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Hi! My name still ain't gonna be revealed cause I don't want to but incase you haven't noticed, I'm a guy. That's about as much as I'm willing to tell about that.

About Me:

I'm living on my own now. I like to make stories in my own time. I've got some original ideas popping up in my head but for now, I'll settle with fanfiction so I can improve my writing more. All of the fanfiction I make I shall strive to do better. Once I'm more confident in my fan fiction, I'll start putting up original ideas down. I like writing so to get a career in it would be awesome. I mean, Twilight sucks. Harry Potter is headache. Both authors wrote the stories in their free time and became huge. Why can't I do the same thing with my own crappy stories? Though mine will be awesome.

Just a quick rant. As you may, or may not, have noticed by now, I'm not using Japanese in some of my stories save for some honorifics. A pet peeve of mine is what I like to call “One word Japanese”. And example would like this:

“Gomenasai! Shitsureshimashita,” I rushed out.

Ok. That was two words but that's not the point. Not only does that look crappy, but “gomenasai” is actually spelt wrong. “Go-me-n-na-sa-i” would be how it would romanized. And to type out “shitsureshimashita” looks funny. The first time I saw it, I automatically saw the word “shit” in the beginning. I know its Japanese but I still can't help but see “shit”. Not using Japanese for pronunciation, it looks like “Shit sure shi ma Shit-a”. Funny sentence. Say it out loud for better understanding.

Then going into more, the most common offender is “nani”. Means “what” and you better believe that most anime fanfic writers use it, minus me and a few others. It gets on my nerves when they do that. Not to mention when they have one word in the sentence Japanese, the rest English. Or they use attempt code-switching, which can be both good and bad. Sometimes, they nail the Japanese right on with full lush Japanese. Other times, its where you'll have to break out the dictionary cause since it ain't in Japanese, its harder to read. Or its just one word that appears too frequently. In a worse case scenario, a sentence may end up like:

“Nani is going on here?”

Sounds stupid to me but this isn't even a worst case scenario. "Don't worry about. Jo-ku! Naru, it was a Jo-ku." Quit reading the story right after that.

Yeah, I really can't get into stories with that. Really cannot. Its really easy to understand. Since anime characters, especially those living in Japan, are suppose to be speaking Japanese, as that is their native tougue most of the time. What that means when some fan fic author's makes them say something in Japanese, its like they're saying that one word in English but in Japanese.

Now as I already said, I don't mind the honorifics. Reason? Because it works the same way in English. -kun, -san, -sama-, -dono, etc. Its not terrible since most Japanese that speak English, or at least the ones I meet, still use honorifics in English. Sounds weird to blurt it out but its more acceptable. Also terms like "sempai/senpai" are also some more acceptable. After all, saying "senior" all the time would feel weird. Its also a contradictory type of thing but simply put, I wouldn't call any of my upper classmen "Senior". I would much rather call them something else but sempai works in this case. The other stuff besides honorifics gets on my nerves, especially when used in overabundance. Now me, I try to avoid honorifics now as much as possible.

And now I'm done...Or not. For those who really don't care and want more on my fan fics, here's the generalization:

Current Stats & Info on Stories:

Breaking the Habit - Completed

Breaking the Habit was the first fanfiction I posted here. Really it was so my account wouldn't just be used just for signing my reviews. It was done in 2003 but it didn't come up here for a while. Some changes have been made over the years but I still regard it as one of the best fanfictions I've written. And yes, I've written more. I just haven't put them in computer format, they're in pencil and paper.

A RuneScape Legacy - Cancelled

Originally my first major project, I had a little choice but to shut it down due to RuneScape no longer letting me access my character account. As much as I wanted to continue and finish this story, its been too long since I've even played RuneScape. I checked up on recently. Still can't get my main character up. For those still interested, I'll tell you how the story was suppose to end but no new chapters will be posted.

Mirrors: Fragments of Keitaro - Rewriting

Ok. Its a complicated story behind this one. When my old computer crashed, I lost a lot of the data I had on this story. I am starting to get this story back on track but its taking longer then I expected. I've been re-reading the story to try and get the creative juices flowing again. I may end up rewriting portions of it. After reading it again, I really really REALLY want to change some of the names (particularly want change Brainy Keitaro's name from Brian to something else).

Golden Skits - Deleted

Due to circumstances beyond this author's control, this story has be effectively deleted. I'm terribly sorry.

