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Updated May 2008.

Oh wow. It's been a year since I've neglected this account, and I probably should have continued doing so silently, but since I'm on here anyway, I might as well say something to kill time, haha.

I believe I started joining this site around 2004-2005 or so when this site was new to me and I really liked to read fanfictions. Since then, it turned me into a fanfiction writer (though I'll admit, all of the stories I wrote back then were randomly humorous, and they still are now). Though I still like reading fanfictions every now and then and writing them when I have the chance, I don't have time anymore to write them, nor do I have much passion to do so. I mean, I do write, just not fanfics anymore.

So I'm going to say that I'm abandoning this Fanfiction dot net account as of now. I'll still go here to read everyone's fabulous writings, but only to read, not to write. There were many great fanfictions that I loved reading here and even some authors that I got to talk to, though those were the old times. Now things have changed a lot.

Depending if I remember or if I have time, I'll update the last chapter of Random Stores from the Magdalene Order before 2009. Originally it was meant to have 2 sequels (both based on Louis Sachar's Wayside School book series), but looking back at my writing now, it makes me want to whack myself with a textbook and go "What was I thinking back then?!". But since I like to look back at my old memories and see what I was up to, I'll leave it up until it becomes long lost forgotten or deleted one day.

I'm sorry if I disappointed you somehow and you were a long time fan of Random Stories from the Magdalene Order. Times have changed for me and I just feel like moving on.

If you need me, there's always my deviantART account. Otherwise, good bye friends! Unless I suddenly have a super special strong urge to come back and write again, I don't think I'll come back.


Random Stories From the Magdalene Order (Chrno Crusade)- my currently one and only fanfiction that is 100 percent random, with excessive comedy. Semi-based off of Louis Sachar's Wayside School series.

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