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Author has written 10 stories for Street Fighter, Tekken, Legend of Zelda, Super Sentai, Tiger & Bunny/タイガー&バニー, Dragon Ball Z, and Anime X-overs.

I've been discharged from the Air Force for medical reasons, but it's an honorable discharge. Still I'm doing all right and I'll be back on my feet in no time as soon as I find something I'd like to do for a living, I'm going to school right now to learn to be a cop, there's a lot of options out there for me.

A little about me

Name: Miguel Gama
Age: 28

Birthday: June 17
Where I'm from: San Lorenzo, California

Where I'm currently at: Fremont, California
Nationality: Mexican/Portuguese
Hobbies: Movies, music, video games, writing, dancing, exercising.

Favorite games: Zelda, Mario, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Viewtiful Joe, the Tales series, Smash Bros., Soul Calibur, and many more.

Here are my original characters that will debut in my Street Fighter fic, The Z Project

Marcos Ortega
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 194 libs
Blood Type: A
Birthday: June 17
Nationality: Mexican-American
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
Hair: Black (has it short and spiky)
Eyes: Brown
Build: Similar to Dudley's of SF3
Fighting Attire: Blue denim jacket with no shirt underneath, baggy blue jeans (You could see his boxers) and black tennis shoes

Marcos Ortega is a professional boxer in training. He will be the third generation of the legendary Ortega Clan. His grandfather, Eduardo was a legend in the days of bare-knuckle boxing. His father, Humberto was a reknowned champion around the US and Mexico. One day while studying abroad in London, Marcos met one of England's most reknowned boxers, Dudley. Dudley was familiar with the Ortega Clan's legacy and decided to teach young Marcos some of his moves to help the young boxer be more dominant in the ring. In his spare time, Marcos likes to rap, cruise around with his friend Raul Hernandez, and spend time with his girlfriend, Crystal Wong.

Move list

Drill Punch: Marcos spins around like a drill and delivers a swift blow to the opponents chest.

Toro Charge: Similar to Balrog's Dash Punch.

Culebra Counter: Marcos bobs and weaves around in snake like movements, if someone tries to strike him, he counters the attack.

Rocket Thruster: One of the moves he learned from Dudley with added flame effects

Flamethrower Blow: Another move from Dudley also with flame effects.


Corkscrew Drill: A souped up Drill Punch with more power and range.

Toro Loco (Crazy Bull): Marcos dashes at the opponent and hits them with a flurry of Machine Gun Uppers and Toro Charges and then finishes it off with a souped up Jet Upper.

Clock Cleaner: Marcos grabs the opponent to hold them still, swings his other arm around like a clock and then hits the opponent with an uppercut that sends his opponents flying

Xavier Jackson
Age: 28
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 305 lbs
Blood Type: B
Birthday: July 20
Nationality: African-American
Location: New York City, NY, USA
Hair: Black (has a mohawk and a beard)
Eyes: Brown
Build: Think Undertaker from the WWE
Fighting Attire: Black tank top, black wrestling pants that have his wrestler nickname (X-Clamation) written on the left leg in big white letters, and black boots.

Xavier Jackson has been wrestling since he was in middle school, he was on the wrestling team in his middle school, high school, and college. He helped his schools win many championships for their wrestling teams. One day, former wrestling legend Mika Nanakawa (Rainbow Mika) agreed to manage Xavier and help become a pro, which was Xavier's dream. With Xavier's skills and charisma, and R. Mika's great management, Xavier quickly hit the pro circuit under the moniker X-Clamation. Within one year, he was the champ. Xavier has become a big name associated with wrestling in general. In his spare time, Xavier spends time with his wife Essence and son Juwan.

Move list

Spinebuster- A typical wrestling slam

Hurricanrana- Learned from Mexican luchadors, Xavier grabs the opponent with his legs, spins around the opponent and slams them down.

Flying Clothesline- A regular clothesline, but Xavier dives when he does this move, giving in good range.

Chest Slap- A hard chop to the chest, also negates projectiles

Grape Squisher- Xavier kicks his opponent to the ground and starts stomping on them.


X-Clamation Point- Xavier whips his opponent into one wall and as they bounce back at him, he grabs the opponent, suplexes them twice and then leaps high into the air, turns his opponent upside down and then drives them headfirst into the ground.

Spinebuster X- Three consecutive spinebusters.

Poison Mist- Learned from Japanese wrestlers, Xavier spits a green cloud of mist at the opponent blinding them and then unleashes a flurry of martial arts kicks on the blinded foe.

