. She bugee bu’d with Experiment 221 or Sparky. Her off springs are B-X 006 or Sparket Amy Lightning, B-X 007 or Sparkle Electra Lightning, and B-X 008 or Voltly Electro Lightning.

579 or Radio: She’s an experiment that irradiates objects. She doesn’t like to use her powers.

580 or Stu: He’s designed to make stalagmites fall in caves.

581 or Jell: She’s designed to surrounds cities in a jello mold.

582 or Spark: He’s designed to shock people with electricity.

583 or Ashen: He’s designed to get inside trees and it from the inside.

584 or Welly: She’s designed to destroy water wells.

585 or Sue: She’s designed to spit toxic sludge into water reserves.

S586 or Tank: He’s designed to eat metal and grow in size.

587 or Rain: He’s designed to make acid rain and rain continuously.

588 or Ice Cold Junior: He’s designed to create walls of solid ice.

589 or Wave She’s designed to crush enemies using water.

590 or Midas: He’s designed to turn everything he touches to gold.

591 or Stinky: He’s designed to fill cities full of poisonous gas.

592 or Pyro: He’s designed to spread a flammable liquid and light it on fire.

593 or Riser: He’s designed to raise water level but doesn’t want to act on his programming.

594 Sunny: He’s designed to release a hot ball of energy into the sky and make it sunny all day and night. He bugee bu’d with Experiment 595 or Luna.

595 or Luna: She’s designed to block out the moon light on large towns and cities by releasing a black cloud from the tubes on her body. Bugee Bu’d with Experiment 594 and had two kids who are B-X 046 and B-X 047 or Shiny.

596 or Deeva: She is designed to divide any thing into two. (Like dividing a person into two people, a girl and a boy. If Stitch would be divided he would become a very small female and male Stitch. Powers would divide too.) She bugee bu’d with Fusion and had four B-Xs. B-X 048 or Morphy, B-X 049 or Jessie, B-X 050 or Fusina (Few-seen-ah) , and B-X 051 or Splinter.

Experiment 597 or Fusion- She fuses anything together permanently and creates new beings or twin-like beings. Bugee Bu’d with Experiment 596 or Deeva.

598 or Elly: She’s designed to destroy armies with elemental powers.

599 or Pudgy: He’s designed to control the weather. He’s a pudgy Experiment.

Experiment List

600 – 629

Battlefield and World Ending Properties

If there is an ‘S’ next to the number it is owned by Disney.

S600 or Woops: He is designedto be destroy cities and general combat. He can lift 3,000 times his own weight and not an ounce more, is virtually indestructible, super site and hearing, fire proof, has several different visions, and eat metal but is too much of a klutz to use the properly. Woops can barely walk through an open door. The only word he can say for himself is “woops” when he does something by accident.

S601 or Kixx: He’s designed to battle in hand to hand combat. In my writings he had his way with Angel (rape) and created B-X 036 or Mike Tyson Petals and B-X 037 or Kixxie Maria Petals.

S602 or Sinker: He’s designed to sink ships and other vessels on water or water-like sea.

S603 or Zap: He is designed to be a living laser ball or a projectile.

S604 or Houdini: He’s designed to make things, including himself, invisible.

605 or Planna: She’s designed to strategize battle plans.

S606 or Holio: He’s designed to turn into a black hole.

S607 or Launch: He’s a designed to warp the fabric of time and space, making it collapse upon itself. Looks exactly like Rufus from Kim Possible but with three spikes on the back.

S608 or Slugger: He’s designed to deflect projectiles with his bat-like tail.

S609 or Heat: He’s designed to fire a heat ray at enemies. He bugee bued with B-X 052 or Spring Lovetta.

610 or Chuck: He’s designed to control gravity.

S611 or El Fin: He’s designed to be a super weapon and make the universe implode when Jumba speaks the password, who was fortunate enough to forget the password.

612 or Target: He’s designed to eat enemy weapons and fire the project from his tail.

S613 or Yaarp: He’s designed to blow supersonic deafening blasts from his horn. He WAS bugee bu’d with Experiment 248 or Belle and mated with her, creating Amie (B-X 024), Hornette (B-X025), Yaarpy (B-X026), and Yaarpete (B-X 026) but they had a divorce after raping Experiment 624 or Angel love Petals. He created B-X 038 or Jessica Tulip Petals, B-X 039 or Angelica Evonne Petals, B-X 040 or Max Benny Petals, B-X 041 or David Henry Petals, B-X 042 or Flower Belle Petals, Lilly Honey Petals, B-X 044 or (Little) Lilo Parakia Petals, and B-X 045 or Sunday Cream Petals.

614 or Nova: She’s designed to make stars blow up, destroying nearby planets.

