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(January 31, 2015)

Hi! My name is jen-chan, and I’ve been writing fanfic since I was a school girl (which was a loooooong time ago), though I didn't release anything on until about 2011. Prior to that, a lot of my fics could have been found on shoujoai (before that went under). You can find me here, or on LJ or on tumblr. I'm still new to tumblr, and am not very familiar with it yet, so I'll probably still be cross-posting between those two for a while.



Most of my stories are here on FFnet, but the ones I am hesitant to release to a wider audience, I keep on LJ.

My wifu is guubear, who has been sound-boarding everything I've written since 2010, and is an avid fanfic reader / writer herself. We met through fanfic (which is probably something embarrassing enough that I shouldn't admit to it). She's far funnier than I am. :)

The series that I primarily fic for is Kannazuki no Miko. I fic in the anime continuity, and also enjoy crossing KnM with other yuri series. "Revolutions" is my longest work, and is a 3-way crossover between Kannazuki no Miko, Mai Hime and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Revolutions was written between 2013-2014, but as an idea, it's been germinating in my head since Dec 2004, so it's been a long time coming. It's the one I'm the most proud of, and one I'm hoping you will consider giving a chance to. :)

Himemiya Chikane has got to be my favorite character of all time (as calculated solely based on years spent obsessing if nothing else, lol), and Chimeko is my OTP, though I'll be the first to admit I really enjoy throwing other people in between them for the sake of plot/angst/drama resolution. =P

During 2010/2011, I finished FFXIII, and fell in love with the game, and specifically with Fang/Lightning (though Fang/Vanille is also cool). I had grandiose plans for a long fic that would span pre-game/in-game/post game, and that became Crystal Dreams of Eternity. The pre-game chapters are done and released. The in-game chapters can also be considered complete, as they are episodic in nature and can even be thought of as one-shots strung together in the same continuity (I only had 1 - 2 other chapters I had wanted to get to but didn't). The post-game chapters, unfortunately, are incomplete and very likely to remain that way. I am sorry for those of you who are following that fic, as it is unlikely to be finished, but I'm just having a really tough time with it, mostly because FFXIII-2 disappointed me so much. (Weirdly though, I enjoyed FFXIII-3 quite a bit, so the prospect of ficcing in that universe is not out of the question, but it wouldn't be part of CDoE).

As of 2015, I have two projects that I am working on.

The first project is Revolutions - FuMooFu, which is a fluffy 2nd season to Revolutions. It feels like I spent a looong time getting all the characters to a happy ending, and now I want to let them enjoy that happiness for a while, lol. FuMoofu is setup such that each one of my power yuri couples has a story arc. I've published Chikane & Himeko's arc already, and am currently working on Shizuru & Natsuki's. I've got a good chunk of it written but alas, I'm not altogether happy with it, so it's sort of stuck right now. (Juri & Tomoyo and Utena & Anthy and a few other ships should be getting some love too, but I'm not sure when I'll get there. Argh. =_=)

The 2nd project is 'What if Babies Come from the Spirit World?' which is a light-hearted Korrasami fic that grew out of crack. This one's got really short chapters and so should be released in relatively quick turnaround times and will hopefully stay that way. Hopefully. _;;

I've recently discovered ao3 and have become quite enamoured with it, so I'll probably be cross-posting some of these older stories here onto there as well.

I think that's probably about it for now! Thanks for popping by!



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