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Kiana: Hufflepuff/Thunderbird-INFP-Pisces/Aquarius. According to Tumblr the purest thing you are ever gonna meet?

That's as proper as it gets ladies and gents. (And all in between! Or like, somewhere off in the distance eating a pretzel that's cool too, I like pretzels.)

If you need random facts to get you through your day, I'm your guy (gal?) because literally, that's all I do. I drop useless knowledge on people because I just know so many random (but sometimes useful) things. Seriously, I have no clue how it came to this, it just did. I'm a ticking time bomb of FACTS.

A cool announcement that you probably don't care about that I'm going to tell you anyway!*

Okay, so recently I was just signed up for Advanced Placement (AP) English. A YEAR EARLY! OH MY GOD, I WILL BE ABLE TO WRITE BETTER!! This is honestly so exciting. Something challenging. Me likey.

(Edit) It's year two and I got college credit, I hated it. Still, do but whatever.

(Edit 2) Somebody just kill me who let me back in this class

Hi there! I see you've stumbled upon my profile! Well, while you're here, why don't you stay awhile? I'm sure you would like to know some things since well, this is my informational profile. Well, let's start with basics (Baha, basics, what are that?).

...Proceed with caution, delusional persona awaits...

*Insert really stupid background music*

Fandoms- Sherlock, Marvel, Hamilton, Fantastic Beasts and the Maze Runner are my number ones, and the Harry Potter universe is great. I've been into Sonic, Vampire Diaries, and I love the movie Balto and Lion King. I also love Big Hero 6, why? Don't ask me I have not a clue. How to Train Your Dragon was also amazing. I've been watching a lot of Dan and Phil too. Phan trash awaits. Also, Vanoss Gaming is like amazing, because yeah. I'm that kind of girl. Please, just leave me and my memes be. Also, my friend sucked me into Voltron so I appreciate that fandom a lot.

Favorite Characters- John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Newt Scamander, Newt (Maze Runner), Loki, Thor, Peter Parker, Alexander Hamilton (played by Lin Manuel Miranda), John Laurens (Played by Anthony Ramos), Hiro Hamada, Tadashi Hamada, Stiles Stilinski, Eleven, Luna Lovegood, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Hiccup (HTTYD), Jack Frost, Balto, Kovu, Spirit, Steven Lee, Marius.

Favorite Color- I like Blues, Greys, and Greens. Mostly a blue-grey mix. So pretty.

Favorite Movie- Tough one, Well The Death Cure had me sobbing so I mean I'll just say that right now. All TMR movies are pretty good. I love Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Duh, I've written like Novels of fanfics, haha!), I also love the Harry Potter movies, but I'm a Disney fan too! (More the older ones, but some newer's like BH6.), Uh, I also love Balto, Spirit, and Jock the Hero Dog. (It was a cute movie. I thought it was great.) Oh and Captain America- Civil War, and the Thor movies. I love Marvel. We don't talk about that one... latest movie.

Favorite T.V. Show- Hmm, I just watch the Science and Weather channel mostly. I love What on Earth? and NASA'S Unexplained Files, but Tru T.V. is great too. Impractical Jokers and Adam Ruins Everything along with Billy on the Street and Hack my Life. I'm a dweeb, I know. I've watched a bit of 13 Reasons Why seems pretty cool. Update- Stranger Things is the bomb. Teen Wolf was amazing too. OKAY I LIED I REALLY LIKE SHERLOCK

Favorite Song- No. I'll give you bands, WAY too many songs. Mainly Skillet, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Ashes Remain (WAY more like them), and others like OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, and bands like them. I love Sam Tsui/Kurt Schneider covers and all those songs, and I can never get enough of that Hamilton soundtrack. Or Les Mis. And I like NF and just random artists.

Favorite Genres- Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative, Christian, Emo/Hardcore, Pop (sometimes), Light Pop, Punk, Punk Rock, Rock/Rap, Showtunes, Post-Rock, New Age

Favorite Movie Genres- Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy.

Favorite Fan-Fiction Genres- Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Romance (sometimes), Family, Friendship, Angst. I love my happy ending Angst.

Favorite Book Genres- LGBT, Dark, Sad, Action, Adventure, and so on. It can vary.

Favorite Animals- Wolves, Foxes, Big Cats, dogs

Sexuality- Heteroromantic Asexual

Favorite Book(s)- I loved one book called Mr. Monster, I'm into darker stuff. *Evil laugh* And well obviously the Maze Runner Trilogy. I also like the Alex Cross books, those are good. And Sanctuary and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Fin AND Sherlock Holmes are good ones too. (And Robinson Crusoe, gotta love the classics.) Also, The Da Vinci Code is cool. I recently got in The Zodiac Legacy which is the most amazing thing ever.