Vicki Small
Age: 26
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 107 lbs
Blood Type: B
Birthday: November 29
Nationality: American
Location: Washington DC, USA
Hair: Blonde (similar to Juli's hairstyle)
Eyes: Blue
Build: Similar to Juni's of SFA3
Fighting Attire: Black dress, black boots

Vicki has a very political background, her father was an American ambassador in England, so while she was young, she met Delta Red agent Cammy White and two of the former Shadaloo dolls, Juli and Juni. Vicki got to learn a few skills from those three and as she got older, her expertise with those skills and her political background landed her a job in the US Secret Service where she teamed up with her partner and best friend, Reginald Biggs.

Move list
Patriot Disc: Vicki throws a disc shaped projectile at the opponent.

Wheel Driver: Vicki grabs the foe, jumps into the air spinning like a wheel and then drives the foe into the ground.

Spiral Arrow: Cammy's trademark move

Mach Dash: A teleport dash

Cannon Spike: Cammy's other trademark move


Spin Drive Smasher: Cammy's trademark super

Flame of the Patriot: A souped up Patriot Disc that does multiple hits

Government Regulation: Vicki grabs the opponent hits them with a kick flurry and then two Wheel Drivers to finish it off.

Brock Irvine
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 212 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: May 8
Nationality: Austrailian
Location: Sydney, Austrailia
Hair: Blonde (mullet)
Eyes: Blue
Build: A cross between Adon's and Sagat's.
Fighting Attire: A bright red tank top with yellow and green surfer shorts

Brock has practically lived on the beaches of Austrailia his whole life. Surfing has always been one of Brock's favorite things to do since he loves to be in the water. After leaving high school, Brock went pro and became one of the best surfers in Austrailia, but has decided that he would need to defend himself against people jealous of his talent so he headed to Thailand where he met the Emperor of Muay Thai, Sagat. Sagat and Brock bonded over their love for the water and competition. Sagat agreed to take Brock under his wing. Brock has so far been a quick study and has added his own flair to his Muay Thai. In his spare time, Brock goes surfing with his friend, Paul LeRoc

Move list

Tiger Shot- Sagat's trademark projectile

Kangaroo Kick-Brock sticks both feet out for a hard kicking attack, it knocks the opponent far giving Brock some breathing room

Dingo Claw- Brock rushes at the enemy, tackles them, and then punches them a few times.

Surfboard- Brock slams the foe onto the ground and then stomps on them and rides them like a surfboard.

Tiger Uppercut-Sagat's trademark move


Wild Dingo-Brock combines the Dingo Claw with the Surfboard in order to create one powerful super move

Tiger Genocide-Sagat's trademark super

Boggo Road Blast: Brock delivers two Kangaroo Kicks into two Tiger Uppercuts and then finishes it off with a souped up Tiger Shot.

Sano Tezuka
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 173 lbs
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 13
Nationality: Japanese
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Hair: Black (spiky)
Eyes: Brown
Build: A cross between Guy's and Cody's
Fighting attire: A purple ninja outfit similar to Guy's with a purple ninja mask that covers only his nose and mouth.

Sano was just an ordinary Japanese boy until one day he arrived home to find out that his birth parents were murdered by Yakuza members, his father owed money to them and he never paid them off. Sano was adopted by a Bushin ninja named Maki and her fiance, Cody. Sano's adoptive parents told them stories of their missing friend Guy and trained the young boy in both of their fighting styles, so Sano uses a mix of their styles. Sano often teaches some of what he has learned to his childhood friend, Toshio. Sano has become quite a vigilante in hopes that one day he can find the Yakuza member that offed his birth parents.

Move list

Genko-A rushing punch that instantly knocks the foe down.

Bad Stone-Sano picks up some rocks off the ground and tosses them at the opponent

Reppukyaku-Sano spins around on his head knocking back anyone that gets close to his powerful legs.

Criminal Upper-A 6 hit cyclone uppercut

Bushin Senpukyaku-Guy's trademark move


Ajaru Tengu-Sano grabs the enemy and jumps around slamming the opponent 5 times, the fifth slam does the most damage.

Final Destruction-Cody's trademark super, which is a flurry of punches

Bushin Ki Burst-Sano grabs the foe and then hits them with a powerful energy blast, only comes out if Sano successfully grabs the foe

Skye Hawk
Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Birthday: October 24
Nationality: Native American
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
Hair: Brown (Juni's hairstyle)
Eyes: Brown
Build: Slim yet muscular (Think any of the 12 Dolls)
Fighting Attire: An outfit like T. Hawk's outfit.

