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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Naruto.

I mostly do this for fun.

I like writing, and fanfiction is a pretty easy way to get into it - readymade characters and lots of plot pointers. Crossovers are probably the most enjoyable aspect, because they're frankly awesome.

I'm very snobby about writing, so I don't really put many fics on my favourites. The two I do have are easily the best I've read, and should be read by anyone wanting to write a serious story. Maybe one day I'll be that good too.

My Influences: David Gemmell - the most bad ass characters you could hope to avoid for fear of the monumental beatdown they WILL give you. Druss could take on an army of ninjas, a dragon and the entire cast of 300 and put the smackdown on all of them. Waylander is so stealthy it would take you a month to realise you'd even been killed. And Shannow? Gotta love the Bible quotin', non-drinkin', 30-year-old virgin cowboy...

Who killed a f*cking demon-god by NUKING it!

George R R Martin, who can be summarised thus:

So, you're a noble, kind, charitable, virtuous, honourable and courageous man (or woman), prepared to stand up for what's right, ready to defend the weak from the tyranny of evil. You're going to get slaughtered. Horribly. With your family. Serves you right, you dumb schmuck.

Bourne, both literary and cinematic.


and Robert Jordan, though possibly as a list of things not to do. *UPDATE* I take it back. I read a Memory of Light, and I lived it. It was such a brilliant way to end the series.



Dark Thoughts and Darker Deeds: Finished! I like writing this one, and I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not too sure if it works too well, but I wanted to try a different take on the whole Naruto-Potter thing. A lot of crossovers make the shinobi too powerful, so I wanted to change that. I'm not sure if I managed that well, but here's hoping!

The Snake Wars: After writing the last one, I felt it needed a continuation. I want to use this story to try something more challenging - using more characters and writing simultaneous stories. It will be tricky, but I hope I can get this one done.

UPDATE -Well, that's over. Well, at least for now. Of course, a sequel will be necessary, and I should probably write an epilogue before I get killed.


the Snake Wars part two: unfortunately, it's going to be a whole lot darker. I'm thinking of atrocities being committed by all sides, so i'm going to research the Congo war, where everyone involved is either a mass murderer, a mass murderer, both, or something far worse.

UPDATE: Didn't need to. Actually, with everything that's going on in my former home, there's more than enough material.

UPDATE 2: And it's back on. I'm SO sorry to everyone, but I got a job, began settling into a comfortable and somewhat conventional life, and forgot about this completely. Plus I was getting annoyed at Kishimoto-Sensei for taking so damn long with Naruto. But now the ending looks in sight, my inspiration returned. The direction is broadly similar, however another major influence on me recently is The Dark Knight Rises (IMO the best superhero movie I've ever seen - I think it just edges The Dark Knight because while the Joker was a fantastic character, I didn't like the Harvey Dent aspect. Also, The Dark Knight Rises has Tom Hardy, who I have a massive man-crush on, to the point of copying his Warrior work-out and diet in a bid to look as tough as him, and his portrayal of Bane is absolutely brilliant: physically imposing, ruthless, a real villain. My take on Pain is partly inspired by him).

maybe something involving Rurouni Kenshin UPDATE: Not happening.

Full Metal Alchemist - i recently got into this, and there's a lot to like, especially the whole War is Hell theme they have

One idea I was playing with (though it will never happen) is a Drenai/Song of Ice and Fire crossover, if only because I get so angry and depressed about ASOIAF that I wish Druss the Legend, Waylander and (maybe) Skilgannon could just be unleashed on Westeros, kick ass, take names and 'Protect the weak from the evil strong'. I can just see it: Gregor Clegane, trying to do some usual foul stuff to a poor innocent, his baying minions gathered round him. Then... a thud as one of his men is beheaded. Everyone stops and stares at the giant axeman. Gregor roars and swings his greatsword, but Druss the Legend simply steps to the side and hacks his head off. Then he stares at the soldiers. "I think it's time to be leaving, lads." One of them tries to attack him, and Druss chops him in half. The soldiers surge to their feet. "You can't kill us all! Get him!" Druss laughs, then cuts down the speaker. "I can't kill you all, but I can kill a few, laddie. Tell me, who wants to be next?!"

It would be so blissful. And Waylander could just sneakily cap those bastard Freys, Lannisters, Greyjoys... Actually, probably easier to list who he couldn't kill. While Skilgannon would just gracefully slice through the Kingsguard and make them pay for their crimes. Ah, dreams...

Well that's it. I'll try and put info about story updates here, so check it out

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