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Why are you here? It's the story that's important, not the person telling it.

Ok, fine...

Hi, I'm SurfCat. No, that's not my real name. Seriously. I am mmggfffmmm years old and am currently living in the good-old US of A under a rock.

I've been writing fan fiction since I was ten, but it wasn't until the summer of '05 that I finally admitted that that's what it was I was writing. Until now, it was something I wrote for myself and hid in my computer under layers of passwords, disguised as text versions of EULAs.

A friend mentioned posting some of his stories here, and I finally decided to take the leap and start posting the gi-normous fiction piece I've been tinkering with since the early 90's. I spent a lot of time as a kid re-writing TV shows, comic books, books, and movies in my head. Splinter in Time is the second-oldest piece still churning around in my head, so I decided it was time to dive off the cliff and share it with others... the oldest piece may see the light of day... eventually. Hope you enjoy my work, and if you do, tell a friend! (What I really want to do it freak out and snatch it back so no one reads my poor abused misbegotten stories other than me, but I'm trying to get past that urge...)