Skye Hawk is the daughter of the Thunderfoot tribe leader, Thunder Hawk. She was born after T. Hawk rebuilt his tribes land and found the Doll he was looking for, Noembelu (that is Skye's mother). Skye, like the rest of her tribe, has an unbound love for nature and she plans on organizing her own environmental organization as she gets older. Skye also learned how to defend herself from her father. In her spare time, Skye spends time with her boyfriend, Julius Rivers.

Move list

Condor Dive- A diving body press that sails over most attacks.

Tomahawk Buster- Skye's anti air attack.

Thunderfoot Typhoon-Basically T. Hawk's Mexican Typhoon with a different name.

Condor Spire-A jumping chop attack, instantly knocks the opponent down.

Hawk Reflector-A barrier that reflects projectiles back at the enemy.


Raging Typhoon- T. Hawk's trademark super

Canyon Splitter- A souped up Condor Spire fused with a Tomahawk Buster

Thundering Skybird-Skye dives at the foe, dizzies them, and then with her tribes sacred blood running through her, hits the foe with a bright flash of light that hits 5 times.

Unoka Muir
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 166 lbs.
Blood Type: A
Birthday: September 11
Nationality: African
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Build: Lean (almost like Remy's build)
Fighting attire: Green poncho, white pants, brown moccasins

Unoka is the younger brother of Elena, Unoka has immersed himself in the art of Capoiera, training whenver he has free time. He says it's to defend his family. Unoka feels pressure to do something with his life, but doesn't want to be a doctor like his father and sister. Unoka seeks a life as a teacher since he likes to be around kids and will probably have some soon since he is engaged, however his finacee Aisha believes Unoka spends too much time training.

Move list

Spinning Moon- Unoka spins around and hits the opponent with a 2 hit split kick.

Elephant Trunk-Unoka grabs the foe with his legs and then slams them down.

Scratch Wheel-Unoka's anti-air move, which he learned from Elena

Break Sweep-Unoka sweeps the opponent with a 3 hit breakdance kick.

Lion Pounce-Unoka tackles the foe and then scratches them like a lion


Brave Dance-Elena's trademark super

Elephant Stampede-Unoka does five consecutive Elephant Trunks to the foe.

Lion Maul-A souped up version of the Lion Pounce

Chela Castillo
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 119 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: July 25
Nationality: Mexican
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Hair: Brown (like J Lo's hair)
Eyes: Brown
Build: Think Jessica Alba
Fighting Attire: Bright orange midriff top, pink capri pants, and pink boots.

Chela Castillo wanted to be a music star ever since she was 5 years old. Her mother put her in singing classes and friends and family alike were wowed by Chela's musical skills. Chela eventually got a record deal by champion Jamaican kickboxer and musician, Dee Jay. Dee Jay also took the time to train Chela so she could defend herself. Chela eventually became one of Mexico's biggest pop stars but no one knows of her fighting skills. Dee Jay has been a faithful manager and continues to teach Chela in the ways of fighting and music. Whenver possible, Chela likes to be with her friends, Paco and Teresa Vargas.

Move list

Max Out-Dee Jay's trademark projectile

Double Rolling Sobat-Chela delivers two rolling kicks to the foe's stomach.

Hyper Fist-A four to five hit uppercut move

Jackknife Maximum- A double jumping kick that acts as Chela's anti-air move

Mono Flip (Monkey Flip)-Chela takes a page from Vega and does one or two backflips to avoid enemy attacks.


Sobat Fiesta- Chela does three Double Rolling Sobats one after the other

Maximum Max Out- A super projectile with the combined force of six Max Outs

Climax Beat- Chela uppercuts the opponent into the air and then hits them with souped up Hyper Fist, does 11 hits

Quock Xie
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 141 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 9
Nationality: Chinese
Location: Hong Kong
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Like Bruce Lee's build
Fighting Attire: An outfit like Gen's

Quock used to be a gang banger who studied martial arts just so his gang could win fights. Although small for a man, Quock was able to hold his own against others taller than he was (and shorter too). One day, when Quock got thrown in jail, he was bailed out by Hong Kong film legend, Fei Long. Fei Long offered to help Quock put his martial arts skills to good use and so Quock became an up and coming martial arts actor. Fei Long believes Quock will be the next big thing over in Hong Kong.

Move list

Rekka Ken-Can be chained up to three times, Quock does a total of three rushing punches, the third knocks down

Rising Dragon Kick-Quock spirals upward lighting his leg aflame, hits twice if close to the enemy.

