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Okay, this is where it's going to get confusing. Hi. I'm HieiAijin1410, according to my other account on this site. This pen name used to be Origin777 when it was used by a friend of mine named Jill. Well, Jill has gone off to some far corner of Ohio and has left her love of fanfiction back in Florida with me. As a result, her account just kind of sat here...and sat here...and sat here, doing nothing. I hate waste, especially when I wrote a LOT of the one story that she bothered to post (called 'Captive'.) She wanted me to help her with the beginning, and I ended up doing the beginning, the middle, and all of the yaoi T-T. But I'm not complaining. I'm always willing to lend a hand.

So, anyways, Jill left her account in my capable hands, and I, in turn, made it into a joint account with a good friend of mine named Tsumi-chan (her screen name on this site is Baroness D). She wanted someone to write yaoi with...and I wanted to write yaoi. Sounds good to me.

And now, the final piece of explaining...and ironically, the easiest part to explain: our new screen name. Our name is composed of two names that we chose for ourselves, which we will use in author notes and further updates on our profile. I, HieiAijin1410, am Twilight, and Baroness D is Ash. Together, we make Twilight Ash. And that, my friends, is all she wrote. Of course...we're not 'she'...XD.

Notice: If anyone wants to find out more information about the two authors who run this account (AKA-Twilight and Ash) we're the only two authors on our favorites list. Just click on our links and read to your hearts' desire.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our little cesspool of pleasure and sin. Happy readings.

~ Twilight ~

Thank you, Twilight, for your enlightment of the hostile takeover of this account. I do not know this girl, but and I proud to say I helped take it over. This is the fourth acccount I have taken care of, and two of those four I refuse to update. C.C. and her Senpai and A THREE. Why you ask? Because the other people I was doing them with I am no longer in touch with and I could care less what happens to the accounts.

Sad, but true...

Anyway, Baroness D I am still going to update, but I might be a little late... In all of my updates. I can finally writ yaoi without fear of my family finding it! Finally! I am going to write a series.

Why? Cause I wanna.

It is called Heaven's Fallen Demons, and it will be in three to four parts. I am almost finished with part one and decided to post it, or I will soon. All of my writings are yaoi, no yuri or het. And I do not own anything! In Baroness D I kept forgetting the disclaimers in one of her stories. Can't quite remember which one, but I did. Oh well! Onto the man on man! Homo fucking sex galore!


Ash's favorite quotes:

"You are covered in my urine, thus you are my property!"- Me XD... Don't ask... It was a long day...

"Sora! Come read me this sign!"
"Is it in katakana or hiragana?"
"It's in English!"- Me and friend Sora-chan at a CHINESE resturant!

"OMFG! MY MIND! SHE IS BLOWN!"- Ryuichi Sacuma from Gravitation. Ahh... I love him...

"Kurama. Practically Perfect in every way..."- Unknown

"Hands off, bitch, or I shall unhinge my jaw and eat you!" - Me! Ahhh... You should see the picture this comes from...(Twilight: It really is a funny picture...I should know...I took it XD)

"I hope your head doesn't get cut off. I've had that happen before." - Twilight, ya gotta love her...

11-26-05 (Twilight here) And now, for some quotes that my lovely Ash will recognize:

"Two boys can't sleep in the same bed! They'll get the gay on them!" - Limbo

"Hey, you've got flowers hanging out of your ass" - Purgy

"Matilda did a crappy job of opening up the door" - Twilight

"Since when has Jesus become a melon?" - Sora

"No thank you, I have some tea." - Ash (you kinda had to be there...but just know that Ash is hilarious)

"Don't give me your old lemons!" - Purgy
"That's not, like, prison lingo, is it?" - Twilight, in response to Purgy.

"I could climb you like a tree." - Sora

"This whole thing makes me want to drag two guys in here and force them to fornicate." - Twilight

"Crisis averted! ... No, wait...CRISIS MADE WORSE!" - Limbo

~ More will be added later, I'm sure ~

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