Religion- I'm a Christian :)

Relationship Status- Single

Favorite Instrument- Trumpet because it's amazing and I play it. Sorta well? I don't know. Our Wind Symphony just got a Division 1 rating at Festival, go us!

Favorite Candy- Not much of a candy fellow. Sometimes chocolate or coconut candies, or maybe gummy bears. Not often though. They hurt my teeth a lot.

Skills- Well, people say I'm good at drawing, I could be better haha. Um, I've been noted for writing as a beginner (Apparently called an author as well!) and people comment on my musical talents as well. I guess I'm alright at that. :D

Not So Skills- I SUCK at math. I'm taking pre-algebra again in Highschool. I have no social skills at all, and I have no patience or attention span.

Occupation- Student, I'm keeping an eye open for another part-time job. Also a hopeful author/musician/animator. I like to give myself options.

Hobbies- All I ever do is draw and write. Sometimes I go outside and if I'm near some really neat woods, I love going and adventuring. Is sleeping a hobby? I think I'm just tired. But yeah, definitely writing and drawing, all I do is type on my computer and doodle because I'm useless for anything else except maybe playing Trumpet. Update I play softball still. Go me. I hate running but I spent like 50 dollars on a bat bag so now I'm committed. Another hobby is yelling at my friends because they're doing dumb things and their parents aren't doing a good job raising them so I have to.

Location- Michigan. Where It snows, rains and is 60 degrees in one day. Trust me. Its happened. Like today for instance.

Zodiac Sign- I'm a Pisces and Aquarius. I was born on a specific day where I am both, but I am more of a Pisces. Sometimes. Most times.

Nicknames(s)- I've been called several things, mostly Mama Newt, Peaches, Princess, Sally, Tina (Don't ask xD), Kiki, KK, Kiwi and Nala. Oh and Jesus. I am also called Jesus. I'm also called Stupid a lot. And Airhead, Dork-face, Dork-lips, Retard, Special. All those haha! As of now, I don't have a decided one, so.

Harry Potter information from Pottermore-

- Hogwarts House- Hufflepuff. Always been one, since I was 10, but never a proud one until we learned Newt was, then, I was a proud Hufflepuff.

- Ilvermorney House- Thunderbird. Tina was one too. HA! That was after the nickname, too. Patronus- Black Mare. Extremely majestic!

-Wand- To my surprise, I had Pearwood with a Phoenix Feather core. Very rare, same as Harry Potters...and Voldemort's. My friend has the same core and house. Its 13 3/4 inches and quite bendy flexibility. *snickers* (Update: took the test again for the third time and the same thing.)

Interests- I like writing and animation and just sketching. I'm also a huge science nerd, I love space, weather and medical sciences with a passion. I also play Trumpet a lot. Photography is really fun too, I'm not horrible at it. Nature is amazing too. Streams, the woods, cliffs, and drop-offs (Fun to look at, not to fall off of). Fell down a hill a few times, but it was worth it. Nature feels great as long as it isn't lodged inside your neck. I'm really into learning new things, it's how I cope with being an idiot and having no common sense.

Likes- Fairy lights, gold things, Starbucks cups, candles, the smell of books, fuzzy blankets, warm drinks, bridges, towns at night, rain, fog, cloudy days, sleep, baggy sweaters, kindness, 80's things, New York, Chicago, petrichor, silky blankets and pillows, cool air, comfy socks, blue and grey things, writing, drawing, music, my fandoms, warm rooms after being cold, kicking off shoes after long days, old books, libraries, coffee shops on rainy days, grunge in general, combat boots, leather jackets, alternative rock, ripped jeans, converse, vans, soft beds, wood, yellow glows, clean houses, outdoors, indoor.

Dislikes- Disrespectful people, immaturity, chewing sounds, bad constant singing, socializing, being yelled at, hot pinks, dark meat chicken? Dunno why. Rough surfaces on my fingers, sounds of wrappers, chalk, chalkboards in general, being last to know important information because people didn't bother to tell me, loud sounds.

Things That Trigger My Panic- Alright, so I recently found out I have this thing called Misophonia. It's intense reactions to certain trigger sounds. I started wondering about this when I would panic and get extremely angry over chewing noises, people singing at inappropriate times, and other noises like crunching, slurping, mouth noises, crinkling of wrappers, paper (idk why) and chalkboards and things with that consistency. I'll get super irritated, and start shaking and getting restless. I'll hit things, hum, my heart will speed up, and I'll do next to anything to escape. This is around two certain people, and one does it on purpose which makes me freak out. It's like the kind of panic that you want to curl up and start screaming to get the noise to go away. The other is my dad, which he can't help but it provokes the most severe reactions out of me. That's where I hit things, and sometimes secretly (but accidentally) dig my nails into my arms or legs to try distracting myself. It's a problem, no doubt, but I would have no idea who to see about it.