Drunken Headbutt-Quock incorporates drunken boxing into his fighting as well, he cocks his head back which helps him duck under projectiles and then hits the opponent in the stomach with his head.

Dragon Thrust-Quock kicks the opponent upward and then as they fall, he kicks the opponent away from him.


Rekka Shin Ken-A 5 hit souped up Rekka Ken.

Nunchucku Beatdown-Quock pulls out his nunchukus for a short time and each attack he does while the super lasts does more damage.

Pyro FX-Quock unleashes a huge fireball through some film wizardry.

Tomoko Nakamura
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Blood Type: A
Birthday: May 15
Nationality: Japanese
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Hair: Black (like Maki's hairstyle)
Eyes: Brown
Build: Think Akira Kazama of Rival Schools
Fighting Attire: Black leather jacket with only a white sports bra underneath, black leather pants and black boots.

Tomoko has always been a wild child, the one that drives her family nuts. Tomoko is quite the troublemaker and loves the biker life ever since entering high school. She would hang around with the bikers and pick up their mannerisms, and even began dressing like them. Once learning how to drive, Tomoko decided to buy a motorcycle, and formed her own biker gang. One day after being beaten badly in a fight, Tomoko found herself saved by the legendary sumo, Edmond Honda. Honda's teachings tamed the wild Tomoko somewhat and gave her incentive to clean up her life somewhat, although reformed, Tomoko still likes to shock her family.

Move list

Dust Choker-Tomoko kicks up a cloud of dust that flies toward the opponent and chokes them a bit

Chain Whip-Tomoko pulls out her biker chain and whips the foe with it, also reflects projectiles

Hundred Hand Slap-Honda's trademark move

Rubber Burn-Tomoko slides on the ground with her legs out and trips the foe.

Overrun-Tomoko slams her foe onto the ground and then jumps on top of them planting both feet onto their stomach.


Dust Asphyxiation-Tomoko kicks up an even bigger dust cloud that ranges between 3 to 7 hits

Oni Muso- E. Honda's trademark super

Overdrive-Tomoko slides at the foe with the Rubber Burn, hits them with the Chain Whip, and finishes with two Overruns

Hans Van Bratten
Age: 31
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 328 lbs
Blood Type: O
Birthday: March 30
Nationality: German
Location: Munich, Germany
Hair: Blonde (flat top)
Eyes: Blue
Build: Think a taller version of former WWE wrestler, Brock Lesnar
Fighting Attire: A red, yellow, and black tank top, red gym shorts, and white sneakers.

Hans Van Bratten is a well known German bodybuilder along with his twin brother Gunter. Hans began weight training in middle school to stop the daily torment of the bullies, Eventually, Hans soon was able to bully his bullies. Hans and Gunter began to enter many bodybuilding competitions, usually one of the two brothers would win. During one of those competitions, Hans met the Iron Blooded Giant, also known as Hugo. Hugo decided to work with Hans to improve the young bodybuilder's training. Although it doesn't seem like it, Hans likes to also play the accordion.

Move list

German Suplex-A traditional wrestling move used by many wrestlers

Gorilla Press: Hans lifts the foe over his head, bench presses them a couple of times and then drops them.

Atomic Legdrop: Hans knocks the foe down and then jumps up and drops his leg across the opponents ribcage.

Thesz Press: Hans jumps on top of his enemy and starts punching them.

Meat Squasher: A move learned from Hugo.


Triple German Suplex-Three consecutive German Suplexes.

Hammer Frenzy-Hugo's trademark super

Blitzkrieg-Hans makes a dash at his foe, if he grabs them he does a Gorilla Press, and as he drops the foe does an Atomic Legdrop and then picks up the foe and does Hugo's Moonsault Press to finish it off.

Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 227 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: April 10
Nationality: Russian
Location: Moscow, Russia
Hair: Red (spiky)
Eyes: Yellow
Build: Think Blanka's build
Fighting Attire: Purple pants and shoes similar to Necro's clothes

After Illuminati mutant Twelve failed to capture the renegade Necro, Gill raided a Russian prison and captured convicted killer, Gyorgy Kaminski. Gyorgy was a friend of Necro's and once he arrived back at Gill's island he was mutated by Gill and Urien designed to be more advanced than Twelve. Gyorgy then became the mutant known as Oblique. Eventually though, Oblique went wild as a result of the mutation and escaped from the Illuminati organization. Upon escaping he was attacked by Twelve but met up with his old friend Necro and the two teamed up and killed Twelve, Oblique now spends his life on the run from the Illuminati

Move list

Muck Spit- Oblique spits a glob of toxic muck at the foe

Mutant Ball-An attack similar to Blanka's Rolling Attack.

