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Author has written 4 stories for Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.

Okay, decided i should probably get around to one of these things, lol. First and foremost, I only write for Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, so it's unlikely that i'd write anything else. Most of my stuff is done with the help of two of my brothers, Dommy and DJ. Next, I'd like to describe myself. I'm a girl (a friend of mine had problems in the past with not know if the reviewer/writer was male or female) and I live in NY - the land of high taxes and frightful polticians -and am a junior in college. I'm 5'2'' much like the great Josie Trent on Strange Days, but unlike her i no longer have my dyed red hair, it's back to its orginal funky mix of natural evilness. Ahem. I try to put comedy in my stories, but also to mix them with other things, because that's how i myself am. I try to avoid arguments because they get me too flustered, but if someone is going to try and beat me down, i will try and defend myself. I understand not everyone is going to like my stories, that's fine. But could the criticism be constructive. And I know sometimes people just have a bad day and to releive stress they totally shoot down other people's ideas, which i've, quite shamefully, done once or twice. I can make exceptions for that, but i won't tolerate anyone telling me that my age (20) makes me unknowing or immature. I know I don't know everything, and i'm admitting it here, first. So if anyone tries to shoot me down through a story or review, i will be extremely pissed. We're all on this site for one thing. Well, maybe two. The first one is to read fanfics, and the second one is to write them. Sure, some of us may make friends on here, but i think the personal dissing can stay back. I'll try to respect who you are if you try to resepect me.


Things Just Get Complicated: Three strangers arrive at Blake Holsey via wormhole. Not only do they seem to know a lot about the Science Club, but strange things begin to happen, consisting of Lucas and Josie being trapped in a make-believe world, Corrine and Marshall being able to read each others' minds, and Vaughn getting black outs. Will these future visitors be able to help out, or do they have a secret agenda? What's going on at Blake Holsey High?

Things Just Get Complicated Pt. II: Three months have passed since thier visit to the past. Now Jovee, Douglas and Finley, along with thier friends, Katrina and Nathaniel, are in a fix, and they need help. And that help comes from Josie Trent of 2004. Will Josie's presence influence the outcome of thier whole world?

That's it for today, i guess. Next time? Quotes!

OC Pics from Thing Get Complicated pts 1&2:

Jovee Pearson:

Katrina Groh:

Douglas Randall:

Finley Wheeler: to come soon

Nathaniel Penn:

Preston Randall:

Exposed: Trouble occurs when a video of the Black Hole pulling Corrine and Marshall through airs on television, bringing not only the media to Blake Holsey, but also the army and Avenir. Alternative universe to Conclusions, following the 'Things Get Complicated' stry arcs. JL, CM, ZOC

Realities: Three college students have thier lives turned upside down when they discover their science professor has built a machine that allows travel into parallel universes. While trying to find thier teacher, the three get caught up in the Blake Holsey universe. Does not coexist with my 'Things Get Complicated' stories, and temporarily on hiatus.

OC Pics for Realities:

Lauren Mulva:

Cadee Tackeri:

Becky Harris:

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