615 Warp/Atlas: / She’s designed to teleport people and objects. Her tail, Atlas, servers as a atlas map for different planets and he is in a shape of a big ball at the end of her long tail. Atlas has a mouth and a simple digestion system similar to the Experiments. He can’t digest living things however.

616 or Will: He’s designed to transform into weapons and vehicles that armies are weak against.

S617 or Plasmoid: He’s designed to shoot hot balls of plasma at enemies.

618 or Bulls-Eye: He’s designed to fire plasma from his minigun-like hands at armies.

S619 or Splodyhead: He’s designed to shoot fire balls at enemies. He bugee bu’d with Experiment 540 or Phoon and made B-X 022 or Phoonie Clara Windhelm and B-X 023 or Crisp PJ Windhelm.

620 or Gunner: He’s designed to take control of enemy vehicles and fire them back at them.

S621 or Chopsuey: He’s designed to destroy cities and combat in general. He has all the powers of Experiment 600 or Woops. He bugee bu’d with Experiment 123 or Carmon and made Destro (B-X 028), Carma (B-X 029), Chops (B-X 030), and Destini (B-X 031).

622 or Sandy: She’s designed to be a super soldier. She can lift 1,000 times her own weight, can fire twenty different types of projectiles from her hand, and teleport herself and objects. Sandy bugee bu’d with Experiment 625 or Rueben Sandwich (funny I know) and made B-X 032 or Sammy, B-X 033 or Samantha, B-X 034 or Patty, B-X 035 or Monty.

623 or Pod: He’s designed to deactivate other Experiments into pod form.

S624 or Angel: She’s designed to turn other Experiments before her evil by singing her siren song. Angel also can turn other Experiments good by singing her song backwards. She bugee bu’d and mated with Stitch and made B-X 001 or Stitchie Lee Petals, B-X 002 or Spring Angelina Petals, B-X 004 or Berrie Rose Petals, and B-X 004 or Andy James Petals. However, due to a sabotaged reincarnation of Shadow Stitch, she birthed B-X 005 an imitation B-X. Few years later she was raped by Kix in her ‘Heavenly Sweets’ desert shop and made B-X 036 or Mike Tyson Petals and B-X 037 or Kixxie Maria Petals. A similar situation happened again with Yaarp creating B-X 038 or Jessica Tulip Petals, B-X 039 or Angelica Evonne Petals, B-X 040 or Max Benny Petals, B-X 041 or David Henry Petals, B-X 042 or Flower Belle Petals, Lilly Honey Petals, B-X 044 or (Little) Lilo Parakia Petals, and B-X 045 or Sunday Cream Petals. Some years later the Petals family adopted William Fursell Zoo-Coo who was changed into an Experiment with no powers by Shadow. Several years later, Stitchie and Shadow defeated a king on another planet and got one wish, who wished for their ghost friend, Spring Lovetta alive and to be a sibling. They got their wish and Spring Lovetta was birthed by Angel and became the last B-X (B-X 052) of the list for the time being…

Note: During ‘I Only Want Your Bugee Bu’ Angel gave her powers up in favor of a lullaby for her children.

S625 or Rueben: He is designed to destroy cities using the same powers and Woops, Stitch, and Chopsuey but has advanced language programming. Rueben bugee bu’d with Experiment 622 or Sandy and made B-Xs with her.

S626 or Stitch: He’s designed to destroy cities. Has all the powers of Woops, Chopsuey, and Rueben. He bugee bu’d with Experiment 624 or Angel and made four B-Xs with her. Stitch however mated with a Galick named Stitchet, and created HEG’s(Hybrid Experiment and Galick) who are called, HEG 1 or Kenny, HEG 2 or Beverly, HEG 3 or Stina (Stee-Na) .

S627 or Red: He’s designed to be better than Stitch and has all his strengths and none of his weaknesses. Red has 20 other Experiment powers, can only say ‘evil,’ grow four extra arms and a extra head, and cannot be turned to good. He was defeated by Lilo and Stitch by taking advantage of his laughing problem and was turned back into a pod. Since then Jumba was tinkering with 627 and when the time came he was reactivated but was able to speak solid English except for his other head that only could say ‘good’ and he was turned good with a little evil into it. Angel called him Red and he liked the name and kept the alias. He lives in the attic with Coco in Nani’s house.

628 or Gloria: She is designed to be better than Experiment 626 and 627. Gloria was activated when B-X 005 or Shadow filled Jumba’s ship with water by accident. She can lift 6,000 times her own weight and has 70 Experiment abilities as well as teleporting. She was defeated by Shadow and changed herself from bad to good. Gloria has a crush on Shadow but Shadow became too hateful and bitter to stay on Earth anymore but she still dreams on being with him.

S629 or Leroy: His programming is unknown but he has all the powers of Stitch and he can disguise himself into Stitch. He was cloned a hundred times but was defeated by the Experiments and now lives in jail.

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