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(Note: In some of my older fics, I used an asterisk to divide up the sections of my chapters, if the narrative jumped around. I've learned that fanfiction no longer lets the asterisks appear. Instead, they simply delete them. I'm trying to go through some of my older fics and replace the asterisks with three Xs, but it will take a long while. If you read my older fics, sorry for the confusion)

Dear Readers,

I don't really post on this site any more. I've moved to other sites where I post original works. I still may occassionally drop some stuff, such as MLP fics that I would like feedback on. Also, don't worry about the status of fics you might have enjoyed. I won't ever close this account, unless there are grevous circumstances. This site, and this account, was an important part of my life. I don't want to forget it. So enjoy my classic works, if you still like em, tell me what you think.


The Mission (World of Warcraft):My first fan fic, and it shows. I must have been fifteen at the time. It really shows my age and my experience, there are problems with grammar, flow, characterization, story, order, etc. Also, the original idea of it was the Forsaken to be the villains and to make them disgusting. But as i got more and more into the Warcraft lore, i began to see the Forsaken as less evil and more tragic. Whats worse is i started to read some really great stories about the Forsaken, and specifically Sylvanas, which completely screwed with my ideal of them being the villains. The end result wasn't horrible, decent ending, but i lost my flare for this before i finished. I keep this, and all my early stuff up, so that its clear how much i have grown as an author. Read this, then read (present project here) and you can see.

The Pet of a Pet (Black and White): This was a trippy, creepy, at times disturbing story. Huge amounts of violence, Communist/ socialist undertones, a strange plot. Never the less, this was one of my more creative works. I wish that i had written it knowing what i know now about writing, then it would have been epic. Its really creative, just problems that show my lack of experience.

Caged (Twisted Metal): This was the first time i tried doing a one-shot, and it was harder than i thought it would be. As its a one-shot, you have to cram characterization, plot, motive, all into one chapter. Its creepy, moody, and a bit disturbing, but lacks a certain flare to it and there is no real hook that makes it stand out.

Evolution (Mortal Kombat): To this day, one of my favorite works. I handled this so well. Even three years later, it just stands as something that really pushed me, and that i am so proud of. So much of it i didn't even realize i was doing, but looking back I'm just like: "That's so great, how did i think of that?" My favorite thing is Reptile referring to characters by their physical appearance rather than their names, and the reason i came up for that, since i started as just something quirky for him to do. I realize that i may sound egotistical right now, but i just love this one. This is my baby.

The Dragon and the Hunter (Metroid):Written because i absolutely love Metroid and clearly inspired by Enemy Mine. Like so many of my early works, i dropped the ball on this one and it kind of spiraled into something that should have been better. Never the less, it was the predecessor to Armorwhich is its sequel/remake.

Band of Blood Brothers (World of Warcraft): My attempt at writing an episodic, soap opera type story, with several smaller arcs making up the whole large thing. I handled this pretty well, and this actually beats out Evolution in terms of characterization because on this, i developed several characters rather than just one. In some ways, its a remake of The Mission with me changing several problems, reusing several characters, and working in a grey area rather than a right and wrong. It also stands as the first story written for my Warcraft franchise (The Mission takes place in its own continuity)

In a Mad World (Halo): I use OCs a lot, and sometimes it works such as in my Warcraft stuff, and sometimes it doesn't. This story only featured OCs, and its a roller coaster ride of working and not working. There are chapters and passages that i love and that i think stand as some of my best stuff. Particularly the beginning, with Kurr, i think i wrote Kurr great. And there are parts that can only be described as a cluster fuck. It was this story, and the resulting problems i had with the writing/ posting schedule, that made me start writing fics out completely before i start posting. Fun fact, Kingdom Come is a continuation of this, and it features Kurr!

Masks (Star Wars): And this is an example of OCs done very, very well. Everyone in this is an original character. No one is canon, though they occasionally reference canon events or people. The main character is Yawn, a Kaleesh, because Kaleesh are just so awesome. The supporting cast is rather slim: Blixem, his Gand co-pilot, and Hess, a Chadra-fan who is introduced roughly a quarter into the story. There's some social commentary, i'm a little hard on the Jedi towards the end, but for the most part its just a common man in a universe filled with destinies. It proved to myself that i could do OCs. It was one of my sleepers, but also stands as one of my favorites.