Favorite Story I'm Writing/ Have Written- Wow, I loved a Sonic Fic I made called "I'm Leaving". Perhaps I'll post it here sometime. Oh, wait I did lol. It WAS my longest but my new fanfic "Fantastic Beasts and What Happened to Them" over 28,000 words. It's a new record! Part two coming out soon! I have others, which are just regular ones, they are probably longer. I'm not sure, but I'm too lazy to find out. *Update, this length of the story is called a Novella, its the word count before a Novell. I wrote Novella guys!

What Scares Me the Most- Losing those I love, and climbing up high things. Not the heights, but just climbing them. Oh and big machines, like tractors, anything extremely big that moves and makes loud noises. (Megalomechanophobia, look it up) They scare the BLEEP outta me. I would've died in the boiler room of the Titanic. Before it sank, of course, those huge pistons things going up and down would've given me a panic attack. No joke. Loud noises give me Anxiety. I also have an irrational fear of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Long story, childhood nightmare. Uh, also Social situations scare me, even if it's not me in the situation. This is called second-hand embarrassment, by the way. I learned if a regular or animated character is an awkward situation, I'll look away and cover my ears or just turn off the T.V. It's that bad.

Bad Habits- I mumble. It stinks. People always are like, "What?" and it aggravates me repeating myself. I also talk very fast and I do avoid eye contact a lot with people I don't know well. Friends are fine, strangers are big no-no's. I also am very clingy and annoying, but somehow people still like me. *laughs* just kidding. I also stutter and don't make much sense. Social Anxiety does that to you, I guess. I also will talk, and people will either always talk over me or just stop listening. I sometimes continue talking, or just sorta quit talking the rest of the time. I'll also sometimes get Anxious for no reason like I'll start getting shaky and all nervous and I can't think straight, but I'll calm down after a while. Also lately I've been having lots more oh my god stop you are literally annoying everyone just give up moments. Whoops. Yeah, I need to work on socializing this is getting to be a problem.

Personality- I'm extremely quiet, and don't talk and am very awkward when I'm with people I don't know. I used to be a big clown, but not so much anymore, I usually try to control myself from big outbursts. Okay who am I kidding, I'm an awkward mess most of the time. I am very unaware of my true personality, let's just say I'm in somewhat of a crisis right now. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS ANYONE? I can also get really sarcastic and pretty dark, so yeah there's that. I also write a lot, so that has a huge impact on why I'm so Introverted. With friends, I'm pretty laid back and a huge goof. To a point.

Best Traits- I care about people, very much. I've been noted for being extremely nice and not discriminating. I just put myself in other's shoes and do what would benefit them. Sometimes this doesn't work, however, because most people aren't as anxious and socially inept as me. I love making other people happy. I haven't received much love myself growing up or now, and I don't want people to feel unloved or not cared about. I don't want people to feel the way I did. If it never happens for me, so be it, I would rather see others be lifted up instead of me. I also have a sense of humor that comes in handy for cheering people up, and by that, I mean making an idiot of myself to make them feel better about themselves. Umm... that's all I can think of. I'm sure there's more... somewhere. Out there. Maybe. Probably not. I'm also like a mother to my friends.

Worst Traits- I'm clingy like you wouldn't believe, easily hurt sometimes, I talk too much and annoy lots of people. I'm also lacking much common sense. I also set REALLY high standards. If people don't freak out on what I do, it's not enough. They can say it's great but show no real emotion and I'll pitch it claiming it's not good enough then. I compare myself to pro Animators and Authors, criticizing myself to my very core until I'm an empty, hollow shell of myself. If I draw something that people would pay millions to have, but I don't like it, I would pitch it because it's not my best. I've had mental breakdowns multiple times for not being good enough at anything, but I try. I just tend to be a little picky when it comes to myself, and THAT bugs people. I also like to turn things around on myself because I'm self-centered like everything needs to be about me. I'll say horrible things about people that I shouldn't, lose friends like that. I'm cocky, annoying, and sort of really hate myself. I'll probably be adding this section.

Stuff I do When I'm Not Being Lonely- I'm in Student Government, Wind Symphony, Marching Band, Business Professionals of America, Softball, 4H (I'm the Treasurer of my club) and Writing Group, where I win gummy bears for extremely depressing short stories! I am also the Secretary of my Graduating class.