Shark Bite-Oblique grabs the foe, and starts biting them repeatedly, ranges between 3-7 hits.

Mad Claw-Oblique does a jumping uppercut similar to Sean's Dragon Smash.


Muck Vomit-A more powerful version of the Muck Spit, ranges between 5-8 hits.

Claw Roller- Oblique does the Mutant Ball with his claws out for extra damage, goes through projectiles during the start up.

Mutant Rage- Oblique does a rush down attack and starts clawing away at the foe with a series of punches and kicks and finishes it off with a Mad Claw.

Pietro Omakovski
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Blood Type: A
Birthday: June 2
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Toronto, Canada
Hair: Brown (long like Remy's)
Eyes: Green
Build: Slim
Fighting Attire: Yellow hockey jersey, Black helmet and pants, Yellow shoes.

Pietro Omakovski has been a troublemaker for a while. He was expelled from two different high schools for his uncontrollable rage. His friend, Pierre suggested that Pietro play a sport to have an outlet for his anger, so Pietro took up hockey. Although not as hotheaded as he was when he was younger. He still starts a lot of fights on the rink. Due to his blind anger, Pietro earned the nickname "Angry Moose" and he quite likes that nickname. Although it's unclear how, he does have connections to the French fighter, Remy.

Move list

Puck Shot-Pietro shoots a hockey puck at the opponent

Stick Return-Pietro uses his hockey stick to reflect projectiles.

Moose Head: Pietro's counter move, he blocks the attack and then headbutts the foe away from him.

Stick Trip: Pietro hooks the enemy's legs with his stick and trips up the enemy.


Puck Flurry-Pietro shoots between four and six pucks, one after the other, if one hits, the others will.

Moose Gore-A counter move super simliar to the Moose Head, except Pietro grabs the foe and headbutts them up to ten times.

Penalty Box-Pietro trips the opponent and starts smacking them silly with both his fists and his hockey stick. Nets up to twelve hits.

Godo Kanzuki
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 188 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Birthday: December 28
Nationality: Japanese
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Hair: Black w/blonde streaks (Flat top)
Eyes: Brown
Build: Think Batsu of Rival Schools
Fighting Attire: A black outfit similar to Kyosuke's of Rival Schools.

Godo is the son of the prestigious Karin Kanzuki. Like his mother, he's very cocky and arrogant and lives by the Kanzuki family motto "Be the winner of everything." Godo is quite a charmer with the ladies and very flirtatious which irks his girlfriend Yumi Osawa. Godo does know how to fight because Karin taught him all her skills, but he only fights if absolutely necessary. In his spare time, Godo likes to play soccer.

Move list

Guren Ken-A series of three palm strikes similar to Fei Long's Rekka Ken.

Mujin Kyaku-Godo steps forward and hits with two high snap kicks, sets up for juggle combos.

Ressen Chou-A rushing double elbow strike.

Ressen Ha-Godo jumps in the air and comes down attacking with both palms, his anti-air move.

Yasha Gaeshi-Godo's counter move, can counter high, medium, or low attacks.


Shinpikaibyaku-A souped up Guren Ken which ranges up to six hits.

Kou'ou Ken- Godo's anti-air super which is a souped up Ressen Ha

Hassan Mujin Kyaku-Godo juggles the foe with six to eight consecutive Mujin Kyakus.

Isabella DiMarino
Age: 32
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 136 lbs.
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: October 21
Nationality: Italian
Location: Genoa, Italy
Hair: Blue (like Rose's hairstyle)
Eyes: Blue
Build: Think Ibuki's build
Fighting Attire: An outfit similar to Rose's

Isabella used to be an average Italian woman, until one day she was possessed by the soul of the wise fortune teller Rose. From then on Isabella roamed the world looking to rid injustice from it. Having Rose's powers has given her strength Isabella never thought possible. However, Isabella still finds time for a normal life when possible and is engaged to a chef named Giovanni Leone.

Move list

Soul Spark-Rose's trademark projectile

Soul Throw-Isabella grabs the opponent out of the air and throws them down.

Soul Reflect-Isabella reflects projectiles with her scarf.

Soul Spiral-A 3 hit rushing punch with the fist enveloped in the scarf.


Aura Soul Spark-A souped up version of the regular Soul Spark.