Armor (Metroid): I had the inspiration for this (and wrote a rough idea of the first chapter) immediately after finishing tDatH. I just never had the inspiration to write it, and it took a year to get a spark. This ended up as a sequel/rewrite of tDatH. I worked much more on characterization and such, and delved into Ridley's past a little, as well as the Samus/ Ridley relationship without doing any sexual stuff.

Toy Soldiers (World of Warcraft): I really wanted to do a Warcraft story that focused on the Alliance, rather than the Horde, to balance out my karma. I set the stage for this in BBB, by introducing several Alliance characters who would be appearing, most notably Wonki the gnome. I liked the characters that i made: Wonki and Gretel especially, but i just don't like the Alliance . I tried playing on their side in the MMORPG, and i just hated every moment of it. So this story really suffered from that, me being unable sympathize with the Alliance, or come up with really good stories for them.

In the Beginning (World of Warcraft): The prequel of my BBB stories. The strongest part of this is Show of Good Faith, which really gives some screen time to Eck, his relationship with Taff, as well as explaining a lot about their past and quirks that were in BBB. Under the Crimson Bannerwas pretty good, and set the tone for Lunn in the main story. I really wanted to get that turmoil thing going for her, because the more i thought about it, the more i really wanted to explain how she developed into who she was. Brotherhoodwas also pretty good, not my favorite but Aloos is just so much fun to write. It was a little unnecessary, but Aloos and Cerb needed the love.

Being Horde (World of Warcraft): I knew that i was going to be leaving Warcraft and i really wanted to go out with a bang, going back to the beginning by having Taff, who was absent from Toy Soldiers, who was without a doubt my favorite character in the entire story. I liked how this came out, because i think that the interaction between Taff and Faye were nice and fluid, and i take a few jabs at how the game is going down hill, critics of putting the Blood Elves with the Horde, that fun stuff. Most importantly, i finished Taff's story, he comes full circle.

Of Men and Mewtwo (Super Smash Bros.): This was so much fun to write. Almost all of my prior works were fairly heavy and serious, this one still had some mystery and tension, but it was considerably more light hearted and fluffy than anything else i had done. I couldn't do something completely fluffy, there is a bit of murder mystery, but for the most part, this isn't a serious thing. I mean its Smash Bros. for god's sake.

Forget Me Not (Pokemon): This is how the First Movie should have been done. I tried so hard to breathe a sense of maturity into Mewtwo. I wanted him to be tragic, epic, the way he was meant to be. He's crushed and pained (not emo!), and you sympathize with him, and at the same time he's brutal and cruel and perfectly willing to execute people that he believes deserves it. This is on the level of Being Horde in terms of one-shot standards, since i like how i paced this, ended it, chose my characters, and worked it into the lore.

The Ways of Change (Warhammer): I wrote this to practice with writing in the first person, something that i hadn't done since my earliest fics, and also to get my Warhammer craze under control. Its a different style than what I had done before as well, very heavy narration, almost poetic. The focus never shifts to someplace that the narrator isn't, and he talks to the audience much more than Erin from The Pet of a Pet or Taff from the Mission did. It did not get any attention, but it was good practice, and not completely horrible.

Halloween Havoc (Super Smash Bros.): For the longest time, i couldn't think up a title for this story. Finally, i was playing old wrestling games on my N64 and remembered the Halloween Havok pay-per-view. Even more than Of Men and Mewtwo, this was fluff. Fifteen chapters, a little less than a page each. It was just a new format to try out, and i like how it turned out, since it continues to build the suspense i set up in Of Men and Mewtwo while giving me more practice in writing fluff.

Never Stray from the Path (Fairy Tales): A modernization of Little Red Riding Hood. I wrote this for a contest on my college campus, and probably should have posted it here first so that i could get some feedback. The deadline for the contest has passed and i still don't know if i've won, but i figure i'll throw this up here just for the heck of it.

Emblem of the Dragon Slayer (Yu-Gi-Oh): Watching Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series got me back into the anime, and eventually urged me to write a fan fiction about my all time favorite card in the game: Buster Blader. This has yet to gain much attention. I think its written well, with a nice splash of high fantasy that i had stayed away from since leaving Warcraft. Hopefully, this will get some reviews. If not, it still stands as a tribute to my signature card.

Daddy's Girl (Bioshock): My 20th fic. Written, typed, edited, and published in the span of about six hours. This is another attempt at doing a one-shot, better than The Ways of Change, still not on the caliber of Being Horde or Forget Me Not. But this is much more fast paced than what i usually do, and its good practice. Not to mention that I love the Little Sisters and Big Daddy relationship that the game had, and i really wanted to showcase it. Looking back i see a few problems with this one, but i usually take so long publishing stuff that i end up loosing interest, so this i just closed my eyes and pressed publish.