HomeLife- Raised a few years with 3 siblings, a mom, and dad. Slowly they all left, along with my mom. My dad doesn't stay in the house, he had a man-cave outside, so I practically live alone. I haven't seen my sibs in over 9 years, and I can't see my mom, though she lives in town. So yeah, I'm alone all the time, and I only know one other person in my school who's an only child and even she has a mom and dad. All my friends have big families. I'm practically a loner. But it's great and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Aesthetics- I like the Christmas lights aesthetic, I have some on my room that helps me feel really safe. I love grey, cloudy rainy days. Also bridges? Like in the evening. And big, dark cities. It's strange, but I have very specific aesthetics but aren't able to be put into words. If you know please tell me. I'm also super into Grunge aesthetics, it's so cool. I tried being grunge once, I had a bandanna and all black and walked around town. Well, until we saw a police officer after curfew, then we ran. We didn't get caught so it's cool. I also like pastel pink aesthetics and gold aesthetics.

Stuff I Consider Talents- I'm learning Spanish, so I know a little about that. I memorized all the books of the Bible, I can rap practically all of Hamilton (Guns and Ships included!) I can write pretty fast, I procrastinated all week on a one-paged paper for History once, and got it done in ten minutes the day it was due. If that's not a superpower I don't know what is. I also have the magical ability to overthink everything. I can make a mess out of any situation you hand me- waaaaaiiiit. I feel as though this took a different turn than I had intended. Hm.

Things I'm Learning/Want to Learn- I'm learning guitar, which was funny because my dad plays and was really impressed when I played 3 chords without them being muffled. I guess my hands were positioned well lol. I'm learning also a little piano.

Idek Anymore-

Okay, so I think that's all I could muster up from this tiny brain for now. Not bad, you know practically everything about me! You now know more then most of my friends do. I know I said basics, this is basic for me.

I'm basic.

Amicitia concero omnis

Amicitia concero omnis

Amicitia concero omnis

I am friends with a Latin speaking demon, watch the frick out.

Okay so apparently this is the Hufflepuff house slogan whoops.

I can't say no in an American accent anymore, I randomly speak in a British accent when I'm alone (Occasionally in public, extremely embarrassing.). I'm not weird. Yes she is! Shut up voice in my head!!! You shut up too! *Update, I still can't say it right.*

All my friends are turning into Hufflepuffs! Maybe I'm rubbing off on them? Not really never mind they aren't anymore they lied they're all slytherin pls help they are trying to kill me.

*insert witty text here*

I like trains. Ryan the train is my favorite.

OUI OUI MON AMI- No? Oh, okay.

I can write in complete sentancals.

Oh my god I was so cringy like everything I wrote up here makes me want death. ~Me literally a year after this was written.


"When life hands you lemons, make tea" ~Somebody I probably don't know, so imma just give myself credit

"Jacob got run over by an Uber!" ~Sara K.

"A dementor flew around my rooooom!!!" ~Me

"Hold on, am emotional song came on, and I don't think I can handle this right now." ~Me 2017


"If I was any more serious, I would be pregnant." ~Sara S. 2017

"I've been walked over a lot as a kid" -- "Are you talking about physically? Because I've been walked on before." ~Kylie 2017

"Oh! My peaches!" ~Me when I and my peaches were attacked.

"People in my country are DYING." ~Max, our quiet North Korean exchange student who got upset over an unfinished salad. He was joking but I laughed so hard.

Me: "Why did you quit track?" Arthur, a raging gay: "Because everyone there was so STRAIGHT!" ~Arthur 2018

"Crosswalks really don't give you enough time. Like, what if you fell? You have no time to get up, gather your thoughts, and stop crying before you're hit!" ~Sara. K 2018

"Yeehaw." ~A meme of my section leader that I regret but not really. My bad, Nathan.

"Well, lemon pepper my parsnips!" "Barely Boiling Babies!" "Crust on a Buck!" ~Me and Sara lol. 2018

"I will beat you with my straight mute if you EVER lick your valve again." ~Nathan, threatening me because I licked my trumpet valves when they stuck. It never stopped me.

"STAAAHHP! You're gonna bet bleeded!" ~My concerned Youth Leader 2018. We let him watch vines prior to this.

"As long as it works in my favor, it shall be considered a compromise." ~Kamber 2018

"Today's the day!" ~Our history teacher after someone popped a chip bag in the cafeteria and it sounded like a gun-shot.

So, check me out on Social Media!

Instagram- @keste24 (personal) @sngstr.24 (Hit 1.5K!) and @a_random_voyager (art acc)

Wattpad- @SavingPeter

Archive of our Own- Salina

Fanfiction- SilentRain03

Still mental.

Better go...

Bye. And If you read this far, dang! thanks dude. *hands cookie*

You deserve this.

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