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Author has written 5 stories for Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Digimon, Code Lyoko, and Naruto.

I'm currently into sevral shows. Mainly Teen Titans, and InuYasha. I a'm currently spending my time reading InuYasha fan fictions, writing my own, and spending time on neopets. On neopets is where i met two other inuyasha freinds Jinnifuru and Kit, they told me about this site and give me ideas for my own story. We tend to enjoy role playing together though we are missing many characters... If you want to talk to us my acont name there is Wolve_senaca my homepage is that of one of my neopets where you can link to my freind Jinnifuru and Kit's acconts. I also like Yugioh, and Digimon. Poke'mon isn't exactly my favrite but I do that some times.

favrite couples...

Digimon: TaiSora, TkKari, MimiJoe, YoleiKen. For third season I like the pair of RikaRyo the most. But the pair RikaTakato is okay, but for Takato Jerry suits best. Ther Digimon pairs prety much go the same as there owners but the one I like the most out of it is PatamonGatomon.

Pokemon: Err I don't exactly have favrite pairs in this one, but I think MistyAsh is prety good. I can't think of any other reason she'd stay with him, because I know even in the begining it wasn't just because of her bike.

Teen Titans: RavenBb(favrite) StarfireRobin(favrite) CyborgJinx(favrite) I also like CyborgBumblebee. RavenRobin is prety decent, but don't even try to put Bb with Starfire that wouldn't work!

InuYasha: RinKohaku. (no clue where it comes from but its cute) KagomeInuyasha, SangoMiroku, and Sess and older Rin isn't to bad, but it would never work out since Sess is more of a father for her.

Yugioh: BakuraTea, I don't actualy think any of the others quite suit each other...

HarryPotter: When I do decide to read them I like the couple of DracoHermonie. I don't exactly no where it came from but its actualy kindof cute.. I also like HermonieHarry and HermonieRon. I don't like Victor with her though. Harry also does well with Cho and Ron dosn't exactly work well with the others. I don't much like GinneyDraco, and i'd rather do HarryGinney then HarryCho.

Notes: Well it seems school is starting in about two weeks for me, I will still probly write quite abit(putting off homwork...) but I will take slightly longer. All of my fan fictions will get a character i make up by the end. my Yugioh(still in writing) Teen Titans and Digimon ones introduce them first chapter. Some of my future ones and of corse my InuYasha ones arn't so speedy. Most of the characters actualy share one name(my nickname) I may at one time do a cross over between InuYasha and Teen Titans. Just because I think it would be funny, since then Wolve meets herself from a long time ago. If anyone feels like telling me if it would be a good idea feel free to email me.

About me: Hmm well the name I go by is Donya. (Thats why in my narator the characters say Donya-Sama) I also go by Makura. I'm thirteen, and have a small group of real freinds. They are Nadia, Sammey, and Tara. I had thought Katie was a true freind but that was proved wrong. I also have two other freinds not of my gang (those of us who sit at the table) Ben and Stratford. Me and Ben talk quite abit (atleast we did in social studys.) Stratford is just a realy good freind I have lots in commen with. We both love to draw, he is beter then me at real life things(or anything to do with macinry, bombs, excetra...) I am beter at cretures that come from my mind. Such as my characters. Stratford has been been rumored through the school to like me, witch I actualy can belive by the way he acts around us. He sits near our table but never at it, he seems highly shy but tends to glance over at our table. During Art class witch me and my group all are in together he kept looking over witch I caught somtimes. Last year I also had a funny expierence. My freinds and me thought Connor liked me, so they asked him his anser was no. Me and some other boy had an argument if boys lied about who they liked during gym a couple days later, no clue how it started. Connor stood behind me in line, I turned to him and asked him. His anser was, yes we do. Me and my freinds laughed for about a week after that. I think thats enough about me... Anyone who read this far deserves a candy bar. Your choice of a Kit-cat bar or hershys bar just cause I have plenty of those.

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