Fearful Symmetry (Kung Fu Panda): Yes, i was nineteen at the time and i wrote a Kung Fu Panda fic. This was inspired by a conversation that i had with a few other users on the Kung Fu Panda page, where we were talking about possible sequels to the movie. I came up with the idea of a European equivalent to the Furious Five, each representing a different country: (Russia (bear), Germany (wolf), England (lion), Italy (rabbit), France (rooster)). The English and the German character appear here, just in different circumstances than what i originally intended. This started as a fic that focused heavily on my OC, a wolf by the name of Werner. But the more i wrote, the more it became Tigress' fic and more about her development. I like how this came out, particularly the ending.

Lab Rat (Portal): This started life as a draft of Project Orphan, when i was trying to work the story into one of the universes, and i tried putting it in Portal. The emphasis of Project Orphan is two characters, both completely ignorant of what is happening and terrified at their surrounding. In that aspect, i ran into two problems. The first, was that i couldn't think of a way to incorporate GLaDOS: a omnipotent, booming voice in the ceiling into the story. Having the two characters able to converse with the voice just totally took away what Project Orphanand took away from the sense of not knowing anything. The second problem was the clunkyness of three, as well as taking dialogue away from GLaDOS and giving it to my two OCs. Portal is a game with two characters: Chell and GLaDOS. Writing a fanfiction, i wanted to stay true to that theme of only a two character interaction. So i changed drastically, until it was not longer a version of Project Orphan but something different entirely. Eventually i managed to refine it, focusing more on the absurdity of GLaDOS, her double talk, with the main character simply observing, acting as a blank slate. His name is never even given, which makes him more of a camera rather than a character, similar to Chell.

Kingdom Come (Halo): Sequel/ spin-off to In a Mad World. Finally got this one up to celebrate my purchasing of a 360. The plot is basically someone trying to restart the war (assuming Halo 3 ended with a permanent treaty). Yes, this plot line has been done before, but a few things differently; i'm focusing much more on the Elites, particularly Rtas, rather than the humans. Similarly, the humans are the villains, not the Elites, which seems to be the norm. Another point, i am making a conscious effort of developing a Brute into a character. Lets be honest, the Brutes have been handled horribly in every fic on this sight, my first Halo fic included, I'm guilty as well. They aren't mindless smashers, they aren't super villains. Everyone, including rhino/gorilla aliens, need some characterization. Better than In a Mad World in every way.

Good Bye, and God Bless (Dawn of the Dead):Not really sure how this turned out, its really just more practice in first person narratives. Its also meant to be much more depressing than i usually do, no matter what there is always a sad undertone, as the narrator knows that he's as good as dead. Nothing much to say about this one though, it is what it is. Of note, i edited this for a contest at my school, and i reposted the far better version up here. One of only three times i've ever changed my work after a submission.

Danke (Kung Fu Panda): A tribute to one of my favorite people on this site: FalconMage. Sequel to Fearful Symmetry, taking place anywhere from a months to a year later. Werner has been imprisoned, and stays locked up at all times. One day, he is visited by Tigress. She's here to understand how a creature like him is created: hollow on the inside, and hopes to maybe save him, just as she was saved by Shifu.

Once More, With Feeling (Super Smash Brothers.): At long last, i have returned to the SSB pages. Long time coming. Well, against a lot of suggestions, i decided to bring the Arbiter from the Halo universe in. I don't know if that was the cause of the lack of attention. Still, my loyal few seemed to like this, so it wasn't a complete loss. I think i did a good job of wrapping up what had happened with the attempted murder stuff. And i had so much fun writing this.

Unwell (Gear of War):This started with me wanting to go back to very violent stuff, but i just can't do it anymore. I've lost that violent instinct, or at least now its more balanced with other literary aspects. Whatever. I worked this story out into a much bleaker way than normal. Just a theme of hopelessness throughout the story, themes desensitization and horror. Much more focused on war than my other "war" stories (Warcraft, Halo). For better or worse, this was another story that really lacked attention. I think it came out well, but man, its depressing.

