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Names Arcaner, or Arc. I'm not a new writer here but I'm not a vet, by my standards. I've been here for roughly a year now and have a couple stories I'm trying to finish, I know this is hard to accomplish without reviews so review please! In my time here I hope that my writing has improved from what it was when I started, and that my readers enjoy it more.

I live in the USA, can't tell you where exactly but I don't think it would matter anyway. I don't see a great point in giving you guys anymore information on me, it seems superfluous to do so.

PS: So many people have flashy profiles...I just can't bring myself to take the time to do that myself. Haha, so excuse the plainness.

My Story Update:

Gundam Seed, Redemption and Revolution(On Hold): This is my first fic and I'm glad to say I'm still working on it. I kind of hope that I get more reviews as I go on, and that my quality of writing increases so I pull more people in. This being my first fic I feel a special need to finish this story. I think I've got enough questions and new things in here to keep my writers interested.

If you read this fic please review!

Evangelion, The Unlucky Child(Dis-Continued): This fic is a little different, since the show is more people based then the Mecha Action, though it does have a lot of that. Its pretty neat doing a character with some personal and character flaws and showing them in this fic. This is my first attempt at a Drama fiction and hopefully its interesting to keep people in reading.

Digimon, Prelude to Destiny: Pet Project. It's about the first digidestined of the digital world and their rather difficult to save the Digimon World. My most successful story thus far and I'm very proud of it. It's almost my most successful, and enjoyable, fic that I've written. I'm currently writing to get a few chapters ahead so the first couple of updates should be slow, but I should get to a point where I can update on a regular basis.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legacy of the Elements: Another story, my newest, and is a kind of break from my Digimon story, allow me to take a break will still writing and getting better. I like this story because the format is very different and the number of Character's is far smaller, thus easier to keep up with. If you like Avatar you should give a look at this!

Prelude to Destiny, Section:

Chosen Children/Digimon

Taiki Yamada:


Rookie: Kudamon (Attack(s): Extreme Light Dash)

Champion: Reppamon(Attack(s): Whirling Blade, Random Beast Fang Attack)

Tommy Draggers


Rookie: Commandramon(Attack(s): DCD Bomb, M16 Assassin)

Champion: Sealsdramon(Attack(s): Death Behind, Scouter Mono-eye)

Riku Sakamoto


Rookie: Dracmon(Attack(s): Undead Fang, Eye of Nightmare)

Champion: Sangloupmon (Attack(s): Stickler Blade, Black Mind)

Ayumi Fujiwara


Rookie: Falcomon(Attack(s): Uchitake Drop, Shuririnken, Scratch Smash)

Champion: Peckmon(Attack(s):Whirling Blade, Random Beast Fang Attack)

Shingen Takeda


Rookie: Kotemon(Attack(s): Hot Head, Thunder Gauntlet)

Champion: Dinohumon(Attack(s): Lizard Dance, Akinkesu)

Emi Hamano


Rookie: Salamon(Attack(s): Puppy Howling, Petit Punch, Sledge Dash)

Champion: D'Arcmon(Attack(s): Baptême d'Amour(Baptism of Love), La Pucelle (The Maiden))

Michiko Hasegawa


Rookie: Salamon(Attack(s): Seed Blast, Lala Screw)

Champion: Sunflowmon(Attack(s): Sunshine Beam, Cactus Tail)

Kaito Akimoto


Rookie: Gaomon(Attack(s): Gao Rush, Double Backhand, Rolling Upper)

Champion: Gaogamon(Attack(s): Dash Double Claw, Spiral Blow)

Sasuke Mitsunari


Champion: Dorugamon(Attack(s):Power Metal, Cannonball)

NOTE: For the most part I tried to use Dub attack names, but some just sounded silly, so I used the translations instead. Also note that I use all the Dub Digimon Names, since I'm familiar with those, as I aspect most of us are. If you get confused, please look the digimon up, there is a Wiki just for Digimon Here.

Seen Animes/Manga:


Gundam, WING, SEED, 8th MS team, War in the Pocket, Char's Counter Attack, Astray, and so on...



Rave Master


Full Metal Alchemist(sp?)


Cowboy Bebop

Suikoden III

...and some others that I can't recall.

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