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Author has written 5 stories for Anne of Green Gables series, Mediator, Young Wizards, and Harry Potter.

I am about to enter the twelfth grade. I love to read. I also like to write my favorite quotes in a notebook as I read. When I'm not reading or writing, I crochet (kind of like knitting, but with one needle) hats to donate to chemo patients.

Quotes from Books (More to Come)

Sandry's Book by Tamora Pierce

"Are these remarks addressed to me?" - Niko p. 15

"The boy's curses in five different languages left Niko unmoved, though the hostlers were impressed. 'I never thought a person could do all them things.' 'They can't - leastways not all at once.'" - hostlers p. 29

"'It's the university education,' Niko told them. 'It teaches us to chase our tails for an hour before breakfast, just to get the exercise.'" - Niko p. 33

"'If that's a lady, I'm a cat.' Reaching out, Sandry lifted the pitcher of milk from the table, cradling it in both hands, she walked over to the mutterer. 'I am Sandrilene fa Toren, daughter of Count Mattin fer Toren and his countess Amiliane fa Landreg. I am the great-niece of his grace Duke Vedris of this realm of Emelan and cousin of her Imperial Highness, Empress Berenene of the Namorn Empire. You are Esmelle ei Pragin, daughter of Baron Witten en Pragin and his lady Colledia of House Wheelright - a merchant house. If I tell you my friend is a lady, then you -' carefully she poured milk into Esmelle's plate - 'you had best start lapping kitty.'" - Esmelle and Sandry p 39-40

"'What if she bites me?' 'Bite back.'" - Briar and Lark p 66

"'Did I ask you to stick your neb in my life?' 'You didn't, but that's all right. I'll do it anyway. I'm like that.'"

"'Walking with girls' Briar grumbled as the four ambled down the spiral road. 'Respectable girsl. I can't never show my face in Sotat again' 'You're just complaining to be complaining.' Sandry pointed out. 'We haven't done anything to you.' 'Yet.'" - Briar and Sandry p 110

"'You don't know these girls yet,' Briar told him. 'They'd drive a tortoise to a frenzy.'" - Briar p 188

"'But there was this tremendous smell.' he protested. 'Like the spices you want me to memorize. I knew if I saw them being used, I'd learn them better. I was doing it for you - ow!'" - Briar p 210

"'Don't thank me. You'll just scare me worse than I've been already.'" - Tris p 215

"'Perhaps mention that Crane's keep-awake tea is a hair better than mine.' Everyone staered at her. 'But just a hair! And don't tell Crane I said it!'" - Rosethorn p 218

"'We're in tight and we need all our wits!' ' 'Stead of the half one you got, thief-boy?'" - Briar and Tris p 228

"'Hush, I need to think.' 'We're in trouble.'" - Daja and Sandry p 229

"'You're going to work,' she said grimly. 'You're going to work, or I'll know why.' 'Spoken like a noble.'" - Sandry and Briar p 243

"'We did do pretty good for ourselves, didn't we?' 'And if were very, very lucky, we won't do so well for ourselves again.'" - Briar and Daja p. 247

Tris's Book by Tamora Pierce

"'Someday the boy's going to decide to joke with you and move everything while you sleep. Then where will you be?' 'Better ask where he'll be if I catch him.'" - Daja and Tris p 5

"' He doesn't need my help coming up with pranks.'" - Daja p 5

"'You girls better not take forever to get ready -' he began, then realized that they were waiting for him. He switched his attention to the dog. 'You better not keep me waiting, Little Bear.'" - Briar p 7

"Tris loved storms. She took clear skies as a personal insult." - p 13

"'I'd have thought the merchants' screams would be audible all the way up here.'" - Duke Vedris p 67

"'Let your merchants scream in a courtyard where you can't hear them. THe exercise will keep them young.'" - Sandry p 68

"'I need faults to accent my excellence - otherwise - I would be too wonderful to live with.' 'Lucky girl to have so modest a teacher.'" - Frostpine and guard p 92

"'She does all right, for a skirt.' 'I notice you said that while Tris is talking to Niko and can't hear.'" - Briar and Moonstream p 124

"The novice suggested that Briar's mother had done something unlikely with a snail. 'And your dam with a wharf rat!'" - Briar p 134

"'No more breaking the fingers of kitchen help. I need their hands. Break a toe if you must.'" - Gorse p 136

"It was possible. It simply wasn't likely." - p 138

"'I ought to dent you.' 'You tried. You missed.'" - Tris and Briar p 175

"'He always tippytoes when he is on a nice, happy stroll.'" - Briar p 180

"'We're just frisking like little captive lambkins.'" - Briar p 216

"'You better undo your water spout. It'll make the duke mad if his ships are banged up.'" - Briar p 244