Sympathy for the Devil (Halo): I started writing Veni, Vidi, Vici, and got about two chapters, and hit a wall. Just for fun, i started playing with this, the prequel to a story that wasn't even done, let alone posted. I don't know how it happened, but this just poured out of me, and i am happy with the result. I get to deal with Thantus again, who i really liked from Kingdom Come, but i also get to introduce the two characters who will be important in Veni, Vidi, Vici. Similarly, i liked the stuff in the beginning, as it can explain aspects of the story without breaking the flow. Plus Jiralhanae are so awesome, they need all the love i can give them.

Project: Orphan (Hellsing): I originally wrote this as a spin-off to my Metroid stuff, and finished it as a Metroid fic, or almost finished it anyway. But there are bits and pieces that don't really click with Metroid, but i kept pushing it. And no matter what, it didn't work. So i kind of removed the references to Metroid and instead just kept it as a neutral fic, that i could plug into any universe. I had been thinking of doing it as a Hellsing fic as i was writing it, when it was still for Metroid. It just took this much freaken time to get it polished enough to post it. Its here now, whoo!

Happy Birthday! (Super Smash Bros.): Dedicated to my best friend, and the love of my life: Pae. She has given me so much support, that i just had to give her something. Unfortunately, this is the best i could come up with. This just isn't what she deserves. I spent about two months working on this, and i never got it quite right. It does have its moments, but I wish it was a little more special. This is completely light-hearted. I don't have that whole "who's killing the Smashers" thing to worry about, so this is just stupidity.

Veni, Vidi, Vici, (Halo): I started writing this, put it on hold, wrote up Sympathy for the Devil (which sets the stage and explains most of what is happening in this), posted that, and THEN finished this. It is very much a continuation of that story's themes, ideas, and most of the characters return. My Halo stuff is getting progressively more disturbing and tragic though, don't know whats wrong with me.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Halo): Luke is a very, very close friend of mine, and he has shared a lot with me. When i found out his birthday was coming up, i decided to write him something. How could I not? He told me a lot of his interests in Halo, i told him mine, and i took a lot of our conversations and ideas, added characters and such, and this came out of it. The response has not been nice. People really seem to take offense in this stuff. And i don't get that, i mean, i warn you right in the summary. Don't like, don't read perhaps should have been the title.

Hope (Halo): I had this idea for a while now. I realized that i had an Unggoy character, a human character, Jiralhanae, Sangheili, and Kig-Yar. I was still missing a Prophet and a Hunter. Hunter, i got no clue how you could write, but a Prophet...Originally, before i started posting Will be Done,I had the idea to do a seven chapter story, where each chapter would be a short story focusing on one of my characters. This was originally going to be the chapter dedicated to introducing the Minister of Hope. But i can't think up the story for the other fics. I have titles and ideas, but no real drive. So rather than waiting for something that may never come about, i figured i could post this. It is short, but its fluid and calm in my opinion. I hope you like.

Will be Done (Halo):The most recent main fic. Think of this as the new back bone, from which all additional fics are going to spring forth from. This is the new Kingdom Comeso to speak, which is why the title is important. Well in this one, we see a lot of advancement, between Nicole Kimber facing her crime's against the Sangheili after VVV, the climax of the Jiralhanae/Sangheili war, and the ever increasing tension between the humans and the Sangheili. With the build up and ground work i am laying, i think you can imagine that this not a happy franchise i'm doing. A lot of people have commented that my stuff is getting progressively darker and more disturbing, but this is a story of war. I hate that the Halo games were so bright and colorful.

1:1 (Final Destination): I wrote this probably about four or five months ago for something in school. I was inspired by a special feature on the Final Destination 3 DVD, where it goes through, listing several ways that you could die, and the chances, and then concludes with "Chances of dying: 1 to 1." I wrote this quickly, and didn't expand it much in all this time. Its very short, but i managed to edit some of the choppyness out of it. It is what it is, a fic that could probably be written in about five minutes. Nothing heavy, but i liked the idea of it, and i figured i would put it up and hope for comments.

Shenanigans (Halo):Something that i had sitting on my computer for a long time. What stood in my way of doing this was could it fit into my canon and lore? I liked the idea of Lazarus and Nicole having this sort of a relationship, I was building to it in Will be Done, and to a lesser extent VVV. This would be a big step, and i wasn't sure where to fit it. Then it hit me, as i was writing up how i'm going to finish my Halo stuff, since I want to leave the canon. I like how this came out, and what i thought of.

