Amberile Parker
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Greetings, I am Amberile, Amber for short. I am 16 years old and live in the middle of no where.
Most of my stories are depressing or challange what the human eye see. I take me readers into places
where they thought they'd never go. I tell tem things that others will not tell them. In my free time, the
times I'm not a school, writing, dancing or doing homework, I am thinking up new stories or poems to
challange what you think you see. Oh and if you have a problem with being challanged then DON'T read
my stuff. If you like to be challanged then I think you will enjoy my stuff. Enjoy and don't forget to R/R
or 'Curse's on thy head, rapid elk in thy shoes, may all thy chikens lose their strings and may you
trip over chocolate lemmings for eternity!!!' *evil laughing*