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Hey! Thanks for visiting my site and (hopefully) reading my story/stories. To all of you who review, a million thanks. It means a lot.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know the whole point of these things is so that you guys get to know me better, so here it goes.

In case you haven't noticed, I generally only write stories under two categories: Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Why? Because I'm a total loser that has no life.


Honestly, I do it because those are the two categories that really appeal to me. I mean, Harry Potter, because, come on, it's Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean because I'm so DAMN confused that I need to get it down on paper.

Shall I clarify?

Okay, if you insist. GAR! THE SECOND PofC MOVIE DRIVES ME MAD! I mean, before, everything was so simple, so easy, so Will/Elizabeth. And then the freakin second movie comes out and now I'm so confused and my brain has become limp, and I don't know what I want! (haha, Jack Sparrow moment...ehm...god, I'm a loser...) ANYWAY, now I don't know if I want Will/Elizabeth or Jack/Elizabeth.

Do you want to here my rant?

Yes, I agree. Another time, another other words:

OMG, I mean, the first movie was so obviously Will/Elizabeth and it was all fairy tale and it was like their love had been there for ever and ever and ever and ever and they were so sweet together and everyone REALLY wanted them to like, give up their modestly and shag in a corner (or at least have a heavy snog) and they kiss and it's so blissfully happy...and then along comes the second movie. I mean, why? WHY? Suddenly there's the whole compass thing and the whole you-know-you-want-the-bad-boy/good-girl thing and the whole kiss-ha-ha-I-locked-you-to-the-mast scene and AHHH! SO CONFUSING! And I really don't want Will to get hurt, because, come on, you've got to admit that he's cute, and that he really cares for Elizabeth and the look on his face when he's sees them kissing is totally heart-breaking. I mean, I want to go and like, stab myself with a rubber ducky or something. And yet...JACK...AHHHH! HOT HOT HOT...I mean, the two of them is like MUY SEXY...and they would be such "bad kids" together, and he comes back for her, so he must like her, and big sigh...I'll shut up now. BUT I'M SO CONFUSED! sob I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVIE! I THINK I'M GOING INSANE!


ANYWAY, because I know there must be some Harry Potter fans in the world, I'll shut up about my current obsession and get back to the life-long one:

So here are my fav. ships, because I know you wanted to know them (and don't you dare deny it!):

HP/GW (I mean, come on! How obvious does it have to be?)

LE/JP (Well, it's obvious they ended up together...we do have a Harry Potter, right?)

HG/RW (Read HP/GW)

GW/DM or HG/DM (You gotta admit it's kinda hot)

RL/NT (As in Remus and Tonks. It's cute, and for those that have read HBP, well, you know...)

HP/LL (It's kinda cute, you know, end of 5th book)

THE BLACK PEARL (my homeboy/girl...hmm...probably homegirl...)

Ships I would like to sink in the middle of the night (Har hardy har har):


LE/and any other person other than James (I don't think Lily was the cheating kind...As for RL/LE, that just sicks me out)

I know there are some other ones, but I can't remember.

Mkay, hmm...oh, things you might just want to know about the stories I write:

1. I LIKE TO BE RANDOM...please put up with me if I write in "potato" in the middle of a sentence. I'll try not to. I've been pretty lucky so far. (jinx)...(potato)...

2. I LIKE REVIEWS (that was a desperate plea). But seriously, you have no idea how much reviews help me. I mean, for all of you who reviewed "The Meaning of Being a Pirate", god, I love you. That was the most reviews I've like, ever gotten (another reason I'm writing more Pirates stuff...I have more faith in you people!)

3. I LIKE TO RAMBLE (sorry, did you pick that up yet?)

4. I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH GUTS TO WRITE JACK SPARROW POV (there, I said it. now I'm going to go into a corner and cry.) I just really really don't want to write him botched up, because he is such a wonderfully bloody fantastic character, so let me have my time until I build up the confidence to write something that involves him (which may very well be never).


6. I find it superbly hard to believe that Petunia started hating Lily once Lily found out she was a witch. I mean, I understand the whole jealousy thing, but I can't believe that that was the only thing that contributed to Petunia hating Lily so much. I also find it hard to believe that anyone would marry Vernon Dursley willingly. GAR! THERE MUST BE SOMETHING MORE! WHERE IS JKR? I NEED TO FIND HER AND ASK HER! Anyway, in my stories that I write (none of which are currently published here), I tend to make Petunia and Lily close, just so you know.

7. I AM SO SO SO SORRY IF I NEVER FINISH A STORY. That is the reason that most of my stories are one-shots; I really don't want to disappoint you guys when I lose interest in a story. I really try not to, but it happens, you know? I'm depressed. :'(


9. I will probably never write OC into my PotC stories. It bugs me. A lot.

10. I strongly dislike stories that have Lily as being a strict stickler to rules. I mean, people like that piss me off enough in real life: I don't want to have to read about them!

11. (more Lily rants. sorry, I've got a bunch of these). For some reason, I don't like the fact that everyone makes Lily afraid of heights. I mean, was there some secret convention that a bunch of fanfic authors had where they decided that? Why wasn't I invited? GAR! why can't she be afraid of mushrooms or something. anything but HEIGHTS! hmpf

12. Why are there so many freaking stories with Jack and his SISTER, or Jack and his DAUGHTER, or Jack and some WEIRDO FAN GIRL? I mean, seriously folks, wtf is up with that? Then again, I should really shut up. This could just be like the time that I said (direct quote): "Jack and Elizabeth...together? You must be KIDDING ME! God, wtf are you on?" maybe Jack's twin sister's daughter's best friend that is ACTUALLY Jack's wife really is going to appear in the next movie to randomly kill Will, save Jack by throwing a papaya to the Kraken, and then have a MARVELOUS threesome with Elizabeth and Captain Sparrow. You never know...(and I do solemly apologize if anyone has written a story about Jack's twin sister's daughter's best friend that is actually Jack's wife that appears during the time frame of the third movie to randomly kill Will, save Jack by throwing a papaya to the Kraken, and then have a MARVELOUS threesome with Elizabeth and Captain Sparrow. I seriously didn't mean to offend you.)

Yeah, I know, you want more than that...

But honestly, I don't know what to say. I think I'm mellowing. God, how depressing. Maybe I'll go eat a cake. Okay, bye!

Oh, one other thing. You'll notice I'll sign reviews and stuff a certain way: -k. Doesn't stand for anything, doesn't mean anything, it's just the way I do things. Don't argue wit da master! (of what?)

yadayadayada...okay, I'll go now.

Enjoy reading my stories, and take care of them; they're my babies!


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