Sorrow (Halo): This was a gift for Avisu. Her birthday snuck up on me, as i only met her a bit before it, and decided i wanted to write something for her badly in a short amount of time. But i thought about it and the idea just came to me on day. She is a big fan of San'Shyuum, so this was a nice chance to expand Hope's story a bit, and explain some back story. This is partially based on our RP characters, though with a significantly darker tone and pace. Avisu, you are special, and beautiful, and wonderful, and sweet. This is the least i could do.

Untying the Noose (Halo): I was in a gift giving mood. Shenanigans was originally going to be a gift for Insidious Harbinger, who is one of the best people i have ever met. I always wanted to write him something as a thank you for giving me so much kindness and support, but i could never think of anything. Most of my friends have clear what they like. Luke likes clears throat Sangheili. Avisu likes San'Shyuum. Pae likes Super Smash Bros. And FalconMage likes Kung Fu Panda. But I.H. likes a range of things I do, so how can i chose just one to write in and give him a gift? It finally occurred to m to use Tays. I.H. RPed an amazing character, Mok, in my Halo RP. While i didn't want to use Mok, i took some of his attitude and gave them to Tays for this story, this story really being her first chance to shine. I.H., you're a great friend, a great reviewer. And i'm glad you liked this one.

Babysat (Halo):After seeing "the Babysitter" as part of the Halo anime, i wept for all that has happened to the lore. It was just an awful anime, something that made me so angry. Not only did the Spartan completely godmode and was a freaken Gary Stu, he did kung-fu! Kung-fu! What the hell! My god, it was so awful. So i really wanted to write something in response to it. Something where the Jiralhanae weren't completely retarded, the humans weren't completely untouchable, and there was an actual story. This is in a new canon. It is not taking place in succession to Kingdom Comeand the other fics. This will probably be a new continuity, as i wanted to bring that canon to a close following Will be Done

Riding a Brumak (Gears of War): This came about from a request from Luke-1539. We were talking about what our armor would be like in GoW. We ended up talking about original characters. He wanted me to do a fic in GoW, and gave me a lot of freedom to do as i saw fit. This was the final project, written in about four hours, then a day for editing. I was really struggling for a long time for this one, but finally it just all fell into place. As Luke said, a nice mix of comedy and darkness, something i'm proud of.

Just Another Day in Paradise (Halo): Another gift, this one for Insidious Harbinger, and staring his character, Darwin. As well, Luke-1539's character, Iza the Jackal, cameos. Not much to say, a nice fic for a great friend. Another dedication.

Warmth (Halo):This is a gift to Pae, who had to go away for a bit. I wanted to give her something when she got back. This was based on an RP that she and I did with our Halo characters. This is almost my longest one-shot, something that i am a bit proud of. I'm really proud of how this new canon is going. So far, it includes Babysat, Just Another Day in Paradise, and now this.

Without a Sword (Halo): So this is in the series of one shots that are dedicated to other people, this one being Starseeker347, and involving her character 'Kazanna'. It's taking place just a few weeks after Just Another Day in Paradise. The idea for this came about because she had made a character, Kazanna, who happens to be an AI. Now, not only have i never seen an AI-centric story, i had absolutely no clue how to write one as a result. AIs are not physical creatures, so interactions, fights, everything is done differently. I was so worried about this fic, but it had a good feedback, so i'm happy about that.

How to Write the Great hu-man/Sangheili Novel (Halo):I've got a serious paradox going on in my head. I don't like how Bungie handles Halo, and i just hate the fan boys and girls, many of whom fester on this very site. I mean, Halo can have a problem, you can recognize the problem, and that doesn't make you any less of a fan. A story that is basically about the faults of blind faith...has a bunch of fans who are blindly loyal to the franchise. Kinda sad. This is a satire to all the shit fics on the site, which there are quite a lot. This is based on the poem How to Write the Great American Indian Novel by Sherman Alexie.

iggle (Halo): I had to do it. I just had to. A Christmas gift, to all my friends. Who i love very much, and appearing with several of their character. This is without a doubt the most lighthearted work i have ever done. I'm somewhat proud of that, that I managed to make it and get a warm reception.

Outrunning Fate (Halo): Another gift for Luke-1539. Something that he had the idea for, involving Iza (his character) after the Schism, but before i start up Reconstruction. It's fairly short, but it's a nice time for Iza to shine, who previously, only had a little glimmer in Just Another Day in Paradise.

S.S.D.D. (Call of Duty): Birthday fic for Insdious Harbinger. Despite some problems that we have had, i still wrote him something. The idea for this one came about from the level in MW2 where you attack Makarov's safehouse. I had some thoughts about that. Basically, it's a slimmed down version of that level. Cut out all the extra canon fodder characters, both good and bad. Also, the idea that you fail in a mission. The only time you really fail is "No Russian". I wanted to write something like a real war, where you don't always succeed.