Daja's Book by Tamora Pierce

"'Our children have better manners.' 'Then go bother one of them.'" - Polyam and Tris p 22

"'He calls a fire amusing? Why not put a torch to his tail and see if he finds that amusing too.'" - Tris p 56

"'She had that look on her face.' 'What look?' 'The one that means she's seen you do something dumb and she means to pin your ears back.'" - Briar and Daja p. 61

"'What do you call that shade of yellow? It's so vivid.' 'I call it yellow.'" - Sandry and Polyam p 69

"'I don't know who confuses me more. You or them.' 'Nonsense. We make sense.' 'That's what confuses me.'" - Daja and Tris

"'People around here think well of themselve's.' 'We'll fix that.' - Daja and Briar p 78

"'Why are you forever asking hard questions?' 'Sooner or later you'll have to be able to answer one.'" - Daja and Briar p 80

"'Is he always this excitable?' 'He acts like magic's all about rules.'" - Briar and Daja

"Adults! Why were they always so complicated." - p 158

"'Could we work with me later, instead of now?' Briar yawned hugely. 'It's past my bedtime.'" - Briar p 167

"'I'm pleased that you're pleased. If I knew you wanted to play with fire, I'd've helped you with it ages ago.'" - Daja p 205

"'Did ya see that elephant? I wanna complain to a magistrate. Someone let an elephant run wild, and it stepped on me.'" - Briar p 209

Briar's Book by Tamora Pierce

"'You woke me up to talk about birthdays?'" - Briar p 2

"'I was reading.' 'You're always reading.'" - Tris and Sandry p 23

"'Crane will need help. With that lordly nature of his, I doubt he'll manage to keep anyone else for more than a day.'" - Rosethorn p 34

"'He and Rosethorn work together? They hate each other.' 'I didn't say they liked it.'" - Daja and Lark p 38

"'One does expect a modicum of manners in the young.' 'Good for one. If you wanted manners, you should have come after I had my tea.'' - Crane and Tris p 56

"'I am sorry I do not meet your qualifications for male beauty.'" - Crane p 125

"' You are too young to sound like my former governess.'" - Crane p 126

"'There are adult mages rejoicing in great power and knowledge, who would kill for the chance to work for Dedicate Crane. Of course, they don't know him personally.'" - Rosethorn p 133

"'Do I afford you amusement?' 'Yes'" - Crane and Rosethorn p 163

"'You sound like Crane.' 'Dear gods anything but that.'" - Briar and Niko p 193

"'If you go, they must train someone else for your job - and someone else after that, and someone else after that, since Crane will get rid of anyone new who looks at him cross-eyed.' 'Unjust,' drawled Crane. 'Absolutely right,' said Osprey." - Rosethorn, Crane, and Osprey p 203

"'I am so sick of this rubbish! I swear, I'm going to float away in a sea of horse urine.' 'Oh, no, love. I assure you, horse urine is much more strongly flavored.'" - Rosethorn and Lark p 214

As a military brat, most of my friends are also military brats and we came up with this list the other day:

You Might be a Brat if...

... your favorite game is "Guess the rank"

... you confuse your civilian friends by using military jargon in everyday conversation.

... you refer to 2:00 as fourteen hundred hours wonder what happened to the national Anthem when you go to civilian theaters

... you can't figure out where that extra digit in your phone number came from...

...or what happened to the rest of your area code.

... you don't bother learning your phone number. It'll just chang in a year or two anyway.

... you end every sentence in "Yes ma'am" or "No sir" when speaking to your superiors.

... you can't get to sleep without that sweet lullaby of A-10's doing night practice in the background.

... you annoy your civilian friends by pointing out innaccuracies in war movies. can ask "Where is the bathroom?" in five different languages.

...your parents can say "Come here", "Be quiet", and "Explain", in five different languages...

...and you understand them

... you get confused when someone asks where you are from before: a. giving the name of your parent's hometown or b. listing every base you've ever been stationed at.

... you think it's perfectly normal to tell your father/mother good morning at 10:00 pm

... You have had to remind your father/mother which side of the rode to drive on.

... You are involved in an ongoing prank war with the army family down the road.

... you are used to waking up to the sound of revelie.

... you think it's fine for other military brats to criticize different branches of the military, but you get offended if civilian children do it.

...You don't have enough fingers to count how many schools you've been to.

... you can't stay in one area for more than three years without getting wanderlust.

...your birthday party looks more like a meeting of the UN

... You can't tell who the new kid in school is (they're all new to you)

... your dad has THAT tone of voice...

... and so do you

... you correct your history teacher on pronunciation of European names.

... you're used to second-hand housing.

... your walls are stark white and bare of decorations.

... there are moving stickers on all of your belongings.

... When asked if you've ever been to Disney world you respond "Not in the States."

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