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I live again.

I've uploaded a real avatar. It's taken five minutes before our play started last Friday. I'm the girl with the bushy hair and no, it's not the way I usually wear my hair, but I played someone who was a bit of a dope, so, I had messy hair. At some point in the play, I get into a fight with the girl on my right, Eveline. We were rehearsing.

Never send a man to do a woman's job is finished! If you haven't read it so far, do it now.

So now I'm stuck. Suggestions anyone?

Luana out.

Name: Luana Audacia Potter

Country: Belgium

Underwear: Black

Status: Armed

Favourite fanfiction: Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy (VIII, X)

Favourite characters: Zell (FFVIII), Krillin (DBZ)

Favourite genre: horror, comedy, suspense

Vulnerable to: writer blocks, flaming

Favourite fanfics by hits:

1. JuOn : The Grudge (DBZ)

2. Never send a man to do a woman's job (RE4)

3. White Noise (DBZ)

Favourite fanfics by favs:

1. Chin up, girl (FFVIII)

2. Never send a man to do a woman's job (RE4)

3. Whose Square is it anyway? (FF Crossovers)

Here I'm gonna write some longer summaries since I really suck at writing them in short cause when I do, nobody seems to know what they're about? I mean, at least SS Jentl doesn't, but well... she's not the brightest fanfic-reviewer there is if you get my point... DON'T HIT ME WITH THA FRYING PAN OF DOOM!

So, you like, don't have to read this and skip it but for those who do, here come the summaries! YEEEY! Hem, hem...

Bringing Back My Brother - DBZ

Status: Complete

Genre: General/Romance

Main Characters: Vegeta

Story: A new Saiyan called Luana arrives on Earth. Apart from the surprise another Saiyan survived the explosion of planet Vegeta years ago, there's another catch: she's Vegeta's little sister! While training with her brother though she too faces some surprises: she's an aunt and Frieza's henchmen are on their way to fight the Z-senshi! After the battle, Luana and the others must find the seven dragonballs as fast as they can, since another villain is after them as well. And meanwhile, can romance play a part in Luana's life? Read and find out!

Memorable quote: Luana: "Save me your pacifistic talks, Kakarot."

Grant my Wish - DBZ

Status: Incomplete (duh, I just wrote the first chapter!)

Genre: Romance, action/Adventure

Main characters: For now Goku I think... BUT IT AIN'T A ME GOKU ROMANCE! You know how I adore Krillin!

Story: I told I'd write a sequel! I'm good! Anyway, this is thus (that ain't right?) a sequel to Bringing back my Brother. I'm still trying to bring back my brother in this picture actually, I just wanted to write another story. Lol. Anyway, so I'm headed towards Namek and there I come to great surprise. Omigod -omigod -omigod! If you wanna know what the great surprise is, well, you'll just have to review and know my language!

Hide and Seek - DBZ

Status: Complete

Genre: Horror/Mystery

Main Characters: Vegeta, Trunks

Story: After Bulma's death, Vegeta and Trunks try to move on, but not without any problems. Despite Vegeta's efforts to be a good father, things seem to go wrong with Trunks. It appears he has created an imaginairy friend called Mikey which he spends most of his time with. But, as Vegeta starts to realise in time, is this Mikey as imaginairy as he thought he was?

Memorable quote: Mikey: Hey Trunks, wanna play a game?

I just can't wait to be king! - DBZ

Status: Complete

Genre: General

Main Characters: Chibi-Vegeta (duh!)

Story: Vegeta is living with his mother and father on their homeplanet, since Frieza had been destroyed several years ago by Saiyan race. However, Vegeta isn't happy. He is strictly forbidden by his parents to leave the village, since they fear for their son's life. Vegeta is not happy, and wishes he'll be king soon. One-shot songfic.

Journey till the End - FFX

Status: Incomplete

Genre: Drama/Romance

Main Characters: Yuna has a minor roll in this one, but that's all.

Story: After the sending in Kilika Port, Jentl's home, she decides to go on a pilgrimmage herself. After recieving her first Aeon Mammoth, she travels to Luca, with her guardian, Audax, her dog, Pyrefly, and the Kilika Beasts. From there she sets journey to retrieve the final aeon and bring the Calm. But she will learn her journey will not go that easy.

Memorable quote: Jentl: "That’s just great! I thought you were really for me!When the time comes, you’re even gonna try to stop me, aren’t you?”

Ju-On : The Grudge - DBZ

Status: Incomplete

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Main Characters: Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks

Story: Bulma Briefs hates the house her parents chose for her. But she asumes it'll have to do since it's close to school and work. It's an old ugly house, with creaking floors and dark atmosphere. But every night, Bulma hears footsteps coming from the attic. Something else is in that house, and has that mysterious boy got to do anything with it? But soon she finds out about Ju-On, a curse resting on that house since the death of the Saeki family. And she just might be the next one to go...

