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Hiya everyone!

My name is Moonlight Eyes Because I like the moonlight (hehe ware wolf) and I have nice eyes! RANDOM

age: as old as i feel!

I think Ron and fluer should get together because they are such a good couple! They are my favourite ship in Harry Potter sail on theGood Ship Ron/fluer! my other favourite is Remus /Sirius - HMS Wolfstar rocks! hermione/fred I don't think Harry should have a girlfriend- he's doomed to be lonely! (He's also GAY, 'coz he copies his Godfather all the time) And don't get me started on the clock thing...

I really hate Harry and Hermione-They are so not meant to be with each other, hermione and ron i can't stand anymore as well... Fred and hermione soo go... George and random girl... harry and cho there soo cute together (even tho i think harry is gay!)... Draco and ginny there meant for each other (it's like romeo and juliet)!!

Hello to Eponine- thanks for setting me up on the site! Hi to SignotheHedgehog, even though I don't know you-we talked on the phone once, didn't we?

I'm a hyper but cool girl well that’s what I think hehehe! I like all kinds of stories but only the good ones hehehe! I'm one of them people who are in to nearly everything. I do gymnastics every Saturday the my drama club straight after that. I'm good at running I'm one of the fastest in my year at school. I like all kinds of music from pop to rock I don’t really have a favourite band, i hate r 'n' b and rap and i love rock!! I like walking and stuff like that going on walks etc. All my mates know that I love my trampoline hehehe! I love hanging out with my mates but not when they push you in the pond that’s what they did me once lol:( but then we went to the beach and went swimming in our clothes on hehehe! I'm always up for a laugh! lol i hang around in town on saturdays and sometimes down the park.

you never guess what Eponine i knock over a bottle of red wine and guess what infrount of it was a glass and that got knock over as well its went everywhere so i cant blame you for not seein the glass but im still going to keep it on my profile cause its funny. hehehe!

this is to everyone who has read my story "who's the daddy?" hermiones meant to be a slut well do you know why because shes so shy and everything in the film i thought i might brighten things up! And harry's is meant to be gay i dont care what he's like in the film, this is fanFICTION not non-fiction i doesnt have to make any scence! It's only a STORY!!

All you people who flame people i bet you only flame them because you have nothing else to do in your sad lives! Yeah there story might be different doesnt mean oh thats crap lets go flame them! you might enjoy it but some people dont like hearing it and cant take!i dont care if you flame me doesnt mean i like it, just because we're better than you at writing stories doesnt me you can flame us!(im not saying this to everyone just the flame game and all the other people like them!) I could say alot more but i'm not goin to! all i'm goin to say now is:- some people on fanfiction could become a great auother when there older and if you keep flaming them it might change all that and they'll think for the whole of there live they cant write when they can! so if you want that to happen carry on flaming but just think twice before you do it.

i probable sound like you mum having ago at you but i'm just like you lot (well no exacly) i'm a normally teenager

Hope you enjoy my stories, bye!

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