Numba One (Halo): Just a fun little fic i did when i was really bored. A bit of history for Wrath, and more development for Exilius. Aside from that, little jokes for Priya, Iza, and Azula. Honestly, this was written in the course of two hours, between classes when i was stuck at my campus with nothing to do. Amazing what you can do when bored, huh?

The Right Breed of Monster (Hellsing): A sequel to Project: Orphan. I had the idea for this almost immediately after finishing P:O, and a lot of people asked for a sequel to that fic. One the one hand, a lot of people complained that it just sort of ended, but i really felt that they should be going into the unknown. That was a big theme of that work, the uncertainty, the confusion. So i thought, for a long time, that ending it right there was enough. But the more i thought about it, the more i wanted to write more with Alto and Bass. So i started thinking about this fic, and also thinking about the Hellsing RP that i had worked in with several of my friends, which was, in some ways, a continuation of Project: Orphan. But anyway, for Pae's birthday, i finally got this fic underway, taking little nods to the RP, and i like how it came out. I was thinking about a third piece to this, and thought about a character. Maybe in another year.

Que Sera, Sera (Halo): The final part of my "Lazarus" continuity (amazing he was never even going to be in the fic when i started thinking about after KC.) These are the fics that the more i post, the more i am really proud of them, since i actually stuck with it and managed to get it done. This is also damn depressing and down right morbid. Halo lacks that though. Halo really lacks a feeling of true war. War is horrific. And there is really no victory in war. Sure, you beat the bad guys, but at what cost? What do you have to sacrifice along the way? Well, this is the product, and i am damn proud of Lazarus. He's my little cuddle muffin.

Cheating at Solitare: The Pre-lude to Reconstruction of sorts, this is meant to introduce several characters who have just recently entered the franchise. It's also a dedication and gift to Misterr B, or what ever his penname is now, PrettyChief, and FalconMage. This fic started with the first three or so chapters, which i had handwritten out a while before writing the rest. That was because, when B made Jordan and Big Daddy, i wanted to do a fic for him, as i have done for the other characters. It gives me a chance to get a feel for the character, while giving a gift to my friends. But the problem was that, there really wasn't an ending. I knew i wanted to showcase Jordan's relationship with his mech and had the idea of him getting captured, but then what? Then FalconMage made up Nick-047, and PrettyChief made up Mongrel. And then i had the idea to expand it, showcase a variety of characters, while at the same time introducing the newer cast.

Zenith (Pokemon): This is a sequel to The Knight and the Princess, which Gecko-1539 co-wrote with me. It's over on his profile, and i would strongly recommend it, as well as anything else he's put together. But anyway, I had the idea and outline for this fic not long after having worked on the earlier one. I blame HeartGold for getting me interested in Pokemon again, but anyway, this is a nice fic. Similiar, in many ways, to Forget Me Not, which took a darker tone to the Pokemon universe. In this, Team Rocket are legitimate criminals, a Flamethrower attack is just as potent as a flamethrower would be, etc. Princess belongs to Pae, Rook belongs to Gecko, and of course, Knight belongs to me.

You (AVATAR): Pae and I did an RP not too long ago, that involved a human and Na'vi romance. Similiar to the movie, only with a bit more psycology. Why don't any of the humans have real pride in their species? What does it take for a man to turn his back on his humanity? Jake Sully was a soldier, and a soldier fights for his people. We got the most basic reasons throughout the movie, but there had to be more. Well, here it is. And actually, as much as i don't like the movie, the RPs that Pae and I do have inspired great writings. I might actually expand on the story, as per what she and I have talked about.

Apocalypse Shortly (AVATAR): A sequel to You, this fic too came about from an RP between Pae and myself. About the first quarter to the first half is based on the RP, with the rest being my original ideas. The idea i had for this fic was to show the Na'vi as not being squeaky clean. I get sick of that. So this is the idea that they are really monsters. So to have a different view of Na'vi was something important, and maybe the reason why i didn't get any reviews. But the idea is strong i think. And i'm happy about it.

Xenia (Halo): Another M rated fic, again based on an RP that Gecko and I did. Usually when we do an RP with not just some *clears throat* adult material, but a story as well, i like to convert it. So, that's where this one came from. It was sitting on my computer a long time. I finally wanted to make room on my computer and delete some old fics, so, here you go. Half credit goes to Gecko-1539.

