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Author has written 15 stories for Valdemar universe, Digimon/Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Labyrinth.

These I have learned and wish to share with whoever feels the need.

Lesson One. Things happen so fast. A child's first giggle, a first smile. Everything should be cherished and held in out memories. People grow up so fast and drift apart.

Lesson Two. Don't be afraid to jump in feet first go with your instincts and remember don't get caught up in only one sport, activity or hobby try anything that is in reach.

Lesson Three. Don't lie to yourself even if you cant help lying to other people. It only hurts more when you have to confront the truth you try to forget. Share your feelings with others.

Lesson Four. If you use your little nephew's head to bounce a ball and he likes it... there is something very wrong with that child ;) but if it also makes him happy... well then, bounce away!

Lesson Five. 3+2 does not equal 4 no matter what you do! Don't force what isn't meant to be!

Lesson Six. When one door closes, five more slam in your face. Life bites!

Lesson Seven. There are always those people who do not like you and try to make your life hell, the best thing to do is to show them kindness. They would find it unexpected and in some cases upsetting. Morality is all well and good but sometimes you have to kick ass.

Lesson Seven. Shit happens, sometimes all you can do is flush the toilet... you may need the plunger some days ;)

Lesson Eight. Do it right the first time so you or someone else don't have to pick up the slack.

Lesson Nine. Love is wonderful but it's also wonderfully scary. Whatever it is, It's worth every bit.

Lesson Ten. You can dance with the Devil but don't accept any offers.

Lesson Eleven: elevate yourself to your highest potential. DO NOT let anyone hold you down, for there will be those who try.

Lesson Twelve: We are Mortal and there is no escaping that. We see loved ones die before our eyes and we know if we die there will be people looking at us as well. Never be scared to say goodbye for it might be your last chance.

Lesson Thirteen: Trusting you instincts are good indeed but when there is no risk, there is no fear.

Lesson Fourteen: We teach children never to take candy from strangers... what we really should teach ourselves is never to take candy from children... one mouldy peanut is enough, thank you!

Lesson Fifteen: That nearest and dearest to you heart should always come first.

Lesson Sixteen: The greatest human beings have the most tragic lives but if they are just human like the rest of us, does that mean their lives are no more tragic then our lives?

Lessons of life are the hardest to learn if we may ever know them all.

A quote from my wonderful grandfather: "You can BS your friends and I can BS my friends but let us not BS each other." :D

Updates are beginning again, slowly. Please be patient with me. I had a very difficult couple of months and I believe they will be getting worse before they get better again.

I will finish the three stroies I have going and then... we shall see.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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Kept Behind by LAXgirl reviews
Harry just wants to be a normal teenager, but it seems he can't even die normally. So what's a 15 year old wizard to do when he suddenly finds himself as an incoporeal spirit no one else can see or hear except his least favorite Potions Master? COMPLETE!
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Banished reviews
The Goblin King wasn’t King, indeed he was just standing in for his father while his parents were on a second honeymoon. Like any teenager left alone, he gets into a world of trouble and when his parents get home…gets punished appropriately.
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Hades, Zeus, Sarah, Jareth, Toby Styx, and loveable three headed Cerberus. What can make it a better combination? Oh? A rebellion led by Hoggle? What happened to trusty beast and dog? Rated M for anything you can think of that doesn't belong in PG13 stuff
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