Aura Soul Throw-Isabella elbows the foe, hits them upward and then nails them with the Soul Throw.

Soul Illusion-Isabella creates 3 shadows of herself and does extra damage for as long as the super lasts.

Wilfred Black
Age: 47
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 224 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Birthday: January 16
Nationality: British
Location: London, England
Hair: Gray (similar to Donald Trump's hair)
Eyes: Blue
Build: Chubby
Fighting Attire: Brown Armani suit coat and pants, black dress shoes.

Wilfred was born to a poor family, while growing up, Wilfred vowed that he would make something out of himself and give his family a better life. Eventually, Wilfred got the funds to start his own business and soon struck it big. Being rich hasn't spoiled him though as Wilfred does like to donate money. He's also a big family man too and has a wife and three kids already. Wilfred also learned self defense from a British bouncer by the name of Eagle.

Move list

Manchester Black-Wilfred spins around with this sticks out, instantly knocks down

Canterbury Blue-A counter move at best, Wilfred spins one stick around and then snaps it the enemy either high, medium, or low.

Oxford Red-Wilfred rushes down the foe and hits them multiple times with his sticks.

Liverpool White-Wilfred jumps up in the air and comes down hitting the foe with both sticks.

Saint Andrews Green-Using his sticks like a baseball bat, Wilfred can send projectiles back at the opponent with this move.


London Silver-Wilfred's counter super, if activated, Wilfred grabs the foe, knocks them down with a Canterbury Blue, hits them with the Liverpool White, and then shoves his sticks in the foe's ribs.

Manchester Gold-A souped up version of the Manchester Black.

Union Jack Platinum-A souped up version of the Oxford Red.

Frederick Lowe
Age: 20
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 207 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Birthday: December 7
Nationality: American (half black, half white)
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Hair: Black (cornrows)
Eyes: Brown
Build: Think Kim of King of Fighters.
Fighting Attire: Red Taekwondo gi with black belt and trim.

Frederick was forced by his father to take Taekwondo when he was only 4 years old. Frederick showed no gripes about it, and entered many tournaments as his skills progressed. He soon became the youngest Taekwondo champ in history. His father later bought the school Frederick was trained at and Frederick began teaching Taekwondo after school, one day while studying in Brazil, Frederick met Blanka and learned how to conduct electricity into his moves. Now in college, Frederick teaches the Taekwondo PE class at his college.

Move list

Flying Thunder Kick-Frederick jumps at the enemy, his foot electrified, shocks the enemy on impact.

Whirling Thunder Tornado-Frederick spins around like a tornado with his feet out, can get up to 5 hits.

Lightning Rain Kick-Frederick dives down on the foe repeatedly kicking them, nets up to 4 hits.

Shock Backfist-Frederick delivers a backfist that shocks the foe on impact, also negates projectiles.

Rising Thunder Knee-A move similar to Sagat's Tiger Crush but with electric effects added.


Direct Lightning Kick-A souped up version of the Flying Thunder Kick, this time Fredericks whole body is engulfed in electricity.

Hyper Whirling Thunder Tornado-A souped up Whirling Thunder Tornado, gets up to 12 hits.

Stun Shock Kick-Frederick delivers a powerful kick that shocks the foe and instantly dizzies them

Age: Unknown
Height: 7'8"
Weight: 365 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Hair: Silver (like Gill's hair)
Eyes: Black
Build: Similar to Gill and Urien's builds
Fighting Attire: White gym shorts

Zephyr is the father of Gill and Urien. He is quite a vengeful person and holds grudges for a long time. He thinks Gill's utopia prophecy is a load of BS and usually scoffs at everything Gill and Urien do. Zephyr feels that humans have been tainting the world for too long and wants to exterminate them all, although he does like toying with them as well.

Move list

Light/Dark kinesis: Zephyr throws out light or dark energy from his fists, depending on what hand he uses.

Light/Dark Elbow Smash: Zephyr knocks the foe out of the air with a hard elbow.

Deity Headbutt: Zephry jumps up into the air and headbutts the foe.

Chariot Tackle: Zephry rushes at the foe and tackles them.

Deity Forcefield: Zephyr absorbs projectile and knocks close enemies away wit this move.


Meteor Strike: Zephyr rains balls of light and dark energy down on the foe.

Purgatory Wing: Gill's Seraphic Wing with a different name, and more powerful.

Soul Siphon: Zephyr grabs the foe and drains life from them and gives it to himself.

Whew, 18 OCs, that's a lot huh, I hope you'll like them.

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