Own Personal Angel (Halo): Birthday gift for Starseeker347. The original idea for this fic, actually lives on as Gecko-1539's An Ear to Lend, A Hand to Hold. The original idea for Starseeker's fic was that Exilius comes onto the bridge. Exilius has a memory of when he lead the raze of a human colony, and several of the humans sang a death song/prayer. The memory keeps him up. I decided i couldn't finish that out, so i gave the idea to Luke. Instead, this idea came from the pursuit of a more light hearted thing. Again, this was going to be between Exilius and Kazanna, but then i thought Iza would work a bit better. I'm glad that Star liked it.

Grounded (Pokemon): Birthday gift for PrettyChief. A sequel to Zenith, featuring Knight, Rook, and Princess, but more importantly, adding Joker to the cast. Joker is a character that PrettyChief came up with. The fic itself is inspired by, and makes reference to, a piece of art that Pretty made on dA.

The Wolf of the Kingdom (Fairy Tales): I wanted to write a fic for my new friend, Calquendaani, and she mentioned that she liked Fairy Tales, and Beauty and the Beast was one of her favorites. With that in mind, i started working. This fic came out nothing like i had originally planned, but i hope she likes it none the less. I think this is a strong story, and Gex actually said it was one of my best. So i'm proud. To write it, I was influenced by several historical sources of the little kingdom vs. the empire. Honestly, Charles is most based on Vlad the Impaler. And, i was also thinking what the meaning of this tale is, since Fairy Tales always had some sort of deeper meaning to them. I decided that this would be a tale told during times of war, to explain to people that the strength and safety of the country takes precident over the individual, hence, Charles' story.

Reconstruction (Halo): Yep, it's finally up. This thing is a monster. I've kept a file of it, and it's a whopping 145 pages. Without a doubt, this is the longest fic i have ever written. And even though this is most likely my last venture into Halo, I'm happy that i stuck with this and wrote it all out. It was not easy. Over the course of writing this fic, i had to deal with fallouts of friends, and as such rewrites. Many characters had to be changed, and as i kept adding characters to the cast, i also needed to expand aspects of the fic to include the people. Wow, i'm just proud of this one. And i hope anyone who can trudge through the absurd length enjoys this as well.

Closing the Box (AVATAR): The third in the AVATAR trilogy, and the only one not to be based on an RP between Pae and I. After writing Apocalypse Shortly i figured this would be needed. What Camo does needed to have consequences. This is...this might even be offensive to the readers. As i think i have said before, i hated AVATAR. Two and a half hours of cliches and stale characters. *shiver* So, Camo's actions having consequences was important to me, and his little speech at the end is a commentary on the many problems of the fandom. As the title implies, this is the end of the trilogy. As such, if i do ever come back to AVATAR, it would involve other characters. But, i don't see me coming back to AVATAR.

Trophies (Predator): Starseeker347 asked me to write this one. She didn't give me anything to go by, save that she wanted me to write a Predator fic. The character, Lisa, comes from a character meme she had done a while back. The name is the same. The character was originally a mob boss' girlfriend during 1920 gangster era. I adjusted it slightly to give her a way to be able to fight the Predator that comes down. Once i had that idea for the character, the story came to me, and i ended up writing this in about an hour and a half while waiting between classes at my college campus.

A Day in the Life (Left 4 Dead): The original idea came about sometime ago, i believe early August, and it was under the title "Love and Zombies". It was going to be dedicated to someone, but after a falling out, i scrapped the idea and left the first half of the rough draft in my notebook. After a while, i came back to it, and decided to finish it off, which i did in not much time. Originally, Smokers were my favorite Infected, but i've recently moved towards Chargers as my favorite, so if i do another L4D fic, it'll probably have a Charger as the main character.

That Sinking Feeling (Gears of War): Birthday gift for Aivia. I had the idea for this fic several months ago, maybe even a year before, right after i posted Riding a Brumak. Since Xander was my character, and Isaac was Gex's character, i mentioned that i could do one for her and another friend. After problems arouse, the fic was scrapped, and i figured it would never amount to anything. But when she and I started talking, I opened the fic back up. This is a sequel to Riding a Brumak, and still taking place after the first game, before the second. Hopefully, i'll make more fics after the third game is released, maybe with new characters.

