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Hi! I'm headupintheclouds, or Pippy, as you prefer.

UPDATED: 18/6/07

I've decided that this place should hold a bit about myself... and a bit about my work... just a bit of everything, really.


I stumbled upon fanfiction years ago, and have never had cause to look back. My fics tend to be happy, but I like to dork around with sadfics and junk, too. Harry Potter is all I've ever written. It's all I'll ever write. I don't necessarily support all the pairings I write, I just fool around with them in my head for a bit. There are loads of pairings I love that aren't canon, and I've come to accept that. It's the whole point of fanfiction, no?


I've been in the fanfiction circle for about three or four years now, one of them as a "lurker" and the others as a writer. I've developed a lot since I started, and I signed on FF.N roughly two years ago. I love it here, and reviews are the absolute best!

Interests: Drama (what fanfic writer doesn't like acting? I think almost every other writer on here has had/ has another hobby in the arts department), writing, and just generally being spontaneous. I do stupid stuff, but I do hope you'll forgive me it.

Musically: I'm pretty versatile. I'm a pretty big Beatles fan (Thanks to Haley: "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"!), but other bands/singers I listen to are: Arctic Monkeys, Yellowcard, Paramore, Death Cab for Cutie, Colplay, Keane, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, The Fray, The La's, The Donnas, Teddy Geiger, U2, Cast, The Strokes, The Used, Shout Out Louds, Hard-Fi, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, All-American Rejects, Rise Against, Sugar Cult, The Veronicas, The Academy Is..., BRANDTSON, Sense Field, a little Hawthorne Heights, some Motion City Soundtrack, a bit of Bloc Party. I ADORE Cute is What We Aim For, and also Embrace. I don't consider rap to be music, and I avoid country for the sake of my ears... and there's other various things. Loads of others, actually, but these have made their way onto the most-played list in my head. :)

Favorites (excluding HP):

Band: Beatles. Cute is What We Aim For. John Mayer. Embrace. Arctic Monkeys.

Book: Harry Potter, which should be pretty evident. I loved the book Coraline, which is being made into an animated movie, which pisses me off. Also, TWILIGHT (best freaking book ever), and Abarat (series, dolls) by Clive Barker. Candy by Kevin Brooks is the MOST scandalous book ever, and I couldn't bring myself to put it down. I'll read anything about the Beatles. The Wave by Todd Strasser is very nearly the most interesting book I've read. I also read the general crap, like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Love it, but dear God, do I feel like an idiot in admitting that. The Book Thief, by Zusak, is utterly spectacular.

Foods: Curry. Bubblegum ice cream. Chicken sandwichs. Fries. GUM.

Movie: Either Shattered Glass, Dead Poets Society, or A Beautiful Mind. If you're looking for absolute drivel, try out the Gidget movies from the 60's. They're absolutely pathetic yet oddly addicting.

Show: Simpsons and Lost. That's pretty much ALL.

My Writing: I've been writing for about four-ish years now, a little over that. I started out on Quizilla, and my time there was... amazing. I loved it. Then I moved on over here, and I love it here all the more. I think this site has made me focus on writing in a timely manner, which is clearly a skill I'm still working on, considering I started BfatWW in '05. I also write song-ish-poem things on a regular basis, and that and fanfiction could be considered my venting tools.

-the Pipster/ headupintheclouds

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Harry's trying to track down Horcruxes... what happens when he suspects he's one of them? His entire life has been leading up to this one moment, when he kills Voldemort, and he suddenly believes it isn't going to happen for him. How will he deal?
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Hermione and Draco are dating. What happens when she starts listening to Harry and Ron, and thinks Draco is with her simply to spy on the Order's activity? What does she do, how does she feel? And, of course, what ends up being the truth behind it all?
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I never thought I'd have to deal with this alone. It might prove to be too much...
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Ginny enters the first day of her sixth year. She doesn't attend the feast, preferring instead to be alone with her thoughts in the Library. That was the plan, anyway.... What will happen when Draco Malfoy shows up?
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This is the story of how James meets Lily, falls for Lily, chases Lily, earns her annoyance, which escalates to an almosthatred, which escalates to love. Please R&R!
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This is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is a vampire, and Juliet's dad is basically Van Helsing.... hopefully you guys like it! Oh, and if you've read TWILIGHT, you should know my Edward is based on that one! : R&R!
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