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Author has written 2 stories for Inheritance Cycle, and Teen Titans.

AHA! I will finally actually do my profile/bio now!

Alrighty then, you can all call me Syreni, proper way to say it is: Si-ren like the evil mythical creature, I like how I spell it better though! Adds to the umph! Okay, so I'm a huge fan of Eragon, Twilight, Teen Titans, Forgotten Realms and Inuyasha fanfictions, I dont like it though when people butcher the characters, and I can't stand horrible writing! You may also be able to notice from my pairings listed below that I like the fem slash thing, this is because I am a girl, and I have a girlfriend (MUWHAHAHA) this will be in my Eragon Fan Fic Elven Shades, but don't worry its none of the fem slash pairings down under. My favorite pairings are:

Eragon/Arya=super cuteness

Arya/Nasuada=I think this would totally explain Arya's constant rejection to Eragon

Murtagh/Nasuada=Though I dont like Eragon's blood brother much...

Damitha/Arya=won't see that in my fics...well maybe a one shot

Edward/Bella=SO AMAZING

Alice/Bella=Only in my dreams I know

Jacob/A very large cliff=I dont like Jacob anymore!

Raven/Blackfire=THIS IS SO RIGHT

Raven/Robin=Better than Rob and stupid Starfire

Cy/Bee or Cy/Jinx=Either works

KidFlash/Jinx=Very cute

Any hot sexy drow with another hot sexy drow works for forgotten realms!

Inuyasha/Kagoma=Very cute

Sesshomaru/Sango=A nice one night stand I must say


Sango/Kagoma=eh, it could happen, I so thought Sango might be when she first entered the series

I am a graduating Senior this year, and after graduation I'm gonna take a trip to Canada, I aspire to be a famous author like my idle J.K. Rowling, but I dont like those fanfictions I must say, messing with perfection people! If you wish to read any of my own original writings please send me a message, everything is copy righted though! Or you can look me up on I have one original writing up there, well..the start of one! Can't think of anything else, but thanks everyone!


As some of my faithful have noticed, I have not been writing anything lately! OH gasp!! Well... there is a good reason for that. 1: School sucks, I can't wait until its done, then I got 8 MORE YEARS OF COLLEGE TO DO! WOOT WOOT! Ha ha ha, but seriously... high school can kiss my ass! 2: I have had a bit of writers block... its slowly going away since my lazy ass muse decided to came back from her long ass vacation... she really is worthless, though I love her when she is here because my ideas run like water, and are beautiful if you will allow me a bit of arrogance! 3: I had a new story literally punch my in the face and kick my in my vagvag in order to get my attention... and it is also breaking my "messing with perfection" statement above. I will give you a list of status' on my stories, and my upcoming ones as well.

Elven Shades: Its... working. I am a bit disappointed with the last few chapters I wrote for that one... but oh fucking well. None of you seem upset, so I guess its good. Chapter 9 for that story is coming soon... I think.

End of all Hope: It is also in the works, for my TT fans, Chapter 2 is halfway finished, I just... stopped, and sort of forgot about it, but the story line for that is super complicated, and really twisted... I have to plan it a bit more, but I will be posting Ch. 2 soon. Promise.

Reaching for Darkness: NEW STORY This is my HP fanfic, and its a Bellatrix/Hermione pairing... I am sorry, Bellatrix is so evil I want to have wild lesbian sex with her, and Helena Bonham-Carter only fueled that desire, because she is a GORGEOUS Bellatrix. This is in the making, I am currently on Ch. 2 of it, I won't post it until it is finished. It's going to be a long story. I have already written the end of it, and if I can say so, this story is beyond amazing.

Ascent into Darkness and Breathing in Darkness are my last HP fanfics you have to look forward to, and if I can say, THEY WILL END AMAZINGLY! Me being arrogant again, but yesh, I look forward to writing those. (4/11/08) is when I wrote this, so I will know, as will everyone else, if you steal my stories. But yesh, I won't tell you anything about Ascent or Breathing just yet, but look out for Reaching! Love you all!

But, do not fret my loyal readers, updates are coming soon.

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Inheritance Cycle - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12,817 - Reviews: 74 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 6/1/2005 - Published: 3/1/2005
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