Moment of Doubt (Call of Duty): Luke and I had this idea a long time ago. The ending was largely something we discussed, while i added some of the opening and middle to make it a proper fic. It covers many themes, as the title would suggest: doubt, as well as chain of command, and diffussion of responsibility. This is taking place during the Black Ops era/Red Scare time frame.

The Three Day War (Aliens vs. Predator): Originally called the Four Day War, I had to delete one of the days because i couldn't think of enough material for four full chapters, as well as the over all pacing. So i edited, and combined several of the smaller chapters into one large one, mostly Chapter 2 and 3 to make Chapter 2, and simply changing Chapter 4 into Chapter 3...if that makes any sense. This fic...i like how it came out, but in many ways i think i could have done more. Touched upon more xenophobia, more military protocol, a few more things here and there. But in the end, I lost interest in this fic. A bad place to be. I would like to do a sequel though, because i quite like Bach.

Mad World (Halo): This was originally called One Night Stand, back when I started writing it back in December or so. This fic ended up being absolutely massive, far more than I had originally intended. It also ended up being quite confusing for my readers, for reasons I couldn't understand. I thought that I had made it relatively clear what was happening, but after a few complaints in reviews, I edited it slightly to hopefully make it more understandable. This is a gift for Aspergian Mind, which left me to change it around quite a bit. Originally, the narrative was going to shift between the chieftain, who was going to be standing before a Prophet judge and explaining events, and then it was going to be Len moving through the story, with the events being slightly different than what the chieftain was saying (implying he was lying to save his hide from the judge). Giving it as a gift, I changed it around a bit, and had it focus on Len completely, which i think makes it a much stronger story.

Covert Ops (Mass Effect): Originally given the working title Furious Angels, I had the inspiration for this fic after watching Dr. Strangelove; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. How that inspired this is beyond me, but after watching that I got to work drawing up a rough draft, then working it into a more polished piece. I decided I would try my hand at Mass Effect, since I hadn't written in that before, and I would like to see how I'm recieved in it. Especially in a fic like this, reviews are very appreciated.

Not A Bad Place to Visit (Dawn of the Dead): A version of this was written for another site. I decided to modify it slightly into the version that is here now. To be honest, I'm not sure which version I prefer, but either way, I am happy to stand by this fic. It was a fun work, and I will hopefully be writing more for this canon in the future.

Civilized Beasts (Halo): A sequel to Mad World, and another gift to a friend of mine. This is the continued story of Len Roberts, who was introduced in Mad World. This was an fic where I wanted to develop a wide cast of characters, while at the same time making it about Len. The idea was to have him interact with very different personalities and indivituals throughout the Halo universe. It was originally going to be heavily based on dialogue, but that gradually changed, and the story instead came to be about Len's personal maturing and growth. It also grew progressively darker, as I was going through emotional troubles at the time of writing.

Weak and Powerless (My Little Pony): A Trixie MLP fic. Although I wrote this long before the third season was even announced, it fits rather snuggly in the canon. Although short, I hope you enjoy it.

The Return (My Little Pony): A fic I originally hoped to get onto EqD. Didn't work out that well. This was an attempt at portraying Discord as a villian again, and refuting a lot of the negative Trollestia and Tyrantestia portrayals. I wanted to imbue Celestia with a sense of badass and wonder, and show her as intelligent and powerful. I think that may have been what turned EqD and a lot of other readers away.

Friends Forever (My Little Pony): I love Gilda. I love Gilda very much, in fact. So I wrote a series of fics where she and Rainbow Dash attempted to recouncile. I have a huge amount of literature devoted to it, and do my best to go very gradual build their relationship again. Gilda also begins to make friends with the other Mane6 in the resulting fics.

Endure. Overcome. Prosper.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Friends Forever reviews
In desperation, Gilda concocts a plan to win Rainbow Dash's heart, and get her best friend back. Things don't go exactly how she planned though. Written because I adore Gilda, and I hope some people might stop treating her like a pariah. Giants and very light violence. Featuring Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and of course, Gilda the Griffon. One shot. R&R
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As the world fell apart and society crumbled, bandits and survivors wandered from city to city, just trying to survive and scratch out a living, the undead hordes always at their back. One shot. OC survivors.
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In a sensitive situation, the Citadel cannot always use proper military and channels. In those situations, expendable units must be used. Krogan, Quarian, and human centered. One shot. Read and review please.
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Lisa thought she knew what monsters were. She thought she had seen the worse the world had to offer. She was wrong, but she's not the type to sit down and cower. R&R please. One shot. Hope you like.
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