I'll Take the Blame - Completed

It was really an idea that popped up into my after I got in a fight, verbal, with someone I know. Felt like crap afterwards. Read some fanfiction and this popped up into my head. I was actually surprised to hear it was good story. Thanks for your support.

Who Takes the Blame - Completed

Yes that's right. I said its done. Honestly, if I write a third part to the story, I'll Take the Blame being the first part, I might just write it separately like I've done here. Seems easier to me than trying to continue the story as it is.

A New Reason for Seasons - Current project

That 70s Show fanfiction. When I joined this site, I never would've thought I would write a fanfiction about a regular TV series. All I know is that I was bored, read one story from Marla's Lost and I got hooked. Currently writing it. It seems like its easier to write for me so we'll see where it goes.

Chances - Uhh???

Honestly, I don't know where I stand with this story. After seeing the lack of stories for Arc Rise Fantasia, I got an idea to write it but after writing the first chapter, I didn't, and still dont, know where to go with it. I may write more of it but really, I hope that more people get more ideas on what to write for the game. Took me a while to get an idea from that game so I hope more people can find more to write.

Future Projects Ideas:

Tales of Symphonia self insert - Been thinking about it for a while now. I don't really like bad self inserts, or self inserts in general, so I decided that if I make one, I would have to make it good. I would not uber powerful for no reason, not have any of the characters in the game fall in love with me at first sight, and I would still have a good effect in the story. I will admit that the initial idea of me getting stucked into the game is incredibly stupid but once in, I can tell you this. I will not meet up with the main cast for a good long while. My character would journey around Sylvarant first. Some twists and turns here and there before I meet up with the cast. Even then, the entire Tales of Symphonia story wouldn't even start. This way, my character, me, would have a good amount of character development before the real story begins. After all, if Collete didn't even let Lloyd join her in the beginning, or Kratos and Raine, there would be little chance of her letting some random strange join her ranks. This story idea is still coming along nicely. I got the first part of the story pretty much ready to go but its the part after my character meets with Lloyd and the others.

Tales of Symphonia Sheloyd fanfic - To be quite honest, I have no idea how to do this one. Almost every fanfiction goes with the beginning of "After the game, Lloyd and Sheena go on a journey to rid the world of exspheres. Will they be able to express their feelings too?" and "Sometime after Flanior, Lloyd and Sheena blah blah blah blah blah". I want to think of something a bit more original. At same time, if I do start somewhere before they met, I can't just say they fell in love at first sight. Complete opposite. Sheena saw Lloyd as an enemy and Lloyd was confused why someone would want to kill Collete. Sheena didn't think "OMIGOD HE'S HOT!" and Lloyd certainly didn't think the same. They couldn't of. So I want to make a story of gradual love and acceptance. Harder to do that I though. I can't come up with any ideas other than I want Collete to find Lloyd and Sheena kissing, and Collete crying afterwards, and Zelos to admiting defeat, as he lost Sheena due to his arrogance.

Love Hina Keitaro/Motoko - Must make good one. No idea how to.

Hikaru No Go fanfic - I had two chapters written but my old computer crashed and all of the data on it is gone. I'm debating if I will rewrite the chapters. It was a really good idea that wasn't the typical yaoi fare found in most Hikaru no Go stories, which would've made it awesome! In fact, it would be one that most haven't even seen. Awesome idea. I'll probably rewrite the first chapter and gauge the reaction.

Gravitation story - Now this is a strange idea, seeing as I don't usually do any Yaoi stories. Anywho, the idea was that Shuichi is on tour for his new album, away from Yuki. While on the road, he makes friends with one of his roadies, a female roadie. She's away from her boyfriend too and sympathies with Shuichi. Of course, once the tour ends there is a party. Shuichi and the roadie drink too much and end up having sex. Shuichi feels guilty but both promise to forget what happened. Of course they keep running into each, awkward of course. Both have feelings for each other, and she'd even dump her old boyfriend for Shuichi, but Shuichi can't choose. You see, in my opinion, Shuichi doesn't seem like he's ever been with a woman. I think he jumped onto Yuki quickly, a first love if you will. In this story, he would be bisexual. He would confused and conflicted, not knowing which way his heart wants. Yes, I have an ending planned for the story but I wouldn't even know if I should start it or not. This one's just one of those ideas.

And now I'm done.

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