Memorable quote: Vegeta: "That was one creepy looking shrimp."

Millions - DBZ

Status: Complete

Genre: Poetry

Main Characters: Gohan

Story: My first poem, or well, attempt. It's about how Gohan feels at his father's funeral, knowing there's so many things he wished he had told him and how much he misses him. Let me clarify, I mean the funeral when his father died of that heart-disease. Sad poem, but a bit sucky.

Never send a man to do a woman's job

Status: Incomplete

Genre: Action, Horror

Main Characters: Alex Grace

Story: An alternative to the original RE4 storyline. It follows the main plotline only now, due to some minor changes, Alex Grace is sent out to do the zombie-bashing/Ashley-retrieving. She and Leon have a history, an unpleasant one at that. She is witty, sarcastic and reckless, and she really hates Kennedy's guts. Soon, the Ganados are not the only thing Leon has to fear.

Memorable quote: Alex Grace: "Hush. I want to cherish the sweet sound of no one doubting my capacities."

Order 66 : Dying love - Star Wars

Status: Complete

Genre: Romance/Tragedy

Main Characters: uh, Han Solo's parents?

Story: My first Star Wars fanfic! Yeah, who's tha man? Uh, woman! Hehehe... This is about the moment Palpatine orders the clones to execute order 66. On a faraway planet, two Jedi in love come to face this problem and both fight till the end, I guess you might already know what I mean by that.

Memorable quotes: Luana: "I love you, Howa Solo."

Rings - DBZ

Status: Incomplete

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Main Characters: Vegeta, Trunks

Story: Vegeta recieves a tape from a gang. Apparently there's this new craze. People have to watch a tape and when they do they have to record everythong odd they see and upload it onto a website. Vegeta doesn't believe that if he doesn't make a copy within seven days after watching the tape, Samara Morgan will pay him a visit... Sequel to 'The Ring'

The ring - DBZ

Status: Complete

Genre: Horror

Main Characters: Gohan, Goku, Krillin (and me)

Story: There's nothing on one night so, Krillin, Goku and Gohan decide to find out what's on a nameless tape. What seems to be a collection senseless pictures to Krillin and Goku, is terrifying to Gohan. There have been rumours about this certain tape and Gohan believes they are true after they recieve a queer phonecall. When the young Luana joins in, who has withnessed the horrors of the tape, they decide to find out the misteries behind it and search for away to escape their doom.

Memorable quote: Gohan: "She says discussion but she means monologue."

The sixth sense - DBZ

Status: Complete

Genre: Supernatural/Tragedy

Main Characters: Trunks

Story: For his entire life Trunks has been seeing things no one else could see. Namely ghosts. He does not dare to tell anyone about it, the only one he can talk to are his dead friends Gohan and Luana. Seeing dead people isn't that nice and easy though, especially when you end up not even realising anymore who's alive and who's not... Rather short fic, and a little sad.

Memorable quote: Trunks: "I see dead people."

Where do babies come from? - DBZ

Status: Complete

Genre: Humor (it's not really funny but I couldn't find another genre)

Main Characters: Goten, Trunks

Story: The fear of every parent: their kid walking up to them asking the scarriest question of them all: 'Where do babies come from?' Watch how the DBZ gang works his way out of this one. Kinda short but worth a shot. Thanks for letting me write this Star0307!

Memorable quote: Goten: "DEATH TO ALL THE STORKS!"

Whistle - FFX

Status: Complete

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters: Yuna

Story: Yuna's feelings after he passed away. Even the days afterwards she still goes to the shore to whistle. First FFX fanfic I wrote, check it out!

Whose Square Is It Anyway? - Final Fantasy Crossovers

Status: Incomplete

Genre: Parody

Main characters: the entire FF-cast

Story: Yes, another 'Whose line is it anyway?' but now with me and my good friend SS Jentl as your hosts! LOL! The first round is in featuring all cold-hearted people. Watch Squall's excellent impression of 'Dora the Explorer'!

Memorable quote: Kimahri: "Kimahri thinks mate looks fat in wedding dress."

Zell's proposal - FFVIII

Status: Complete

Genre: Romance

Main Characters: Zell and my good friend SS Jentl

Story: This fanfic was actually meant just to tease SS Jentl, since I love her sooo much. . But well, I guess you can read it as well. When Jentl gets woken up by Selphie on a morning she comes to a pleasant suprise. Title says it all!

Good god! Now that song 'Incomplete' by Westlife is stuck in my head! AAAARGH! Hate that song!

Yeah, those memorable quotes, i actually just write them for myself... don't mind them.

Well, that's all the summaries, I hope you're gonna enjoy my fanfics. And please, once again, please review! I normally read & review some fics of the ones who did as well.

Since the fic 'The Complete works of W. Shakespeare - abridged' (DBZ) has been deleted since it was a script, you can come and see it on my homepage.

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